The Age Of Curation

Posted Avatar Thamara Kandabada

Avatar Thamara Kandabada
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I'm scrolling down my Facebook News Feed. I have 1,566 friends on Facebook (most of whom I should ideally unfriend), so why do I see the same faces everyday? Are the others not as active? Or is there something else at play? Do you ever wonder the same? A TEDx talk I listened to in 2015 began like this: "What if I told you, that the world we live in, is something that is constructed for us, not something that is constructed by us." While the speaker set the stage for a much...

What I've learned so far...

Posted Avatar crisantaicm

Avatar crisantaicm
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2016 wasn’t the best year of my life but wasn’t the worst neither. 2016 was the year I learned so much and grew as a person, spiritually and emotionally. I learned things about myself but I know I still have so much to learn and discover to be the best version of myself I can be. We lose ourselves to find ourselves again, and grow as individuals and be better and better human beings. I’ve learned that you need to be true with yourself about how you are, what you want, WHO...

Different Cultures. One community.

Posted Avatar Alexandra Muntean , Student

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Alexandra Muntean
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70 years ago, a group of people had an amazing idea and were not afraid to say it out aloud, no matter the consequences. These people were UNESCO’s founders. They made the following conclusion: If ignorance of each other’s ways and lives gives birth to mistrust and misunderstanding between nations, accomplishing peace calls for mutual knowledge of cultures to be strengthened, in order to promote a better understanding of each other. This is the only way strong enough to off...

Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission

Posted Avatar Yamanah Zaidan , Social and Youth activist

Avatar Social and Youth activist
Yamanah Zaidan
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Many people think about getting a leadership position, but they don’t think about the mission. It’s the mission that brings you the position. I have come to learn that if you are driven by a mission, everything will come with it including your dream position. So many times I have spoken about how I have tried a lot to be a member in any organization or initiative to gain more experience and knowledge and to find a good and suitable job, and I faced lots of difficulties to...

Modern slavery is bigger than imagined

Posted Avatar Emanuel Farid , Student

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Emanuel Farid
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Modern slavery is a very real and tragic issue that has and is destroying the lives of millions of people. In it is currently estimated that there are 45.8 million people living in slavery as of today, the year 2017 (1). More than half of all slavery, 58 % exists in 5 countries: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan (3). About 78% of slaves are involved in forced manual labor, and about 22% are used as sex slaves and forced prostitution (5). Another sad statistic is th...

We Need to be United

Posted Avatar Dhiraj Warkhede , Indian

Avatar Indian
Dhiraj Warkhede
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I was recently reading a quote shared by the World Food Programme (WFP) of Nelson Mandela - "It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it ". The world and the youngsters i.e. we, need to understand that the world is a very small place to live if we live with peace and remain concerned of each other's aspirations. The things, social barriers, boundaries, barriers and so on which divide us are far less, or have no relevance, than the things which unite us....

Martin Luther King's Birthday!

Posted no picture aahrthi12

no picture aahrthi12
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It's his birthday... Martin! *Breathes in* My feeling? Happy. On this day, 15th of January so many years ago, a leader was born. Everyone knows who Martin Luther King Jr. is but unlike others, I idolize him. Why? Simple! He's my spiritual godfather…Hahaha. Every year on this day, I watch videos or read his speeches. Last year and the year before I watched Selma (MLK movie, John Legend, glory song). I don't know why but I love that movie. I've never felt so attached before to...

For Minorities, Representation in Stories Matters

Posted no picture Valerie Wu , Student

no picture Student
Valerie Wu
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Last year, a speaker came to our school for our bi-annual Development Day, a day in which the student body would participate in activities relating to personal development. The said speaker was a filmmaker, a storyteller of women's stories. We listened to her speak about the oppression of girls, the misogyny present in everyday life, and the changes we could implement to enforce the concept of gender equality. When it was time for the Q&A session, a girl came up. "How," she ask...

12 Things to Consider in Your 20s

Posted Avatar Salam Al-Nukta , Country Director

Avatar Country Director
Salam Al-Nukta
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Living your best years, your 20s, in a conflict zone is not very much what I dreamed of when I was 18. At least, I didn’t dream to live it this way. Growing up in Syria I had very big ambitions and expectations for this period, specifically, given what I heard and saw in movies. However, it turns out to be way harder in real life. Honestly - I went through very bad times at the beginning of my 20s. I felt incapable of changing my reality, depression and loss of hope were the...

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