Who we are

Voices of Youth Connect promotes cross-cultural interactions between adolescents from different countries, helping them learn to work together, develop their communication and computer skills, define and articulate their positions on global advocacy issues, and become engaged global citizens. Voices of Youth Connect aims to provide youth who are excluded from the global debate with the skills and access to knowledge, methods and tools they need to realize their rights and make an impact on their communities.

Where we are

Voices of Youth Connect currently works with schools and community centres in remote rural settings as well as low-income urban areas in different countries in Africa – Liberia (in-school project focusing on the theme of peace-building), Madagascar (environmental conservation project), South Africa (radio project) and Zambia (in-school project focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention and life skills). New countries from around the world join the project every year.

What we do

Voices of Youth Connect seeks to help young people develop into active global citizens equipped to communicate and collaborate effectively to make a positive difference in their communities. The Voices of Youth Connect project is designed as follows:

  • Structured learning: Following a specific set of project-based activities, participants explore a variety of themes.
  • Multimedia production: Participants create multimedia products to address specific problems.
  • Online sessions: Participants share their work with the global community on the Voices of Youth Connect online platform, allowing their peers in other locations to view and comment, adding their own perspectives on the issue addressed.
  • Community outreach: Once youth participants have made a global impact with their media products, they are encouraged to reach out to their respective communities and organize activities to raise awareness on a specific issue.