Every Child Deserves Better

Published no picture Angel Betronio

no picture Angel Betronio
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Being a Filipino and living in the Philippines has its perks. The warm and friendly people, the beautiful beaches, hiking trails, diving spots, etc. that being said we also have our downs, one of the most prominent problem in my country is poverty. We have the resources that enable us put food on the table but most of our farmers are drowning in a sea of debt. I am from the province of Bukidnon where the main source of income of the people is through agriculture. Yet most of the...

The Dream of Having Dreams

Published Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui

Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui
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Far beyond expectations; sometimes things are not as we see them. Here; where I live; women are strongly different. We do go to schools and we do drive our own cars. We are allowed to choose our own path and we do not get married at a young age. Technically girls in my country have the highest rate of success in school. Things are not that perfect; though. We still face some kind of sexism when it comes to finding jobs or doing interviews. We are still actually subjected to sexual...

Flooding Calamity upon Ebola Catastrophe in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Published Avatar Plan International

Avatar Plan International
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In midst of fighting the deadly Ebola virus, our city of Freetown, experienced exceptionally heavy rain on 16th September 2015, which caused the worst flooding in history of Sierra Leone. The calamity left 7 confirmed dead and almost 60% of the city roads were flooded. Over 100 houses were destroyed, vehicles were submerged in water and properties worth millions of Leones have been damaged. All at the same time as the remaining positive cases of Ebola are still knocking at our door...

The Real-Unkardashianized- Armenia

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

no picture CLU Student
Gigi Manukyan
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Last week, the Kardashians premiered their “life-changing journey” to Armenia. Like the Kardashians, I, too, am Armenian-American. Also, I, too, visited Armenia this past summer. I, too, visited Geghard Monastery, Gyumri, and Tsitsernakaberd (Armenian genocide memorial). I, too, ate mouth-watering Armenian desserts and visited my ancestors’ homes. I,too, explored the night life of Yerevan and did all the touristy activities. However, unlike the Kardashians, I was also expos...

Promoting clean surroundings for sustainable health through IEC strategy

Published Avatar Isaac Oriafo Ejakhegbe , Young Leader @ Women Deliver

Avatar Young Leader @ Women Deliver
Isaac Oriafo Ejakhegbe
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A successful environment/climate policy must be holistic: cutting on carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases as well as promoting clean surroundings—both working towards sustainable health for everybody. However, as we approach the post 2015 developmental agenda, one cannot but lament over the filthy surroundings in some parts of developing nations. A filthy environment simply means an unclean environment littered around with disposable materials such as: broken bo...

You Never Try, You Never Know

Published Avatar Gerald , Mr

Avatar Mr
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Early last year, I started working on a professional life planning process. It included where I was then, what I wanted to become professionally within the next three to five years, the skills I would have to focus on building, and the organization I could potentially work with to fulfil these goals. In between I was in my final year of college majoring Economics, but education had become my passion. Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn back the hands of time. I knew I had to fulfill...

A glimpse of “Solar Energy in India”

Published Avatar Babu Saheb , Student

Avatar Student
Babu Saheb
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Energy problem and sustainable solution is the most celebrated issue of the hour in the human civilization. It is now universal truth that the accelerating in energy consumption rate cannot be matched with available reserve of fossil fuel. And hence the need for renewable and green energy is the must go destiny in which solar energy is the most attractive alternative source of energy. As we know among developing economy with more than 1.2 billion Indian population along with ma...

2015 Year Of Global Action (SDGs/COP21)

Published no picture Nancy Saili

no picture Nancy Saili
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2015 is clearly the year for global action. Countries and citizens all over the world are taking serious action to ensure improved lives for people everywhere. The actions taken in 2015 will put us on the right path to ensuring a sustainable and better future for all. First stop; New York. At the Sustainable Development Summit in New York the Global Goals launched by the United Nations have been adopted and signed this month by the 193 member states of the United Nations. The g...

The 10 Most Inspiring Moments of the SDG Summit

Published Avatar Noor Samee

Avatar Noor Samee
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Hi! We are Noor Samee and Rodrigo Bustamante, two Voices of Youth bloggers who are passionate about equality, justice, and peace. Throughout these past few days, we’ve had the immense privilege to represent the global youth at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York. UNICEF involved us in various projects throughout the Summit and needless to say, our experience has been incredible. Although every moment of the Summit left us in awe, we condensed our experience in...

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