Let's Talk about "Post-Racial" America

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Noor Samee
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Back in the 1960s, my grandfather lived as an Asian American in the midst of a black and white world. He lived two blocks from the White House, and could watch the March on Washington from his balcony window. In his time living in segregated America, my grandfather’s racial identity was challenged all the time. Each time he went on a bus, out to dinner, or even to the bathroom, he faced a dilemma. There was one side for “Whites”, and another for “Colored”. The signs cause...

The Strike

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Ala Oueslati
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“We will go on strike” said a young Tunisian man who has been working in the public sector for the same salary over the last 2 years. Most people in Tunisia agree on the fact that the revolution of 2011, also referred to as the “Jasmine Revolution” or the “Revolution of Dignity”, was an uprising of consciousness and awareness that followed the void of the Ben Ali regime, which marginalized youth and expelled them from social and political life. However, Tunisian you...

Just Because of You

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Have you ever thought about giving up on life? Why did you not give up? Who did you think about that made you change your mind? If not everyone, many of us have thought about giving up on life for not having a reason to live. The pain that poverty comes with. The fear of rejection. The loss of loved ones. The thought of failures. These bring us to the point of giving up on life. Just yesterday I thought of giving up, but I thought about you reading my message. I imagined you crying and beatin...

Interview: Axelle Bodwell - Age Is Just a Number

Published no picture Angélique Pouponneau

no picture Angélique Pouponneau
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Name: Axelle Bodwell Age: 17 You’ve told us you are a member of a number of youth organizations tell us about those? I was a member of the English River secondary school’s peer education club but as I was soon in S5 and leaving school. I decided to join the Youth Action Movement (YAM) of Seychelles because I wanted to keep helping fellow youth make right choices. I was elected the Chairperson of a sub-committee in YAM called Spirituality. Our members were a diverse group of young people so t...

Volunteering with International Citizen Service (ICS)

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Volunteering is one of the best experiences to feel. We get to learn many things and teach many things together. Luckily, I also got the chance to volunteer with VSO Nepal under International Citizen Service (ICS) program in Baglung district of Nepal. VSO ICS is a part of ICS funded by UK Department of International Development (DFID). This is a cross cultural youth volunteering Program which gives UK and Nepali youth aged between 18-25 years an unique opportunity to work as action...

Two Sides of a Coin

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Itumeleng Mphure
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Migration is as old as mankind. Man would move from one place to another for various reasons, which include and are not limited to tribal wars and exhaustion of resources in the occupied land. Migration is therefore not a new phenomenon but is necessary for the conservation of a race, tribe, clan, traditions and identity. With the rise of tyranny, war and economic depression in Africa, many Africans flee the political and economic persecutions of their homelands and settle in a pol...

Living through the earthquake in Nepal

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The 25th April 2015 became a black day in the Nepalese history when a disaster struck the country at 11:56 pm (NST). A disaster which we Nepalese people had not been expecting, but who can go against the nature? It came 80 years after a similarly huge disaster – a cruel earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 which hit the different territories of Nepal for about 2 minutes. And it was not the end, many aftershocks hit Nepal with the largest measuring 6.9. Not only on the 25th of Apr...

My Best Bud: The Environment

Published Avatar Rodrigo Bustamante

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I was born on June 1, 1998, to a family that almost praised the earth. My earliest memories are of me out on the boat with the wind pushing back my hair and the water splashing on my face. The earth for me has not been an inanimate object but rather a living being, almost human like. When I was very young I'd always seemingly inhale my food, run around the house picking up my clothes and toys, brush my teeth, and then jump into bed; I was anxiously awaiting the stories my fathe...

The Price of Gender Discrimination

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Derwayne Wills
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Who would've thought that Grey’s Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes would ‘write-off’ (poetic mumbo-jumbo that means ‘kill’) one part of the infamous “MerDer” team, that is Doctors Derek and Meredith Shepherd? Get it together, TV-Land. That ship has sailed and while most Grey fans still catch their breaths just to lose it again when the two hour special episode on the funeral airs next week, let’s take a moment to ask: What killed Dr. Derek ‘McDreamy’ Shepherd?...

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