World Radio Day - Portrait 1

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Higness Daniel is a Tanzanian young reporter who sees radio as a great opportunity for children to share about their feelings and rights in solving their challenges.

World Radio Day

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Meet Young Tanzanian reporters in the hot discussion about the benefits of radio to their lives. They are so excited to celebrate #WorldRadioDay...Happy Radio Day everyone! Check out two more short portraits below:

Who Guide The Guides?

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Who guides the body of bodyguards? Who keeps vigilant watch on the vigilantes? Who polices the affairs of policemen and protect the escorts? Is the security man secured? The child believes his parent is responsible for him, The parents expect fat paychecks from employers, The employer demands fair policies from the government, The government is pressed, tensed and stressed. When will policemen become our mentors? When will bus drivers coach CEOs about the ropes of patie...

Introduction For decades Israel and Palestine has been fighting over Gaza, declaring their “rightful ownership” on the land. The disagreement between the two nations has been a long dispute. This does not stay limited between the two nations, but involves, third world nations or the allies of the two, pressuring the world nations to choose their sides, hence diving the nations into two: pro-western and anti-western. This is the main reason why the conflict has everyone’s...

Education Outside the Classroom: the Quest for True Learning

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All academic institutions aspire to form, educate, teach, and instruct the next generation. This may sound quite obvious but these all institutions want students to "learn". I put learn inside quotation marks because learning is a tricky concept to grasp. Learning is not memorizing or cramming but rather it is the growth that students should be experiencing. About two weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending Close Up in DC. Close Up is a program for high school students in whi...

Illiteracy: A Curse on Development

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The United Nations defines illiteracy as “the inability to read and write a simple message in any language.” Let’s first understand the definition closely. An illiterate is equal to a handicapped person who is unfamiliar with his surroundings and is unable to perform day to day activities like driving due to his inability to read and understand traffic symbols. The factors causing illiteracy vary from region to region, such as wealth and globalization. One important factor...

United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum 2015

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The United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum 2015 was held from 2-3 February 2015 at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Even the snowy weather couldn't stop this wonderful event to be happened. This year's theme was “Youth Engagement in the Transition from MDGs to SDGs: What will it take?”. The two-day event brought almost 700 young people and representatives from worldwide on a single platform. The forum has been happening since 2012. The objectives of the event were to provide...

Love Is Love

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Interview with Tea Hodaj, a young filmmaker from Albania. What is your video about? My video is about love. Since we all have a different concept of love, but we all manifest it somehow in the same way, I want to show a “different” kind of love and its compliance with the massive concept. My video is about the non heterosexual relationships. Why do you think global audiences need to see your film? Audiences should see my film because they need to understand that "...


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Hi guys, True happiness comes about when you know you are doing the right thing for the right course. I have been volunteering as a Scout Trainer and a mentor since 2012 to date, I feel good whenever I am training and mentoring the youthful generation knowing that am touching somebody`s heart and laying a firm foundation in the life of the youths. I don`t get paid for that, it`s a gift of time and resources I give to the innocent souls whenever I meet them or they call on...

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