Mother languages - Dividing us and bringing us together

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. But I grew up wrestling with more than one village.Native in Samoan and immersed in her rich culture and heritage, I was confident at home and in our wider ethnic community where I felt accepted. But going to school in New Zealand was that weird place where the sky was always falling. It was there where I quickly discovered that I was a minority and that most people had a very negative view of my kind. They laughed at the way I spoke and excluded me...

Ignore The News: We’re Not The Worst Generation

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A headline caught my eye recently. “UK millennials second worst-hit financially in developed world, says study”. That’s quite a lot to take in at once, particularly when I remember the last time I read something about my generation in the news. It was that we’re all lazy and can’t buy houses because we’re too attached to brunch.Seriously. The reason I’m not a homeowner already is because I eat avocado on the weekend, not because I’ve been priced out of the housing market by demand for buy-to-let...

Where does your interest lie?

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In this matter, In what you do, In whom you are, In what you are becoming. Where does your interest lie? There’s so much we want to become, So much to accomplish, Tons of days and hours to look forward to and live for, Hundreds of meals to eat and dine with those we love and care about. Where does your interest lie? Through your up’s and down’s, Through those days when the rains will be like the other sun, Through the hot Mondays, As the throat burns it’s way out to your bra...

My Second Skin

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Veiled women have different reasons for donning the veil. While some may think that the sole and entire reason for wearing the hijab is religious, this is not necessarily true. It is a decision driven by a plethora of motives, which aren’t always religious. That’s why, I can’t stress enough the fact that the veiled women community is very diverse. Veiled women are not the same woman. Each one of us has chosen to wear the head scarf for a specific and very personal reason.Speaking for myself, I d...

We Nigerians...

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Welcome to our citadels of learning, where learning continues and knowledge is being applied even after the periods are over. The nearly bald old man who had done excellently to defy her theory of ‘people actually get shorter when they grow old’ walks into her classroom, his bamboo cane stabling his movements, he relaxes himself to begin his session. His funny accent? Wow! It tickles her deeply within, but she was taught to respect her elders, so she gives him all her attention. He shares a wor...

We have a purpose

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Dear Readers, Have you ever wondered why we are sent to this world? Why we are created? Why we are living? I believe there is an answer to this question. Yesterday, I saw a hungry child shivering from cold on the street. I got angry and asked God, "Why do you permit this? Why don't you do something?" That night, I heard a dialect, "I did something! I created you!"When I woke up in the middle of the night I realized that I received the answer to my question of why we are sent to this world! I g...

How to Lose Me

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In case you're tired of me. Or you're tired of us. This is how to lose me. And how to lose us. For few articles now, I've been going atypical from my normal way of writing. Please, just bear with me. I think it's due to the fact that everything around has been atypical too. Last week, I lost more than half of my 2017 poetry and prose works. I know it's touching and heartbreaking but I've moved on. But you know memory has a way of appearing over and over again. Harmattan has also started and my l...

I grew up in Riviere Salée, in the commune of Baraderes which is located in the department of Nippes in Haiti. My father abandoned me, my three sisters and my little brother when I was in primary school. He left to go to Santo Domingo where he lives until today. My mother was supporting us all alone, until I was in my final class where I was a champion of a city wide poetry contest in Baraderes organized by Haitians from the United States. As a winner I received money to pay for my enrollment in...

Tell Me What's Up

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There’s discretion. There are societal demands and tolerances. There’s what is socially acceptable and not. But does this mean that we must hide the plain truth, before our eyes? Just to please everyone else. Or a few privileged people that don’t want to be smeared with our dirt. Our dirt of our small and uncouth minds and mouths. Where we speak our mind, freely, without the intent or hidden motive of hurting any body. For we are just looking to correct the wrongs done by those that...

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