The Pearl of the Orient Seas Meets the Green City in the Sun

Posted Avatar Juana S. , Writer, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern, Climate Advocate

Avatar Writer, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern, Climate Advocate
Juana S.
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UNICEF recently gave a group of young people from different parts of the world an opportunity to intern for 3 months on their Voices of Youth website which offers “inspiring, original insight and opinion from across the globe – from young people, for young people”. The Voices of Youth Blogging Internship has been the perfect platform for us to learn more about several different issues regarding the climate and the environment from all corners of the world! We have created connections as we unle...

Satellite Doomsday

Posted no picture Kelepi Baba

no picture Kelepi Baba
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An endless void. A soundless expanse. Endless in nature; indifferent in intent. Space.The dead satellite cube, having completed its purpose, flies throughthe vastness. No bigger than a toaster, uncaring for the damage it wouldinflict. The cold light of the sun bounces from its purposeless solar panels, glintingmenacingly as it spins through the air. It predatorily stalks an innocent,unknowing Foxtel satellite. Approaching from behind at a terrifying speed.The collision, like everything in the un...

Love story

Posted no picture jobenkema , student

no picture student
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The story of how she fell in love with herself.It's not very romantic; there are no poetic words, and definitely no love at first sight.She had just gotten out of a tough situation. She was alone, broken. She had no idea what love was. People had walked in and out of her life, she was in pain. Nobody knew, and even if they did no one cared enough. She had made wrong choices, wrong friends; the path she was going down seemed so attractive yesterday but today she came to a dead end. She felt cold...

Rape is never the victim's fault

Posted Avatar Shagun gupta

Avatar Shagun gupta
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Dear people, there are a lot of things that you just don't understand.If rape was about how revealing their clothes were, rape rates would quadruple during the summer, but they don’t.If rape was about how much sex someone had in the past then virgins wouldn't get raped, but they do.If rape was about how attractive a person was by conventional standards then only thin, white, able-bodied people would get raped. But they don’t.If rape was about how much they drank then sober people wouldn't get ra...

Who Defines Beauty?

Posted no picture 2001isha

no picture 2001isha
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European social norms have influenced what we perceive as beautiful because like everything else beauty standards are also Eurocentric-meaning they focus on European culture. The major reason this exists is because of the widespread colonialism by the Europeans during the 1800’s thrusting not only the standards of beauty but culture into different regions of the world.This is dangerous, not only because we have taken away the definition of beauty for these regions, but are also telling people, e...

Synergizing Towards Educating Africa

Posted Avatar Judith Obi , Founder, Africa Education Aid for Development Network

Avatar Founder, Africa Education Aid for Development Network
Judith Obi
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Growing up, my father would always say "consider yourself fortunate, a lot of kids your age or even older do not enjoy the privilege you do". He also said something very profound, “You don’t need to experience lack, disability, or loss to empathize or reach out to people who are in need, we share same humanity". Having witnessed the prevalence and rise in the number of displaced and out of school children in my community, country and the African continent, the vision for the AFRICA EDUCATION AID...

Food insecurity and poverty

Posted no picture Ogheneovo Ejeguo , Country Coordinator, Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network, Nigeria

no picture Country Coordinator, Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network, Nigeria
Ogheneovo Ejeguo
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For me, growing up in an urban community was not a bed of roses. It was not devoid of neighbors living in poverty, as well as my own family. On several occasions, my siblings (five in number) and I had to share a meal. We hardly could boast of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the dawn of the day and the setting of the sun, I could hear my mum nagging over money for food and other basic needs. My family was virtually living below two dollars ($2) per day. My life was a replica of the phrase ‘food...

Concordia Cobbers and The 2017 NAFSA Advocacy Day

Posted Avatar Utsah , student

Avatar student
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In the morning as we waited in Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office with the files of the different issues to urge the member of the congress, Minnesota senators and representative to co-sponsor and hold a day of floor statements for Championing the Value of International Students and Scholars, Senator Paul Simon Study Abroad Program Act, and the Bridge Act, I tried to keep myself calm and focus on the briefings we had learnt from the previous day’s training with NAFSA. The 2017 NAFSA Advocacy Day was...

(You)th Can Save The Oceans

Posted no picture Karan Jerath , United Nations Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals

no picture United Nations Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals
Karan Jerath
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I had always been surrounded by the ocean because of my dad's career as a marine engineer. As a kid, I got to visit ships, ask questions, and learn more about environmental issues. This experience propelled my passion to protect the oceans. As a society, more than three billion people, or about 40 percent of the world’s population, rely on coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. This is a substantial number and shows just how reliant we are on this resource. From fishing towns in China to oi...

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