Everyone's connected, but no one is connecting.

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Sure we have a thousand friends on Facebook, five-hundred followers on Instagram and we are really happy about it, aren’t we? Gone are those days where people had a real conversation with each other. We all know what is happening in each other lives by seeing our wonderful stories on Snapchat, but do we really know beyond that? The other side? Sitting with a group of your closest friends and still fiddling with your phone doesn’t even make you wonder about how much you...


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We are living in a smart world where people feel more naked without their phone than they do with any of their clothes. This short poem tells about how a person struggles to live without a mobile phone. Empty hands were stared by my eyes Couldn’t get what was missing in my life. Struggling I thought to wake from my bed. But a vibrating sensation was buzzing in my head. Somehow I decide to have to walk on the street There I found people having a problem just like me....

Your rights in the digital age

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Are you between 12-18 years old? If so, we invite you to join us in an exciting new initiative! A global action research project interested in children and young people’s views on their rights in the digital age! The internet is just over 25 years old, and so is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our world has changed a lot since then. How do you use technology? Has technology impacted on your rights? This is what RErights.org wants to find out! T...

Internet Safety : An African Child's Perspective

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Growing up there never really was any big fuss over technology and innovation. I used a computer to play pinball and minesweeper. On rare days where our stone age type computer had internet I would use it to Google dolls and pictures of the Eiffel Tower. It never really had any great impact on my upbringing. Yes, it excited me but I was not aware of it to a point where I would sacrifice playing house with my friends for sitting in front of the computer. Things have changed...

I Hope This Will Make You Look Away From Your Screen

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“The one thing that’s changed everything” That is Apple’s motto on their commercials for the recent release of the iPhone 6S. When you first hear this, it sounds preposterous, but think about it for a second. Mentally revisit the 20th century; how different was life then? Because of the smartphone, the difference in our first-world society is astounding. Taking banal concepts such as communication, reading, listening to music, playing games, keeping track of everyday...

Cyberbullying: In The Depth Of The Virtual World.

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Sharing your ideas and thoughts with people from around the globe is one of the main purposes of social media. These virtual tools of communication have changed the course of history many times during the last few years. I, for instance, was able to communicate with many people from around the world. I have also had the privilege of making new friends with different people from different backgrounds. Through social media, I’ve been able to share my dreams with others who believe...

The Future Leaders emerge Strong and Powerful.

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The youth have the power to immerse themselves in the ongoing events in the world. They are enthusiastic and vigilant. For the past few years, there was a dramatic change in youth voices, especially in Asia. Along with quick ability to grasp technological knowledge, the young voices bring out issues in the society while cynically looking down upon most of those incidents which reflect faults of authorities. This beginning of a new era where the youth has mastered a skill to look at...

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am an exchange student from the United States currently studying in Bilbao, Spain. I am taking a class called Global Communications in the Age of Social Media. My final assignment is to build a research project about how young people use social media and the traditional media as well as how free they feel to speak in a specific in a specific area of the world. I would like to ask a few questions about living in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea...

Get inspired by these youth innovators from Sierra Leone & Kosovo

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On the 9th and 10th of November, UNICEF together with the Government of Finland hosted a really awesome summit all about innovation for children and young people. During the summit, I was lucky to attend a session where a group of young innovators told us about their projects. So I asked them to share some of their thoughts with us on what inspires them and why innovation is important. From Sierra Leone, meet Jasonta (18), Oswald (24) and Vandy (20)…and from Kosovo, Diona (18...

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