This is a speech I made for my Architectural Essays class as an introduction to our class. Hello everyone! I’m an environmental advocate. I have a deep reverence to our God the Creator that I value His creations too much which led me to living my life in service to help protect the beauty of our planet. If any of you watched An Inconvenient Truth before, that’s what has driven me to become part of the international movement “The Climate Reality Project”. Through there,...

The greener side of blessings.

Posted Avatar Rana Madanat , Pharmacist for peace

Avatar Pharmacist for peace
Rana Madanat
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It's shameful, the way we treat each other, based on our ignorant acceptance of people, depending on beliefs and experiences we have been fed and have lived. How we perceive people, downgrade them, and bully them. I know that it's cliché to hear that life is too short, or some people have it worse than you do, but they're not called clichés for nothing, it's for the fact that they are overused, maybe to the point that they don't make sense to us anymore, but the truth they be...

5 Careers I Wish I’d Considered In University

Posted no picture BeccHarps

no picture BeccHarps
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It’s an unfortunate fact that many people’s career paths are decided before they’ve even finished high school. With an impressive list of prerequisites for every career path imaginable, it’s nearly impossible to live a little before you make any life-changing decisions. I was always destined to fall into the writer route because I was always more interested in literature in high school than any other subject. In recent months, I wouldn’t say I regret my choice, but I have...

Gathering hope for an intangible future

Posted Avatar Yamanah Zaidan , Social and Youth activist

Avatar Social and Youth activist
Yamanah Zaidan
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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Jusoor 2016 bootcamp to learn more about entrepreneurship, each day many visitors came to tell us about their own experience, ask questions and share ideas. The most exciting thing happened when I met someone called Bilal, he visited us with two Syrian Refugee children Ahmad and Mohammad. And he told us: these two guys are amazing. Besides their work they want to continue their education, and they are facing lots of difficulti...

The East is a delicate matter

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Many of you may ask, where is Uzbekistan? Is it somewhere in Africa? What’s life like there? Do people have wi-fi or internet access? Is it the same as Pakistan? And I may surprise you with my answers, Uzbekistan is not in Africa, but located in Central Asia and borders with countries like Kazakhstan in the north, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in the East. And yes, we do have internet connection, as well as alternative energy production, which is becoming very popular nowadays. A...

Torn: Being a Cuban-American in a Time of Strain

Posted Avatar Dayalis Zamora

Avatar Dayalis Zamora
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When I was three months old, my mother nestled me in her arms and took me on an hour plane ride to the land of the free. I have spent 17 years on American soil, and while I cannot run for president, I consider the United States my homeland, having never been to Cuba and experiencing its poverty firsthand. Surrounded by both Cuban and American cultures in my diverse neighborhood, I listen to the stories of the Castro Revolution of 1959, of the widespread communist sentiments felt...

How peaceful is the world?

Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

no picture Yasmin Youssef
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When we think about global conflicts we often only think about international wars. We do not necessarily think about refugee crisis, civil wars, political instability, terrorist attacks, corruption etc... which are however also all types of conflict. A conflict can be defined as the confrontation between two or more parties “aspiring towards incompatible or competitive means or ends." They can affect whole countries or only regions. So in how many countries are there currently...

In 2017, we renew our commitment towards Zimbabwean children and its young people. For us it is a year of progress and promise with new responsibilities to deliver positive results that ensure that a girl child in Bulilima is able to finish her Ordinary level studies free from the fear of being a victim of child marriage. To save more precious lives of children from the widespread of typhoid and also to ensure that a child in Mutare does not have to suffer the same fate as that of...

Who says we are unfaithful?

Posted no picture Tanya Singh , Teen Poet and Blogger

no picture Teen Poet and Blogger
Tanya Singh
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Who says we are unfaithful? Apprehensions. We had many. And so was the stranger of nights ridiculed, Someone said, it was not the way to start, And we argued happily on recourse, It became our meek recluse of the hidden dawn, Like the dance of the ill clinking of pans in the bathroom, Where our acrimonious polemic ensued, Blood bath was just an irony of the twilight, And when he shot his acquaintances, the same we did, In our metaphors describing the...

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