Injustice among us

تم نشرها

عضو منذ ٢٧ فبراير، ٢٠١٢
  • مشاركة

Recently many countries had been built their economic system in capitalism mode. Even in Asia and Afrika this condition likely to be seen. Some people thought that capitalism is something that natural to happen in this modern and globalization world. But the sad truth there are some people who can not catch up with the competitive rhyme in capitalism. This people known in below economy line group. Person who can not afford their education higher or even in standard level is tend to be clueless to participate into complex economic activies. They usually become the labour for the upper-class society. This condition can be seen especially in South East Asia. Indonesia, Filipina, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The disparity among person in those country is quite wide. Skyscrapper building is stands side by side with slum living and toxicated river. In those slum area people can even provide their basic needs for food and shelter instead they goin to 'work' for upper class society. It is common to see children begging in some public place or handicapped people lying around the streets in crowded spaces (this is based on true events in Indonesia). The government could not secure those people so they have to make it by their own work, so that is all that they can do. Although they are many corporation around those area, people in charge still can not help this unfortunate people because they busy with their business. This condition was indirectly influenced by the corporate activities that exploitating the sources from the people and environment. Some corporate has done CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) but others has not done yet. So this is why injustice acts still remaining among citizens in developing countries.

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