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Avatar Dlovan M Abdullah
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I was on my way back from a phone company since I have lost my Sim card and I hoped, I could get it back. The temperature was extremely hot, about 46 Celsius degrees. I was starving and the only thing I was thinking of were the homeless, unemployed people and how they could manage to survive this weather.I decided to reach a restaurant as soon as possible. Looking around for a place, I saw KFC on the way so I went through the drive thru. I got a family meal and on the way, I was searching for pe...

Hush Money and Child Abuse

Posted no picture Zoha Malik Sher , Student of International Relations

no picture Student of International Relations
Zoha Malik Sher
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The terrified face, shattered clothes, hair unevenly shaved unfolded a story of violence, of a blossoming flower that had the capability to conquer all her dreams. She was born in a poor family, that had to build their home after every monsoon rain, a family that was thankful even after getting food once in a day, a home that knew nothing of the world’s glamour and whose only struggle was to keep themselves alive. She was only five when her parents got her ready for a job, and her timid tiny sho...

Withered Eyes

Posted no picture AhmedRidaYumn

no picture AhmedRidaYumn
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She flutters her wingsIn a melodious voice, she sings‘I’m the highest bird in the skyClimbing the ladder, reaching the high’She was the weaver of white wiresA dreamer of her desiresBut everything was engulfed, enraged in firesWill now, the dreamer clips her wingsOr buries her strong willMy mind says, the roar is still unheardNobody pays heed to this mindThe rain of success will fall on herBy making her not wither awayHeights, now, she will conquerAnd giving the fragranceGiving, the pleasant petr...

Are We Really?

Posted no picture Neel , Youth Freedom Association

no picture Youth Freedom Association
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Home of the braveLand of the freeBut when you think about itAre we really?Or are we just cowardsWho stand behind prideWe never come togetherAlways one of two sidesLike a mirrorWe reflect one another’s personalityAnd when someone else is slightly differentWe resort to brutalityIf I’m gayThen I’m mentalI speak a wierd language?I’m OrientalIf I’m a thugThen I’m blackIf I’m IndianThen I hackIf I’m Latin AmericanI sell drugs, sí?But heritage is specialIt’s a part of you and meWe blame each other for...

The long journey

Posted no picture Virginia Barchiesi , Student and UNICEF volunteer

no picture Student and UNICEF volunteer
Virginia Barchiesi
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Let's stop, pause, and think of the people whose lives have to become a long journey throughout unknown lands, political events, and deaths.People peacefully armed with resilience, hope, and some goods, witnessing their past lives: pictures of their sons taking their first steps, or daughters on the day of their marriage; a Nazir Kabbani poetry book; an old CD with the songs of Fayruz; a bunch of old blankets; and maybe some dollars to buy food any other day during the march.In this humanity too...


Posted no picture Khushi , student

no picture student
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She walks, shy and quietly Alert and aware on the lonely road With panic in her heart And a calm face She slowly starts increasing her pace. They follow.And she knows it A group of wild beasts With knifes that reek of hungry pleasure Grown up learning That a girl alone at night Is nothing but An open treasure Reach out Pull whatever you want Tear her open bit by bit She will let you Because this is her fault.They will blame her for wearing A skirt that's short For partying at night "A decent gir...

Education for sustainable development

Posted no picture marwaazelmat , ESD leader

no picture ESD leader
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I was delighted to be selected among 42 leaders coming from 17 different Arab countries to attend the UNESCO ESD flagship training programme organised by UNESCO and the UNESCO Office in Beirut, in partnership with the organisation of sustainable development known as ODDD.This training aims to empower active leaders in sustainable development in their communities, and to inspire and mobilize others to take action towards building more sustainable, just and resilient societies. We actively partici...

Youth vs. Age

Posted Avatar Unitika Schlawenger , International Youth Representative

Avatar International Youth Representative
Unitika Schlawenger
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Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art. (Stanislaw Jerzy)During life’s paths we often face some mind games entitled Youth vs. Age – am I too old to wait enthusiastically for the ice cream van, or am I still too young to have a clue about my future plans? In times like these it is best to know that age is no barrier, it’s only a limitation set up by our own minds. In that way, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will eve...

Beyond the Rainbow: A Youth's Perspective on HIV-AIDS

Posted Avatar Nomi , Medical Technologist

Avatar Medical Technologist
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The thought of it is like a specter in the night that haunts, an incubus in the healthcare world, a tattoo that everyone dreads with a social stigma that must be stopped. A global pandemic of greatest proportions, HIV-AIDS continues to be a nightmare, claiming millions of lives worldwide. A great number of these lives are from the LGBT community.Since the 1980's, the LGBT community has been on the hot seat when it comes to the HIV-AIDS issue and until today things have not taken that much of a t...

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