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Young Foresters

Young Foresters

Deforestation is one of the problems which ensues in some forested countries. Due to the problem, not only are forested countries facing troubles, but industrialized countries with little forest are in trouble too.

Yet, this problem is included in some drafts of the international agreements such as Bali Road Map by UNFCCC; and REED by UNFAO, and UNDP, UNREDD. On the international level, most strategies are needed to be discussed in the long term. On the other hand, the agreement of each country depends on time, so that it will be little bit effective. One solution which was created by some NGOs is to educate children on deforestation at the primary school level. In Indonesia, volunteers are tasked as teachers. They enter remote and rural areas where there are still many strands of forests in these areas. They will educate and establish schools simply and voluntarily.

A most popular calling of the school based forest in Indonesia is Sekolah Rimbawan or Sekola RIMBA. Most of their efforts are very effective in reducing logging illegally and to preserve forests naturally and wisely. The school creates junior foresters early on. By doing this, they need serious people playing the role as teachers voluntarily and must be supported by passionate children who have the desire to maintain the forest. Most of the targeted children are from local tribes which don’t have much access to education. Hopefully by educating the children on becoming junior foresters, it will help preserve and restore the forest. This will make the forest become sustainable and we will benefit as human beings.

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