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How do you define the word ‘broken’? It can mean so many things, so I decided to look it up in the dictionary and it said "fractured, shattered, defeated".I get upset when somebody calls themselves broken and don't get me wrong, I get it, I have called myself broken. But here is the thing, there are broken things, broken cars, broken watches, but we are souls, humans…we don't get fixed like a broken car.Humans are more complex than that, we sometimes refuse to believe that there is something wro...

Love Is More Contagious Than Any Disease

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With the white canvas of a computer document, my truly honest feelings can be transcribed down.I arrived in Madagascar with such a blitz; my spirit burning through the sky, with such high ambitions that all I have been doing since is moving.Every possible stone has been unturned in order for me to reach my purpose of inspiring people and bringing them together, so that we can emblazon the world with every possible tint of courage, connection and colour.Every possible avenue has been travelled to...

The Fight Within

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I stared at the blank form for 20 minutes. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. What if I had only been overreacting and nothing was wrong with me? What if it was just a “sad” phase and I wasn’t really depressed? What if I waste my therapist’s time? There were too many what ifs, but then I thought, “Well, I have been trying to get better by myself and nothing has worked so far. Maybe I do need help”. And so, I submitted the form and got help. I had always been an emotional person, but a...

One of the most critical issues within the field of Migration Studies today remains the delicate status of undocumented immigrants. In turn, immigration legislative proposals are currently at the center of heated debates on political, social, and economic levels – these debates often hindering the more important issue at hand which is the needs of undocumented victims of abuse.Undocumented women who are victims of any form of abuse, be it physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse committed by...

Is This Really What I Want?

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Don’t you think it’s funny,That you wouldn't cut a tree,But still write on paper,And use a wooden desk.Don’t you think it’s funny,That you hate fossil fuel energy,But forget to turn off the lights,And leave your computer on while you sleep.Is it not so funny,That you’d never want to waste water,But forget to turn off the tap,Or take a bath and not a shower.The world is such a funny place,Where people claim that things are bad,But they truly never care a bit,About actually making a change.I would...

What is love?

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Ysabel Gagliardo
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Probably the most important thing in the world is love.Love is what keeps us going, love is putting somebody else’s needs ahead of our own without excepting anything in return, love is beautiful and magical.There are many types of love, but I want to talk especially about loving a boyfriend or girlfriend, loving someone with all of your heart, and thinking that person is "the one"What is "the one"?To me "the one" or your true love, the love of your life or whatever you want to call it, is someon...

Segregation: Tragedy of the Mind

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Dane McQuillan
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Segregation: a reflection of how our brain categorizes everything we see and do.Picture a living thing—say, a dog. Now imagine a hammer. You just activated two different areas of your visual cortex, the brain region that processes eyesight. Thinking of a dog activates an area that deals with animate objects, whereas a hammer excites one that processes inanimate things.Now a new study shows something surprising: the same thing would have happened even if you had never seen a dog or a hammer befor...

Debate with the world

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Slaves of the world's confines, isolated in our own minds, what is yours? what is mine? are we in control of our own time? an action does not define yet we divide humans into different lines, peace? we decline, war seems divine, kill our own race and celebrate with wine, we want it all, every dollar and every dime, we won't stop because we love crime, we don't care if we destroy a kids mind because the world and everything around seems fine, really? ok I tried so nevermind, I'll return in the fu...

All you need to liberate society – the internet?

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How the internet can help democracy – or not… The Arabic spring introduced a new era of revolution. An era of revolution whose main weapon is the internet – revolution 2.0. Like so many other revolutions also the Arabic Spring began with severe disappointment and discontent. The people were fed up with the brutally dictatorially and rigid regimes and the lack of freedom of speech and possibilities. Poverty, education, big differences in social classes, corruption etc. were all things that fru...

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