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We are the Generation - YES & A-Smyle at CEW 2...

Dear World,

I am Dhia Fani, one of the 70 YES exchange studens program from Indonesia who is now studying in United States. In early March, I had the opportunity to attend Civics Education Workshop in Washington DC organized by U.S. Department of State along with 115 friends from 40 other countries.

In this activity, I had the opportunity to write a song titled “We Are The Generation” along with Shyer (Bangladesh) and Milos (Serbia), which we performed along with his friends from Pakistan, Africa, etc. We wrote the song in less than 2 hours.

This song describes the challenge of the world that often makes the younger generation gives up in achieving their dreams and hopes. Inspired by the challenges that young people face, we believe that our generation is the one that will determine the future of this world and we must keep trying.

Through this post I would like to share about this young leaders that work together to help each other and alternately support for peace. Regardless of the complexity of the issues they face, they continue to dream and keep trying to contribute together to create positive change.

Hopefully this video will inspire our generation and inspire the world that with hope and cooperation, every dream is possible.


Dhia F.S Fani

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