The roots of development for a sustainable tomorrow!

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We are the youth, our perceptions matter and our actions make a difference!!

We are the youth, our perceptions matter and our actions make a difference!!

The words sustainable development appear quite often when we talk about our community and nation and our world. It is very important that we also understand them completely.

All of us imagine a blossomed tree, but has anyone thought of the roots?

Everyone has unique perceptions about this term and I would like to share mine.

I feel that this term refers to the positive progressive evolution of each of us in all aspects- social, economic, political and ecological and not to forget that of our heart, so that we can realize our divine potential and responsibility to rest of the humanity and to the wonderful creations of nature.

To me it means nurturing our values, our ethics, our ideals and our potential to grow into a tree whose fruits are borne by our world, our mother nature and whose roots are strong and firm to support the tree for generations to come.

An ideal society is the mother and child of sustainable development. To realize this goal, we must start by respecting basic human rights of every part of the saga of humanity. We must respect our women, our children, our indigenous people and each and everyone who we are responsible to.

In this journey of sustaining our development, we must also be mindful of what development means to everyone. For example, to us the tribal or the indigenous might not seem developed or modern but in fact they are the ones who have sustained their lives and livelihoods through simplicity, harmony and by being in tune with nature.

Last but not the least I would like to add that this term grows on hope for a better tomorrow, the will to be the change we want to see and on the potential to respect everything inclusive of humans, nature and its creations as entities possessing their own rights and duties.

So, to see our tree blossom, its roots must be strong !!

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