Afri Woman

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Reversing the wrongs endured by girls and women is not a matter of doing what is right, for this long excluded and vulnerable global majority, access, protection and development of their potentials can be the difference between life and death. Every female child deserves opportunity and fairness, not because of age, religion, race, colour, sex or language, nor property, birth, opinion, origin and ability but simply because we are humans, when a single one of us is not equal, no...

Misconceptions about mental health conditions

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All that she can see is darkness around her. She feels lonely, she feels like no one cares. Doctors say that Ana is suffering from severe depression and she needs to be admitted to the “mental hospital” for observation and treatment. She hates to hear the word "mental". Her perspective of the situation says that she hasn't done anything to be called a “mentally disturbed person”. On her low days, she doesn't like to talk to people only for the sake of talking. She enjoys be...

If Only Humans Loved the Way They Hated

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If only humans loved the way they hated. Passionately, Intensely, With fire, With everything they’ve got. Without paying attention to whether or not they should, Without thinking too much. With a passion to try to make others see this person, In the passionate way that they do. If only humans hated the way they loved, Rarely.

Say no to racism

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Nelson Mandela said: 'No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.' One of the ugly wounds of our society is exactly that of inequality, racism and contempt for faith, skin color, and social and cultural background. Racism is an attitude of a person who with his act...

I am an immigrant

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In times of crisis we must remain together. W magazine got a bunch of known and unknown celebrities together to prove a point. I find it inspiring and courageous. We're citizens of the world, please do not forget that.

Meeting-point: Dinner-table

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Why eating together is about more than only eating together The rhythm and communality of meals is increasingly declining, especially in the western world. Until the 19th century, when parents were suddenly occupied full-time in factories, most families used to eat all three meals together. But whereas only 100 years ago the call to table marked a time where everything – homework, work, music, sports, playing etc. – had to give way to community, meals are becoming less regu...

I have all my rights. So do many others. I have a shelter, my parents do what is best for me, I go to school and I am allowed to join any clubs that interest me; there is an endless amount of things that I need to be thankful for. How do I know about this? From a young age, I was taught about my rights. Especially in primary school, we spent a substantial amount of time going over how people could help each other gain their rights and I suppose that, much like my fellow classmate...

As Jonathan Sacks once said, “technology gives us power.” But is this power sufficient enough to solve the problem of Climate Change? 1 .Technology Oren Cass (Manhattan Institute) stated in The Centre for Energy Policy’s 2015 publication that the technology that has done the most to reduce U.S greenhouse gas emissions is fracking. This publication highlights the prominence of fracking in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, merely because of the shift in energy sources fr...

I tried to heal.

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I tried to heal. I put lemon juice in my hair and on my skin, Praying to my creator that this would lighten it. I would feel myself burning, When the girl next to me had eyes so much nicer than my brown ones. I tried to heal. But I have begun to see the light, Begun to see the beauty in the things I could not heal, To love the skin that I’ve been told has been marred, By the color my creator painted me with. I hope my creator d...

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