Reading for Leisure

Posted Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

Avatar Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine
Richa Gupta
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The last time I read for leisure was three or four days ago. I can’t remember the second to last time I opened a book for the pure sake of inhaling its scent, of imbibing the voices of people far removed from my life, of feeling the day’s stress leak into the pages. The book was My Sister’s Keeper—a powerful, devastating novel by Jodi Picoult. I had reread it a while ago, but hadn’t touched the book ever since. My Sister’s Keeper describes the complicated lives of s...

Access To Health Care in Rural Areas

Posted no picture P. Hall , Student

no picture Student
P. Hall
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Health care is a serious issue that affects everyone in the world. Adequate health care access is something that each and every person needs. Without it, the cost of receiving the health care that people will eventually need in their lifetime is way too high for them to afford. This is especially true for those living in rural areas. I believe it is a human right for those in rural areas to receive the same access to health care as those in urban and suburban areas. The reason...

Children's rights: from paper to reality

Posted no picture EMM3

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When a paper is signed - like one on children's rights - you expect that it will help; that it will make a difference; have influence in some way... But the truth is in some places these papers make no change. In some places, these papers are a waste and are worth sending the shredder. It is wrong, but it takes a lot more to make a change. We need people not only to sign a paper but to get off their couches and face these children and help them get on their feet again. But sadl...

Child Brides: a violation of children's rights

Posted no picture Lindsey Cummins , Student

no picture Student
Lindsey Cummins
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Every year, 15 million girls become child brides. FIFTEEN million girls every YEAR are married by the age of 18, against their will. Child marriage is a global problem that occurs across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities (1). The Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, and Europe are the areas with the highest number of child brides. Child marriage stems from the idea of gender inequality and the thought that men are superior to women. According to girlsnotbrides.o...

My digital mapping experience

Posted no picture Fredrick -Connect- Zambia

no picture Fredrick -Connect- Zambia
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Having grown up in the slums of Kitwe and Lusaka here in Zambia, I have been exposed to many forms of air pollution such as smoke from the burning of waste at home and dumping sites, as well as toxic emissions from industries. Evidently, all these are as a result of human selfishness, greed and ignorance towards the wellbeing of others, and the environment. Being a Climate Digital Mapper has been a rare privilege and wonderful opportunity for me to give voice to the voiceless y...

Do you think about the hands that made your clothes?

Posted no picture Jvanb2 , College Student

no picture College Student
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When you get a new pair of shoes or article of clothing, do you ever think about whose hands have made them? Do you know that cotton is the second biggest crop produced internationally after sugar cane, to have the most child and forced labor (1)? Child labor is the act of using underage children to work in inhumane conditions, that results in the violation of their human rights. Children can be working in factories, sweatshops, out in the fields, in the mines and more. As long a...

Human dignity and freedom in a multi-cultural, multi-religious world

Posted Avatar Yvonne Wabai , Student, Writer, Scientist, Kenya's Ambassador to Tunza Eco-Generation and W.Y.A. member.

Avatar Student, Writer, Scientist, Kenya's Ambassador to Tunza Eco-Generation and W.Y.A. member.
Yvonne Wabai
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A few days ago, I had to submit an assignment - an essay- on how the correct understanding of a human person’s freedom is essential to the proper functioning of a multi-cultural, multi-religious society. After sifting through a lot of required texts and other texts and a lot of thinking, this is what I came up with. The world is a melting pot of many different cultures and religions. The current world population stands at approximately seven billion, with more than 5000 diffe...

A journey of our friendship

Posted Avatar Sreymom Oy , MSc in Community Nutrition

Avatar MSc in Community Nutrition
Sreymom Oy
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Things do not happen the way we want them to. And that has been exactly what happened to our friendship. We have known each other since grade 9, but we studied in different schools. Accidentally, we happened to study in the same university and took some classes together in the freshman year regardless of major. After our first year, you left to country X and I chose to study in another distant country, Y for our undergraduate. Little did I know how to survive in foreign land! I...

How Exercise Reduces Stress

Posted Avatar Elio Mouhanna , Student

Avatar Student
Elio Mouhanna
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Midterms are coming up and you have other assignments to worry about. You cannot seem to manage your time, so you start panicking. How will you handle academic stress without failing? Why not take a quick trip to the gym to perform better at university? When students transition from school to university, stress multiplies dramatically. An article posted in the blog section of Odyssey, an educational website, states that students expect excellence from themselves. They want to b...

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