Dear Anxiety

Posted Avatar Mehar Kathuria , Student

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Mehar Kathuria
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AnxietyIs such a trollIf my life was a play, it would have bagged the lead roleSo much drama, it makes you breathless and over oxygenated at the same timeBecause inside the body with anxietyProblems seem so mightyNothing is taken lightlyThough the heart burns brightlyIt burns in fear outrightlyIt's more like trying to mend a broken houseStanding in a war zoneIt is as if you are carrying a heavy baggageThat you do not even ownAnd you just can’t shoo it off and ask it to take a chillIt can cost...

Seek good news and paint the world with new colors

Posted Avatar Paz O. , Student

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Paz O.
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I think we're used to bad news. Everyday we’re told about the mistakes a government made, the violence of our society, tragedies and catastrophes. Scandals and commotion are prioritized over improvements of any kind. Those elements are essential because they’re part of our reality. Nevertheless, in my opinion, we’re being crowded with unhealthy negativism. I’m a great fan of “constructive criticism” because we have the right to express our thoughts but also the responsibility of aski...

The big tree

Posted no picture Frazzie99

no picture Frazzie99
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Imagine this: You live close to a big forest and every day, after school, you go down to the forest to play with your friends. In the forest there is a big tree, a tree that you and your friends love to play around, a tree that you spend countless hours climbing.Suddenly one day when you arrive in the forest the tree and all the trees around it have been chopped down. How would you react? You would most likely be very sad and perhaps furious, but in time you would forget about it.But do you know...

Chechnya: The Situation

Posted no picture Gabriel Brown

no picture Gabriel Brown
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Beyond doubt, Chechnya has had a turbulent past. Nothing, however, has prepared us for the allegations that high-ranking Chechen government and law enforcement officials have been faced with, following the events of the past few weeks, when around 100 suspected gay and bisexual men were rounded up with 3 being killed. It has been reported that they were sent to "camps", often compared to Nazi concentration camps. Perhaps most worrying, and out-right disturbing was that when a spokesperson for t...

Letter to my love

Posted no picture Stasbari , Law student

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Dear Ann, I am writing this letter to you for I can't take this anymore. It's been to long since I've been dealing with this awful feeling and it is time I get it off my chest. You were the best thing that ever happened to me, you gave me the greatest memories I'll ever have, you made me burst of joy and laugh louder than I ever thought I could. I still remember that time when we were kicked out of the theatre because you couldn't stop saying how the woman singing looked just like your unc...

Dare to Challenge

Posted no picture Kirsten W. , Student

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Kirsten W.
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Yes, you should.Not quite the statement many expect to hear or see and certainly not as popular as ‘yes, you can’. Nonetheless, it is a statement that is extremely relevant today.Women have come such a long way and the things we are achieving are truly remarkable. However, there is still much work to be done. There exists an idea that girls are meant to remain ‘dainty and soft’ while avoiding traditionally ‘male’ occupations and interests for fear of somehow tainting their femininity...

A blurry world

Posted Avatar Nathalia Khawand , Student

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Nathalia Khawand
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Sometimes, I like to take my glasses off, and explore the world around me. I love doing this when I am sitting in the middle of a crowd. And I do mean sitting, because if I was trying to walk through that crowd without my glasses, I’d probably break an arm, right after hugging a complete stranger that I thought was my mum. Anyways, I am short-sighted, so when I take off my glasses, everything becomes blurry. I find there is a certain beauty to it. A blurry world filled with blurry people and b...

Nothing Is Worth The Wars!

Posted Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist

Avatar Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist
Imen Al-Nighaoui
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Outside the four squares of our televisions, the world is different. We tend to relax in our living rooms while watching the news of war, observing the progress of a fight, and analyzing the result of an invasion. We wait to see the winner of the endless war. At this very moment I have to ask this simple question: Do people really believe that there is a winner in a cruel war?I want to ask those who are telling us that bombing people is the only way to peace; how is it possible that distraction...

Validate yourself

Posted Avatar Rana Madanat , Pharmacist for peace

Avatar Pharmacist for peace
Rana Madanat
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One thing I’ve noticed is that people want to be related to, recognized, and well-understood. They need to feel that their feelings, which they perceive as not entirely understood by even themselves, can be a bit understood by others, or even not taken in an aggressive way.They need to feel safe to be and become themselves, especially in their need to communicate and heal themselves. Therefore therapists are usually a way they seek, since they’re not judged and can reveal what they please wi...

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