Our world

تم نشرها

عضو منذ ١٨ أغسطس، ٢٠١٤
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A world where my heart is free

A world where my heart is free

A place where the blossoms are bright

A place where the land is not torn

A place where my people are free

A place where my children are born

That is what my country should be.

A land where the people are not silenced,

with words like knives, or screams that pierce their heart

A land where my friends and foes alike can live in harmony,

A nation where my family does not live apart

That is where my rights lie.

A world full of love , a world ne'er strifed

A place where no evil can hide the good

A nation where guns silence no one

My world, where my voice is given to the voiceless

That is my world, that is my heart

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