Boldness and Irony - "Under One Roof"

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Would you turn down a million dollars for a tiny little house? Well, Edith Macefield did. Not only did she turn down an offer for tons of money from a construction company wanting to build a mall on her land, she left the house to the general manager of the construction project in her will. Barry Martin, the manager of that project explains how his responsibility for getting the woman to leave her house, eventually led him to become a caregiver, friend and more to the elderly w...

While You Were Away

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Papa while you were away, I learnt to sit, to crawl and to walk, At ten months I halted my midnight cries, At two and a half is when I first asked for you. Papa while you were away, And I turned ten and grew taller, And then mother’s health got worse, We longed & yearned to see you then. Papa while you were away, I graduated as a professional doctor, But I had no one to celebrate with, For mother was gone and you remained unheard. Papa while...

The MUN Way Forward

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Model United Nations (MUNs) is a simulation of the United Nations which enables the participating youth, called delegates, to develop their leadership skills. Furthermore, they are provided with the opportunity to enhance their writing, researching, deliberating and negotiating skills in a safe and structured environment. Through discussions and negotiations delegates learn to appreciate the roles played by actual delegates working every day to figure out a solution to persistent i...

I want to stop wearing blood

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Forever 21. H&M. Mango. United Colors of Benetton. Nike. You name it and I’ll bet you there has been a story in the news linking them to sweatshops or terrible working conditions. These shops, however, are just the final stage in the pyramid behind the garment industry. Before the clothes even reach these stores, manufacturers have to design the clothes. They then go and hire sewing contractors (98% who are located abroad) to make the clothing. The contractors have to...

Blend in for What?

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“Our greatest fears or mightiest resistance are most likely our smoothest routes to fulfillment”- Anu Adelakun I cut my hair. I looked into that grand mirror that once belonged to my great grandfather, held those sharp scissors and chopped it off. I had been in this same scenario three times before today. I’ll hold up my hair, hold the scissors but chicken out. But that day, it was different. Everything that once mattered didn’t even mean a thing to me. I had wondered wha...


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As humanity continues to grow and expand, we’re leaving less and less room for the other animals to survive. This poem encapsulates the pain these animals experience when their habitat is razed… and when they’re forced to enter the concrete jungle. Escape The air was solemn, boasting of an aura of foreboding— an inexplicable threat that shadowed their trail. Ominous sounds—unnatural and odd, as the trees parted, groaned and keeled falling to the ground wi...


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Why create sorrow? Why create pain? Why let others suffer just for your own? Have the power? Help others with it. Together we can create much more better things. Create happiness, Create love, Together we can create a peaceful world.

The First Maritime Peacekeeping

Published Avatar Mojisola Ogundiran , Founder, International Relations Digests

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UNIFIL Maritime Task Force (MTF) is the first naval task force to take part in peacekeeping. MTF is a subsidiary mission of United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) that was established in March 1978 to promote peace and stability in the region. MTF operates with seven warships and about nine hundred personnel including crew and staff. Upon the request of the Lebanese government and the decision of United Nations Security Council under resolution 1701, MTF was established...

Why I Got Rid of My Radio

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For the entirety of my fourth grade year, I rode the bus to and from school. I grew to the point absolutely hated it. I hated those long country rides not because of the stuffy bus or the screaming kids, but because of the music. Day after day of listening to music about sex and money really bothered me. I guess the moment I couldn’t take it any longer was the day my little kindergarten-age sister asked my mother what ‘sexy’ meant. I was sick and tired, so, doing the on...

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