"What do you think is the ideal age for a child to start school?

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Photo credit: BET.com

Photo credit: BET.com

So I recently had an argument with a friend of mine (Favour) whose niece (Jane) started school at a very tender age; Jane could barely say “papa” when her mum forced her into nursery one. She wasn’t even two years old yet.

One fateful noon, she was given an assignment from school but she couldn't even read it. Her mum had to do the assignment for her! Defending her action, the mother said "I would rather keep doing her assignments for her till she is mature enough to read and write, than have her stay home disturbing me..."

In modern times the school age is reducing daily and it worries me to hear that parents send their babies and toddlers to school as early as 18 months and they expect them to start reading and writing. I fear that with this trend, parents will start sending 1 month old babies to school soon! Personally, I think a child should be at least 4 years old before being enrolled into a school, that way the child will be matured enough.

According to a report on Dailymail “children should not have to start school until they are six to prevent early 'adultification'” the report further says “only children from deprived backgrounds should enter formal education at the younger age because they would 'benefit from such early interventions'. Though it makes little difference whether a child starts school at 4 or 7, the major problem with starting school early is that such kids do not have the privilege of being nurtured under good parenting skills. Because they are forced to start school early, they have issues like low self esteem. I once battled self esteem while growing up. I was the youngest in my class so it took a while before I could mix well with my classmates.

On the other hand, my friend (Favour) opines that starting school early gives a child the chance of being academically bright compared to a child that starts later on.

My questions for you are: Who agrees with her school of thought? What do you think is the ideal age for a child to start school?

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