Being utterly fascinated by social psychology, the Brexit vote made me rethink my fundamental knowledge about human behaviour and relationships. The couple EU and Britain had their ups and lows. But BREXIT sealed their break-up once and forever. Within Britain, 2 main campaigns dominated: Remain and Leave. Cameron’s ‘Remain’ campaign appealed to the logic and rationale of voters, expounding the devastating short-term economic consequences that Brexit would bring about and h...


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(n). the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time […] (Source: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows) By the time we enter primary school, we’ve heard all about the planets in our Solar System. As we grow older, we learn that the Solar System is just a speck in the Milky Way Galaxy, and that there are thousands of galaxies out there, peppering our universe with their glow and might. The celestial mysteries that beckon to us are countle...

Falling to the Future; You're Gonna Land Somehow

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We all have a vague understanding of the world from the time we are infants. Well, when we’re infants, we think we are bigger than the world, because our tiny minds can’t possibly grasp how small we are geographically and historically. When we age up, around 7 or 8, the idea that the world is really big starts to dawn on us. But we still think we’re awesome. It’s not until you become an adult that you start to have some perspective on just how small you are. Part of bei...

Our Multidimentional Identities

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Storytelling has always been attractive to me. I love to write short stories, create characters, and befriend them. I mostly feel their struggles, maybe because they resemble me. One of my favorite characters is Natalia, a 26 year-old lady who doesn’t fit into pre-established societal boxes. Natalia was born in southern France, to an Italian Christian mother and a Senegalese Muslim father. She was neither black nor white, neither rich nor poor, neither Muslim nor Christian. She...


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The world may not always be kind or fair To those who genuinely work and care Sometimes a candle does burn bright in the night And then suddenly goes out leaving you with only darkness in sight But please don't ever be sad or scared Or keep judging yourself thinking of how you've fared Because that's how life is- Full of ups and downs Alternating with melancholy and bright and happy sounds Its true that you have fought and you have lost today But you know wh...

The Holy Month of Ramadan

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Ramadan or Ramadhan, a month out of 12 months listed in the Islamic calendar. This particular month is very special. Every Muslim all over the world values this opportunity to do fasting - one of the five Pillars of Islam. The commonly used calendar worldwide is the Gregorian calendar. It is a solar calendar, based on the Earth’s position on its revolution around the sun (Fun fact: Our Earth needs 365 ¼ days to complete its orbit, hence the term Leap Year exists). Muslims ad...

Baba I Miss You

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Just a few days ago the whole world celebrated father’s day. As it’s the era of globalization we all were able to see how our friends and family celebrated this day across the world. Throughout the entire day I saw many people posting emotional status updates about their fathers and also posting pictures of them with their fathers. I couldn’t. Because I don’t think I have any. Actually I have one, where you can only see my father’s back. Someone took this picture of...

The Closet

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Being born in the Middle East means that you will get classified as either a “normal person”, or as one of the “others”. Normal people have parents who are still together. The “others” have divorced parents. Normal people follow a popular religion. The “others” are atheists, agnostics or followers of less popular religions. Normal people are heterosexual. The “others” belong to the LGBT community. Normal people see women as mere housewives. The “othe...

Thank you for stopping by

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Dear happiness, It was never us against the world. It was always me against your absence, me against your pale appearance, me against the world. I remember the day I was told to look for you. I remember the effort I exerted, the battles I got into and the wandering eyes of those who couldn’t understand why I was eager to find you. I remember how many stairs I had to take and the disappointment of never finding you waiting for me at the end of any. I looked for you in the...

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