Male dominance in Pakistan

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Zainab Ahmed Chughtai
عضو منذ ٨ سبتمبر، ٢٠١٥
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"It's such a male-dominated industry. You can be a feminist, it's just difficult because it comes back at you."

Pakistan is a male dominated society. It is a social system in which men hold power over women. Most women do not have the right to property.

A woman’s story of hardship starts before her birth. In most of the villages in Pakistan, she is not a "wanted" child. People prefer a male child over a female child. When a girl is young in Pakistan, her father decides for her: decisions ranging from education to marriage. After marriage her husband decides on her behalf.

In this male dominated society, women face all kind of gross violence at the hands of their husbands and other male family members. Multiple forms of violence include rape, domestic abuse, murder, mutilation, burning, disfiguring faces by acids, torture, etc. In Pakistani society women are in high demand in the labor force because they are paid less and can raise profit margin.

Women are never given respect in this country.

In this male dominated society, the man has to provide equal rights and space to women, otherwise violence will increase rapidly.

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