Youth or Experience?

Published Avatar Christos Metaxas , District Secretary at Cyprus Children's Parliament

Avatar District Secretary at Cyprus Children's Parliament
Christos Metaxas
Member since May 16, 2016
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  • Age 15

Wouldn’t it be great to combine a youthful body with the wisdom of age? We usually see this unrealistic idea being the subject of comedies, partially because a serious look would be sunk by the global community as a crazy prospective. Still, everyone seems to wish for that comedy to become their life every time they say “Youth is wasted on the young”. My short response to that belief would be “no”. Youth is exactly where it needs to be and the same stands for age. Youth...

Your Patronus Charm

Published no picture Maya kaddah

no picture Maya kaddah
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Have you read the Harry potter book series? No? Yes? Anyway, the Patronus Charm is a spell mentioned in the magic books of the genius J.K Rowling, that in order for the spell to be cast one must muster the happiest memory (the happier the memory the better the charm works), the main use of this spell is to drive off certain dark creatures. But why do you need to know all of that? Every life has its ups and downs, times of weakness, we live in a crazy world full of wars, injus...

Everything's Changing

Published Avatar Andri P. , High School Student/ Member of Cyprus Children's Parliament

Avatar High School Student/ Member of Cyprus Children's Parliament
Andri P.
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  • Age 16

“I try to stay awake and remember my name But everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same” Change. Remember the word? The word that everyone always told you is ‘good’. Is change good? Is change avoidable? You can always try. Try avoiding change... You lock yourself up in a plastic ball. You live there, breathe there, eat there... You do everything you can to avoid change. But, then, your friend outside your plastic ball changes... Your efforts die in va...

From Refugees to Social Entrepreneurs

Published no picture SocialInnovationAcademy , Facilitator

no picture Facilitator
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Uganda is home to diverse wildlife and spectacular national parks. On the shore of a lake, where once hippos and giraffes used to drink from, sits now a refugee camp, home to 70,000 people. Nakivale is now a dusty environment with high poverty. Because of instabilities, frequent coups overthrowing governments in the region of Eastern Africa, victims and perpetrators often live side by side in Nakivale and create immense tension. Patrick Muvunga and his younger brother Raphael Muv...

Is art really useless?

Published no picture salah , Procrastinator

no picture Procrastinator
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It's been a long time now but the argument that art is useless, and has no effect on or value in society, still prevails and is passed down through generations and different cultures. Particularly in mine, being an Asian, setting art as a goal on which to build my future is a challenging aspect to discuss amongst the family. Art, in my culture, is regarded merely as a leisurely activity and is almost never given any importance or thought. While this might be a strong argume...

A Woman's Right to Choose

Published no picture Azra H , student

no picture student
Azra H
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A Woman's Right to Choose - told from the view of a pelvis If every bone has a story to tell, mine is one of choice; or freedom and slavery, of crimes gone unreported and babies born unto this world. I am the support the backbone leans upon, the balance of the ribs, and the gatekeeper of life. It is in my power who shall pass and who shall not; who may begin their life and who is yet too young. There are escapees, of course, in some women more than others, but there shall always...

Another word for peace..another word for sorry

Published no picture Maya kaddah

no picture Maya kaddah
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Terrorist attacks are hitting the world, from Syria to Beirut to France, and it has a name, it is called ISIS. Now every time ISIS attack, some people would immediately go on blaming Muslims around the world. What they don’t know is that ISIS and Islam are completely two different things; Islam means peace whereas ISIS means…well I can’t even get it. Thus, It will always be ISIS vs. Islam, for many reasons take these for example; ISIS believe in killing, and think...


Published no picture Tanusree Sen , Software Engineer

no picture Software Engineer
Tanusree Sen
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The reason for my existence, the teacher of my utterance; It is ‘She’ my mother who thought me, worthy of her acceptance. Loving ‘Her’ child more than herself. Letting no harm fall on her beloved. Such is the story of the life of that one, ever comforting and all-encompassing living being one gets to know first in their lifetime-Mother. My uncle once told me the story of his pet cat, which stayed with her kittens on the attic of his house. One fateful night fire bro...

Felix is a 20 year-old young man from El Salvador. There, he studies to become a social worker. In this guest blog, Felix is calling on world leaders to put the spotlight on the violence situation happening in his country, and to work with young people to find solutions. Studying at University is the best thing that happened to me. I’m convinced that anyone who studies can get the tools, knowledge and potential to change the world. Living in the world’s murder capital...

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