Environmental Responsibility In Nigeria: A Sad Tale.

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She was a slave girl. She did all she was asked to do. Her masters asked for water, she quickly brought some, they drank of the cup and the rest was turned on her head over her body. Her masters asked for vegetables to make food, she was given none of the meal and when they were done, they threw the stems at her. Her masters asked her to fetch wood to make fire when it was cold, this she did and she was put out in the cold without any wood to make her own fire. Eventually, she beca...

Media and the Socially Excluded

Published Avatar Derwayne Wills , Social Change Provocateur

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When the media misrepresents marginalised or socially excluded groups, it is really an injustice to two groups of people. It is an injustice to the marginalised groups being covered, as well as an injustice to the readership, whose perceptions will be guided by inaccurate reports coming from the uninformed press corps. Sure, the media is regarded as a social and political watchdog, but there is a widening gap between civil society and the media that must be bridged. Whether socia...

Why We Need Feminism

Published no picture Andrijana Prodanic

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It's 2015. We have stepped on the moon, but we still haven't cleaned the dust from the word FEMINISM. Just let me tell you, Feminists are not angry hairy man haters walking around with torches. Feminist are just fighting for equality, not taking over the world. When I first came out as a feminist, and spoke about sexism and rape, there were people who laughed. I, myself, don't find anything funny about it. We should all use our voices and stan...

Inspire! with Laura Golakeh: One Way Ticket to Monrovia

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Living in poverty is an experience no one wants to have. Hence many young people from poor and developing countries are seeking educational opportunities in developed countries such as the United States of America, Australia and countries in Europe and Asia, to advance their studies.Quality education is key to lift their families and communities out of poverty. However, a big challenge that most of these young graduates face is returning home after their studies. This week, I h...

Living in Jakarta made me vulnerable to floods during the rainy season. Floods often impact the lives of my friends and me because we live in an unsafe environment; by the river. When the flood comes, me, my peers, and other children in this place would be forced to use dirty water to shower and wash our food. As a result, diseases such as diarrhea, vomiting, skin diseases, and others affect us. These floods often reach up to a height of 2 meters, which often damage our homes and f...

No more Nagasakis. No more Hiroshimas: Youth demands a Nuclear Free World! Hiroshima and New York, August/Sep 2015 Throughout the years, I have been working with young people around the globe in building their capacity by empowering communities and advocating for peace, security and the rights of all people. When it comes to youth, my aspirations are always multiplied with hope and strength because we are the "generation of change". If we can't change the whole world, don't g...

Bringing Power to the Unconnected

Published no picture Shreya Vishnoi , Global Market Analyst

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In any country, the right to access sources of energy that are affordable, reliable and sustainable is a primary driver of the social progress of the country and how much it is doing for its citizens in urban as well as rural areas. Electricity and power are the keys to provide essential services such as telecommunications, banks, hospitals, schools, etc. and utilities and facilities within them. An efficient usage of electricity in the rural areas of a country is the key to productively, health...


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Eyes in the sky, a watchful protector. To serve, to guard, as faith’s connector. Knowledged, well versed in the stories of pain. Informed, connected, yet still we refrain. To aid, to act for those in need, who beg to us, their children to feed. And as we look to the skies above, and question the world, where is our love? So they look to the world above, and question your heart, where is our love? For life is...

The IGCS school on “Sustainable Water Management In Urban Areas”

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The IGCS winter school included an interdisciplinary approach to study and understand the problems related to water management in urban areas. Water is the most important asset for public health, economy, and maintaining the urban environment. Therefore, it is very crucial to develop and innovate effective methods of water managements in urban regions. Couple of strategies are being adopted to collect and reuse waste water from various sectors such as domestic, industries and comme...

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