The Perfectionism Epidemic

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She’s raised in a world of online shopping, microwavable meals, and conversations at the push of a button. She has a flavor for every feeling, a filter for every light, and a shoe for every occasion. Infinity practically lies at her fingertips, and her society doesn't let her forget to make the most of her privileges. 1st Grade. On weekdays, she plays and learns, going home at 4:00 to relax. She walks barefoot in the woods, finds a comfortably sized rock, and reads Harry Potter books. 6th...

Inspire! With Ijeoma Idika-Chima: Education For All

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Ijeoma is a 24 year old mentor and youth counselor who works directly with teenagers to help them build and improve their life skills. With 10.5 million out-of-school children in Nigeria, Ijeoma is the founder of Teenz Global Foundation. Even though she had a very difficult background, that didn’t deter her from reaching her goals and achieving her dreams. Miss Idika-Chima also records weekly broadcasts on teen-related issues for television and radio stations, distributes free...

The Feminist Manifesto

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Many people believe feminism is a war between the two sexes. Many people believe women are the proletariat and the men bourgeoisie. They could not be more mistaken. Working on my job this week I met a girl. It was 5AM, she was drenched and her fingers and toes were blue. She lay on a bed unconscious, her identity unknown. She looked like she was in her early twenties, her red kurti stood in sharp contrast with the whiteness of the ward. We got her breathing and intubated, her s...

Inspire! With Emma Jackson: The Role of Youth in Divestment

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I met Emma 4 years ago while completing our undergrad degrees at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada. Looking back I can’t even imagine what my university experience would have been like without her. I don’t know exactly what drew me to her, perhaps it was how incredibly different we were, yet how we shared a certain drive and passion for anything we did. I hope this snapshot of Emma and her recent activism inspires you as much as it does for me. Emma Jackso...

Pluto Flyby- It's All About the Journey

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On Tuesday, the interplanetary space probe, New Horizons, completed its historic “Pluto Flyby”. On Wednesday morning, the probe transmitted the newly gathered data back to Earth, completing one of the most important parts of its mission. The New Horizons Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission launched in January 2006. The project officially began in 2001. During its nine-point-five year mission, the probe has traveled over three billion miles. Once fully completed, the mission will provide...

A New Constitution for Nepal?

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Before 2006, Nepal was ruled by a king. A massive people’s movement was led against the monarch. Later, the then King Gyanendra gave his power to the public. The transition of the country from monarchy to a federal republic called for a new constitution. This constitution was said to be prepared by May 2010. But till this date, Nepal has still not seen a new constitution. The people’s movement or The Jana Analondan’s motto was to liberate the people from economic, social...

Large portions of northern China were once covered in rich grassland, but climate change and unsustainable land and water use turned much of the once fertile land to desert. China has made significant effort to keep the deserts that cover more than a quarter of the country from expanding. This is mainly through land reclamation. The Sand dunes in Shapotou, a town in northwestern Chinese province of Ningxia, cover a vast area. A strategy that was developed and is currently being...

The Trans* Revolution

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Derwayne Wills
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This blog post is a collaboration between Noor Samee and Derwayne Wills. Humans are categorising machines. We box, colour code, and label almost everything. We use microscopic differences to isolate subjects and make sense of our surroundings. It’s how we cope. But despite social pressures to fit in, some people can’t help but defy labels. Our efficient categorical logic works - until it doesn’t. Human identity comes in infinite forms, and it cannot be boxed. Particular...

Clouded Reality

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We all seek the truth but when we are given an answer or explanation it confuses us and many times upsets us. These answers do not suffice the complexity of the issue nor do they qualm our inner longing to do more and dream big. Thus, our world is clouded. It is clouded in the sense that we feel that we can never fully reach the complete truth or level of understanding that we hope to achieve. Imagine the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds – the rays can be seen but the...

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