HIV Stigma in the Philippines

Posted no picture Nicko , Student

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus – HIV – is one of the deadliest viruses in the world. According to UNAIDS there were approximately 36.7 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2016. Of these, 2.1 million were children below the age of 15. An estimated 1.8 million individuals worldwide became newly infected with HIV in 2016 – about 5,000 new infections per day. In the Asia-Pacific Region, the Philippines has the fastest growing HIV epidemic. There are a lot of misconceptions abou...

Does Age Define Our Voices?

Posted no picture Ysabelle Broderson , Student, DeBakey High School for Health Professions

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Ysabelle Broderson
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Does your appearance define your intelligence?Does your naivety define your experiences?Does your youth define your voice? These are questions I constantly ask myself as I consider the permanent presence of a stereotypical distinction that hurts the young people of our world. Our age and overall minuscule amount of “real world” responsibilities affect how we are perceived by older generations. Even though it may be infrequent, our opinions are questioned by those who are deemed to be more knowl...

About being fair.

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We are all human and humans will always make mistakes. Even when you are in a very high position. Even when you are trusted to control something as huge as a country. You see, you'll never have the ability to never make a mistake. We all will never have the ability to never make a mistake.So now that you and I know the truth, don't you ever put yourself in that safe zone and pretend like you have no fault. Like you are free from any sin. It's unfair to act like that. You are betraying humanity...

What is my purpose in this world?

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What is my purpose in this world? To fit in or stand out? That's what I need to find out. What does society tell me? Does it really matter? That's what I'm worried about. People around me Are murmuring, whispering, Expecting something from me. Monsters in my head Over thinking, While I'm sleeping In my bed. Just yesterday Gazing at my image in the mirror I see my past, my dreams and aspirations And compare it with the Present me. Same face, Same smile, Same everything. Bu...

How can we address the problem of prejudice?

Posted Avatar Ivande Kingsley Sepase

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There is a saying, “you never get the same moment twice”. This statement puts into perspective how amazing the brain really is. On a daily, hourly or even minute’s basis, we are constantly faced with varying scenarios and situations; non being exactly the same as the other yet our brains seamlessly navigate the majority of these situations. This raises the questions; ‘How is this possible?’, ‘What is the mechanism behind this phenomenon?’ Behind all these is the concept of Schemas. Schemas are...

It's Time To Break The Somali Mental Health Stigma

Posted no picture Ilhan Adan , Writer

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Ilhan Adan
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Somalia is a nation with a rich history, a nation that births storytellers, writers, poets, and nomads; a country so beautiful it was once known as the "white pearl of the Indian Ocean." Like any other nation, we also have a history of war, pain, and trauma.For centuries, the Somali community has reduced the mental health crisis to be the "disease of the devil." Our trauma and pain started during the beginning of the civil war. One tremendous impact that the war had on people is that many Somali...

Football - a game of unity, not politics

Posted no picture Madina S. , Student

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Madina S.
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Let’s talk about football. This game is very simple at first glance. All you need is a ball. Football, or how it is known in the US, soccer, is very popular all over the world, regardless of nation, culture, race, gender and age. The World Cup – 2018 gathered millions of people in a competition, where countries were competing, not by showing off their military might or political influence, but by demonstrating professionalism and the preparedness of well-known athletes to the game. Football has...


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You see she's a woman her soul pours out in rivers her love tears through her stature she bleeds and brings forth life she speaks and her words are comfort she fights and screams You see she's a woman her children feed from her bosom and her heartbeat is the rhythm she gives the rhythm, life You see she's a woman she has a noose around her neck she speaks and its tightened she shouts and she's hanged her tears pour out and from her lips she says "I give you life, and mine you take "You see she'...

A letter to my younger intern self

Posted Avatar Hannah at The Intern 24/7 , Founder of The Intern 24/7

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Hannah at The Intern 24/7
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Dear Hannah,You ready? I don't think you are. At the moment you're 18 and thinking you're re-inventing the wheel by flash, thousands of other girls are also doing the same across the country. So buckle up and get ready to compete. Just kidding, it's not a competition, but you'll feel like it is at times. Get ready to walk into rooms filled with celebrities, reality TV stars you can't stand, some of your heroes and some people who are so high on their own supply it'll make you qu...

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