Do you think not having money is the biggest problem? Yes, then you might have not heard the term called 'Refugee'.Have you ever thought of, "What does it mean to be a refugee?"Watch this video and just for a moment think about you would do in the same situation?What will you do? Where? Why? How?If you have thought deeply you will learn what are the problems you might face, and the situations you might find yourself in; the need to risk your life unaware of what's coming next. In this globalisat...

What made me a reader

Posted no picture Bhavika , just someone who wants to make a difference

no picture just someone who wants to make a difference
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As a kid in grade 1, I didn’t like books. I hated them. I used to sit and stare blankly at the pages pretending to read while I never really did. I still remember my mom making me read different picture books and little story books as a kid. What I loved the most about winter was curling up in blankets and watching all the Disney and Barbie movies. The first time I watched Harry Potter, I was probably 8. Little did I know, it would mean something so big to me one day. I know, I know, it’s s...

I am a Feminist

Posted no picture Farah Yasmin , Aspiring Doctor

no picture Aspiring Doctor
Farah Yasmin
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'I'm all for equality but I'm not a feminist' was something I used to say as a teenage girl. I was afraid that being a feminist would make me less likable in society. I thought that declaring myself as a feminist in society would result in mixed reactions, ranging from pleasant surprise to withdrawal.However, people often used to call me by this name whenever I expressed sentiments and views that differentiated me from a doormat.I recently started to call myself a feminist when I came across pro...

Conflict resolution

Posted Avatar marwaazelmat , ESD leader

Avatar ESD leader
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Many scenes of violence have troubled our daily lives during the past period. But what shocked us the most, are recorded videos of some students beating their teachers in the classroom.It takes guts to do such violent act.Without any doubt, people started pointing their fingers at them: They are guilty, they should be punished.They should be expelled from school!This, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back.To make such decisions in such situations is a proof of an intolerable ignorance....

A letter to Santa Claus

Posted no picture Chloe Zeeuw

no picture Chloe Zeeuw
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Dear Santa, I think I’m a little old to think you actually exist, but I still need to write this letter to someone. I know that you give gifts based on your “Naughty and Nice List” and I know I am not on either of the lists because I am an in between the lines type of person. But none the less I have a very big favor to ask you. For Christmas this year, I don’t want any clothes or books or fuzzy socks. Instead of just gifting the nice boys and girls this year, I challenge you to go against your...

Expression Through Art

Posted no picture Scarla Puppette , Student, Author

no picture Student, Author
Scarla Puppette
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Art is multiple things in this world. It's drawings and paintings. It can also be music, writings, and dancing, and photography. Even a random video on youtube, it's art.Not all people understand this, but people who commit their lives to these things, truly do understand. So, how do they express themselves to other people?In drawings, and paintings, and things as such, it's what the image is; it's the colors, the details.The tone of the music, the words, can often reflect on what the musician i...

A Letter From Violence

Posted no picture Evelyn , Student

no picture Student
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To anyone whom it may concern, A common misconception about me is that I was born more violent than an angry goose. But in all reality, I was the sweetest gal you would have ever met. That was, until November 17th when the apocalypse ripped through the planet. I have been told I am the meanest zombie hunter out there, and I have been praised for being the most violent in the field. But that's not who I was before all of this, I never wanted to be like this. I am taking this time to tell my story...

Dear Generation Z

Posted no picture The one to embarrassed to sign their name , Student

no picture Student
The one to embarrassed to sign their name
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Dear sixteen year olds who feel as though they have fallen in love.Dear thirteen year olds who feel as though they can never be more stressed than they are now.Dear fifteen year olds who sit in the back of the class hoping that they don’t get called on for the fear of being noticed.This is only the beginning.In today's society there is so much pressure on being an adult when you're still a kid. Everyone forces these notions on you that you have to be responsible and independent when you're young...

A New Era of Youth Participation?

Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

no picture Yasmin Youssef
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In the context of the World’s Children Day 2017 (21.11.2017) I had the opportunity to join a panel-discussion in the European-parliament. This was the first time that the European Parliament celebrated Universal Children’s Day by opening its doors to children and young adults for a constructive and trustworthy debate. Panellists where Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, Nathalie Griesbeck, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Margaret Tuite, Ionnis Dimitrakopoulos and Per Leander. During the event we had the pos...

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