Friendly Enviroment

تم نشرها

عضو منذ ٢٨ فبراير، ٢٠١٢
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Everyone wants to live in a clean and healthy environment, it is essential for a good growth. Thousands and thousands of tree has been cut down to open up the area for the society to live in. With this, the chances of having a landslide and flood will be higher as there are fewer amount of trees to hold the water flow. With the huge amount of trees get logging, the fresh air we used to get will be polluted and it is bad for the children as well as the adults. Laws should be enforced on logging of tree and should put heavy punishment to those that pollute the environment. The products now that have been advertise are all echo-friendly but they will cost a bit more pricier than the usual ones. Government should come out with the idea that every household should have minimum plant a tree at their house.

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