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Posted no picture Voices of MENA أصوات من منطقة الشرق الاوسط وشمال افريقيا

no picture Voices of MENA أصوات من منطقة الشرق الاوسط وشمال افريقيا
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By Rahaf H., Amman Innovation Lab I am 16 years old, I'm in school and I like designing and engineering in general. But before hearing about the innovation labs my ideas, hobbies and ambitions were different. I liked video games, and I wanted to be a nurse in the future and to enjoy working and helping others. But this did not last after I learned about the labs and participated in several courses. In the first course, we created a video game - we started by designing and then programming. A...

Have you ever dreamed of changing the world but then you dismissed your aspirations because you thought that you are not old enough to have a voice?If you have then you might have been wrong. On Friday 20 April, nearly 330 youth and teenagers took part in a forum in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, to debate issues of education and how to get a job in the future. The Youth Speak Forum is one of the events ahead of the Youth 20 Summit that is set to take place in Argentina in August. During the su...

The story of a girl passionate about ICT

Posted no picture Bayan Mando

no picture Bayan Mando
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Despite the crisis we are experiencing in my country Syria, I believe that it is essential to focus on our objectives in order to make sure we stay on the right track.It was this hope that kept me going from the day I decide to pursue my passion until today. I am Bayan, a girl from Homs city. From childhood, I have been interested in computer science and my dream was to specialize in Computer Engineering after graduating from high school. Unfortunately, I did not obtain a high school score high...

Life vs Me

Posted Avatar Zeinab

Avatar Zeinab
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I think people often struggle with understanding the concept of life itself, and I don't think anyone in this world would every fully understand life's structure, because really, life is unpredictable and its structure isn't stable. The unstableness of life has the ability to put us in an apprehensive position as we may feel that there is no way to get through the obstacles we endure. However, the feeling we should feel when we encounter unstable situations is strength. Life isn't perfect, and t...

Why the Youth Should Speak Up

Posted no picture Dave Ghosh , UNICEF National Council

no picture UNICEF National Council
Dave Ghosh
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How could I, an ordinary teenager in the early stages of high school, have a voice in society? I mean, no one is willing to listen to a child with opinions on global issues. That is the job of adults, people who have experience and know what they are doing. This was my thought process before I was exposed to UNICEF. When I founded a UNICEF Club at my school, I struggled mightily to help it find its place within the competitive environment. I expected to remain as President and Founder until I gr...

The Beauty of Silence

Posted no picture lalitha09

no picture lalitha09
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Do you ever just sit still and listen? Listen to the sounds of cars whizzing down the street, or birds chirping? Have you ever woken up at night and heard nothing at all, just the sound of a world sleeping?As a teen I feel like my life is going in all sorts of directions with no place to take a break. My mind seems to be constantly on alert waiting for the next sound to come. I never seem to be able to just sit and breathe, and not worry about an upcoming test or be trying to find places to volu...

Climate Change and the effects on my community

Posted Avatar Jonas.Mueller , Student

Avatar Student
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Hey there, my name is Jonas Müller, I am 17 years old and I live in a small valley up in the Austrian Mountains. In the following blog, I would like to tell you about the impact of climate change on my community and what we do to protect our environment. Currently, its April, its sunny outside and everybody is enjoying the nice weather. People are out on their bikes, walking through the forests and just living their lives. It’s nice to have some change, but this is not the change that is general...

A letter to the international community on Syria

Posted no picture Virginia Barchiesi , Student and UNICEF volunteer

no picture Student and UNICEF volunteer
Virginia Barchiesi
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Excellencies, Presidents, Leaders,When, in the early morning, in a mist of cloudy weather, you enter your office, sit down and start working, what do you hear, what do you smell? Human voices, the perfume of freshly made coffee, sun rays shining a light on your working table?After having worked long hours you return home and in your bedroom, in the silence of the night, you can sleep knowing that the following day you’ll get up again, in a mist of cloudy weather.Solving wars, finding impossible...

Stereotypes about women in their 20s and marriage

Posted no picture Yori Z. A.

no picture Yori Z. A.
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Being in your early 20s when you are a female Indonesian is hard for those of us who want to achieve our dreams. Even in this 21st century, stereotypes against women are still very much alive, even in the central region of our country, Jakarta. The majority of our society still sees a woman as someone who's created to be someone's life partner, and her core existence is to continue the life line of human-beings.Our country was once very conservative about women's freedom, let alone about getting...

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