The Legacy of Fidel Castro

Posted Avatar Meg Kneafsey , Youth Activist

Avatar Youth Activist
Meg Kneafsey
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On the 25th of November 2016, the 90-year-old Fidel Castro passed away. For millennials like myself, the significance of this figure is not immediately apparent. In a world of constant international change and an increased focus on the Middle East, Cuba to many of us is just a Caribbean island. However, Castro was one of the political leaders who rightly or wrongly defined the 20th century. From his part in the Cuban Missile Crisis to a continuing symbol of Marxism, the life of...

Awarness of Freedom

Posted no picture neha , student

no picture student
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Being human is all about the choices we make, an existentialist would say. Existentialism, a philosophical view which ushered the world out of the views of romantic thinkers, is focused on big questions regarding the most difficult and strenuous deed known to us today: the ability to exist. Although I am not about to tell you about whether we are living in the right way, or what the meaning of life may be, I am instead going to explain to you about one of the most liberating ye...

#Feel free and make choices

Posted Avatar Amla , PhD Research Scholar

Avatar PhD Research Scholar
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Adjustment is a psychological and behavioral process of balancing thoughts with humans, most of the time. Sometimes a person goes with some difficulties and different aspects due to adjusting things. This can be a long or short time process; can be related to any relationships. You always try to make people happy whatever you have to do. In very simple words you adjust. I know some people, they told me their stories how they spent whole life in adjusting things. Even I put myself...


Posted no picture Angela Vinot , Student.

no picture Student.
Angela Vinot
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Have you ever felt like you are not good enough? Like if everything that you’ve worked really hard for, someone else gets it even though you worked harder? Or maybe like you did all the teamwork on your own and everybody else gets credit for it. Well, let me tell you that I’ve also been there. Lately, I’ve been feeling like everything that I do is not good enough. For example, my classmates ask me for my notes or my homework, and I do share it with them because I want to be...

The Plight of Food Insecurity Affecting The Children Of South Africa

Posted Avatar Tshepiso Mokate , Writer, student and entreprenuer.

Avatar Writer, student and entreprenuer.
Tshepiso Mokate
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My country of birth, South Africa, is looked at as the beacon of hope for the entire continent of Africa, with the idea of many of our neighbours being that we as a country have minimal to no problems. Over the last 22 years of our democracy we have indeed made great progress in empowering our people and taking care of our young however the one thing over looked is the dark issue of food insecurity in the impoverished communities around the country. Food insecurity can be defin...


Posted Avatar Ankita Bisht , Phenomenal

Avatar Phenomenal
Ankita Bisht
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Dear world, I am a woman Beautiful and divine Born to live my life with integrity And not to be undermined. I am a soul As pure as the driven snow Filled with plethora of mixed emotions Emotions of elation and emotions of dejection Emotions of adorement and emotions of contempt Emotions of feminism and that of sexism. I am that creature of God Who is bound to stay confined in the nutshell made by this society Yes, the society which...

Self-Care is a Form of Activism

Posted no picture Noor Samee

no picture Noor Samee
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The Before When I was young, I worked as hard as possible to reach my full potential. I didn’t waste a second on anything that felt unproductive. I wanted straight A’s, a varsity letter, and an enviable social life. I wanted to be perfect. The problem arose when I began measuring my self-worth on tangible achievements. I don’t think I could have possibly worked harder than I did, but I still never felt good enough. Despite all the things that I could do, I still blamed...

Metaphysical Matters: The Goldfinch, Death and Afterlife

Posted no picture Ashfah Haneef , Student

no picture Student
Ashfah Haneef
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So, after finally having read Donna Tartt’s award winning The Goldfinch, I am still under its spell. It is undoubtedly one of the best-or if not the best book I have read thus far. What is it about? To make a long story (and when I say long, I mean loooong-800 pages long) short, thirteen-year-old Theodore (Theo) Decker survives a terrorist bombing in an art museum in New York, which kills his mother. A confused Theo, upon the instruction of an elderly gentleman, walks out o...

Teenage Zombies

Posted no picture Ashley Storer , Miss

no picture Miss
Ashley Storer
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Most teenagers are living life as a ticking zombie. We live off approximately 5-7 hours of sleep a night and yet still have to wake up ready for what the day brings us. Honestly, I don’t know how we do it sometimes. I know myself that teenagers these days compared to “back in the old days” have many more responsibilities and pressures of doing well in school and yet still having a social life and earn money. I used to play basketball twice a week, lion dance 1 night a week,...

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