What Does It Mean To Be A Human?

Posted Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist

Avatar Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist
Imen Al-Nighaoui
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What does it mean to be a human? It's one of the hardest questions I have ever asked to myself. At some point in my life, I didn't know what being a human means. Looking around me, I am seeing humans are relentlessly killing each other for money, for land, for more power and sometimes for nothing. Somehow, at some point I lost my faith in the human race; because I couldn't accept the fact that a human, just like me, is able to eliminate me because I am different to him or her;...

Do not forget to say thank you

Posted Avatar Monica Argueta

Avatar Monica Argueta
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“Gracias, merci, grazie, danke, obrigado, dalu, natick, arigato, spasiba, mahalo” All this words have the same meaning, “thank you”. I am very confident that we all have said these words in our lives many times, but they lose their power when we do not mean it. There comes a time when we forget to say thank you because we take things for granted, when they are not. I have learned that every minute, every second of our lives are a blessing. When you are so close to som...

Be the light!

Posted no picture Yeshna

no picture Yeshna
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It has been so long since I posted something and since it's Diwali season I just want to wish you all a very Happy Diwali. For those who don't know, Diwali is a festival celebrated in India, Malaysia, Mauritius, and almost everywhere in the world. Basically Diwali is the festival of light, and there is something I want to share with you. I'm not a religious person but I love festivals, whether it is Christmas, Halloween…I love the festive mood and all the good vibes all around…...

Discrimination - and how it hinders development

Posted Avatar Yvonne Wabai , Student, Writer, Scientist, Kenya's Ambassador to Tunza Eco-Generation and W.Y.A. member.

Avatar Student, Writer, Scientist, Kenya's Ambassador to Tunza Eco-Generation and W.Y.A. member.
Yvonne Wabai
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Many advancements have been made in the 21st century, with the most revolutionary one being the internet. Not only has the internet revolutionized the way we go about our businesses but also opened up a portal for people all over the world to connect from right where they are. The internet has done many wonderful things, one of them being shining a light on what is arguably the biggest issue that faces the human race – discrimination. Wikipedia defines discrimination as the “...

More Power To You

Posted Avatar Mehar Kathuria , Student

Avatar Student
Mehar Kathuria
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I’d like to share a small story with you all today, It started when my post was published on the Voices of Youth website for the first time. Flushed face, teary eyes, I froze for a minute gazing at the laptop screen trying to convince myself that I was only dreaming. But it was the truth. I’ve read some of the most beautiful blog posts on this website, have re-read some a hundred times and have been moved every single time, be it out of joy or surprise. The best part is it...

Time for Education to Reflect Social Reality

Posted no picture Victoria Liu , Student

no picture Student
Victoria Liu
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We are living in a world where technology prevails the society in every aspect, where online translating machines replace human translators, where online calculators replace human calculation, and where online programming replaces human design. The battle between machines and human beings permeates the society affecting our professions, our communications, and even our way of thinking. Under such a society, education seems to lose its practical meaning. By relying on traditiona...


Posted Avatar Shivam Singhal , Student

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Shivam Singhal
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An ad-mixture of lovely vibrant colors was what described Them. Inquisitive eyes, an active mind, playful hands and yes, the astonishing collection of ideas which just kept shining in their presence. Life, for Them, was but this vivacity; this synergy of innocence and ‘raw ideas’ that made Their days memorable, vibrant and most importantly, colorful. To Them, each day was a different brush in the palette of life, each idea a different color, each gameplay a different ar...

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Posted no picture Jasmine Owusuaah , Department of Social Work at The College at Brockport (SUNY)

no picture Department of Social Work at The College at Brockport (SUNY)
Jasmine Owusuaah
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Female Genital Mutilation, otherwise known as FGM, is a non-medical procedure practiced in about twenty-nine African countries and several countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. FGM involves the partial or total removal of a female’s genitalia. Female Genital Mutilation is a traditional practice based on cultural beliefs and customs; it is apart of the communities’ cultural heritage and traditions. Females undergo this procedure from the age of 0-15 because it is seen...

Children in Prisons

Posted no picture Jessy , Studnet

no picture Studnet
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A problem that we have in our country is how we treat out criminals. Even worse the ones who are under 18 years old. Children who commit crimes should have their age and mature taken into consideration when they are being tried. But this is not the case. We try children as adults all of the time. How can they really grasp what is going on when so many hormones and changes are going on in their bodies? This is a very important issue. As I am in late teen and coming into my early...

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