Let's talk how we can eradicate the child labour (my response to JulieVOY)

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Tanvir F Akhter

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Stop Child Labour. Often we hear voices from the responsible and hearted people of society. How we can we be the ones who are also kind-hearted and responsible?! Lets talk ...
Children do heavy work for the sake of money. The need money for buying food, food for themselves or for their family, and also for some other basic needs like clothes, drugs, school fees etc. Can you imagine this scenario: A 10 year old boy comes to a factory for work because his younger sister is sick and she needs medicine. That boy does heavy work for money so that he can buy some medicine for his poor sister. Thats the scenario friend!
What is the solution? Three things: 1. society and people 2. government 3. welfare organizations like UNICEF
First of all the major responsibility is for we the people to live in the society. It starts in your home. Never make any servant do work underage. Give some financial help to the street boys. Unite people who want to help them. Make welfare groups. Give children education and give them shelter and food. If we all work from our own place as far as we can, then it is possible to have a result. Never put any child to hard and heavy work in an industry. Boycott the people who are doing this and raise your voice against them. Make them know the law of crime like child labour. Raise awareness to the people. Come forward and take your own responsibility and make your own judgments.
Secondly, governments can play a huge role. First of all they can making the proper law against child labour and enforce them strictly against people who are putting the children to heavy work. Governments also should assure shelter, food, education and all basic needs for children. A child should be as free as he is in heaven. You cannot demand money from him in exchange for a chocolate from your shop. It is their birthright and government is the body who can do it. Remember, children are also a tool for criminal to their crime. Governments of a country should be aware and take steps for that.
Lastly, we are living in a era of globalization. We all are international. So developed country and organization should come forward to help the poor child of the third world country. The various international organizations can take steps to raise awareness to the people to stop child labour. They can help children financially by giving them free education at education for all programme and putting pressure on the government to enforce the law to provide necessery elements for the welfare of children. The combination of the above bodies will make it easy to eradicate children's ill health.
Children are the sign of innocence and purity. Your heart should melt in tears when you see them sleeping in the street with a hungry belly if you are a real human. We the youth raise our voice. Make this world a better place for the upcoming generation.
Tanvir Dinajpur Medical College Bangladesh

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