Let there be ICTs for all

Posted July 12, 2014 no picture RachealNakamba_EduConnect_Zambia

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What impact do social networking sites like Facebook have on our lives? Some might say there are more advantages compared to disadvantages. However, as it changes our lives, it is more social and personal and does not add much impact on our development. Instead we should focus on platforms like Voices of Youth and Connect where real issues are discussed that affect each and every individual. Solutions can be arrived at and young people get to experience the real issues in the w...

Why are girls doing bad in science and mathematics?

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Girls and young women today are pretty familiar with computers and the Internet, and it may seem like they don't need encouragement anymore. But, to keep girls interested in science and mathematics, as well as believing they have something to contribute to areas like technology, hardware and software development, scientific research, and many other areas of technology, is still an important task. So I'm updating the site as much as possible right now. It will still seem a bit behind the times in...

Why We Should Practice Safe Sex

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The coming of technology has seen both good and bad vice in our societies. Youth are enganging in sexual activities without considering the implications. Those who are still in school and have failed to keep their sexual desires in perspective have ways of practicing safe sex. The best option is to use condoms. Safe sex reduces unplanned pregnancies and reduces infections such as HIV and AIDS which would ruin one's life. THE BEST PRACTICE IS ABSTINENCE.

Re-entry Policy is Under Review in Zambia

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As an educator I have observed both advantages and disadvantages of the re-entry policy. However, there are more disadvantages than advantages. Well, the main advantage is the girl child getting back to class. Their performance will be affected, and the main disadvantage is that she may become pregnant at a very tender age followed by complications during delivery. Unfortunately she may even be infected with HIV & AIDS.........….. Whats the way to move forward for our chi...

Girl Child

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COULD THIS BE TRUE...!! Too much emphasis on the Girl Child makes her more vulnerable to danger.

Root Of Delinquency in Public Schools

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Are teachers responsible for pupils delinquency in public schools (government schools)?

Why should we suffer?

Posted July 7, 2014 no picture Elijah_Youth_Zambia

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My names are Elijah Lufunda from Zambia.It is very touching to find a school boy/girl walking in the streets while wearing a school uniform & when you ask them why they are not in school they answer you like "I have been chased out of school because I have not paid school fees". Now the question is why would some one chase a boy/girl out of school because of school fees as if he/she (boy/girl) pays for himself/herself? Would you do that to your son or your daughter?

Ignoring the environment is burning our own future!

Posted July 5, 2014 no picture Masauso_Connect_Zambia

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About 10 years ago, I remember myself in a classroom full of small boys and girls. I vividly remember my environmental science teacher, a Mrs. Mutale, she always teased us to plant trees as small as ourselves. So that when the trees grow big like her, they are used to make all the small things that were in our classroom, starting from the small desks that we sat on, the small chalk board in front of us, the small books and pencils, including our small uniforms that we wore. Without even botherin...

PMNCH Partners' Forum Youth Zone, Welcome Address & Press Conference

Posted June 30, 2014 no picture Children's Radio Foundation

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"If you like something there is a seed and there are no seeds without fruit. So if you like something, investigate it and let it grow" - Zizipho Ndevu (CRF youth journalist) sharing her thoughts from this morning's sessions. This morning we've had the opportunity to engage with some of the key forum speakers and sit in the presence of Graca Machel (PMNCH Chair), Cyril Ramaphosa (SA Deputy President), Margret Chan (Director- General WHO) and Amina Mohammed (UN Special Advisor on...

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