Get involved

If you would like to get involved and positively impact your local and global communities, you will find a set of activities available on Voices of Youth Connect.

  1. Join the monthly global debate. Voice your opinion and vote for your favorite contribution. You have exactly one month to respond once the question is posted, so check out the countdown!

    Educators, encourage your students to participate in the online debate. Click here for detailed guidelines on how to organize a classroom debate.

    Please keep in mind that there are specific rules and guidelines to follow:
    • Be relevant in your argumentation.
    • Do research and post only well-founded arguments.
    • Do not use profanity.
    • Do not use words or expressions that could be hurtful to others.
    • Do not plagiarize (make sure to cite your sources).
  2. Check out multimedia pieces created by youth from the Voices of Youth Connect schools and youth centres network. They would love to get your feedback on their work, so don’t forget to leave them a comment. Be mindful that young people from different parts of the world are making huge efforts to create these pieces, so please keep encouraging them with your comments!
  3. Get more knowledgeable on how to positively impact your community. You will find tools and resources that will guide you in taking action. New tools and resources will be added to this page, so remember to check back with us regularly.
  4. Get started and download the Detailed Guide to Action!

Educators, there are tools and resources there for you, too!