Is the UN Population Fund Spreading Itself Too Thin?


تم نشرها

By trying to do too many things, it ends up not doing enough.

The UN Population Fund should focus on one objective: universal access to sexual and reproductive health and promotion of reproductive rights, says the Center for Global Development Working Group in its report.

With its limited resources, the UNFPA’s involvement in other activities has weakened its leadership and influence in this core mission. It just has too many things on its plate.

The agency currently works in three focal areas: sexual and reproductive health, population and development, and gender equality. It is also involved with supporting adolescents and youth, and HIV prevention.

The group suggests that the UNFPA should have “one objective, one agenda” and should rebrand itself as the lead agency for sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights. Anyway, other UN organizations are already working on the other focal areas that it currently covers.

The agency has a newly appointed executive director and the change in leadership may open to a new strategy in fulfilling its mandate.

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