From Manenberg to World renowned leadership academy

Published no picture Children's Radio Foundation

no picture Children's Radio Foundation
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The Manenberg Youth Reporters explored the issue of schools and the kind of education they are able to provide with Wanay Adams; a former high school student from Manenberg who now attends the prestigious Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Gauteng. Manenberg schools and the leadership academy are worlds apart; and resources at schools appears to be one of the elusive keys in unlocking a quality education, according to the young reporters.

I Call It the SIDS Tax or SIDS Interest Rate

Published no picture Angélique Pouponneau

no picture Angélique Pouponneau
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HSBC’s “Think Globally. Act Locally” resounds true especially when it comes to climate change. Without barriers in our atmosphere actions we take anywhere in the world could be having an impact on another place thousands of miles away from that very act. For years we have seen this become the norm and indifference persists. This is especially the case when it comes to burning fossil fuels for the purpose of development. As an islander having grown up and living on a small isl...

Changing the colour of my skin

Published no picture Children's Radio Foundation

no picture Children's Radio Foundation
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The Optimistic Youth Reporters from COSAT high school attended a workshop on the topic of Skin Lightening at the University of Cape Town. Academics shared their insights and opinions as did the youth reporters. It became clear the story wasn't all in the facts.

Being African and a Feminist

Published Avatar Winifred Ahupa

Avatar Winifred Ahupa
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“Gender equality is not a woman’s issue, it is a human issue. It affects us all” - Unknown One great gift for a Nigerian feminist is a Nigerian man who get it. This is not as common as one would expect. But if you are a Nigerian (female) and and you have that one male friend who you don’t really need to explain a thing to; by all means put that friend to work, let that friend be your mouthpiece or quarterback. In my country, to say you are a feminist is to implore a n...

The 'Queer' Indian

Published Avatar Bhavana

Avatar Bhavana
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On 17 May the world joined hands to fight homophobia and trans-phobia. Equality for all. Heads of States and citizens alike pledged to leave a better world for their children. Meanwhile in India, the conversation was limited to LGBT activists, youth groups in major cities and a few media houses. The land of self discovery through yoga, the land celebrating sexuality through Khajuraho and Kamasutra, that land ceased to exist centuries ago. We now mindlessly hold on to the co...

The Innovation of Happiness

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Avatar Mariel Alonzo
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Today I bought ice cream from a fairly expensive shop. They called it “gelatini” and it was composed of cookie dough flavored ice with a swirl of vanilla custard on top. I ate it using a plastic spoon in small bites. Barely halfway through, the cold cup felt wet and uncomfortable within my hand. As we walked aimlessly around a recently expanded shopping mall, I was more engrossed on searching for a trash bin than the sweet taste of cream in my mouth. I couldn’t use my phone p...

Walking in the Footsteps of WW1 Soldiers

Published no picture Isabella Kajiwara

no picture Isabella Kajiwara
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It is almost guaranteed that you will be taught about the World Wars at some point in your education. Along with this, you will have statistic upon statistic, treaty upon treaty, battle upon battle, drilled into your head. Sound familiar? As important as these facts are, as we all know, experiencing and seeing these aspects for yourself are another story. Recently, I have been fortunate enough to travel to Belgium and France for a week with my school, to take on the whole 'World...

The Rise of the Lone Wolf

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no picture Student
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To Mend my Race-Torn Country

Published Avatar Blogger, Derwayne Wills

Avatar Blogger
Derwayne Wills
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In my last blog post , I spoke of the youth in my country and how their actions were changing the political dynamics. I made that post before Guyana’s May 11 national elections were held. Almost a week later and I am proud to say that the youth, by coming out in their numbers to vote, have shown that they are ready for a new government - a government of national unity. But the journey has just begun. We are now entering a phase where we must unite all five of Guyana’s races...

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