Moment of Worth

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Fathima Farhana Moyikkal
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She held in her arms a creation like no other.Blossoms of little flowers grew on her skinbecause of you.She smiled when you thrivedsending down seasons as a pricebecause of you.She cried as envy filled youletting out the anger consuming herbecause of you.She broke down as the pain burned hercreating lands no man has seenbecause of you.She became Mother Earthbecause she saw you, my dear,as a moment of worth.

I'd Like To Pretend

Posted Avatar Komal_Samrow , High Schooler

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I'd like to pretend that our world was a havenkindness and and compassion ruling the landno pain or sufferingno sorrow at someone else's handI'd like to imagine an earthwithout toil wearing it awaybirds singing in the crisp spring breezetheir fledglings in flight by MayShould I dare dream a daywhen tears are no longer shedanguish is but a distant memoryand the starving poor are fedCan I wish for a timewhere appearance is not all one seeswhen one pulls back facadesand tries to look beneathI'd lik...

How can we instill and maintain a patriotic spirit into Youth?

Posted Avatar Ngnaoussi Elongue Christianovich , Afropolitain | Techie | Mentor | Debate Evangelist

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Ngnaoussi Elongue Christianovich
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Teaching history: the power to inspire. To make the younger generation understand the value of patriotism, I believe actions have to be implemented from childhood stages. A seed will grow to be a huge tree only if it’s watered properly from the beginning. This should be a gradual process which will most likely be effective through history lessons. We should make the change and emphasis on patriotism in the curriculum in schools and higher education institutions and include more accurate infor...


Posted no picture Not afraid of the dark

no picture Not afraid of the dark
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Please. It’s a simple statement, just a regular word, in such a confusing world. I ask you to please read and understand if you will. Please know that in this world full of dark things, that just around the corner is a brightness capable of filling 8 half’s of planets and countless half’s of moons. Please understand that not all humans are bad, scary things. Of all the people you are yet to meet and the people you might never meet, that person who did those terrible things are an exception - not...

Because, We Are Women.

Posted Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Human | Translator | Writer | Climate Activist | World Peace Advocate | World Citizen

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Imen Al-Nighaoui
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They say we are different,Because some of us wear scarfs on their heads and others sport short haircuts. They say we are different,Because some of us enjoy skirts and others only wear jeans.They say we are different,Because, some of us are Muslims, others are Christians and some others only believe in the stars. They say we are different,Because, we come from different shades of life. Because, we hold different names. Because, we fill life in different shapes. However, are we different?We are al...

There is no planet B , Conserve or Perish : the choice is Ours

Posted Avatar Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj , Student

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Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj
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As many of us know, there are eight planets in our Solar system, which are classified into Terrestrial planets or Rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) and Jovian planets or Outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). Out of all these terrestrial and Jovian planets, Earth has been confirmed as one of the few planets in the entire universe that provides sustenance to life. Over the last few decades, our life giving Earth is under a great threat.Careless anthropogenic activities...

Seeking for a Change in Life

Posted no picture Vidhya , Young seeker

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This is an article written by a 22 year old woman residing in Bangalore, India. She is writing this to let the world hear her wish.Family- She was born to a good hearted couple- ambitious father and kind mother- and had a younger brother. Her parents did not receive a formal education, but chose to learn from life. Her father came to Bangalore from a remote village and started working day and night with all the energy he could gather to succeed in life (success is different for different people...

Playgrounds, Not Prisons

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Every night, while most American students are sleeping soundly or toiling away at a homework assignment, nearly ten thousand juveniles across the country have been condemned to spend their nights behind bars in adult prisons because of automatic transfer laws, laws that allow children as young as ten to be tried in court as adults. It’s time for us to reach out to the children sentenced to suffer.In most states, children as young as fourteen years old can be tried as an adult if they commit a vi...

Our Full Potentials

Posted Avatar Wr. Kavyu

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(Thoughts based on the experience of a certain historical lecturer. What would become of us if we stopped fretting about fate and focused on our talents, in a bid to make Africa more better?) The few yawns and doze-offs that she receives from the big audience of three hundred irritates her. She was lecturing the Architectural History course for the fifth time now to the freshman students, and in all sessions, she noted that only a few could maintain their keen up to four hours. “Historical subj...

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