Boy with Polish

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Onnolee Brown
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His hit single "Youth" is climbing up the charts all around the world, his debut album "Blue Neighbourhood" has a five star review on iTunes and his first tour is selling out venues all around the world, ladies and gentlemen please meet Troye Sivan. The 20-year old musician started his career out on YouTube, where he now has over 3 million subscribers and counting. Sivan has always had a passion for music, and in 2013 he finally came out to the public as gay, the same year he sig...

Born without a dime

Published Avatar Lightwell , Junior Facilitator, Researcher and Poet. Law Student at the University of South Africa

Avatar Junior Facilitator, Researcher and Poet. Law Student at the University of South Africa
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My brain hates my eyes for seeing this It loathes my ears for hearing this It distastes my mind for imagining the endless possibilities Because sometimes I think my imagination dooms me From the time you are born Expected to live up to very high expectations The first son in a seven girls compound Born into poverty A land of barely enough Expected to be strong Believed to be macho Expected not to cry at school As worlds shift from the ang...

Become a river

Published Avatar Hannah

Avatar Hannah
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Imagine there is one drop of water. It wants to go to back where it came from, the sea. In order to do so, there will have to be more drops because one drop on its own is too small for the task. Many of these drops will form a river. The goal of a river is to reach the sea. In ideal circumstances it can just flow. But it will be likely that the earth doesn’t allow it to do so. There will be rocks on his path or trees blocking his way. The river will have to dig his way to the s...

A Call to Diplomacy

Published Avatar Aicha Enriquez

Avatar Aicha Enriquez
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I take pride in knowing what to intentionally overlook as far as my causes are concerned. This way, I get to carefully choose who to vote for, putting aside what my social circle thinks or what the media is subtly dictating. While it’s not the perfect practice to filter out and decide on who to write on your ballot, it’s an efficient way to gauge the pulse of the populace. Often overlooked, what can make or break a candidate is their stance on existing diplomatic issues....

Bring our Children Home: A PSA

Published no picture Courtenay

no picture Courtenay
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Child Soldiers are a widely known phenomenon. The use of children to aid armed forces is sadly, fairly common. However, although many know of the dangers and the struggles the children go through during the conflict, not many know about the rehabilitation process, and bringing them back home. I created a short PSA touching on this topic. I interviewed UNICEF's regional advisor for child protection in eastern and southern Africa, and learned a lot. I wanted to share the informat...


Published Avatar Chima F. Madu

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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” American Native proverb. Today is EARTH DAY, a day set aside to remind us that we really need to take care of our planet and protect our environment. Earth day is not a day for climate change experts or environmental protection workers only. it is a day for us all because climate change, desertification, oil spills, gas flaring, flooding, massive erosion etc all affect our lives in one way or...

We Are Capable...

Published no picture Rachal Chehouri

no picture Rachal Chehouri
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Advocating for female education is one thing, but actually seeing and hearing the life stories of these girls that we are supporting is another thing. In the movie Girl Rising, nine young girls stemming from countries anywhere between Peru and Nepal have their narrative translated into a movie. Each girl (besides two) don’t act but instead live out their daily life routines in their own countries while the cameras are rolling. Whether it is Wadley from Haiti or Ruksana from Ind...

Globalization: Competition or Collaboration?

Published Avatar Arsafira Jaya Mahvera , University Student

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Arsafira Jaya Mahvera
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The world is now becoming borderless. Information flies rapidly, regardless where you live, you can always be updated of what is happening on the other side of the world. Technology grew significantly, and now people are more dependent to their gadgets than to their living company. But I’m left wondering, is globalization a competition, or collaboration? Many will say a competition, and see the battlefield as a zero-sum game, in which there are the winners and there are also the...

Reflections on Tanzania: My Week of Escape

Published no picture Noor Samee

no picture Noor Samee
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I can’t go back. Because my wooden turtle and leather drum souvenirs remind me of a week I spent in escape. They remind me of warm breezes and sour star fruits and more migrating zebras that I can count. They remind me of warm smiles and "Mumbo Jambo!” and shops full of Hakuna Matata t-shirts. They remind me of breathtaking mountains, lakes, and craters. They remind me of pure ignorance. If I go back, my utopia will turn into dystopia. I won’t be able to accept America's perfect capit...

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