What Is Forever?

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Often times, I sit back and wish that something could last forever. But when I try to visualize it, it seems nothing more than a faded blur of a never ending walkway.

The aspect of wishing that something last forever, is another way of not wanting change. We are all accustomed to certain things, and slight changes can hinder that, and cause us to react differently. Some of us might not like change; I know I usually don't. Mankind functions in a way where we want to feel comfortable, we want to find connections, patterns and feel used to our surroundings; and not feel new or deprived of something we have lost.

Back to the concept of forever. Some say, "nothing lasts forever." But I dare to disagree. I believe that in some way or another, many things do last forever, maybe in the mind, heart, or just fragments floating in air. "Friend forever," a common phrase we have all heard or used. Now think about it, is it true? Perhaps not. Maybe it would be better not to use the word, "forever," since it is not very clear, even though some of us might mean it. However, if something makes a lasting impression on you, in some ways, it does live on forever. Maybe the idea lives on forever, or the feeling, or the thought, or the smell, or the memory.

If we all think about it, we can make something last forever. If we remember it, cherish it, love it, and use it wisely. There are some things we can't control, and must adapt to. That is how humans are. It is hard to adapt, but we manage to. Therefore, the aspect of forever, can live on if you make it, but one must also accept change as it is a way of life. The word forever sounds haunting sometimes, and sometimes a miracle. But overall, it is a feeling within you, one you must always cherish.

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