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Water is...

On World Water Water Day we celebrate clean water! No one can doubt the significance water has t...

Water is life

Posted no picture Darshatha Gamage

no picture Darshatha Gamage
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“Amma shall we go now?” the voice of her 12 year old son brought Kamalawathi back to the real world. She was gazing into what used to be the “Monerathenna” tank. Since her childhood, this small tank powered the lives of the people in her village. Sewanagala, a small town located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, is constantly known for its battles with water. Nevertheless, Monerathenna ensured that they had enough water for two seasons of paddy harvest and for the daily activit...

Surviving the Water

Posted Avatar Adaora Okoye , TUNZA Eco-generation Ambassador to Nigeria, VOY Intern

Avatar TUNZA Eco-generation Ambassador to Nigeria, VOY Intern
Adaora Okoye
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Flooding is one way through which Nigeria has felt the impacts of climate change. In September last year, there was another flood in Nigeria. This time, it happened in the capital of Anambra state in the eastern region. The flood seemed to have swallowed everything in its path and finally, spit out murky remnants. It destroyed the central market after five hours’ worth of thundering downpour leaving window-high wells of stinky water. Eventually, those who had escaped the mayhem...

Everybody Thirsts

Posted Avatar Leah Davidson , Blogging Intern

Avatar Blogging Intern
Leah Davidson
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“Leah, are you ready for your swimming lesson?” My mom’s voice reverberates through the house. I am three years old and water is my best friend on this hot summer afternoon. Each day, I am learning to trust it more – to let it support my weight as I float on the surface, catch me when I jump off the diving board, and push my body to the other side of the pool. Years later, travel takes me around the world – to water in its many different forms. First comes the flight...

Meet the Girl with Curly Hair: An Update and Revision

Posted no picture Noor Samee

no picture Noor Samee
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I was born with hair that twists and turns in a battle against gravity: hair that refuses to stay in place. As a kid, my hair and personality matched perfectly. I asked tangled up questions about dinosaurs and weather and the great American Revolution. I read novels that wound up into themselves with no concrete destination. I curled up like a roly poly and somersaulted into green sofas, then spun around so many times even the fancy chairs seemed to dance. But it didn’t las...

Just Another Day

Posted Avatar Monica Angulo , Student, VOY intern

Avatar Student, VOY intern
Monica Angulo
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Yesterday, I woke up from the sun rays entering through my window, just like I do every single day. Although my house is quite too small for my mother, my 4 brothers and I, we are all grateful to have a home. I especially like that cozy feeling I get when my mom is inside and making something to eat- even if I only eat a little since there’s not a lot of food. As always, I kissed my mom goodbye before walking out of the house, taking my white bucket with me. With my bare feet t...

Waterless Art

Posted no picture Yifei , Student, VOY intern

no picture Student, VOY intern
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Water can create. What happens when we don't have water? What other mediums can we explore? Gray chalk Eyes opened, oblong. “He” walked, wary. Birds choked, croaked. Cars smoked, smoke. Factories huffed, happy. “People” faceless, faded. Suspicion brewed, broke. No Water, well… “his hands” held gray pigment, that painted “his lungs”. It became glazed. Ignorance…… Brown acrylic Hands committed crime. T h e y touched tirelessly. G...

Evil Elsa and the Forgotten Gloves

Posted Avatar Khishigjargal Enkhbayar , UN Youth Advisory Panel in Mongolia

Avatar UN Youth Advisory Panel in Mongolia
Khishigjargal Enkhbayar
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I forgot my gloves again. It’s too late to go back home because the well is closing in a few minutes and I need to hurry. The weather report that my grandmother was watching before I left said that it was -28 degrees Celsius in Sharhad area of Ulaanbaatar, the place where I live. Even without the weather report I can tell that it’s close to -30 degrees from the way the wind slashes my face again and again. My throat aches from the cold and polluted air. I try to make smoke...

The Daily Pilgrimage

Posted Avatar Katie Baxter , Student and VOY Climate & Environment Blogging Intern

Avatar Student and VOY Climate & Environment Blogging Intern
Katie Baxter
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Every day, the journey seems longer and longer. Some days it seems I will never make it to the well. The ground has been scorched, like the earth was set on fire from above. The life has drained away. My whole body aches, the soles of my feet feel like they have been worn until there is nothing left. But I do this for my hayat. My saada. Every day, the water is less and less. I must stretch my body further down the well in order to reach relief....

Who am I?

Posted Avatar Monica Angulo , Student, VOY intern

Avatar Student, VOY intern
Monica Angulo
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Hello everyone! My name is Monica Victoria Angulo Hernandez, and I’m from Mexico. At this exact moment I’m 18 years, 2 months and 14 days old (no one is counting). I have always lived in Mexico, but by living near the border of the United States I’ve learned English as a second language since I was in kindergarten. Now I’m learning French and hopefully I will learn German or/and Italian in the future. Since I was little, I’ve had the opportunity to travel with my fami...

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