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A smile from Yemen

While I was walking back home recently, I came across Hanadi, a 12-year-old girl, who can always be...

Heartful journeys: Beating toxic love

Posted no picture Asmaa AbdelLatif , Humanitarian Poet

no picture Humanitarian Poet
Asmaa AbdelLatif
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One of the most toxic forms of relationships is when one party is a prisoner to a constructed fantasy-like idea of love. Sucking the fleeting emotion that is born from infatuation becomes an addiction‒ nevertheless, an ultimate destination in itself. Mistaking infatuation for love or seeking attention and devotion from the other is like clinging to the foliage. It won’t survive a few ruffling winds until it falls. Once the novelty of it fades and the dopamine rush gets toned down by the temporal...

We're destroying their home

Posted no picture jillian , Change the world one step at a time

no picture Change the world one step at a time
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I live on a farm in Pennsylvania, USA and it is a beautiful place. Unfortunately now everyone is selling their land, cutting down the trees and building houses. According to the Center for Disease Control, 200 people die in car crashes a year from hitting animals. Often, people blame the animals, but I believe it is not their fault. It is ours. It all goes in a circle. We cut down trees to make houses and make money, but the trees are the animals homes so where are they going to go? Animals are...

The cycle of poverty

Posted no picture suhyeon , All humans have to be happy

no picture All humans have to be happy
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Hello everyone! I am glad to write my thoughts down on this page.This is my first post, and I will write many more in my free time.And you have to know, I am Korean and I am not good at English. So I want you to be considerate of my English grammar skills : )When I type a wrong word, you have to teach me. Okay?Okay, here we go!Today I want to talk about the 'The Poverty Cycle'.Maybe you know the meaning of poverty, and you can think of a person in your class who is struggling financially. In my...

Be your best version

Posted no picture Akshita Namjoshi

no picture Akshita Namjoshi
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If there is a kind of diversity in the world which is a cause of anguish for some of us, it is the diversity of body types. It can be frustrating how some people are "blessed" to stay lean throughout (or for most part of) their life while others "have to" sweat it out for hours, keep a check on what they eat and how much they eat, and always try to look out for 'healthier' substitutes for their favourite food. Keeping fit is undoubtedly a goal for many irrespective of what a person's body type o...


Posted Avatar Isabella Giulia , Booming voices

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Isabella Giulia
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What is censorship and is it really as bad as it’s connotation? Language is a beautiful tool we use for communication, but it can be very dangerous when manipulated and interpreted in all the wrong ways. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of censorship is: “the institution, system, or practice of censoring”. Now, the verb “censor” carries the definition “to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable” and yet the definition of the noun “censo...

The subtle art of forgiveness

Posted no picture Nov

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If you told your past self that you would come to learn one of the simplest yet most intricate fundamental principles of life, would you think that it had anything to do with forgiveness?Would you know that you'd be able to let go of the ugliness that others have made you feel?Would you want to feel vulnerable at your most delicate point?I didn't. I also didn't want anything to do with forgiving people.But now, I realize, that it is my only door towards the future. If we don't learn to forgive o...


Posted no picture Rozalynn Sapam , Student,A passionate writer.

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Rozalynn Sapam
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We have heard a thousand times "Follow your heart". A phrase which we frequently hear from our families, but, the thing is, many parents seldom ask their children "What does your heart say?"Families simply leave their child with the words "follow your heart", which results in the child deciding what they should do for his life alone. So, instead of leaving them alone with that valued phrase, parents should go with them! Dig their hobbies, passions and talents out! Hobbies are where passion comes...

Youth empowerment

Posted no picture Mahnoor._Zaidi , Student Of Grade 9

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I dedicate this article to the youth of present day! I know its difficult, burdensome and demanding, but we still have to work even harder for the sake of our country and for the world. Let's work hard and give our best to make the world a better place. Dear Youth, we are capable of more than we know. We are the future and indeed we are the ones who can bring change. Never ever underestimate your power.Get off your cell phones, televisions and laptops. Its' spoiling us . Its killing our precious...

How to make a small difference

Posted no picture Wesley , Student

no picture Student
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You have all seen those staggering images of enormous landfills and plastic flooded shores with a headline along the lines of "this is how it is and it will only get worse". Following that, you felt hopeless and discouraged because how could you possibly make a difference, significant enough to change that. Ever felt that that? So have I. Instead of losing faith, we must look forward and ask what difference we can make, with the "little" amount of power we have in ower hands. How can we help? Ap...

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