Empowering Women: Strong(h)er Together

Posted Avatar Ashley T.

Avatar Ashley T.
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For the past 18 years of my existence, I've always enjoyed the privilege of being surrounded by people who have told me that I'm able to do anything as long as I set my mind to it. As an only daughter who is constantly surrounded by strong, empowered women, my gender has simply never been part of the equation – being a girl should never pose a setback to any of my ambitions. This privilege, however, is not shared by other girls around the world. According to UNESCO, there are 31 million girls...

I’m Not a Jar to Label

Posted no picture KomalSamrow

no picture KomalSamrow
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I've spent virtually every day of my life lumped into some sort of group. Kid. Nerd. Artist. Writer. Seems pretty harmless. Right? Well, I wasn't finished.Indian. Freak. Outsider. Terrorist. Still harmless? I don't think so (don't worry, I'll get back to that last one).People saw a few of my drawings and said - "oh, she's an artist." They read a few of my essays and presumed - "she's definitely a writer." They saw a few of my test grades and thought - "she must be a genius." People saw the color...

Realising the Gift of Nature

Posted Avatar gitesh gourav

Avatar gitesh gourav
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While each of us have been living under different roofs (both artificial and man-made), we have often failed to realise that we all have been graciously enjoying the luxuries of mother nature since our inception.The life of a youth can involve lots of struggles, failures, mixed emotions of happiness and sorrow, celebrations, achievements, and so on. In fact, we all tend to go through the crests and troughs of life. Rising from failures and celebrating success to prepare for the next endeavour, h...

Can we close the gap?

Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

no picture Yasmin Youssef
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How we can start communicating Science effectively… We all know that scientific discoveries and their practical applications, be it in the fields of medicine, economics, technology etc. promote industrial and social development and that research, innovation and new technologies to a large extent can influence and determine economic, social, political and even ethical dimensions of modern societies. This presupposes that scientific advances and findings have to be communicated to the grand publi...

What Do You Really Want?

Posted no picture Carly

no picture Carly
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What do I really want?It dawned on me the other night that I could not remember learning something because I wanted to learn it, not because someone told me to. Not because someone told me that this is how it works. Not because someone told me don’t question it, this is how you get into a good college. Get a good job. Get what you want. Get what you have worked for.But that is not what I work for. I work for more than a score, more than a school, and more than myself. Yet, as I look at my hand s...

Bonding Beyond Borders

Posted Avatar Hannah

Avatar Hannah
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‘Bonding Beyond Borders is a Belgian student-led campaign created to counter intolerance and discrimination. We created an interactive and fun board-game to stimulate a genuine understanding of each other's daily situation. The analogue board-game, supported by digital content on smartphones or tablets, tells you the story of very different people.’ Source: www.bondingbeyondborders.com Somewhere mid-February we had our first meeting. All we knew back then was that we were going to participa...

Is exploring Mars worth the investment?

Posted no picture Hafeez Raihan

no picture Hafeez Raihan
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We choose to colonize Mars. Why? Because we have a fear of that our planet Earth will become uninhabitable real soon. The question is, what would make our planet uninhabitable? Well, an asteroid striking our planet – or we could make our own planet uninhabitable. It is estimated that there’s no possibility that an asteroid will strike us for a million of years from now. It is us destroying our own planet earth by mining the coal, releasing greenhouse gasses, chemicals and war in vulnerable count...

My study on marriage rituals among Christians in India

Posted Avatar Aishwarya Girinarayanan , Law student, worked with The Hindu

Avatar Law student, worked with The Hindu
Aishwarya Girinarayanan
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During my final year of high school, I had conducted a case study to understand the marriage rituals that took place among the Christian communities in India - such as the Christians of Kerala, Goa and Mizoram - compared to the marriage rituals among Christians in western countries. The objective of my case study was to highlight the noticeable differences in these marriage rituals among the Christian communities in India as opposed to the Christians living in the west.It was noted that the Syri...

What is Freedom?

Posted no picture Imon Ganguly , Law Student (UG)

no picture Law Student (UG)
Imon Ganguly
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What is freedom?Is it the right to chooseand the freedom to speak? or is it the way we want to live and do most things without restrictions?Whether we are truly free still overwhelms us.Its like a puzzle which obfuscates the men and its nature is still of deceptionwhich we live every single day.We men are lost in our own thoughts,thoughts which control and challenge usand which paint our destination.Thoughts are the monsters of mindslocking us in the cage of deep thinking.Just like the caged bir...

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