Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Posted no picture Jasmine Owusuaah , Department of Social Work at The College at Brockport (SUNY)

no picture Department of Social Work at The College at Brockport (SUNY)
Jasmine Owusuaah
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Female Genital Mutilation, otherwise known as FGM, is a non-medical procedure practiced in about twenty-nine African countries and several countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. FGM involves the partial or total removal of a female’s genitalia. Female Genital Mutilation is a traditional practice based on cultural beliefs and customs; it is apart of the communities’ cultural heritage and traditions. Females undergo this procedure from the age of 0-15 because it is seen...

Children in Prisons

Posted no picture Jessy , Studnet

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A problem that we have in our country is how we treat out criminals. Even worse the ones who are under 18 years old. Children who commit crimes should have their age and mature taken into consideration when they are being tried. But this is not the case. We try children as adults all of the time. How can they really grasp what is going on when so many hormones and changes are going on in their bodies? This is a very important issue. As I am in late teen and coming into my early...

The Ugbeji Soot: A violation of Human Right to life….

Posted no picture Cadmus Atake-E

no picture Cadmus Atake-E
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Hearing about the word Soot one will think it is just a simple harmless smoke or dust particles which originated from a nearby bush fire or a local fire wood kitchen around the community, but no it’s more than what we think it is. Soot is particles of carbon produced from incomplete combustion of coal, fossil fuels, wood, oil and other hydrocarbon substances. Soot usually consist of tiny acid particles, chemicals, metals, soils and dust from the atmosphere, they have the comm...

PLURAL+ Awards 2016: Global Citizens

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Name: Alejandro Gonzalez Permingeat Title of your video: Global Citizens Age: 20 What 3 words describe you best? Proactive – Creative – Humble Tell us about your film - what is it about? “Global Citizens” is a video which I made during my exchange year in Indonesia. It is about all the knowledge I gained abroad and how leaving the comfort zone allowed me to become a more mature person. What motivated you to create this film? My friends and all the in...

PLURAL+ Awards 2016: Path Founder

Posted Avatar KateVOY , VOY team member

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Name: Nesa Bibich Blondel Title of Video: Path Founder Age: 17 What 3 words describe you best? Hardworking, determined and blessed child. Tell us about your video – what is it about? My video Path Founder tells the story of a child with special need who is rejected by his mates and as a result his performance drops, but after the intervention of his teacher and head teacher encouraging his mates to accept him, he picks up and starts performing well in school....

My Favorite Approach is the Human Rights Based Approach

Posted no picture Idil Kına , Medical Student

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Idil Kına
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A few days ago, I gave a presentation about world hunger. It was a presentation I gave to my friends in the faculty. I basically mentioned the things I mentioned in my previous blog here in VoY. So while preparing my presentation, I did a little research about how hunger and the right to access food was mentioned in the documents about human rights. Besides the mentioning of access to food in the 25th segment of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I came across something...

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that: "Men and women... without any limitation... have the right to marry and to found a family." It can't be more explicit. However, in the present, our planet is inhabited by no less than 7 billion people, and the number keeps rising. There has been scientific discussion on whether the world population will stabilize and stay below or around 10 B in the future, but evidence like climate change, the birth of the term "en...


Posted no picture John Leo Algo , Climate Advocate

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John Leo Algo
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Eyes opened to a hazy sky Blinded like anvils on the fly Driving along this busy road Looking at the growing workload Of a city engulfed in clouds Designed as slowly turning shrouds Wealthy and poor, young and old Breathing the poisoned warmth so cold Smoke rising from hundreds of cars Leading to lungs bearing black scars Chemicals bursting from the fire Causing a dirtier quagmire The unpleasant whiff from garbage A scent worse than any carnage...

The World of Spirituality

Posted Avatar Nafees A. Siddique , Writer

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Nafees A. Siddique
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I was acting as an observer but now I try to be a doer as well. I started to observe life a long time ago but then I realized how easy it is to observe things, observe nature, observe people and be sad about it. I asked myself, what’s next? Many days passed seeking for the right answer. Life seemed to me a burden, a burden full of pain, full of restrictions, full of despair, full of regrets, and full of justifications. It took me even more time to become a doer. Now when I...

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