Time Management

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These past weeks, as I was busy with 9 to 5 office work, I realized the importance of time management. Earlier, I had plenty of leisure time. I could postpone my work and still find time to complete it in the future. But today, putting off one task for later means a task left incomplete. It is hard to manage time for tasks that require your attention in the present, let alone for those tasks that were delayed in the past. It is very necessary to be able to manage time. I evaluate...

Let's Talk About Women in the Tech World

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Hi! Long time no see, Voices of Youth community J. I am sure you have stayed as amazing as I knew you and I am more than eager to start posting more often again, as I am enjoying the summer holidays. For this post, I want to bring up the subject of gender equality in the tech world again. I have written about it in some other posts of mine, but this one will be concentrated exclusively on the subject and based on my own experience. Firstly, I think it would be quite appropria...

Social Influence

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Our behaviors as well as way of thinking are tremendously shaped by others; normative rules constructed in our minds denoting how individuals are expected to behave in certain specific situations and perceived by us as standard for appropriate behavior. What comes out of or against the expected is negatively odd and not only unpermitted to be demonstrated publically, but also forbidden to think about within yourself. In a culture awfully detained by “what others think of you” a...

Average 20 Somethings

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“We urge you to apply in the future”. “The selection process was highly competitive”. If you happen to be familiar with the latter phrases, then my heart goes out to you. I know how you feel because I too have faced the same disheartening and unsettling thing: REJECTION. I do not know about you but my high school experience did not include spending my time conducting energy related research, creating youth platforms, or volunteering in third world countries. Instead, I...

Human Rights Violations

Published no picture Finlay

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Hi today I will be doing a blog about Human Rights Violations across the world. Recently our world has become fragmented in war, hate and terror, and despite the UN best efforts people across the world are having their human rights abused unfairly. Take North Korea for example, for years they have been violating and ignoring the Universal Declaration of The Human Rights, every year the kill thousands of people, they have camps similar to the Holocaust, and they torture and imprison...

My experience through Digital mapping and My story

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Digital map is a powerful digital tool for raising awareness and encouraging action. Voices of Youth maps is a UNICEF initiative, which promotes the use of digital mapping to empower young people.. Selected youth mapper has to share with the world specific environmental challenges and actions in their community by uploading pictures and geo-location reports to a special UNICEF global digital map focusing on climate change and the environment. In December 2015, during the 21st editi...

A Chid for a Couple of Cashmeres

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It ends with a swipe of a credit card or the click of a link on your computer screen. That is how easy it is to shop in this age. You see Beyoncé in a summer, floral dress and it looks so flattering... Boy oh boy, you gotta own that dress! Why do you feel the urge to own that dress? Even when you know the cost of that dress is probably one third of your monthly salary? Maybe it is because it was worn by a celebrity. Maybe the dress will look equally flattering on you. Then at...

Inspire with Sonic Prabhudesai: Expanding Horizons

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Many people talk of taking the path less traveled by, but for some reason it remains lonely and untrodden. Today, at 24, Sonic Prabhudesai is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. The last time I met him we were in middle school and trying to take life one recess at a time! He co-founded Campus Diaries while studying engineering and playing professional badminton. A time when most of us dream of landing the dream job, he created one for himself. Campus diaries is an onli...

One Year On: #YouthForChange mark the Girl Summit anniversary

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One year ago this month, South London's Walworth Academy welcomed a group of guests with a unifying belief - that female genital mutilation (FGM) and child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) can and must end within a generation. On Wednesday 22nd July, we celebrated the progress made over the past year - #YouthForChange Panel Member Eleanor was there to capture the event. Girl Summit 2014 was co-hosted by the UK government and UNICEF, and attendees included over 600 campaigners,...

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