دون صورة Student
Vanessa Tasé
عضو منذ ٣ ديسمبر، ٢٠١٨
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I am a storyteller

From where the palm trees dance rumba with the wind

And the deep Caribbean waters touch my skin and make me tremble

I am a storyteller

Born from a star in the night sky

And a ray of sunshine

The one that broke darkness at dawn

I am the fruit of the forbidden tree

And I’m temptation hidden in the mango leaves

I am a storyteller

One of many who passed on their songs

And poems

And once upon a times

And stories too

I am the rich soil that housed the sweetest sweets

And the bitter leaves of the old man

I am the second string

And the third too

And perhaps even the last

The one that sings the melodies at gatherings in concert with the drums

The ones that sounded once like new beginnings

I am a storyteller

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