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Angadbir Singh is the youngest member of an NGO- GEC(globalenvironment concern) and also THE YOUNGEST MEMBER OF the UN Solution Exchange Climate Change Community.

I read this pearl of wisdom somewhere “AS ONE WE ARE A DROP, AS TOGETHER, WE ARE AN OCEAN”

So hence each one of us has to stand up to face this issue gripping the society. Climate change may seem rhetoric but it is the need of the hour. Thereby I urge my fellow peers, community members to fight climate change via awareness campaigns. I strongly believe that each one of us can make a difference and it starts from you and the climate issue is the need of the hour. We need to uphold environmental conscience and promote its ideals.

Simple things like using public transport or reducing our waste can reduce a lot of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Even I am an eco-warrior as I do my bit and each one of us can; the question is do we?

“We need to stand up, it is not about me or he but WE!”

With more than 6 billion people and ever increasing numbers; the resources are swiftly vanishing- it is just a matter of time if things go on like this. Tropical forests are being cut down for economic reasons and for construction due to increasing population. The main method for clearing land is burning, which releases a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere. Thus the damage of deforestation is 45 billion dollars but what about the air we breathe such large scale destruction of trees jeopardizes the quality of the very air we breathe. “Nature has enough for man’s need but not enough for man’s greed.”-Mahatma Gandhi This was rightly said as until now every step of man till date on this planet of ours-The Earth, has been stringing on both sides of a coin. With the rushing expanse of technology we had harmed our own environment for which we are repenting but-the time is now;

When we can choose a path, a path of a greener environment and earth. History is useless, unless we learn from it. And the lesson here is pretty clear. But the fact that people have an idea does not make them special. The fact that they did something about it is. After all, genius is in the doing. And there’s never been a time like now. So let us stand to make a difference. Global warming will continue. As politicians squabble over ways to stem its rise, glaciers have been melting under their feet, as emissions from cars and industry warm the climate.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL-WAKE UP! AMID the alphabet soup and baffling procedures of the climate-change conference in Copenhagen, it was easy to forget the overall aim: to move from a world in which carbon dioxide emissions are rising to one in which they are falling fast enough to make a difference. Since India is still in the early stages of development , it is better equipped to demonstrate a low carbon lifestyle, which other societies could emulate. Finally, there is the question of population. So far as India is concerned, a peak population of one-and-a-half-billion is on the horizon. The resources of land, water and food, apart from energy and minerals, available to India will be inadequate to support such a large number, except at a marginal level. Therefore, it is imperative that we adopt policies leading to population stabilization soon and, indeed, a declining population thereafter.

After all, it is not carbon we want, but development. It is not coal we want, but electricity. It is not oil we want, but transport. Low-carbon technologies now exist to deliver all the goods and services we need. Let us make the goal of using them.



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