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VOY Blogging Internship - Applications Now Open!

Hi everyone! Applications for the next round of Voices of Youth blogging internships are now o...

No water, no life

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Water is the most valuable resource that is upon the earth, is vital and essential to plants, animals, human beings and all life forms of the planet; thus playing, a significant role in the development of the life. It is a natural resource that despite being renewable must be caring and protected by mankind, because humans are the main source of pollution and depletion of this one. It is considered an essential part of human rights because it is indispensable to life, wealth an...

Coincidence or not?

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This is a post about the connection we feel with people, with friends. Distance doesn't matter when you have a connection with someone – a friendship. Don't take people for granted, people are not there forever so make sure you appreciate them. People, things, events – nothing is a coincidence in life, everything happens for a reason. We don't meet people by accident. With some people we have a connection, a connection we can't understand or explain. Some people are meant...

Cultural Exchange: Diminishing the Barriers

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I am a common Pakistani girl but my life, thoughts, perceptions were changed the day I landed in the United States of America. Two years ago, I got an opportunity to visit the US via a cultural exchange program for six months. I will always thank my Allah and then Department of States, to give me such a great path to discover the world, its people and their culture. Before this wonderful experience, I bore stereotypes about Americans just like every country has for others. It was t...

The Invisible Line of Violence Against Women

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Since we were children, adults have taught us that there is a line between boys and girls. That our differences can be a strength or in many cases a debility. An idea that has led to all forms of discrimination against woman, no matter the age, nationality or class. Today with a prevalence of 63%, Mexico city leads the list of countries with the highest levels of violence against women. 6 out of 10 has experienced at least one act of violence, involving emotional, physical, sex...

Dalida, a deceased international French / Italian singer, recorded Amoureuse De La Vie (I Am In Love With Life) to describe her big change in life after her first attempt of committing suicide back in 1967. I translated this song on my own as a project for my English 108 class in the American University of Beirut (AUB). I used Eugine Nida's Theory of Translation to give my English translation equivalences to some French expressions that can't be translated word for word. Google T...

Throw 'kindness' around like confetti

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I saw this video and I really wanted to share it with you guys if you haven't seen it. It's such an inspirational video and this video will only take 3 minutes of your life. I have no words to say after watching it. This video made my day and I hope that this will inspire you to do something. I'm not telling you to do big things, if you do not feel like it, I'm just reminding you to be kind to every person you meet because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about....

Iquebi's Story

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As many high school seniors prepare to head off to college, many of them also leave behind their family. Many of these seniors welcome the idea of change and relocation, especially if they have the comfort of knowing their family is not too far away. For some people, though, family is all they have. For example, the Ayoreo people live in the Chaco Forest and live off of the natural resources the forest provides. Therefore, they form close communities and maintain tight-knit familie...

I Am Inspired

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I don’t think I ever read a book as moving and as inspiring as I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. With every chapter a new conflict was introduced and I never expected that a girl my age would have to live through moments like she had to. Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, proved to be the key motivator in Malala’s work. At the beginning of the book, Malala explains her father’s history, particularly how he received his education and built his own school. Because of her f...

Translate This

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With the continual deforestation of the Chaco Forest, comes the diminishing population of the Ayoreo people. In turn, as the Ayoreo numbers decline, so does their language. This group of tribes predominantly speaks in variations of the endangered Zamucoan language. Often, when we think of deforestation, we might not realize how this loss may affect the culture and civilization of some people. The Gran Chaco region, where the Ayoreo people live, is actually recorded to be one of t...

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