No Country Can Really Develop Until Its Citizens Are Educated

Published Avatar Winifred Ahupa

Avatar Winifred Ahupa
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“Education is not just preparation for life, education is life itself” John Dewey “Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred to an individual through teaching, training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of others, but may also be auto-didactic” - Wikipedia. Any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be c...

On The Passage Of Gay Rights

Published Avatar St.Uche , Mr

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Some things are not all about intellectual or faith based logic. Personally, I don't see any sense in same sex marriage, but that's my opinion. Some people do. And having fought & won the right to live according to their believes, I think they should be accommodated. This world has about 6 billion people and everybody's opinion counts. Reality should not be restricted to popular opinion notwithstanding the cogency of the popular opinion. We must not allow any notion wha...

Voice Of Sounds

Published no picture UCHE OFILI A

no picture UCHE OFILI A
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Listening to an Indian song Aaja Aaja Piya I danced like madness Carried by the rhythm of sounds And then I began to hear: Voices of sounds Speaking to me Speaking to the rhythm within Commanding my body Calling to abilities deep within Sounds of words without letters Words of depth and power It spoke to the rhythm within sounds of freedom & madness Timeless boundless sounds Of Power inexpressible

Terrorism strikes again in Tunisia

Published Avatar Eya Abidi

Avatar Eya Abidi
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After the Bardo museum attack three months ago, terrorism strikes again in Tunisia. Once again the attack targeted foreign tourists. This time the loss is bigger and its effect will be greater on Tunisia’s fledgling democracy and prosperity. On Friday, 26th of June, a terrorist opened fire on the beach of Sousse killing 39 people and causing a larger number of serious injuries. As the health ministry said the majority of the fatalities are British, Belgian, German, Russian and...

If I Were Prime Minister

Published Avatar Courtney Young

Avatar Courtney Young
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In Grade 12 I was voted “Most Likely to Become Prime Minister” by my peers. While I have no current aspirations to enter Canadian politics, I can, for certain, say that I would do things differently than our current leader. From investing in the futures of Canada’s youth, to fully investigating the numerous cases of missing and murdered aboriginal women, to committing to reducing fossil fuels and the effects of climate change, to advancing women’s ability to choose and...

The World's Superpowers

Published Avatar Itumeleng Mphure , Ms

Avatar Ms
Itumeleng Mphure
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It has been said that every hundred years a new country emerges as a superpower to dominate the world. A world superpower is a country that has the biggest economy, military and political power over the rest of the world. Different countries have wielded this position over time. Countries like Egypt, Italy (Roman empire), Greece, Spain and Britain have had world hegemony at different times in modern and ancient history. The British Empire was the world's superpower before World W...

Immunity: Barriers of Modern Medicine

Published Avatar David Molina Shvidchenco , Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology
David Molina Shvidchenco
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I think I am a psychic. Every time I go to the doctor I already know what he is going to prescribe me: Antibiotics. You have probably heard of them. These substances are used to kill microorganisms and treat diseases. They are so cool; they revolutionized modern medicine and save millions of lives every year. One of the cool things about antibiotics is that they are harmless to the human body. The problem begins when they are ineffective to the microorganisms that we want to kill...

Youth Time Summer School 2015: A Catalyst for Opportunity

Published Avatar Ala Oueslati , Mr.

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Ala Oueslati
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The conviction that youth are drivers of positive change in our communities is the basis for the Youth Time International Movement programs and activities. One special program is the Youth Time Summer School which is a youth-led program taking place in a different country every year. The Summer School brings together outstanding young leaders and active society members from all across the world to train them in a wide range of contexts. They are equipped with the necessary skills...

What To Do When Pregnant With No Strength To Bear.

Published no picture Fasoranti Damilola

no picture Fasoranti Damilola
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I love babies, they are usually cute and innocent. I like pregnant women, so different from all of us. The protruding stomach is a gentle call on the future. Promising! I like pregnant men too, only if it converts to huge future investment. There is something that we are all pregnant about. It's called decision! - in form of idea, intentions, thoughts and dreams. It wakes us in the middle of the dusk, it slaps us to life at dawn, it beckons in broad day light, it dr...

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