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Applications Are Now Open!

We're happy to announce that applications for the next round of VOY Blogging Internships are now ope...

I'm sorry

Posted no picture kiki

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I'm sorry for a lot of things I'm sorry for making my mum cry because she knew how bad I felt but I kept telling her she couldn't help me. I'm sorry for being so rude to my dad even though I know he struggles a lot himself. I'm sorry for not standing up to the kids in high school who bullied my best friend for an illess that couldn't be cured. I'm sorry for becoming the bully myself because I wanted to be like the "cool kids". I'm sorry for talking behind the back of my best friends even though...

Helping children who flee

Posted no picture Cam , Student

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Droughts and floods, bombs and wars, violence and mistreatments…this is the reality of millions of children. When they flee, they can aspire to a better future. We can help them through their battle. When these children go away from poverty and violence, they let behind them everything they know, everything that was reassuring and calming through the storms. Every single child needs help and people who care about them. They need love, help, education and fun to overcome their difficulties. We ne...

Falling Angels

Posted no picture Tamara Tosh

no picture Tamara Tosh
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It wasn't my child yet still it keeps me up at night it wasn't my child but I can still hear your little cry In the day time I try to sidetrack my mind's eye going about my regular activities ,But I've never felt like this before for someone who wasn't family, come to think of it all of us are family.I felt it to my womb even though you were not the fruit of my womb, this random senseless killing left me with a loss, I'm not your mother but I'm a mother.I cannot begin to fathom how she feels, ho...

More than only mere facts…

Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

no picture Yasmin Youssef
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How education can help us in the development of sustainabilityIt is the end of the school year. It is the time when report cards are distributed and degrees are issued. Results are compared; both between the students and between countries. Those with better educational achievements and test scores are considered better educated or have better educational systems than those with worse results. But are we maybe measuring the wrong thing? Is successful education maybe not only the simple ability to...

'We’re just children caught in the middle'

Posted no picture UNICEF Africa , Communications

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Fiston is just 14 years old. He’s endured violence and displacement, yet is finding a way to keep up his studies even in the midst of the crisis in DRC.I’m in the sixth grade at Kabeya Kamuanga School. It’s been a few months since my life changed completely and I went from being a normal student to the life of struggle that we have now. For many months, there has been conflict in my region. It’s a war between adults, but of course it’s affected every child in Kasaï. Instead of letting grownups...

Being a female entrepreneur in the world requires more bravery than you would think. Beyond breaking the age-old stereotype that a woman's place is supposedly in the home rather than in the workplace, women in tech are forced to confront sexism, the barrier that is upheld by the very men who argue for innovation and progress in our world. Until very recently, women, according to Kia Kokalitcheva of Axios, have tended to withhold their experiences out of fear, as they believe that publicizing the...

What is Life?

Posted no picture Xix , Student

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Hush, child, and listen. This is your HEART.Can you hear it?It beats for you,It cares for youso you can live. LIFE!What is life? It's stress,And pain.Anger, andGRIEF.You ask me Why we live, why we stay ALIVE, when allyou can see is Depressionand Anxiety.I understand. It's hard.Life is terrifying, child. But it is also BEAUTIFUL.Life is joy,and laughter.Life is sweet,but most of all, life is FUN!And so, sweet child,do not give up.There is still a light at the end of this tunnel.And you will find...

It's just a color!

Posted Avatar Sandra Okpagu

Avatar Sandra Okpagu
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Age three to six is a very critical stage in the life of a child which also signifies their early childhood or pre-school years. This is a very important time for them because they are so curious about things around them. Their brains are developing rapidly and myelination is taking place. At this stage, they are so agile and learn information fast. They also tend to copy adults even without knowing the meaning of what they are saying or doing. This is why it is important to be careful what we t...

Pakistan: The Faces of Domestic Violence

Posted Avatar Abeer Ahmad , Student, Founder of A Starry Eyed April

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Abeer Ahmad
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The Woman with StoriesBecause I have walked the land of drought and flood, monsoon rains and thunder. Because I grew from the roots of Indus plains, the Ravi River, and mulberry trees. Because I am one in millions of girls sprung from the womb of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan’s federally administered tribal belt. Because I am a woman in a culture woven into the fabric of gender-based grievance - dowry disputes, child marriage, acid attacks and honour killings. I hav...

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