The world of nature

Posted no picture Mahnoor._Zaidi , Student Of Grade 9

no picture Student Of Grade 9
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If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere!Nature never stops to amaze us.It's the best companion that never leaves us.A walk in nature is seeing thousands of miracles and having a peace of mind. Sometimes being alone in nature is better than surrounded by too many people.Look deep in nature and you will find yourself.Indeed the wonders of nature are endless.

Filthy Clean

Posted no picture joey , CCHS

no picture CCHS
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Dumping waste in our environment is an issue that is often neglected. It seems like large parts of our population lack the integrity and respect that it takes to keep our Earth from being contaminated.In America alone, we produce hundreds of millions of tons of waste and non-recycled matter. This creates hazardous areas and processes in order to get rid of the waste. Many products that get thrown away or not recycled, aren’t always broken and can be reused. In fact, the amount of re-useable item...

Spectacle of education

Posted no picture Tinashe Mugore

no picture Tinashe Mugore
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They say children are the leaders of tomorrow, but how can we lead tomorrow if we have a narrow vision today?Education is the key. Education can metaphorically be described as spectacles.Spectacle's which enable us to see what the future needs. Without these spectacles of education we shall carry on leading the world into an endless cycle of poverty, war, crime, genocide, gender inequality, child marriages, corruption, deprivation of human rights and dictatorship.Education is the gateway to the...

Hole In Me

Posted no picture Molly L

no picture Molly L
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Clawing to free myself,Gasping for air, panic,Silently screaming,The silence hits like a slap in the face, Listen, careful now,Do you hear it?That painful, aching shimmer of sound,Burning a hole through me,Releasing a flood of thoughts,Scrambling to collect myself,Picking up pieces, shattered, Reviewing the losses, addict,Reality hits.Stop, be still now,Do you feel it?That empty, pulling feeling of uncertainty,Ripping right through my sanity,Lock it up again. And again. And again…

Africa, how free are we?

Posted no picture Paul_Chibamba

no picture Paul_Chibamba
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Our forefathers were kicking and wailing as they were taken into slavery unwilling. Today, the young people of this continent are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean sea, to Europe, because many of them are running away from the circumstances happening in our continent.Therefore, a question which pops up; as a continent, how free are we today? We are a continent where poverty, poor leadership, unemployment, resource abuse, corruption, nepotism, diseases, DEBT among other things are of...

Life on Land

Posted no picture Molly Neinas Gabe Paulin , Life on Land

no picture Life on Land
Molly Neinas Gabe Paulin
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The idea of thinking globally and acting locally is easier said than done. This is what we discovered pretty quickly when we decided to plant trees to restore the local barren land that was a result a large wildfire in 2013. When we spoke to our local school supporter about out idea, it was challenging to explain how our initiative was going to help our community. Despite this, we researched native tree specimens and discovered that the pinon pine was the best type for the land. We planted the...

Religion and peace

Posted no picture Isurangi Pathirana

no picture Isurangi Pathirana
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I believe religion can be the path for healing.Religion talks to our mind not to our hands.Religion never teaches us to fight, it teaches us how to live with peace.If we can respect every religion in the world we can practice tolerance, kindness and friendship with others.

Unicef Youth Festival 2018

Posted Avatar VanessaVu

Avatar VanessaVu
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From 8.6-10.6.2018 180 dedicated young people from Germany attended the UNICEF Youth Festival in Nürnberg.On the first day of the festival all the participants arrived at the Youth Hostel in Nürnberg. When we got there we received a bag, folder, name tag, water bottle and ribbon. We put on our UNICEF t-shirts and went to a meeting place where we got to meet many people from different places around the country. Afterwards we went with our assigned groups and our a designated supporter to the open...

From the beginning of mankind we have lived in societies, communities, tribes and families. I believe it is not only the preference or spontaneous order, but also a need of human race to survive, see the past and plan a better future and use the resources of this planet in a way which can improve our surroundings and environments. So to me it is societies that are sustainable, not an individual. An individual can never fight alone with natural disasters, diseases, inequalities or climate chang...

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