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عضو منذ ٩ فبراير، ٢٠١٤
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Not blogging on VOY and sharing proactive thoughts and topics, is like fishing without a bait. I have not been available due to exams, and it seems I am on a marathon that has no finish mark - I would love to get home (i.e. VOY), but the road has no end. I am here now - hale and hearty!. I love The Voices Of Youth Channel, because it is gives me an avenue to speak to the world and share my thoughts and opinions with youths who desire change in all ramifications. We are not youths who just have voices. But we are YOUTHS who are : Vivacious, i.e. - (open-hearted , welcoming the heart broken, the infected and weak) , Oriented - (we are governed by a strong will, and our ambition is influenced by unity) and Youth-Wise - because we are youths for change. To all my friends, Francisca Lilly, Julie, and all VOY members......Happy new month.

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