To you, who called for my assist and advice even when you, with no compromise, no regrets and no remorse named me idiot, lunatic, freak, ignorant, stupid, antisocial, sociopathic ..? And yes, perhaps my rebellious attitude deserved a wake-up call and perhaps I did fully merit those heartbreaking words But of all who know nothing of me and of all who think of me low, you can't allow yourself the thought of knowing so little of me. To you, of whom I always (felt) was...

What Did You Achieve?

Published Avatar Harsh Mahaseth , Student

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Harsh Mahaseth
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In 2013 I had completed my high school education from Rato Bangala School which is situated in Lalitpur, Nepal. On my graduation day I was excited at the feeling of completing my high school education and finally entering into the “real” world. During all of this excitement, while having lunch surrounded by people I heard a faint voice somewhere in the distance questioning someone, “What did you achieve?” At the time I did not give this question a lot of thinking, as I...

They Are Bangladeshi

Published Avatar Aurna , Creative Director, CEO, Volunteer

Avatar Creative Director, CEO, Volunteer
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I was sitting in a CNG, which is a natural gas vehicle, with two of my friends and colleagues. Suddenly the driver asked me if we are Bengali, or not. I laughed for a bit and then said “Yes I am a Bengali but they are not.” He said “You have very short hair and your nose is flat. And their faces look Chinese. Are they Chinese or Japanese?” This time my friend replied that they are not Chinese, but indigenous people. The driver looked at me and asked “Then why di...


Published Avatar Mwaniki Nyaga , Student

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Mwaniki Nyaga
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Day Six I woke up and decided to go the park near home. At the entrance I met her. “Arrgh!” I wanted to be alone today. A family of monkeys was playing in the canopy I like. I decided to seat on the dewy grass. I like how the water soaks up one’s clothes. I also like the feeling of damp cloth on my skin when I get up from there. “Do you think the monkeys know they are naked?” she asked. I laughed. Day Seventeen I found myself at a ranch. My paren...

About The Time My Voice Was Heard

Published Avatar Melanie Ortiz , UNICEF Alumni & College Student

Avatar UNICEF Alumni & College Student
Melanie Ortiz
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If someone came up to you when you were 15 years old and told you: “In the next two years, you will have an impact on the world, your voice will be heard and you will move one step closer to changing the world”, would you believe them? I wouldn’t have and yet, here I am. Two years later, I am sitting at my desk typing away the words that share my unbelievable experience with UNICEF. It’s only fitting, considering everything began one day in July 2014, when I sat down with...

The Most Dangerous Kind of Ignorance

Published Avatar Chloe Weigel , High School Student

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Chloe Weigel
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Three years from now, I will graduate high school. On that day, I will be one of millions to inherit the world. Everyone will take a different path- going to college or joining the workforce. However, there is one thing that will impact every single one of us, and that is global issues. I believe that it is of utmost importance that everyone understands the world, and its issues. Everyone will inherit it at some point, and we need to know what is going on in it, and how we can make...

Her name was Ayanna

Published Avatar Jessica Smith , Master's candidate, activist & philanthropist

Avatar Master's candidate, activist & philanthropist
Jessica Smith
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Her name was Ayanna, which is a Hindu name meaning "innocent". She was innocent and beautiful indeed. It was a beauty so pure and unparalleled that its description could fill a thousand pages. Not necessarily a superficial beauty bound by appearances but one that comes from within. Looking back, we probably had a lot in common. Maybe we would have been friends even. She was kind and lively and the people of the neighbourhood liked her. She was poor but happy and would be conten...

What anxiety feels like

Published Avatar Andrijana Prodanic , Student

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Andrijana Prodanic
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Just because my hair is perfectly straight and my outfit is on point doesn’t mean I have everything worked out. My scars may not snow on the outside, my hand may not be in a cast but I’m hurting. Even if you can’t see it, the pain is still there. Anxiety is the weight on my shoulders I carry every day. It makes you think everything’s wrong when all is perfectly fine. Anxiety is when you feel everything at once. Paranoia, embarrassment, shyness and doubt. When you...

Fetty Wap: The Wordsworth of Our Generation?

Published no picture Jennifer Boyd , Founder and President of The Space Between the Notes; Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Onism Journal

no picture Founder and President of The Space Between the Notes; Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Onism Journal
Jennifer Boyd
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Ask a sixteen-year-old to name some of his favorite hip-hop artists, and you’ll hear names such as Fetty Wap and G-Eazy. These artists are at the vanguard of a new century of hip-hop/rap. With lyrics such as, “I got a glock in my rari” (Fetty Wap’s “679”) and “However long these drugs last, don’t know why I live so fast” (G-Eazy’s “Let’s Get Lost”), poetry is the last banner one might place rap under. For older generations, these burgeoning American rapper...

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