Gaming for Good: Video Games and Climate Change


تم نشرها

Video games aren't typically designed to promote social change. Fate of the World seeks to change that by putting players in charge of solving the climate change crisis. Following in the steps of Civilization and Spore, Fate of the World appears to be a turn-based simulation game melding scientific research with political considerations.

From the game's description:

Based on the research of Prof. Myles Allen at Oxford University, Fate of the
World simulates the real social and environmental impact of global climate change over the next 200 years.

Your mission: Solve the crisis. But, like life, it won’t be easy. You’ll have to
work through natural disasters, foreign diplomacy, clandestine operations, technological breakthroughs, and somehow satisfy the food and energy needs of a growing world population. Will you help the planet or become an agent of destruction?

Sounds interesting right? While only available for PC, (Mac users will have to wait until April) a percentage of proceeds will benefit TckTckTck, a global alliance of NGOs working to promote climate change action.

I'm excited to see if Fate of the World leads to increased gaming for good; fingers crossed.

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