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It was Monday 27 June when around five o’clock I got a mail. “Gefeliciteerd, jullie zijn allemaal geslaagd!” which means as much as ‘congratulations, you all passed’. Thrilled, I ran down the stairway and told my mom with a smile stretching past my ears, that no one in my class failed the exams and that it was official now, I had graduated! “Wow cool that everybody passed!” was the only response I got from her. So I decided to text a few of my friends. Half an hour...

The blatant disregard of Colombia’s farmers

Published Avatar Maria Jimena Jurado Giraldo , Student - Political Science

Avatar Student - Political Science
Maria Jimena Jurado Giraldo
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Have you ever stopped yourself, in the middle of your lunch or breakfast, and thought about all the people involved in the creation of that bowl of rice that you are eating, or those french fries that you are craving? Have you thought about the farmer that has made it possible for you to have food on your table? I know I never did. I know I never stopped myself to think about where my food was coming from. A part of me though it was enough going to the supermarket and picking u...

As I am writing these words, I am simultaneously watching the breaking news reporting on the 2 back-to-back explosions and the armed conflict in Ataturk Airport, our main airport here in Istanbul. There is a current reported number of 10 dead and 20 wounded. I was going to write about women this week. I planned to focus on the hardships the women suffer all over the world. I am starting my post from scratch right now, less than 24 hours before the deadline because I know that this...

Every war is a war against children #RaiseYourVoiceProject

Published Avatar Andrijana Prodanic

Avatar Andrijana Prodanic
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What is war? I can't tell you for sure. I was lucky enough to be born in 2002 and not experience war in Serbia, in my early childhood. I grew up without any worries, ran carelessly around the park and smiled at every person who passed me. Now time has changed. People have changed. My habits have changed. Overall , THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. Kids no longer stay outside until 9 pm I, myself grew into another person. I no longer smile at strangers. I go on the other...

Me and You: Life and Death

Published Avatar Just my two c€nts , Medical student

Avatar Medical student
Just my two c€nts
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I don't know what happens later, is their life after death? I don't know what happened to him after I placed over his coffin a wreath I wonder if there was a flash of light or a whisper in his ear The moment when he bid goodbye to those he held near & dear I need to know how he felt when he knew his death was near Because I need to know he was okay and not in fear We all have that one person we wish we could bring back from the dead We all wish that even...

Beyond Victimization: Women in Genocide

Published no picture Miranda Wolford , Student Ambassador

no picture Student Ambassador
Miranda Wolford
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The Tom Lantos Institute is an independent human and minority rights organization empowering others to learn, educate, and act for religious and ethnic groups. To stay informed, go to http://www.tomlantosinstitute.hu/. Reflecting on major instances of genocide, we often develop archetypes on what the perpetrators of such dehumanizing crimes look like. In the Holocaust, white German men bearing the ominous Swastika characterized the perpetrators. In the Rwandan genocide, barbaric...

Don't Quit

Published Avatar Aurna , Creative Director, CEO, Volunteer

Avatar Creative Director, CEO, Volunteer
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This blog post is meant as a piece of advice. Due to the amount of advice I get every day, I thought: let’s give back a little bit to the world. It can be helpful or a waste of time - it clearly depends on your perspective. The world is getting more technologically advanced and with that, our lives are becoming more competitive. From our personal life to our professional life, we are handling stress every moment. Often times we find ourselves feeling insecure. But it gets even...

Your dreams are worth fighting for!

Published Avatar Dianne Mae , Student, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

Avatar Student, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
Dianne Mae
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Many people at some point will discourage you to stop and quit on trying. Many of them will tell you that what you are doing isn’t helping, what you are making isn’t that good as what others’ can. And many of them will pull you down and will kick you off on your feet. In my case as a student, I always encounter some individual such as those, and I admit that not even once, I heard them saying, “You don’t actually deserve to be where you are now.” At some corner in m...

An Ersatz Epoch

Published Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

Avatar Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine
Richa Gupta
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We’re so surrounded by manmade articles, that we sometimes forget to notice and appreciate the subtle, modest hints of nature. Although nature has borne humanity, humanity often neglects to acknowledge her presence… leading us into an ersatz epoch. An Ersatz Epoch Tube lights imitate the pallor of the sun's rays at noon—white, violent, illuminating. Lamps replicate the lighting at dusk, as the sun gradually dips below the horizon— a soft orange glow, mildly r...

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