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It is a cloudy evening in the city of Lagos and Hadiza isn’t with her umbrella. She walks faster than she normally would to catch up with the almost moving bus, the conductor shouting “Keja” – meaning Ikeja, one of the most industrialized parts of Lagos. She tries to maneuver her way through the young men trying to grope her, in an attempt to get her to enter their vehicle, even if she wasn’t heading their way. “Fe mi le – leave me alone!” she shouts as she increase...

Women in the American Civil War

Published Avatar Sadegh Atlasi , Student at University of California, Los Angeles

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Sadegh Atlasi
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The Civil War had many impacts on people’s lives specially those who lived in the southern regions of the United States. Women in the south had many difficulties both during the civil war and post-war era. Many women lost their husbands during the war and many of them left their homes due to destruction of cities. All women were affected by the war whether by supporting their armies or by losing members of their families. Many women were involved in the war whether directly or in...

There are a number of young African businessmen who are blazing a new trail and setting a fine example for entrepreneurs across the continent. Some of these young men and women include Jonathan Liebmann, Vinny Lingham, Jose Filomenos Dos Santos, and Mirco de Jesus Martins. Unlike past generations, many of these individuals have shown a strong commitment to following rigorous standards, notably Mirco de Jesus Martins, who because of his relationship to Angola Vice President Manu...

“No School, Just Labor”: Standing up for Children

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no picture Anant Mishra
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“Millions of children are victims of violence and exploitation. They are physically and emotionally vulnerable and they can be scarred for life by mental or emotional abuse. That is why children should always have the first claim on our attention and resources. They must be at the heart of our thinking on challenges we are addressing on a daily basis. We know what to do, and we know how to do it. The means are at hand, it is up to us to seize the opportunity and build a world tha...

The Pocket Money Campaign

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The Pocket Money Campaign has been the fund-raiser event for the rehabilitation of Nepal. The devastating earthquake has not only caused tremendous loss in Nepal, but also brought about psychological trauma among the people staying in other parts of the world. Most of the organisations- both governmental and non- governmental have extended their help towards the victims of Nepal. But what has the youth done? What has the youth of Siliguri contributed to aid Nepal in its time of cri...

Why Being Born in Pakistan Changed Me

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Located in South Asia, Pakistan is home to over 191 million people (2014 estimate). Known, in recent years, primarily as a terrorist hub by western standards, I believe Pakistan is anything but. An array of cultural and traditional customs portray the colors of the Pakistani people, with faith at the center, after all, it is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. A plethora of difficulties face the nation, including but not limited to outside influences. Pakistan is a nation that has ma...

The School Leaving Certificate

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The headline news in Nepal for 20th June 2015 was “SLC Results Published”. The Nepalese education system demands a nationwide exam for 10th graders and above. At the end of their academic year, the students of class 10 sit for their first ever exam that extends all over Nepal. School Leaving Certificate or the SLC examination holds one of the highest educational values for the students of Nepal. Some students take this exam as a bridge to their career, but for most it is a nigh...

Inspire! With Mahmud Johnson: On Vision, Drive, and Leadership

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From selling T-shirts, to preparing students for international aptitude tests to study in the US, Mahmud Johnson, 23, is revolutionizing business in Liberia through his company J-Palm, which places consumers at the forefront of their product development process. But teaching is his lifelong passion, and nothing is going to stop him from impacting lives through education. In this interview with a rising under 30 Liberian entrepreneur, Mahmud Johnson tells us that nothing is impossib...

Your Daughter Is Not Your Punching Bag

Published Avatar David Molina Shvidchenco , Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology
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My mother works at a high school in San José, Costa Rica, so it is common for her to talk with young students who sometimes come to her office. As it is normal for people to be different, the variety of teenagers is very high. Sometimes we may just like someone due to the clothes they wear, or critique someone for being lazy or stupid just because they got bad grades. Sometimes your school bullies are not the worst people in high school - they are kids who go home just to be beate...

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