Why do we use social media?

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Emilia Siahaan

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Social media is kind of a technological thing that is really near to our lives. Technological? I guess it will be too narrow if I said that it is only a technological thing. It has entered other aspects such as education, business, and social life.

My country, Indonesia, is one of the countries with the largest users of social media. There are 19.5 million Twitter users, 65 million Facebook users, and 700 thousand Path users. WOW! Such large numbers! Even I am included in those statistics: I use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I enjoy connecting with my friends, just like I having additional eyeballs to see what is going on around me, even in other places far away from me.

However, the large number of users and high activity rates on social media doesn’t show the high rate of productivity. According to the chief of Telemathics Forum, Hidayat Nahwi Rasul, social media has not been used effectively and productively in Indonesia. Most of the content is focus on feelings and something that is not really important. My lecturer said that Indonesians are only users of social media. What does that mean?

What my lecturer actually means is- we have reached the phase to produce something in social media. Most of us are ONLY reblogging, giving stickers, re-pathing, rather than inspiring people, writing inspiring stories, criticizing and analyzing everything related to our interests, taking good pictures, or even, creating a new trend. I wonder why it is important to do those things. I ask myself why I bother to write or analyze something.

I realize that it is one of the ways our generation avoids thinking instantaneously. Everything that seems so easy, consciously or unconsciously, shapes our habit to take almost everything in a shortcut and mindset that unfortunately makes our brains less trained. Social media can be used for education, too. Discussion is one of the best things that I can offer you for social media. With discussion, there are a lot of benefits for both you and your social life.

I bet there are, and will be, a lot of arguments about how to use social media effectively. I also bet this phenomenon has not only happened in my country, but also others. There will be a lot of debates about the basic question: why we all use social media. Even though there will be some statement of agreement or disagreement, I want to underline that being productive in social media is not a bad idea, at all :)





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