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Applications Are Now Open!

We're happy to announce that applications for the next round of VOY Blogging Internships are now ope...

What is Life?

Posted no picture Xix , Student

no picture Student
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Hush, child, and listen. This is your HEART.Can you hear it?It beats for you,It cares for youso you can live. LIFE!What is life? It's stress,And pain.Anger, andGRIEF.You ask me Why we live, why we stay ALIVE, when allyou can see is Depressionand Anxiety.I understand. It's hard.Life is terrifying, child. But it is also BEAUTIFUL.Life is joy,and laughter.Life is sweet,but most of all, life is FUN!And so, sweet child,do not give up.There is still a light at the end of this tunnel.And you will find...

It's just a color!

Posted Avatar Sandra Okpagu

Avatar Sandra Okpagu
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Age three to six is a very critical stage in the life of a child which also signifies their early childhood or pre-school years. This is a very important time for them because they are so curious about things around them. Their brains are developing rapidly and myelination is taking place. At this stage, they are so agile and learn information fast. They also tend to copy adults even without knowing the meaning of what they are saying or doing. This is why it is important to be careful what we t...

Pakistan: The Faces of Domestic Violence

Posted Avatar Abeer Ahmad , Student, Founder of A Starry Eyed April

Avatar Student, Founder of A Starry Eyed April
Abeer Ahmad
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  • Age 18

The Woman with StoriesBecause I have walked the land of drought and flood, monsoon rains and thunder. Because I grew from the roots of Indus plains, the Ravi River, and mulberry trees. Because I am one in millions of girls sprung from the womb of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan’s federally administered tribal belt. Because I am a woman in a culture woven into the fabric of gender-based grievance - dowry disputes, child marriage, acid attacks and honour killings. I hav...

At Peace & In Love

Posted no picture Amrita K. , Insurance Clerk/Musician/Writer

no picture Insurance Clerk/Musician/Writer
Amrita K.
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I am in support of migrant and refugee children. I am in support of the right to breathe freely, eat freely, to play, to grow and learn. I am in support of a better world, at peace, and in love. A sincere world where the music of our children's laughter will overcome every sorrow. These children that give their life everyday are the reality of our world. Their blood, their screams...they are on our hands. You see, our greed for power can never be enough. It knows no limit and there is no boundar...

The right to know

Posted no picture Arshima , Sarmistha

no picture Sarmistha
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Today, I went through an old scrap book with my grandma beside me. I was going through pictures and reading a few captions written under them in English. My grandma had been silent for a long time. And then I shared a glance with her; she had tears in her eyes.I was stunned and I hurriedly wiped away her tears. I asked, "What's wrong Ama?”She said, "Nothing".After I asked her a few more times she answered, "Something from the past struck me and I got myself teary!"And she said, "I wanted to lear...

How much am I worth?

Posted Avatar Rajna Removic , Student

Avatar Student
Rajna Removic
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  • Age 17

Am I not enough for you? Because of my age? Because of the lack of my skin showing?Am I not good enough for you in my simple, plain form? With my loose, casual hair and my oversized sweatpants? Laughing at some little things, watching cartoons, craving for snacks and sweets and cakes?Am I too out spoken for you? Do my words bother you? Do you find my restless, rebelious spirit irritating and annoying? Do you want me to shut up, like all the other girls usually do? Do you want me to care just abo...

All the Wrong Choices

Posted Avatar Nafees A. Siddique , Writer

Avatar Writer
Nafees A. Siddique
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  • Age 25

We usually make wrong choices in life and that’s how we learn and grow. Today when I look back, I think of the choices I made which certainly had a great impact on my life.Now reflecting on those choices, I realize most of them were wrong. But it’s the consequence of all those bad experiences that today I am able to distinguish between good and bad, and what is right vs what is wrong.This is the quality of being vulnerable, to be able to observe life, to see the things that are hidden, and to fo...

Language learning for introverts 101

Posted no picture Afrodita Ramos , Student

no picture Student
Afrodita Ramos
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Every polyglot, or at least every person that has started to learn a new language would say that attempting to speak the language we are learning is one of the best ways to progress.But is there a universal approach to learning a language? Can a "one size fits all" method ensure that every student learns at least the basics of the given foreign language?Today there are many ways we can try to start learning, like apps, or chat portals but still the main suggestion remains - speak in person with...

My experience with service trips and volunteering

Posted Avatar Anagha , Student

Avatar Student
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Service trips and volunteering are very important aspects of life. They are very important and each individual should make time to contribute to different world issues and concerns in hope for a better world. Many schools around the world offer optional service trip opportunities, and extra curricular activities that students can get involved in. You can also reach out to organizations and volunteer in your own time. However, it is up to you to enjoy, and make the most out of such an experience....

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