Brave New World

Published Avatar ChemEngOutreach , UCL Chemical Engineering Undergraduate

Avatar UCL Chemical Engineering Undergraduate
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Fear not brave soul, of hopes and dreams. An unheard voice, who shouts and screams. Your cry strikes tremors in hearts and minds. But why dies down, weathered, unwinds? For poverty is noble, a cause to unite. But a cause that is woeful, with its heart out of sight. Because through the efforts, the goals, the cause, your voice runs dry by money and laws. Your voice runs governed by statistical figures, by...

The terrorist society!

Published no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine

no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine
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Yesterday, the Algerian government authorized a terrorist and gave him the permission to start his own political party. At the same time, hundreds of Algerian activist, secular thinkers were arrested during the last few months. I know many of you will not get this, many of you would ask for the reason. Well, it’s simple: officially –in the speeches-, the Algerian political system fights terrorism, and engages in a war against all those awful movements since the beginning of the...

What will Jamaica bring to the table in preparation for COP21?

Published Avatar Advira Shand , Climate Tracker, Adopt a Negotiator on the path to Paris

Avatar Climate Tracker, Adopt a Negotiator on the path to Paris
Advira Shand
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By: Advira Shand Date: August 27, 2015 It was boldly posited by Hon. Robert Pickersgill, Jamaica’s Minister of Water, Land, Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, that, “discussions on intended nationally determined contributions must be mindful of our contexts, development aspirations, national priorities, circumstances and capabilities towards emissions reduction. The adoption of a new instrument to replace the Kyoto Protocols must remain our goal...

Inspire! Meet The Teen Determined To Change Education

Published no picture Julia Schemmer , Freshman at UC Riverside

no picture Freshman at UC Riverside
Julia Schemmer
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Sometimes in the midst of a mundane and meticulous life filled with the busyness of a routine, a passion enters your heart and soul, captivating every square inch of your ambitions. Once someone discovers their passion, their whole life becomes challenged, validated, and revolutionized. Nothing is more wonderful than an empowered person for causes greater than themselves, and California native Sam Gorman is a living testament of this statement. As teens, we're often told that w...

Seaweeds (Algae) as indicator of climate Change

Published Avatar Nikunj Sharma , Masters Student

Avatar Masters Student
Nikunj Sharma
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Seaweeds are environmentally important primary producers which help maintain sustainable coastal habitats. Perhaps, there is a unique symbiotic relation between climate change and seaweeds. Although, impact of alien climatic changes have not been studied properly but the varying climatic patterns may have an effect on the geographical boundaries. Considering the symbiotic relationship, seaweeds provides a natural sink for carbon dioxide. Algae are an important tool and act as bio-i...

Eating Purple Potatoes May Cure Colon Cancer.

Published Avatar Manoranjan Sahu , Global Vision NGO

Avatar Global Vision NGO
Manoranjan Sahu
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In a new study, including purple potatoes in your daily diet can reduces the chances of getting cancer. A group of researchers in their research, including one Indian origin professor, have discovered that compounds found in purple potatoes appear to be able to kill colon cancer stem cell and stop spread of cancer further. Jairam Vanamala, associate professor of food sciences at Pennsylvania State University in the US and an alumnus of Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IAR...

Wafa Bennani's "New Star Kafala" Saves Lives

Published Avatar Noor Samee

Avatar Noor Samee
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A few months ago, my aunt, Amina Shams, adopted her third child - a beautiful four month old boy from Morocco. If you asked any of Amina’s friends, they’ll tell you she has dreamed of adopting since childhood. But in a world full of scary people and things that could hurt young orphans, adoption has become an increasingly difficult process. When Amina met Wafa Benanni, she found guidance and support that made a world of a difference for her adoption. Wafa’s mission i...

Learning How To Walk: My Voices Of Youth Internship

Published Avatar Itumeleng Mphure , Ms

Avatar Ms
Itumeleng Mphure
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The process of learning how to walk is a cardinal milestone which everyone has to go through. However it does not happen overnight. Firstly one has to grow enough to gain strength, then the process of learning how to walk can begin. One has to learn how to sit up, roll over, crawl, stand up, walk while holding on to something for assistance and eventually take your first independent step. Writing has been like the process of learning how to walk. I wrote my first blog when I wa...

Youth Innovation Saving Lives in the Fight Against Ebola.

Published Avatar Plan International

Avatar Plan International
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A group of four young humanitarians from Sierra Leone and Liberia, who responded to the Ebola crisis in their countries, are attending the World Humanitarian Summit Global Youth Consultation in Qatar on the 1st and 2nd of September. They will work with over 200 other young people from around the world to finalise a global consultation process to ensure young people are listened to ahead of the first World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Turkey in May 2016. The WHS is an initiative...

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