Whatever happened to living in the moment?

دون صورة What ever happened to living in the moment
عضو منذ ٢٩ أغسطس، ٢٠١٦
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Perfection is seen nowadays as the perfect Instagram ‘’flow’’ or the perfect life everyone in society desires through pictures. The expectation that social media has created for men and women to be perfect through images is absurd.

Whatever happened to living in the moment? Everything has to be posted, and at times people go out of their way to go on adventures just so they can post about it on Instagram, rather than enjoying life in the present moment or focusing on more important issues within our society. If a person has a lot of followers and likes they are automatically assumed to be ‘perfect’ or ‘desirable’ and they have an amazing lifestyle. However, this is false advertising a lot of these images are pre-organised, and people are obsessive around their social media image, worrying constantly about their feed, likes, and followers, these people are living through a screen.

I think it’s sad to think that society sees those without particular social media sites or lack of followers as less successful members of society and the imagery, social media at times has put a camouflage over what really matters in life and what it really means to be successful.

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