Some Questions have answers. Some answers have questions.Some answers and Quetions do not answer! Do we know or do those responsible for us know?

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عضو منذ ١٢ فبراير، ٢٠١٢
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We all do not know exactly whether each of us needs help or not because we all live in different situations. One thing we all do know is; "We only need help when we have no answers to our questions, when there is no one to answer them for us, when we have done things wrong and believe we can not turn them around" Many of us have alot of questions and answers that we need to know to help us understand why things happen as they happen, where has all the help gone.?"

I believe we all do know the answers to our own questions and yes there is always someone out there that can help us uproot us from our bad situations. We just do not know who and the right person.

Do we all have love for ourselves, the people we live with....? Ask yourself this, "if i really love myself, what can i do to make someone else love him/herself.? Can i make a change in someone else's life if i was capable/ given the chance? Am i willing too? How can i be of good service to all-justfully,respectfully,(mention it all)?

Rich or poor we all have to come together, make a sacrifice and help each other get the right answers to our questions. We all do not need much, all we need is for someone to show and give us some love and we give it back. lets help each other do what is right and make a better life for all be it Human Rights,Poverty,Health,Conflicts,education, hunger.

What are your questions and answers and what do you think should be done for those of us that need help..? Think about it ,the Life as we see it.

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