How time flies

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It’s been almost one month since I published my last post. The last post of my internship. And how my life has changed since then! The day before my post went online, I left home for college. Okay, that may be a bit exaggerated. I did not really leave home. I can go back every weekend. But I did start a new chapter in my life. I told you in my last post that I had to turn the page and I did. One month ago, I never could have imagined this chapter would be like this. I feel li...

October 1, 2016 A Person Accused Of A Crime Should Be Able To Go To trial Without Undue Delay By Renee Morgan Justice delayed is justice denied. We’ve all heard it, but how is this precept demonstrated within our political and civil justice systems? The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) indicates that anyone who is arrested and charged with a criminal act has the right to a speedy trial. Can people accused of a crime really expect due proce...

Is Property a Human Right?

Posted no picture Lindsey Cummins , Student

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Lindsey Cummins
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We as humans have many rights. These rights sometimes come with issues. The right I am going to be discussing is the right to own property and decide what happens to it when you die. Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights discusses this right and clearly states that “Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property (1).” This means that as humans, it is our right to own prop...

The Investigatory Powers Bill, publicly rebranded as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’, was first introduced by Theresa May as Home Secretary and comfortably passed votes for its final reading in the House of Commons this year by 444 votes to 69. The Bill will allow certain UK public authorities access to request communications data for a permitted purpose, including retaining personal internet data for 12 months and allowing mobile phones to be bugged. The purpose behind the Bill was...

Black Days

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Wisam El
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Like any human being on the earth we wished that summer would be better than the previous one. We wanted to have fun. But sadly, whenever the candle glows stronger it will melt more quickly. All our plans became a mirage. The darkest days have come. Panic and noise were here and there. All became as if they were looking to their destiny with own eyes. Radio became the most spread sound everywhere instead of birds' songs as it used to be. Ravens were annoying in the sky, wakin...

The Challenge for Our Generation

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She had a beautiful kitchen. I had never visited her home. I did not even know the woman, yet I knew that she had a beautiful kitchen. “I like to bake, you see,” she explained to the teller at the counter. “I have a big beautiful kitchen, and they are trying to take it away from me. I rented out the basement to try to save some money, but I am still going to have to leave,” she continued. From an outsider’s perspective, it was a very sad exchange. To me, it appeared a...

The Idea of India

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India has been independent for sixty-eight years but is a nation in the making. India might seem like a concept that is on a permanent test run. Like every other concept, it undergoes trials and tribulations. Arguments, critique, and evaluations are raised to question the existing order, and to envision a bright future. The idea of India is idiosyncratic. Whatsoever crops up in one’s head when they hear the word India, can reveal a lot about the person’s idea of India; as sim...

This Land is Our Land

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In our world today, we have what are known as “human rights.” Supposedly, every human on this planet has the resources they need to fulfill these human rights, but is this actually the case? Did you even know there was such thing as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? If you had asked me that question two months ago I would have said no. I probably could have told you some basic rights that I just assumed were available to everyone but I had no idea that there was an ent...

Flint Water Crisis: a Human Rights Issue?

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The Detroit water crisis was an epidemic that I believe shocked and scared the rest of the country. If you didn’t watch the news or know what it was, then you’ve done a great job of avoiding media. The Detroit water crisis, actually affected and took place in Flint, Michigan, a town approximately 70 miles north of Detroit and home of General Motors, University of Michigan- Flint, and my family. This was a crime on a big scale from state workers and government officials on the p...

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