Published no picture Prince Adeyemi Ridwan , Urban and Regional Planning student, federal university of technology, akure. Nigeria.

no picture Urban and Regional Planning student, federal university of technology, akure. Nigeria.
Prince Adeyemi Ridwan
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This poem is based on a Yoruba ( An ethnic group from South-western part of Nigeria )culture still widely practiced. The Abobaku is a chief elected from a particular family to live a similar life to the king but must die when the king died. A recent hilarious incident staged when an Abobaku in one of the historical birth place of the Yoruba's took up the gauntlet against destiny when the news broke to him that the King has gone to meet his ancestors. Here we go... ABOBAKU: THE...

Have we already fogetten?

Published no picture Olivia

no picture Olivia
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It's the 2nd of October and already social media has gotten dull. I think a majority has forgotten about the refugee crisis. Or is it no longer a priority? What about the global goals? Oh I remember the hype a few days before #UNGA; the streets of Snapchat , twitter, Facebook , tumblr and the rest were buzzing. What ever happened? Was it just for a moment? This just goes to say that we need effective campaigning to get these goals moving. I believe each and everyone has to be i...

Every Day is Teachers Day

Published Avatar Unitika Schlawenger , Making a Change.

Avatar Making a Change.
Unitika Schlawenger
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A teacher Has every feature To be respected. Working hard Without regard Of being tired. How then can all the teachers Over the world not be admired? Teaching us, Not only what is in the books, But about everything else, In life hooks. Another parent, Another inspiration, A teacher. To all the teachers in the world, Every day is yours.

See You Later

Published Avatar Noor Samee

Avatar Noor Samee
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The first time I heard about Voices of Youth was on March 14 of this year. My mother and I have a habit of scrolling through UN websites, looking for opportunities to participate in their various causes. It lifts our spirits to see all the humanitarian efforts and changes they create in our world. While I was inside our local Food Lion picking up the basic milk, eggs, and sugar cookies, my mom stumbled upon a list of UN affiliated internships. She knew most of them would be aimed t...

Syrian Revolution: From Pre-civil war to Post-Assad

Published Avatar ZeynebChughtai , Student

Avatar Student
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Syria is an overpopulated country with a population of nearly 24 million. Before history was written, Syria has fought with Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Mongols, Turks, British, French, etc. Syria was the center of the Muslim Empire in the 7th and 8th centuries A.D. during the Umayyad Calipate. In 1958 one powerful force, the army leadership, threw the country into the arms of one leader they trusted and admired, President of Egypt, Gamal Abdal Naseer. Syrians thought that Egypt co...

The Ghaf- Evergreen tree of the deserts of Abu Dhabi

Published no picture Nasrin Sakkir , Student

no picture Student
Nasrin Sakkir
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Ghaf trees (Prosopis cineraria) of UAE are considered as the National tree of UAE. In Abu Dhabi they are seen in the north eastern part of the Emirate. They are the largest trees in the sand sheets and dunes which depend on ground water for its survival. They have striated trunk, bipinnate leaves and have small thorns at the younger stage. The flowers are yellow and fruit is a pod which encloses several seeds. The ghaf trees are a part of tradition and culture of UAE. The leave...

Refugees' Fight for Quality Education

Published no picture Miranda Wolford , Student Ambassador

no picture Student Ambassador
Miranda Wolford
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“Do not forget us,” the principal and students of the junior college pleaded to our group of international volunteers. Situated on the Thai-Burma border, the junior college at the Mae Ra Moe Luang refugee camp serves to provide a quality education to children who have come from all over Southeast Asia to escape hardship and conflict. With special permission, my peers and I were able to live among the resident students at the refugee camp in order to promote cultural interac...

We The People Poem

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

no picture CLU Student
Gigi Manukyan
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Martin Luther King once said, “Darkness does NOT drive out darkness; only light can.” Then why do we choose to hide behind the shields of a bullet? That hate does Not drive out hate; only love can. Yet we spit on those who are different. Why do we only seek change in times of destruction? We pray for peace, but advocate war. We ask for justice, but live unjustly. We beg for forgiveness, but never forgive. We pity ourselves and turmoil in self-destruction, ye...

Child Abuse: Dark Reality

Published no picture Hassan Chattha

no picture Hassan Chattha
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“God weeps” at the sexual abuse of children said the pope Francis on the last day of his visit to US. His remarks can be seen as a ray of light on not so openly discussed topic either because of the stigma attached to it or probably our lacking to understand it. His remarks come at a point when world leaders are attending UN general meeting in New York. But have they like pope understand the devastating nature of this social ailment or are they too making a better world for the...

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