A Letter From The Great Apes: Give A Call, And You'll Save Us.

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عضو منذ ١٧ سبتمبر، ٢٠١١
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Dear World, I am one of the Great Apes! My home, the forest in Borneo, has been getting messy lately since about a decade ago: when all of you rushed and cut twenty thousand miles square to nothing, call it ‘yours’ and turn it into timber mining, palm oil plantation and heaven of illegal logging.

I couldn’t contact many of my friends anymore. Besides the reason that I don’t have cell phone or facebook account, I doubt they survived this all. Going from one place to another has been tough, food is gone, nowhere is safe. I heard from the birds, 250 to 1000 of us are kidnapped and sold as “illegal pets” per year. We become pests when we enter your palm oil plantation, and then your gun will end our lives. Some of you even consume us afterwards.

As sad as it is for me now, I can not blame any of you. You are as hungry as me, or even worse. You get your food from the forest just like us. The fact that many humans still do not know that our lives depend also on the forest makes me sad. I wish I can tell we are just animals and we are neither pests nor your enemies. But maybe it’s the jungle rule, isn’t it? The strongest will survive and we know you are the one. It’s indeed our fault that we can’t live in some place else but this forest.

Yet many of you have provided us with so much fruits, new homes, refugee centre, organizations, zoo and national park where many of us feel safe. A human visited me today; she asked a question, “If you could tell the world what you need from our technology to save your population, what would it be?”

I need technology that let them know The Great Apes are friends of human and members of the forest too. I think a phone number; they called it “Hotline number” and cell phone. What do you think?

If I could be back soon to my real forest home, I want the humans to be as kind as people in this rehabilitation centre. Involve them to know about us. It would be nice to know that human will have their cell phone to call the rescue team to take me back to the “real” forest when I enter palm oil plantation, less people will kidnap us because more people be aware and notice, and when other humans illegally cut my house, they can call a number with the cell phone to save me and to stop the cutting.

The best cages, technology, not even cloning will make everything better than our original home of The Great Apes: our habitat. And nothing can save the forest, but human and all of us: those who need it the most. Give a call, and you’ll save us.

Orang Utan In KBS (Surabaya Zoo, rehabilitation centre of Orang Utan)

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