Girls can't be brides

Posted Avatar Angeline Michelle , Its about Humanity

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Angeline Michelle
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Honduras. At the age of 12, like many other girls, I spent my time playing with my friends from school, studying, or perhaps in my room reading an interesting book- leading what I believed to be a life totally normal for a girl. Now I wonder... What would have happened? If my parents had told me: We have a husband for you, you marry him in 3 months, or for some socio-economic reason against my will I would have to marry at 12 years old. I probably would not have understood or I would ha...

Talking: A real-world solution

Posted Avatar Venisa , Student

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Picture a city with cookie-cutter houses aligned and tightly packed together in the interior of brand-new neighborhoods lined with palm trees. All around, there are Latino women respectfully kissing everyone on the cheek and Latino men playfully greeting one another by vigorously patting each other's back. While they all discuss the latest chisme [gossip] and last night’s fútbol [soccer] game, the sun-kissed streets are filled with loud, energetic children laughing and kicking worn-out soccer ba...

Mental illness and employment

Posted no picture zaynrocks , student

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The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is an organization that provides services and advocates forpersons with mental illness. I want to address the issue of mental illness and how many people are unemployed because of it.NAMI says that about80% of people with mental illness will not be hired for a job. Those that do get hired will often be perceived by their employer as lower functioning than everyone else working the same job. The reason I want to write about this is that I have autis...

She knows she can...

Posted no picture JR Ang , student

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JR Ang
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She reached out her small hand, Trying to fit in every star in the sky. But they told her that she can’t, Because somehow she is just a girl. She wants to be perfect and good, With all the make-up and nice hair. She wanted to earn the highest grade, that her parents expect her to get. They said she should work harder, Unaware of the effort she put in there. She cries when no one is watching, Screams when no one is listening. Because she didn’t want to pull off the perfect mask, Tha...

The Instagram "Art Hoe" Effect

Posted no picture Helene , An intern

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Before starting my rant, I think it’s important for me to explain a few terms I’ll be using and make a sort of disclaimer so that what I’m saying isn’t misinterpreted. When I am talking about looks, I want to make clear that there is no wrong in preferring a more glam or natural look. To each, their own and I am in no place to judge anyone nor do I want to.When I use the current social label "art hoe" I'm using it in a positive light, as a term for people that are very into the art culture and b...

Gene editing has become real

Posted no picture piafleig

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Usually, posts on here don’t talk about science, I know. At least not about natural sciences. (I’m not even sure that I would click on one, although I am a medical student). But recently, I’ve stumbled upon a topic that has started troubling me a lot, and I think it is time to talk about it.At my university there is this biochemistry professor, who always has a smirk on his lips and wears different coloured shirts, one day it’s a yellow one, the next day it is lilac. He likes to make jokes and h...

The profession of teaching in India

Posted Avatar Rishika

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India is a land where Gurus have always been venerated more than kings. It has been a land where the most auspicious function started with ‘Guru Vandana’, for the blessings of a Guru were considered highly essential for a successful endeavour. Unfortunately I believe the present day scenario speaks of a completely opposite situation. Today it appears that the profession of teaching is highly underrated and the common motive behind pursuing it is no longer wanting to make a difference in the life...

Was Pakistan ready for its #MeToo moment?

Posted no picture Maisam Ali

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Meesha Shafi must have known that her allegations of sexual harassment would cause an uproar on social media. But, notwithstanding the diverse opinions of the Pakistani people, the polarization the allegations received, as well as the subsequent discussion on sexual harassment, was exceptionally substantial. For those who had been closely watching and supporting the global #MeToo movement, it was an opportunity to set a similar precedent for perpetrators of sexual misconduct in Pakistan.However,...

Who am I?

Posted Avatar Nice Nhial , Refugee Youth Ambassadors of Peace

Avatar Refugee Youth Ambassadors of Peace
Nice Nhial
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I see myself as a work of art that I can create to spark conscious awakening. When I think about how my existence has evolved I get excited because I do not know how it will turn out. What really captivates me is the fact that I can play a part in creating a work of art to be the best it could possibly be, to be appreciated by those who live now and the ones who shall come after me. I believe the Almighty God - Creator has given me the power to create the best version of myself. I have been a r...

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