Naomi Ferguson (Dr Naomi Adeline) Occupation Medical Officer (Doctor) How are you using your profession to help students at large? Outside working hours, I have been doing activities to promote individual responsibility for one’s own health and also increasing health literacy of youth and of the whole community in general. What means have you used to achieve this? In September 2014, with the help of colleagues and the Health of Our Nation...

Motherhood by 13: Guyana’s SRH Restrictions

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“The miracle of birth” or “the joy of motherhood” are phrases used to describe that period when proud mothers celebrate the coming-to-be of their newborns. More than that, it’s a celebration of the beginning of a new life and a sigh of relief after nine months of anticipation. But when you open a newspaper to read that a 13-year-old girl gives birth to twins in Guyana, your heart sinks and you search aimlessly for the “miracle” or the “joy”. Regrettably, early...

Being Empathetic Tellurians

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What does it take to be empathetic towards others? -Giving free hugs? -Having a tender heart? -Spreading positive vibes? -Sharing wholeheartedly? For me, it just takes putting good thoughts and words into simple and small actions in our daily lives. It also means trying to feel the opposite of what we are actually feeling. So, whenever you are sad, please remember to: -Feel the caresses of the whistling wind on your face -Embrace the new day with the chirps...

Building Confidence From the Rubble

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When was the last time you looked to yourself for empowerment? How about the last time you looked in the mirror and recognised yourself as something special? We’re in that period of our lives where nothing seems stable; we’re racing through school, might’ve hit college, university or looking for a job. Where do you find that oomph, that push, that ambition? How do you find that fire deep down? Now think about the last time you turned to the media. A flick to Instagram,...

A Rainbow in Black and White

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What we don't often realize is how difficult it is to live with depression, how common it is and that it is treatable. There are scientific journals and countless papers published each month about successful treatments, improved diagnosis and promising therapies. But there are notes, letters and journals that tell a different story. They found a leather bound journal that lay open on the desk. An almost empty bottle of pills. A photo frame with a lady in a summer dress holding...

The Eventual Stench is the World

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the bulls are grand as the side of the sun and although they kill them for the stale crowds, it is the bull that burns the fire, and although there are cowardly bulls as there are cowardly matadors and cowardly men, generally the bull stands pure and dies pure untouched by symbols or cliques or false loves, and when they drag him out nothing has died something has passed and the eventual stench is the world. side of the sun, charles...

The World I Wished To Live In

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Out of heaven's decision The conclusion of my journey to this world was made Through love and care between my parents Heaven's decision was established. Still on the journey of life The world keeps unveiling to me Making known the unknown My cup overflowing with knowledge. Living in a society of chaos Where thousands are homeless Human rights excessively abused Unconscious self slavery Racism mounted in our brother Nation Evils roamin...


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The word xenophobia could be defined as an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange. This fear comes upon an individual as a result of insecurity, low self-esteem and inferiority complex. It is so unfortunate that the victims of racism in the western world have decided to turn against their very selves and even go as far as killing. In 2008, xenophobic violence sprung up in the largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg. Th...

A Narrative of a South African Graduate

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My day has finally come! As I shop for the perfect dress I cannot help but feel like I am on top of the world. The four years of sleepless nights spent studying and living on coffee and energy drinks are finally paying off. I am finally graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. As I shop for my dress I cannot help but fantasize about my first day at work. I see myself walking into the corner office at the top floor of a big corporation wearing a well-tailored suit. It’s graduat...

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