Respecting Your or My Right?

تم نشرها

عضو منذ ١٣ أغسطس، ٢٠١٢
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I've been living my whole life in a city called Denpasar, a part of Bali island, Indonesia.

Maybe some of you ever heard about the place I live, either because of its culture or because of the Bali Bombing tragedy which happened 10 years ago.

Indonesia has the worlds largest moslem population, where about 88% percent of our population are following Islam. This is more than 150 million people-which means that they are indeed the minority.

In Islam, Bulan Ramadhan or Ramadhan month is a very sacred time of the year. For 29 days, the moslems are obliged to do fasting, where they are not allowed to eat and drink, they are also obliged to control their emotion and lust for 12 hours until buka puasa or fasting break in the evening.

Living in a diverse country and surrounding gratefully made me grow into a quite tolerable person. My friends are coming from different regions, different background and also religion- but I managed to deal with that. We respect each other and we live side by side without any significant problem occur in between.

But then, every Ramadhan month, the fact that restaurants, karaoke and food stalls are not allowed to be opened bothers me a lot. It applies on a lot of region in Indonesia, including but not limited to Aceh and Tangerang. Not Bali, thankfully.

Some restaurants which still dare to operate can be destroyed by society organization called FPI- even though they obviously has no authority to do so. They claim that the policy needs to be applied in order to respect the right of Moslems who are fasting at these times of the month.

It makes me wonder: 1. Isn't the fact that you are fasting means that you will get more pahala or 'reward' if you are able to control yourself not to be tempted even when anyone else consume foods or drink next to you? 2. Isn't the fact that someone is fasting does not mean that the other non believer must also do fasting? because if so, it is as hilarious as 'I need to lose weight, so I will join a diet program and everyone else shouldn't eat or any other restaurant should not operate because they gonna 'tempt' me' . 3. As far as I know, fasting without any temptation is such an ease. What is the point of fasting, then? 4. Maybe the government never really consider the right of restaurant or karaoke investors to also receive income during Ramadhan month. Afterall, not operating for a month will really screw the company's stability of income, like, obviously. 5. The non-believers also have the right to do karaoke or eat at the restaurant- which as far as I know, are on indoor places, the activity will not be exposed to those who are doing what their God willing them to do.

Some tried to compare this with the celebration of silent day or Nyepi in Bali, where once a year, the whole island will be shut down for 24 hours. No lights are allowed, no one are allowed to go out of the house (but emergency, religious events like Friday prayers are still allowed to be held), even Ngurah Rai International Airport does not operate during Nyepi. But it's a day, 24 hours, instead of 30 days, 720 hours.

Under those circumstances, should I respect your or my right?

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