Past Colonialism: Koreans in Japan

Published Avatar Miranda Wolford , Student Ambassador

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Miranda Wolford
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“Go back to Korea, roaches!” The hateful remarks of anti-Korean protesters infiltrate the walls of a Korean school in Japan. Outside, the protesters gather in an attempt to intimidate the Korean school children and administration. However, this is not just a one-time protest; it is the third one this month. Koreans are considered to be the largest ethnic minority group in Japan, with many of them having been there their entire lives. Upwards of 600,000 Koreans were forcib...

My definition of peace

Published no picture Terri N , Ms

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Terri N
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Peace to me represents not just the absence of conflict but wholeness of heart and mind. A state of being where all emotions are at a healthy balance and all necessary human qualities are present. We can create such a peace through gentle considerate words and rephrasing of sentences which could be hurtful. Wholeness cannot be achieved when a dent has been placed on self esteem. This blow to self esteem can be caused by verbal bullying, teasing and constant prodding about a physica...

Free This World

Published Avatar Nathalia Khawand

Avatar Nathalia Khawand
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Us humans, the supposedly advanced species of this world, we’re quite funny if you ask me. We apparently own a whole world! We rule it! And by “we” I do only mean the ones “worth” ruling it, the ones who earned it somehow. But I still say we, because we’re all still the same species aren’t we? The same people. So we own a world… which is also amusing because, I always thought that to own a thing, you need to know it first. And honestly, what do we know of this world...

Does our reputation make us what we are?

Published Avatar Aprajitakaushik

Avatar Aprajitakaushik
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This is one of the biggest revelations I’ve made in the past few days about life. From the first day at university till the last day, different people have thought differently about me, and that’s what happens in life. At work, at a party, at school, we just look at a person and make different perceptions about him/her. For the way they’re dressed or maybe the way they talk and etc etc. And we make up our minds in the very first few days whether we like someone or not. I...


Published Avatar Wabai Yvonne Wairimu , student

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Wabai Yvonne Wairimu
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Honestly speaking, I am tired. I am tired of hearing the nauseating statistics that 1 in every 5 women and 1 in every 33 men is/will be a victim of sexual assault. Seriously, why are we still talking about this? Why is this still an issue? Why does this keep happening? What part of NO MEANS NO is so hard to understand? I am writing this because on 18th January, 2015, Brock Turner sexually assaulted a woman and after a year+, a judge by the name Aaron Persky gave the ruling that Bro...

The Failings of Festivals

Published Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

Avatar Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine
Richa Gupta
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The day was uncharacteristically scorching; perspiration ran down my face. The car air conditioner stopped working out of the blue, leaving me vulnerable to the oppressive heat of a particularly vindictive Indian afternoon. Just as I was craving a chilled glass of lemonade, I took a look out of the window, into my surroundings that were bathed in the rays of the blinding sun. And then I saw a long line of huge statues of Lord Ganesha, and realized that Ganesh Chaturthi was approach...

Why Invest in Teenage Girls?

Published no picture Ramatu Jaji , Master's in International Development

no picture Master's in International Development
Ramatu Jaji
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Why Invest in Teenage Girls? Last week, Tanzania and Gambia made an important step towards protecting and empowering girls by criminalizing child marriage. World Population Day was marked a few days ago and the theme this year is ‘investing in teenage girls’. What does it mean to invest in teenage girls? Why girls? How? The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) reports that 1.8 billion of the world’s population (7.3 billion) is between the ages of 10 and 24, and half o...

Death Penalty: Iranian Woman Execution

Published Avatar Eya Abidi

Avatar Eya Abidi
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Death penalty still exists in different countries worldwide. There are countries that permit executions, some have outlawed it and others have maintained a moratitorium. A twenty six-year-old Iranian woman, Reyhaneh Jabbari, was sentenced to death by the Thearnian court on the twenty fifth of October, 2014. The woman was accused by the murder of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence’s former employee whom she argued that he had raped her. While the Theranian Justice System stated t...

Misogyny at Its Worst - The Middle East

Published Avatar Enana Hermez , Student

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Enana Hermez
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Addressing misogyny in the Middle East is not about salaries or political participation. Although these issues are fundamental, women in the Middle East want a lot less - the basic right to live and to have a free will. A woman dresses a certain way and posts pictures of herself on social media. In many parts of the world this is normal. In Pakistan, her brother strangled her and boasted about it. A woman is accused of being “sent by Americans” and “burning the Koran”...

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