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Thinking again of the world coldHell bent on freezing your soulHiding yourself in youBy fancy clothes and shoesWorried of being a shade darkerAnd not of the soul's sparkleSuffering in thoughts than realityFeeling nothing but self pityLike neo, just take the red pillTo be you, all needed is willRub your eyes, let do of illusionsOpinions? Just delusions.Just my two c€nts

The Paradox of Change

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Lately, I've been reading a lot about the different events that are going on in the world and how we need to make a change.Change, it seems to be the magic word nowadays...Growing up, I always heard the people around me say thing like: "the world has always been a mess, it is never going to change", or "young people think they can change the world, but it can't be changed. It is what it is", and so on.Then, the elderly tell me there's nothing they can do, it is too late for them... it all depend...

Investing in women and children is of great necessity in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. As a child, I grew up in a village called Umutu, in Ukwuani Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. Before now, there had been inadequate provision and access to healthcare facilities in rural communities of Delta State. This led to the patronage of traditional birth attendants during delivery. Although, some school of thoughts argued that some level of success was recorded by traditio...

At the Brink of Nuclear Annihilation Once Again

Posted Avatar Chris Metaxas , District Secretary at Cyprus Children's Parliament

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Chris Metaxas
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I am no political scientist or national security expert; I am simply a young student watching from the sidelines as the world falls back to the cold war era and the threat of nuclear annihilation once again becomes real. Originating from Cyprus I have always known that before I even turn 18 I will be conscripted into the armed forces and therefore joining this 'shadow-world' as I like to call it as, despite the fact that it keeps our world balanced, we ignore its existence almost every second of...

What I learned from living in solitary...

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2017 is reaching it’s end, we’re more than half way through it. But rarely does it strike many of us, because it strikes the minds of only those who’ve lived a different life, an entirely different story in the past eight months, contrary to the ones who’ve been in a stable and similar place as the last year.Here, I do not by any means disregard the stability and similarity which a lot of people have experienced this year, in comparison to either just the last year or maybe the past few years. I...

The Human Struggle for Acceptance

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Sitting cross-legged on a rooftop in Acre, I stared with awe as I watched the bright orange sun begin to to set, casting a mystical light across the city. Everything around me looked picturesque, the world feeling still and silent. I had only been in Israel for a week at this point, but I already had developed a connection to the land and its history, both its triumphs and struggles. I gazed around in an attempt to not miss a single thing the view had to offer, from the green dome of the mosque...


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Mud.Blood.Scar.War.Are you right? Are they wrong? This is a fightWith real bombs.There is killingAnd no fulfilling.I'm so tired, I'm just a little girl, I only desireTo hear a little lullabyIn which all the people stand together, Their origin doesn't matter.Because peace frees them all, And you hear people call:I'm a human just like you! The others answer: I'm a human like you too! Dream.Gleam.WorldPeace.

Response to: Letter from a broke student

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Angelica, I really found your post very interesting. First of all, let me tell you that I am a Chilean as well and that I also think our education system is a total mess. It’s awful and unfair. I totally agree with you on that. However, while I understand you are facing a bad situation because of our debt, I do not agree with your criticism of the high prices you pay as an international student. I don’t know if you are aware, but Canadians finance their education through taxes, unlike us Chilean...

Keep the violence away, please!

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Our progressive, multicultural and “open minded” – or however we want to refer to it - 21st century society witnesses everyday outbreaks of violence. Be it the ongoing war in certain parts of the world, like Syria, or incidents of domestic violence, or our inability of keeping our citizens safe, violence is everywhere around us, growing like a greedy monster which can’t be satisfied. But violence is no new enemy to human kind. And when we quietly let it root in our everyday lives, results can be...

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