The Not-So Common Franta

Posted Avatar Onnolee Brown , College Student

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Onnolee Brown
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One of Disney's most famous quotes is, "A dream is a wish your heart makes". Youtuber Connor Franta has gone from just sitting in front of a camera to making a lifestyle line, running a record label and putting on a camp in less than a decade. Franta who was born in Wisconsin, but raised in Minnesota started off his YouTube career only 7 years ago, and has quickly rose to fame for his artsy-style videos. Not only is Connor a YouTuber and Creator, but he's also a huge inspiration to...

Our Mutual Goal: Unity

Posted no picture Naufal Ubaidillah

no picture Naufal Ubaidillah
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My nation Indonesia's slogan is "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika", which means "Unity in Diversity." Now, when we look around us, anywhere and everywhere you are, this is actually the case. From the diversity of color, race, language, faith, right now comes a lot of conflict in many places in this world. You see, our own body is made up of cells. And these cells comes together to make up your eyes, ears, nose, and all other organs you have. But, the fact is, that you are one. You control...

Unheard Voices of Children

Posted Avatar Arnel Murga

Avatar Arnel Murga
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Last year, I worked as a researcher for a National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children (NBS-VAC) conducted by the University of the Philippines Manila. The study was organized by the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) and UNICEF. It was done in order to assess the situation, especially the safety, of children in their home, community and internet. The data was gathered through one-on-one interviews with respondents who were 12 to 24-year old. The selection of the...

Lavender and Purple : Feminism and Womanism

Posted no picture Yeshna

no picture Yeshna
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This blog post is a collaboration between Yeshna and Hannah Imagine a young lady. She has just finished university. It was a challenging time for her. Now that she has her diploma, the search for a job begins. She’s ambitious, always has been. At the same time, she is fully aware that finding the job of your dreams, making your passion your living is not easy by far. It is not easy for anyone. It is even less easy for a woman. They could get pregnant you know! Or perhaps they�...

One word Dilemma

Posted Avatar Rana Madanat , Pharmacist for peace

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Rana Madanat
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My dilemma currently is in the word; Invest. It’s quite known that, when you think of a new project, and you decide to use your time, money, and energy for, you prepare for every set back and failure along the way, the loss doesn’t matter as you have a plan B as a detour. You think of all the possible outcomes and create a strategy plan in order to succeed with your actions. But thing is, everyone invests without knowing. It doesn’t always involve a precisely pla...

What is the Cost of Peace?

Posted Avatar Areesh Fatmee , Writer

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Areesh Fatmee
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It seems sarcastic and mandatory enough to look into the pages of history when it comes to the topic which stands out ignored enough, Peace. With a million parchments soaked in thick red and tattered with weapons, the price of peace turns out to be too strong and yet too easy to be paid. The destiny of any nation resides in the hands of a common man, the common man living a moderate life in the dusky cabin of Hiroshima or Nagasaki or the common man selling out pockets at a local gr...

Save Our Youth

Posted no picture Lmcve1

no picture Lmcve1
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Children are our future. They are the ones we leave behind to make the world a better place to live in. With our youth great change can be made. The United Nations has made a whole convention in order to protect the rights of our children. Currently, we are seeing a big crisis in Syria, leaving a lot of their youth as refugees. Many are trying to flee in order to have the opportunities that are rightfully theirs. In the Convention, article 22 talks about how if any child is a refug...

Seizing the Opportunity - SDG 13

Posted no picture Maggie May

no picture Maggie May
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Have you ever felt hopeless facing the issues of our world? I know I have. I have felt small and insignificant as I have seen that even my heroes have not been able to change the injustice in the world. Some of the most passionate, brilliant people exist, yet we face overwhelming challenges of poverty, climate change, violence, inequality and so much more. I participated in conferences and programs that brought together amazing inspiring young people who became my closest friends...

Racism in the USA

Posted no picture Lisa , Case Manager

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Our country has been racist since the beginning of time - that's what I think about racism in America and around the globe. Anywhere you go these days you may encounter some type of racism. A person that you know may come to you and make a racial comment directly in your face and laugh. Then there are those who are racist indirectly and speak behind your back, but in front of your face they treat you like a friend. I'd rather have people say whatever they feel to my face then hav...

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