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Just my two c€nts
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I wanted to be a doctor Ever since I was a kid Wanted to reach out to the needful And make them a little hopeful To do something for them Not for either money or fame Something that would make them smile And forget their troubles atleast for a while Our world is wridden with lots of sadness Which is leading to rage and madness Aren't we doctors considered to be an elite class With more expectations from us than the common mass? And yet here we...

In The World Of I, Me, Myself - Let's Appreciate More

Published Avatar Medha Basu , Intern | Business Communication

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Medha Basu
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Last week’s vacation to Darjeeling made me come across a strange yet curbing feeling. While strolling around, I met a young foreigner from Romania. While she was on a go to explain me further about the details of her country, I exclaimed saying, “Hey I know; You are from the country of Nadia Comaneci!”. That’s it. I hardly could ever wonder what wonder that one line did. She was amazed to such a level. Perhaps she got emotionally connected; Connected to the recognition or...

Feminism Gone Wrong

Published Avatar Salma P. Rianti , International Relations Scholar

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Salma P. Rianti
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Who doesn’t know feminism? Feminism is an idea that men and women should have an equal right. I love the idea of it, that men and women have the same rights in politics, educations, jobs, opportunities, etc. I believe that all humans—regarding their gender, race, ethnic—are born equal; no one is above anyone else. Women should have the same rights as men, that’s the idea of feminism. But right now, it seems like most feminists have lost the true meaning of feminism. A f...

Let It Snow

Published no picture Tahira Khan , Student

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Tahira Khan
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Her face grey and moonlit, lips pursed with worry, eyes big and round but fitting back and forth on the pages of diary placed before her. Pain was raining through her soul enabling her to recall his last words. She was unable to forget his charming personality with shining face being able to flicker every bit of darkness along with his mysterious smile. She still could remember his satisfied eyes reflecting nothing but hope. No one could know how much he was important for her....

Hello from Indonesia

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Banni Bestina
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Halo, Namaku Banni Bestina... You can call me Banni. I am one of the Voice Of Youth blogging interns. To be honest, I never thought I would ever be accepted into this program. The fact that English is my 3rd language is kind of making me self-conscious about my own capabilities but hey, you know what they say, “You never know until you’ve tried” - so I did! Surabaya is the name of the city I live in. It’s located in East Java, Indonesia. I am currently on my 2nd term stud...

What Makes Us Beautiful

Published Avatar Aurna , Creative Director, CEO, Volunteer

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My name is Sadia Akhter Aurna. Sadia is an Arabic word and Aurna actually is originated from the Hindu Goddess Annapurna, who is the goddess of nourishment. My name describes my country in a way, which is full of diversity. This diversity is what I am particularly proud about. I have been born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 89% of people in our country belong to a Muslim family. This can be misleading however - our culture is not just influenced by Islam, but also Hinduism, Chris...

Happy Father's Day - Prostate Cancer

Published no picture Abdul , Mr

no picture Mr
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Prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in men, with 903,500 new cases estimated to have occurred in 2008. Nearly three-quarters of these cases were diagnosed in economically developed countries. Incidence rates of prostate cancer vary by more than 70-fold worldwide. The highest rates are recorded primarily in the developed countries of Europe, North America, and Oceania, largely because prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing is widely used and detects clini...

The Road Less Travelled

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Perhaps it would have been easier for you to understand - mom - if I had taken a degree in fine arts or music, that your son is someone who wants to deal with emotions and lives in a non-materialistic world. I know mother that most of my cousins are well off with decent jobs and I am loafing around with my deranged philosophy and it seems like I’m wasting my time even when I’m already 21, but I’m not. To me education will never be enough. To me every day is a new opportun...

Let You and I Abandon the Rat Race of Life

Published Avatar Shefali Banerji , Student

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Shefali Banerji
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When one thinks of the problems faced by today’s youth, matters like poverty, lack of education, unemployment, and other hefty terms crop up in mind. It is true, they are one of the major challenges faced by the youth nowadays, but one often forgets the psychological problems that a youngster faces in this competitive world which constantly strives to bring these young minds down by mulling them into a race they never intended to be a part of – a race to be the best! One mi...

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