Would I Fly

Posted no picture Notsile Nono Nkambule , International Relations Graduate

no picture International Relations Graduate
Notsile Nono Nkambule
Member since September 16, 2016
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I feel the need for answers pulling at my heart, the seduction of mystery has died. My heart is beating out of rhythm, the lulling effects of mediocrity is no longer enough. Now I need to know, My lord I want to know would I fly? Can I walk the talk, because it is time to lift my feet off the ground. Can I unpack enough of these insecurieties to allow myself to jump? Can i see the unsolicited advice of the previous generation as the cautionary tales they are? Can i dare, would I...

The Note

Posted no picture Arwa Kadhmawi

no picture Arwa Kadhmawi
Member since December 3, 2015
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  • Age 27

It's amazing how we can change as we grow older! And we will never realize that until we find pieces of our old selves. These pieces will surprise us, in regard to who we were just a few months ago! Today by accident I found a note that I wrote to myself on a piece of paper one year ago! In that note I was telling myself that the most important battle to win is not the one that I have with others, but it's the one that I have inside me. Well, it was a shock to find out that I u...

Generation of Change

Posted no picture Brianna Fruean , Pacific Climate Warrior

no picture Pacific Climate Warrior
Brianna Fruean
Member since September 23, 2016
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Growing up I believed there were monsters and heroes in this world. In every child’s movie I watched there was the huge scary daunting creature that the people feared, but then there was always the heroic warrior who stood up for the people and changed the plot of the narrative. In my story,climate change is my monster. A creature that I heard whispers of as a little girl. Now people say its name loudly and clearly because we know it’s all around us. The thing about this monste...

Why we don’t want TTIP and CETA…

Posted no picture Yasmin Al Bardawiye

no picture Yasmin Al Bardawiye
Member since June 20, 2016
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A fight for economic, social, ecological and cultural values Big enterprises promise that the establishment of the biggest global free trade area (FTA) will provide more jobs, lower prices and economic growth, which will all lead to more wealth. Nevertheless on the 17th of September 2016 320.000 people in 7 German cities (70.000 in Berlin + Hamburg 65.000 + Cologne 55.000 + Frankfurt 50.000 + Leipzig 15.000 + Stuttgart 40.000 + Munich 25.000) have demonstrated against the trade...

Promoting a healthy lifestyle among youngsters

Posted no picture Richardson Warren , Student

no picture Student
Richardson Warren
Member since August 19, 2016
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To start with, a healthy lifestyle means maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet as well as engaging in sports or other fitness related activities. A healthy diet alone is however inadequate to ensure a healthy body as physical activities help to keep one in shape and free of sickness and disease. According to the World Health Organization, only 1 in 10 people exercises regularly and a majority does not follow a healthy diet. The main culprit is our penchant for junk food as can be seen from...

Chicken soup anyone?

Posted Avatar Just my two c€nts , Medical student

Avatar Medical student
Just my two c€nts
Member since June 18, 2016
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  • Age 20

With a little mischief let's step into the kitchen today. Open the window and let fresh ideas come our way. Let's throw away the left overs of yesterday's criticism. And start fresh by burning the stove with profound enthusiasm. To begin we'll need to boil a pot full of shimmering hope. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but there is no need to mope! Add few pinches of sugar for the bitterness ever held. And two spoonfuls of serenity for the soreness felt. Looks like the oil has heated! We need to hu...

Puma Campaign: #DoYou

Posted Avatar Ashley T.

Avatar Ashley T.
Member since June 13, 2016
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  • Age 16

Recently, it was announced that Cara Delevingne is the new face of Puma's "Do You" campaign, with Rihanna as its creative director. Judging from the bold, unabashed pictures that were snapped during Delevingne's photo shoot, this campaign holds high promises for what's to come when its full details are released in the near future. In a world as contemporary as ours, it's becoming increasingly harder to truly be ourselves and, to put Puma's new campaign into context, "do us...

Self Destruction

Posted no picture emaanahmed , Student

no picture Student
Member since September 16, 2016
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Anxiety, depression, panic attacks; the perfect concoction for self destruction. We are programmed from the day we start breathing, the day we start living, to kill. Kill no others but ourselves. We have grown too familiar with the comforting thought of worthlessness. Learned to embrace with open arms the guilt, pain and tears. Sometimes it's easier to forget about everything else and just focus on the pain, focus on the suffering. 'I'm fine' we say - a faint smile etched on our...

It’s the end of a chapter, not of the book

Posted Avatar Hannah

Avatar Hannah
Member since June 8, 2015
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  • Age 17

I’m bad at goodbyes so I’m not going to make this one. It is the end of a chapter in my life but when I turn the page, there will be more. I’m sure writing will be mentioned on those new pages too. I’ve been thinking about everything this internship taught me too. The thing is, it taught me so many things that I didn’t even know where to start. However, one thing kept going through my head. ‘It changed the way I see the world’. In which way? It made me realize three i...

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