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Yes menstruation. You figured it right, that’s what I’m talking about. No, it is not, a taboo, a dirty subject, a process that girls should feel ashamed of because it is- “socially incorrect” , a topic that people can’t discuss openly and respectfully, a truth that girls need to hide or something that men should not know about. I assure you guys, it’s not an embarrassing subject at all and I know that some people might feel uneasy because I’m posting about this topic,...

Make A Difference - Double The Refugee Quota Now!

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What is happening - Refugee Crisis Almost 60 million people of all ages, young and old, have been forced to leave their country, and can't return, due to their religion, race, political opinion or because of a dangerous war. These numbers have not been seen since the end of World War II. New Zealand’s refugee quota is only 750 people per year and hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years! New Zealand is just simply not taking enough people. Lebanon, a country with the same population as New Zealand,...

Nope, I don't live in a pyramid!

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I am an Egyptian, and unlike Paris, U.S., Sweden or U.K. my country is not known for anything besides the great pyramids. My online friends think that I go to school with a camel, and live in a pyramid! Because that's the part the world chose to see of our culture. My country is mostly Muslims, and guess what? We are subjected to acts of terrorism too! Because terrorists are not Muslims, they're not even worthy of being called human beings. I'm so sick of returning everyday from...

“To be Heard -To be Found In Writing”

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Alma Dhiafira
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On one night, I opened my Line (a social network). I scrolled down the time line and surprisingly I found an interesting information about an international program. I think that let just dig more information. It’s not a hard work, just to tap the link and the website will pop up. It was AIESEC Youth Action Summit in New York from December 9-11, 2015. I am really interested in this kind of program, unfortunately I knew the information too late and I was not even sure if I could go...

Yours views on misogyny in the Middle East

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This is a part of an article I was privy to reading that battles with the long lasting stereotype of misogyny in the Middle East. The social constraints are indeed an issue for woman in the world of Muslim men, and in most parts of the world as well for that matter, but why is it so acutely focused on in this region? This is a clip from the following linked article. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/04/the-real-roots-of-sexism-in-the-middle-east... Some...

PLURAL+ Awards 2015: Inspire

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Name: Awais Ali Film: Inspire; PLURAL+ Partner Award Country: United Kingdom Age: 25 What 3 words describe you best? Enthusiastic, charismatic, driven Tell us about your film - what is it about? Inspire is a short story which explores prejudice and social exclusion. In a world becoming increasingly fearful towards cultures and ideas different to our own, we feel it’s important to celebrate the positive impact of diversity and immigration. We wouldn’t be ab...

The Actions of Today Make the History of Tomorrow

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What do we learn at school? Amongst other things we learn of Hitler, the Nazi's and the persecution of Jews. We come to a conclusion, that Hitler is guilty. A murderer. Two words spring to mind. “Never Again”. In light of the Paris attacks, there has been much debate, as to whether, military action should be taken in Syria. US presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, has suggested, that all Muslims have an ID badge; Hitler during the Holocaust made Jews wear the Star of...


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Treating Refugees as the Problem Is the Problem

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Governments are refusing to let refugees in their countries because they believe that those who are running away from wars, terrorism, poverty, hunger etc represent a threat to the society. People are protesting against this decision and I saw the phrase that I chose to use as the headline in many of these protests, besides being a common phrase used by activists who are doing everything in their power to help those who need so much for someone to give them a chance. I’m a 16...

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