"We are agents of change"

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My Name is Wantoe. I am 21 years old and I was born in Liberia. My own country, Liberia, endured 15 years of civil conflict and just as we were recovering we became victims of the Ebola pandemic, with over 10,600 cases and 4800 deaths. When the Ministry of Health announced that the Ebola virus had crossed over into the country, I was in a state of denial, it was difficult, every part of the city of Monrovia, was like a civil war. As youth groups, originally working to prevent v...


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In a garden full of thorns, there would be a flower that would get your attention. There would be an outcast that would make other things pretty and bright. As life goes by there would be hardships that would certainly bring you down but you are here because you deserve life. You may think that life isn't for everyone but let me tell you that you need to think twice if your view about having this life is like that. When you were born that's already a gift, you are lucky because...

Anyone can be an online activist! – And why become one?

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Is there a cause you deeply support? Everyone has one. Some want an end to a regional conflict, others want to prevent one from occurring, some want greater rights for an underprivileged group and some want to halt the destruction being done to mankind’s heritage. But given the grinding daily routine many of us have, can it possible to play an active part in promoting positive change? Yes, it is. When we picture an activist, we imagine someone who takes part in street pro...


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With vengeance in my eyes, I stood, Right there, in front of the prude, My life, a misery he had made, But 'twas not to last, I'd watch him fade. For ours was but a tale of love, Longing, caring, honest, respectful, love; Had it been lust? In my fury, was I being unjust? Was it not he that built me up, only to tear me down? Was it not he that cut me up into pieces, like kale coming into town? Was it not he that had me wearing my heart on my sleeve? Was it not he that fed...

The common targets matter!

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As we are all here from different, deprived, splendid parts of our planet, I want to greet all of you! So, good morning, afternoon, evening or night! A little bit of introduction as required. My name is Olya. I am 18 and live in Ukraine. Now my country is known for the martial law in it. And I lose heart because of it. I assure you that Ukrainians are also the part of this magnificent world. And we want people live in peace and harmony as everyone else. That's why I don't...

Life As We Know It

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Life and death are the two antagonistic words which are always associated to each other. These two words simple as they sound have indeed a very impactful and profound effect on the survival of the sentient beings. Lord Buddha describes the root kleshas (afflictions/suffering) in the Bhavacakra (circle of life) as, ignorance, attachment and aversion; which are truly responsible to hold us back in this samsara(sangsara/cyclic existence). In today’s world, people have started to believe a new r...

''My mind has turned into a real dumpster. You can find all kinds of things inside that bin. Important stuff, useless, stupid. No human being can even try to put them in order. The worst ? My brains ‘town hall’ doesn’t even have enough employees to deal with this matter. it's a financial crisis. No extra funds for extra issues. You must be laughing at me right now but to you, my dear friend, I always tell the truth .'’ I received this letter a while ago from a very dear h...

We will be the bricklayers of a future safe from gangs

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Vicky is 19 years-old, she lives in El Salvador with her mother and shares her experience of violence as a young girl advocate in her community. In El Salvador, the phenomenon of gangs and organised crime terrorises the country: several communities and schools are being literally taken by gangs. Inside the schools, there is violence too, and everyone is at risk of being recruited by a gang. Children as young as 9 years-old are sometimes recruited. Living through a war of viol...

The Philippines on the Brink of a Climate Inferno

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In about 4 billion years from now, the Sun will leave the main sequence and will evolve into a Red Giant. While this stellar evolution is a spectacular cosmic phenomenon, it marks as well the complete annihilation of life on Earth. But long before that, in only about half a billion years, “the Sun gets bright enough to trigger a runaway greenhouse effect and turn us into Venus, sterilizing all life on the Earth,” warns Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, a veteran climate scientist who was recently ap...

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