What Makes An Activist? Dedicated to Jo Cox

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What do Martin Luther King Jr, Nazimuddin Samad, Jo Cox all have in common? Two things - They were activists that fought for human rights in many different ways and they were all assassinated for it. Each week at least two people are being killed for taking a stand against some form of social injustice. Some are shot by police during protests, others gunned down by hired assassins. As governments go in search of new ways to exploit their citizens, increasingly people are paying...

#NoWomanEver : The issue of street harassment

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I'm sure that you must know what I'm talking about. Created by a 37-year-old woman named CJ, the hashtag #NoWomanEver shines a much-needed spotlight on the harassment women face on a daily basis. No woman ever enjoys being harassed — and the hashtag is highlighting that with some sarcasm and humor. "I started the hashtag out of sheer frustration," she told Paper Magazine. "There was a conversation on my timeline about street harassment early Saturday morning, and a lot of the m...

Building Peace in Our Hearts and Minds

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In the newly formed tarpaulin encampments in the Nepali hill districts North of Kathmandu, which has been most affected by the recurring earthquakes this year as well as the previous year, it’s not just the fear of aftershocks that keep people up at night, as there is talk of loose soil. People rendered homeless by the earthquakes are waiting for the monsoon to pass so that they can begin the arduous process of rebuilding. Any rebuilt buildings, no matter how strong, will still b...

“When I go back, I will do so many things to support my country”

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My name is Vuni, I am 20 years old and I live in a refugee settlement in northern Uganda. Fleeing war in search of peace and security Children and young people like me live in refugee settlements in Uganda because our country, South Sudan, has been disturbed by war. I am from Nimule, in the south of the country, which I left on 14 August, 2015. My Mother and I decided to flee when the fighting broke. My father died years before. Mum asked me to take her away. She wanted us to...

Inner Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder?

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For the past few years, the term “inner beauty is the most important aspect of a human being” has been so commonly used, almost to the point that it has become a paltry platitude. But have we ever stopped to truly think about what this “aphorism” actually means? It’s probably a safe assumption to make when I say that the world has come to a unanimous decision that physical and outer beauty should be disregarded (even though, to be brutally honest, it still is much fixated...


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Sonder (n). The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own I am a perfectionist and high school student. Naturally, my mind is constantly cluttered with thoughts, worries and concerns—half of which seem trivial by the very next week. But by then, a new wave of stresses and contemplations would have arisen, distracting me from the world that encircles me. Distracting me from my surroundings, leading me into a tunnel which blocks out...


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Just a sky, Yet it holds, Our light, Even in the darkest, Of times. Just a light, Yet without it, All ships of life, Would have sunk. Just a sea, Yet on it, Sails, All of our territories. Just a land, Yet when we destroy it, We cannot survive without it, Underneath our feet. Just greenery, Yet in barren lands, We can’t feel the same joy. Just Nature, Yet it’s true, That without it...

Modesty and Invisibility

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Why do they say it is a good thing to be modest? Why would they tell me I am good to not boast of my achievement like others? Why should they encourage me not to brag then award credit to the braggers? How does the world work? Talk too much about yourself, you’re obnoxious. Talk too little, you’re dismissable. They built into you this mechanism to not boast, not compete, not clamour for greatness. What does that instinct do for you? Jack sh*t. All it does is bre...

Waste is micro-managed in Turkey

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Waste management is all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes amongst other things, collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring and regulation. The difference between waste management and recycling is simple: while recycling pertains to reusable materials, waste management concerns the collection and management of trash. Recycling Benefits for Turkey The biggest ad...

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