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The environment is deteriorating, animals are left homeless, vegetation is disappearing. This poem is a response to the difficult times the earth is enmeshed in. Contrast shimmering auroras, a dancing curtain of violet hues. that once glinted off a pristine sheet of ice, that now glint off waves of water. that once brought warmth to a glacial landscape, that now pirouette in a melting backdrop, shards of ice rolling like butter under feet. heat rising to...

Obligation to Refugees

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Victoria Liu
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The world is witnessing the largest refugee crisis since World War II with approximately 65 million refugees moving out of their home countries. Refugees are the direct victims of the civil war and political instability, and a majority of them has no choice but to leave their home countries to at least survive. Unsettling images of refugee children dying on the way to cross borders illustrate the cold fact that many people are still deprived of their basic rights to life after year...

The Straw Hat Man

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Once, when I was still in school, a representative from an NGO in Calcutta came to talk to us. He talked about the clothes we bought in sale for two Euros a piece, and about modern slavery, the indigo dye for Jeans and child labour. At the end of it all, when we were convinced that certain countries were drowning in poverty and we, the pupils, the people, the citizens of Germany and of the European Union, were actively supporting that crime, the man said: “But you don’t have to...

The tipping point

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Just my two c€nts
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Dedicated to: My unveiling by Divesther For the courage you have shown I salute you on behalf of us all Because truly your words have been a wake-up call It's rightly said that we give our enemy the power over ourselves When we are silent,angry or believe that there isn't any help You've not only taken power back in your hands but have also done more By moving on to be happy & respected for showing courage down to the very core So more than sorrow and an...

Silent Heroes

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Angela Vinot
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Do we really notice what happens around us? According to my philosophy teacher, reality is just an illusion, a projection of our own ideas, but what do you think? We do see what happens around us but sometimes we do not really ponder on it, like when we see a beggar on the street. Do we wonder how or why he or she is there, or what must have happened so that his/her life has ended up this way? I do, and I’m completely sure I’m not the only one. I know that if we all could...

His name was Tom

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She thought it was odd that he was the first to die, well, at least that’s what she says. He was 14 years old, quite tall and had that very special laugh in all the inappropriate situations. He never understood why girls spent all these hours trying to put on a stupid nail polish or trying to buy new clothes even though they had multiple outfits. He had that one hoodie he liked best. He thought it was okay to never care about how you look as long as you’re comfortable. Grey...

The Orientation

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It’s time for the new semester. Everyone is preparing for the orientation, either it’s the senior or the junior. I remember clearly how the orientation works, I’ve been through 3 orientations throughout my life. New students came to school around 5.30 in the morning, wearing excessive accessories – that looked extremely ridiculous. The entire ‘orientation’ process lasted until 6 in the afternoon When I (and most of my friends) were juniors, we feared everything. The...

I Like It In The City When...

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I like it in the city when… I like it in the city when the night turns to day, when the birds sing good morning for everyone without bias I like it in the city when, the morning newspaper reads that there is no war anymore I like it in the city when, the society is flexible, when it’s okay to wear shorts and skirts and it’s okay to say the Morning Prayer I like it in the city when, work gets easier but passion remains firm, when people meet each other, greet each...

The War on Innocence

Published Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist

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Did I see his face? Yes, I did. Did I cry? Yes, I cried.. a river. Did it change anything? No, nothing.. it changed nothing!! It's not my story to tell, it's his, and frankly I only know what the seconds of a media video allowed me to see, but it was enough to haunt me. And, I am not complaining. His face reminded me that somewhere in the word people are dying, and that we are not doing enough to stop the death rows. Watching the little boy in Aleppo as he was brushing his face...

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