U-Report: Enabling Youth Participation in Zimbabwe

Posted Avatar Courage Nyamhunga , U-Report Coordinator.

Avatar U-Report Coordinator.
Courage Nyamhunga
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U-Report is a SMS mobile technology tool developed by UNICEF to empower youth to have a voice on the social and economic issues affecting their communities. Through free SMS participants, called U-Reporters, are able to respond to weekly polls and report issues, amplifying their voices at the local, regional and national levels of government.Through working in partnership with Zimbabwe Youth Council our lead implementing partner, U-Report expands young people’s representation in social and pol...

Shielded contact

Posted no picture Ashley , Student

no picture Student
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In today's globalised world, so many people are getting more and more immersed into technology. When I go out on my way to school in the mornings, I see bleary-eyed adults sitting on the train, reading emails from their employers or talking agitatedly into the phone. I see teenagers, earphones plugged in, listening to music, some not much older than myself, scrolling through messages on their phone, checking their feed and liking pictures posted by others. I see little children walking down the...

The Age Of Curation

Posted Avatar Thamara Kandabada

Avatar Thamara Kandabada
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I'm scrolling down my Facebook News Feed. I have 1,566 friends on Facebook (most of whom I should ideally unfriend), so why do I see the same faces everyday? Are the others not as active? Or is there something else at play? Do you ever wonder the same? A TEDx talk I listened to in 2015 began like this: "What if I told you, that the world we live in, is something that is constructed for us, not something that is constructed by us." While the speaker set the stage for a much...

Inspire. Empower.

Posted Avatar Ximena Coronado , Activist

Avatar Activist
Ximena Coronado
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Do you want to be a leader? Do you have a passion? Do you want to make a difference in this world? If you answered yes to this questions, you and I already have few things in common. My name is Ximena Coronado, I'm 15 years old, and I'm an environmental activist. It all truly began when I created a petition on Care2 in June 2016 which was aimed to help the environment. I've had to change it often since I continued to do extensive research on the topic, which was over "styrofoam...

Whatever happened to living in the moment?

Posted no picture anon , What ever happened to living in the moment

no picture What ever happened to living in the moment
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Perfection is seen nowadays as the perfect Instagram ‘’flow’’ or the perfect life everyone in society desires through pictures. The expectation that social media has created for men and women to be perfect through images is absurd. Whatever happened to living in the moment? Everything has to be posted, and at times people go out of their way to go on adventures just so they can post about it on Instagram, rather than enjoying life in the present moment or focusing on more...

Social Media and Our Youth

Posted no picture lol

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Running around the neighbourhood until it was dark, playing in mud, making cubbies in the bushes, why did it all of a sudden stop being a childhood? Social media and the advance of technology is the biggest culprit to the innocence of youth being ripped from them, like it was nothing. Growing up in a world where social media runs society children have advanced technology that we didn’t have 10 years ago, it should come as no surprise that children are growing up quicker and expon...

End Cyber-bullying and Change the World Today

Posted Avatar Ashley T.

Avatar Ashley T.
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Sometimes, we can’t help but view the world as a dark, cruel place. It seems depraved and unforgiving, as if all forms of kindness and acceptance have been lost. More than 3 billion people around the world are now using the Internet, and ostensibly, this increased access to connectivity and nodes of communication is something that should be celebrated. However, it is indisputable that everything comes with a price. With the advent of social media, an increasing number of youths...

Today's Apocalypse

Posted Avatar Reid T.

Avatar Reid T.
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If you haven’t noticed, zombies have grown in popularity in the last decade. The enigma and horror behind the walking dead seems to entrance many, proof being the wide range of video games and movies that center around zombies, or more specifically, a zombie apocalypse. I am by no means a fan of zombies or anything in that genre, but nonetheless, here I am with a seemingly irrelevant post concerning zombies. Being a teenager, I see and hear things that have to do with zom...


Posted Avatar Yaz Kolankaya , Student

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Yaz Kolankaya
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I often find myself watching old movies, or period dramas, reading books that are set in the 18th and 19th centuries, asking my grandparents to tell me about their love story over and over again… I also seem to have lost faith in love. Only recently did I understand why: I am trying to find love in another century. In this era of technology and communication, I feel rather disconnected. Sure, technology is great with all its perks like speed and interconnectedness, but on a more...

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