Women's Rights by Maddie T.

تم نشرها

عضو منذ ١٧ أبريل، ٢٠١٢
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Human rights are things that everybody should be aware of. Everybody has human rights, and should know their rights. However, many people cannot even list half of their rights. The Universal Declaration of Rights, written by the United Nations, lists all the rights and the UN tries to make sure that everybody has those rights. One thing I noticed however is that some of the rights are conflicting.

The first instance that I noticed this problem was the right to religion and the right to equality between men and women. The Qur’an states that men and women are equal. The United Nations and the Qur’an seem to be in agreement, as it should be. Men and women should have equal rights and equal opportunities. Men and women were created equal and should be treated accordingly. Women all over the world have struggled for the rights that they are supposed to have today. They have fought in almost every country; the fight that has continued for centuries seems to have finally been settled in some of the last restricting countries. Women have equal rights. As much as everyone would love for this to be reality, most just seem to over look this line of the Qur’an and focus on a different one.

The Qur’an says that men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has given the one more strength than the other. This is what people really seem to focus upon. In Saudi Arabia all women, regardless of age, must have a male guardian. Women are still cannot hold government positions. Women cannot vote. Women cannot drive. These women don’t have the rights that we take for granted in America. The difference, we have religious freedoms and they do not. The question that I am asking is which right will they honor? The concept of religious freedom and equality between men and women cannot coexist. The United Nations will have to choose one or the other to address. There is still one more right that causes a conflict in this situation. The right to choose.

Women in Saudi Arabia and many other Middle Eastern countries don’t want to be equal. They are contempt with the way they live. The women of these countries don’t welcome change. But, they have a right to that. They have the right to choose and the right to life. These women have lived this way their whole lives and this is the way their families have lived for hundreds of years. This is all they know. If people came into America and tried to change our beliefs and our way of life we wouldn’t give in. We would fight and reject the idea. This is the way that the Middle Eastern women see the situation. They don’t want to change. They believe that we are failing to see the uniqueness of their Saudi society. What is the United Nations going to do? Are they going to risk destroying countries to give people rights that they don’t want? Human rights are great, but just like everything else in this world there are the bad aspects also.

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