Renouncing our doubts

Posted Avatar Hania Shikh Alkassa bin

Avatar Hania Shikh Alkassa bin
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To become spring means to accept the risk of passing through cold winter days…To become presence means that you have already experienced what absence sounds like... To see things that not every person around you has seen indicates a journey only you had and probably learned a lot from so that some memories still stick to your soul... To endure a huge amount of sadness refers to times you did it alone while you were in massive need of any kind of help…There is a mask that will soon fall before th...

The Burn

Posted Avatar Kashish K , Student majoring in Political Science and English Literature

Avatar Student majoring in Political Science and English Literature
Kashish K
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I had a minor accident a few days ago. My forehead, a part of my cheek and a small patch of my shoulder all burnt.I asked for a mirror to stare at the person in it. My face with a burnt forehead. I smiled and shrugged and quickly put the mirror aside and nodded at the Doctor to bandage my forehead again. I don’t know how long it would take for the complete recovery of my forehead. For the current complexion of my forehead which is all pink and white with patches of black and dead skin to match w...

The Lesson in Listening

Posted no picture Carly

no picture Carly
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As a young child I remember hearing a poem at a Shabbat service, words that have forever been ingrained in my heart, words that became the foundation of my principles from an early age.“The person who attends a concert with a mind on business,Hears - but does not really hear.The person who walks amid the songs of the birdsAnd thinks only of what will be served for dinner, hears - but does not really hear.The one who listens to the words of a friend, or spouse, or child, and does not catch the no...

Honor other religions like you do your own

Posted Avatar Chaima Baztami , Student

Avatar Student
Chaima Baztami
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On June 14, 2017, some of the most eminent religious leaders have released a joint statement, calling on humanity to engage in interfaith dialogue in the face of today’s division. “It’s not complicated”, says Archbishop Justin Welby, “start with sharing what we all share, which is the pleasure of conversation”. Through the “Make Friends” initiative, prominent exponents of various religions invite us all to set any source of division aside and simply make friends with people that might not share...

Thanks Dad!

Posted no picture Ayesha Zeb Dar , Kemcolian

no picture Kemcolian
Ayesha Zeb Dar
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Sitting back and rewinding the pages of my memories I recall a person who's more than a person to me. Someone who is more like a "comfort zone". That's who you were dad, that's who you have always been! One of my earliest memories was waking up early in the morning when no one else was awake and talking to you because you were an early riser too and I picked up little habits from you: rising early, punctuality etc.I remember your first angioplasty when I was perhaps three years old and everyone...

The Elements

Posted Avatar Darshatha Gamage , Undergraduate, Rotaractor, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern

Avatar Undergraduate, Rotaractor, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern
Darshatha Gamage
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Earth (Rim)Our earth gives birth. Every second, every day, every month...She creates life and beauty. So, protecting her, isn't it our duty? Mother earth has been bleeding for years. Let's all help her dry her tears.Water (Dashatha)The elixir of life, the savior of beings, Forced in a struggle to surviveHer sanctity pillaged, Her purity violatedThe human child’s forgotten liberator Only a matter of timeIt will be missedAs life be threatened But a bit too lateWe should not beAir (Rim)The feeling...

The Nomad In The City

Posted Avatar Khishigjargal Enkhbayar , UN Youth Advisory Panel in Mongolia

Avatar UN Youth Advisory Panel in Mongolia
Khishigjargal Enkhbayar
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‘You didn’t even graduate high school’, ‘You don’t have the necessary qualifications for this job’, ‘Do you have anything else to wear than a deel (traditional Mongolian clothing)?’, ‘We don’t employ people from the countryside’, ‘You don’t belong here, go back to where you came from’.It was not 18 year-old Dashka’s fault that he didn’t graduate high school, did not have the necessary skills to be employed in an urban environment, or that he was wearing his only piece of nice clothing. His famil...

My first week at University (and many, many weeks after that) was nightmarish. I lost my father the day before I was due to arrive, so I arrived half a week later confused and full of grief. I still have difficulty articulating the words to express the disparity between the reality I had to face then, and the seemingly normal world around me. I was acutely aware how tough things were going to be, beginning my first year at a big University, far away from home, and having lost someone incredibly...

A Battle with my Mind

Posted Avatar Sandra Okpagu

Avatar Sandra Okpagu
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Being fit seems to be the new cool. Everyone wants to be fit, which is good if not for anything other reason than to be healthy. We all love those abs and so most people take their time to go to the gym rooms. Snaps and Instagram stories are filled with people sweating it out in the gym regardless of gender which is amazing. They are being admired and encouraged to some extent depending on the gender.I love seeing people who work out and I feel amazed, especially when I see those who lift weight...

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