Have People Forgotten Their Civiv Sense?

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Harshith Belagur
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Drops of water make an ocean and that's what drove us to the launch of our campaign, 'Clean Up Sharjah Campaign'. The campaign started last year and saw about 400 people participate. The campaign's aim is to encourage our fellow beings not to litter in their surroundings not only due to ecological reasons but also reasons like beautifying our neighborhood. Last year the 500 students cleaned up about 4 neighborhoods in Sharjah spread across a month. This year we are having our campa...

Education is a key to the world

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Education empowers a person to become a leader. Great opportunities are presented to professionals. The future of a Person can be fickle if she lacks education; an uneducated person does not have the knowledge of what the future has to offer for me. Education is a needed tool to make a pleasant and stable living out of a simple life. High Education contributes to the increase of the graduate in me social economic level. Education is the main key for one to become wealthy, E...

Take action for your environment!

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We're looking for mappers to bring youth voices around environmental issues to the COP 21 in Paris. To apply submit this form by Monday, June 15th 2015. Last September 2014 and March 2015 some of you helped us create a digital map showing the challenges and the positive actions taken around the world to address environmental issues and the impact of disasters on our communities. Have you ever sat in a classroom so hot that you couldn’t focus? Did you get irritated latel...

Welcome back from Sendai...virtually!

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After one month of intense mapping by more than 100 young people from all over the world around the issue of disaster risk reduction, I am excited to see how amazing the Voices of Youth climate digital map is today. Once the mapping process was done, we made it our main mission to bring the voices of the youth mappers to the youth forum held in parallel to the world conference on disaster risk reduction in Sendai, Japan. Considering that none of us was able to attend physically, I...

Climate Mappers Needed!

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Avatar ZaynVOY
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We're looking for more mappers to bring child & youth voices to the Sendai Conference. To apply submit this form by Friday, February 20th, 2015. Last September some of you helped us create a digital map showing the challenges and the positive actions taken around the world to address environmental issues. This year we would like to expand this map and tackle the impact of disasters on our communities. Has your neighborhood ever been flooded by heavy rain? Do you s...


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SO THERE’S CLIMATE CHANGE, WHAT NEXT? When I ask people questions regarding climate change I receive many answers; but most of them go along these lines: "it is God who made the Earth he obviously has a plan," or "the earth is probably just changing to prepare us for evolution". Whatever the case Earth is our home and it is our responsibility to maintain it. When dealing with a problem we often need to first identify the problem; in this case the problem is climate change. Climate...

Digital Climate Mapping: My story.

Published no picture Selinah-VOY-Kenya

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Participating in the Climate Mapping Exercise was both an amazing and educative experience for me. Taking a walk within the community to capture stories and reports for the digital map made me notice many environmental issues that I had not paid attention to previously. Before receiving the participation confirmation email I imagined that I would work together with other selected participants (as a team). Little did I know that the exercise would take me to a path that I had to...

What do you(th) think about climate change?

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Source: http://unicefconnect.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/c...

Tomorrow, an important event is taking place in New York City – one with repercussions far beyond the tiny island of Manhattan. Tomorrow, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will host the 2014 Climate Summit, with an important goal – to get everyone behind the plan to address climate change and the effects it will have on us all. But these effects are likely to impact some groups of people more than others – and children and young people are key among them. Not...

Speak out, our Voices Count! My Digital Mapping Experience

Published no picture Maimuna Yusuf Ahmad

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All these past days of September have been fun for me! Why? Because I have been choosen as a youth mapper! I thought that all I had to do was take pictures and post them online, but no, it's more than that. Because I am not only mapping but I am also enlightening people. Poor refuse disposal. This is the major challenge in my country and in my mapping area (Kano, Nigeria), people tend to dispose refuse in any available space they see due to lack of recycling companies....

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