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A pregnant woman in labor had to travel an hour or so beyond mountainous cliffs and rebel ridden forest to the nearest birthing clinic; Understaffed nurses working beyond shifts to administer the hour’s dose of antibiotic; the resident doctor on the corner attending to the stack full of patients’ charts.Those are just some of the healthcare horrors I’ve seen, observed and endured in the last year that I’ve been as an intern in a Philippine public hospital. Looking back 10 years ago, these scenar...

Find your wire

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I've recently watched the 2015 movie "The Walk". If you know me, you probably know that I'm usually behind on movies and TV shows. Most of the time, if I watch something new, it's because of a recommendation or just a coincidence. That's how it happened this time too. I started watching the movie just to kill time, but soon I found myself following the story of Philippe Petit, a French street performer who walked on a wire between the WTC towers, with my eyes open wide.Here is a thing, I'm natur...

The value of mixed roots

Posted no picture Anna H.

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Hi, my name is Anna, I’m 18 and I’m Italian.Wait: there’s something more. I was born and raised in Italy, but my parents are not the usual kind of couple: my mom is Italian, whereas my dad comes from Bangladesh, the little country close to India. That’s why I like to call myself a “mixed girl”.You’re probably asking yourselves why I’m telling you this, and I must admit that I used to find this detail particularly irrelevant. Only recently I discovered the worth of my roots.In my opinion, we mixe...

Life without water! How is this possible?If life cannot be sustained without water, how then can we ensure adequate provision of potable water supply particularly to rural dwellers whose main source of water supply is either ground well water or surface running water?Barika, a community in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, faces water challenges arising from inadequate provision of safe drinking water. Barika’s main source of water comes from underground wells, most of which are poorly constructed and...

Language Switching, a Form of Social Exclusion?

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Burundi is a multilingual country whereby Kirundi, the national language, is used along with other languages, namely French, English, and Swahili. French has been, and is still, enjoying the official status given that it is used in administration as a working language, and in most public and private schools as a language of instruction. English, though being a global language, does not have a long use tradition in the sociolinguistic life of Burundians. It is only since 2007, when Burundi joined...

Why Quality Education? (#4 Sustainable Development Goals)

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Quality Education is such an important goal, and I believe it is often forgotten by the media and world. Education is the foundation of societies, and without educating our citizens, we cannot make progress or change - here are some reasons why I think this...What is Quality Education and why do we need it– Quality Education is the foundation to improving lives and development towards equality– Currently, 103 million youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills, and more than 60 p...

The Lost Reality

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Alokparna Chatterjee
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Before the world got enmeshed in selfies and faking a smile to look good in the selfies, Before photographs became a measure for judging beauty, There was a world where photographs were clicked to create memories and not to show off to others and acquire social approval in the form of Facebook likes. How many of us click selfies to arrest the moment's authenticity? Instead, we click them to show others how much we (apparently) love our friends, parents, pets and the list goes on.Before the world...


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With the increasing atrocities against the women in my city, it has indeed become very difficult for women to walk out of their homes with an optimistic approach that they will be back home safe. It was this one day when I was travelling by the metro train to meet a few friends. And during my way I encountered a man who was staring at me, from head to toe. A middle aged man who would have a daughter of my age giving that unusual look, that made me so uncomfortable. This very incident changed a l...

Why War?

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Miss Kavyu
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Have you ever imagined living in a world where hatred, war, betrayal, and all those disastrous societal sins were non-existent?A world where every life really mattered despite social class, status or position? Maybe yes, maybe not, it depends. It depends on your take and perspective towards life, your background, your level of imagination, or even your breaking point.I had never thought anything close to that too, before hitting nine years of age, the age when my family perished. I am fifteen no...

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