Dose my community need me?

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The Girls' Education is crucial.

The Girls' Education is crucial.

I was born here, I grew up from here, I studied from here, I learnt my first lessons from here, I made my first friends here, it’s the only place I understand most on earth because even when I sleep, I can explain the whole map of it, and tell the names of every one in it and everything there.

What makes it unique from other places? It’s where I grew up from. So it gave me all what I needed, and supported me when I needed it, and IT MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY.

But I ask myself. Does it need me? For what? What can I give back? In what capacity can I give back? And dose it really feel I have to help it? But it’s my community and my country.

In 2013 while in Kihonda Village, Morogoro Tanzania, just as a community school volunteer teacher, the community treasured me, praised me and benefited a lot from me, but what was given back? A wife to marry? No. A posh car as a present? No. But I gave them all I had in capacity, and it wasn’t my community, not my country.

So I ask myself again, does my community need me? And if it does, what does it need from me? What can I do for my community and my country Uganda?

I must do something, I must give back to what the community gave me, to what the community invested in me, to what the community made me today.

I have to be a responsible citizen I have to support my community. I have to do something to help my community, I have to invest back to my community. Investment to what it needs most. The Girl Child Education.

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