Study smart not hard!

Posted no picture Yasmin Al Bardawiye

no picture Yasmin Al Bardawiye
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How to not only pass but master your exams... My teachers have always told me to “study hard!” And for “at least” 1.5 hours per higher level subject a day. I have hated it when they said this. It always sounded as if school should have the greatest priority. Yes school was important for me as I was aiming to study medicine and yes I wanted good grades but I also wanted a life outside of school and free time. So I have worked with my own concept … I have not studied hard...

International Girls Day: celebration and reflection

Posted Avatar Ousmane Ba , Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School

Avatar Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School
Ousmane Ba
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October 11 marked the International Day of the Girl Child. Girls are change makers, and leaders full of great potential and tales; their value in society is immeasurable. As Adelaide Hoodless says, “Educate a girl and you educate a community.” This is evident in the power of girls to shape the world. Just recently, I got a chance to engage with two girls under 18, who are contributing to making the world a safer and a more sustainable place. Faced with immense pressure, a...

My determination, zeal and success

Posted no picture Oyebamiji Israel

no picture Oyebamiji Israel
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When I was asked how I made it through high school with wonderful grades I simply said "I am determined to get to my goal". Resting after being successful in life will tarnish one's success. We work each day to make ourselves better than the other day, each day with different difficulty. Problems appear at every stop in our lives and when we choose to solve the problems that look easy, we leave behind the difficult ones which add up to another burden the following day. My wat...

When Hurricane Matthew met Haiti

Posted Avatar Thuthukani Ndlovu , Student, Blogger and Marketing Intern

Avatar Student, Blogger and Marketing Intern
Thuthukani Ndlovu
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When he met her, It was not love, but a tragedy at first sight, For despite her being innocent and vulnerable, He took advantage of her with all his might. He literally swept her off her feet, With no intentions of catching her before she hit the ground, So when she eventually landed- A state of emergency - is what her children found. His presence drowned so many of her children; A thousand in counting, and he also left over a thousand more homeless,...

Vaccines should be a Human Right

Posted no picture Priscilla

no picture Priscilla
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Article 12 of the ICESCR states “The States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health." (1) Let's break down one part of that statement “highest attainable standard of” Polio has killed thousands of people in the past, and the fact that now there are so few cases is actually incredible. This is just one of the modern day wonders of medicine. Further i...

World Hunger and the Things We Should Know

Posted no picture Idil Kına , Medical Student

no picture Medical Student
Idil Kına
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Hello everyone! 16th of October is World Food Day, which is a day where people from all over the world show their commitment to act towards ending world hunger. And I decided to prepare a presentation for the people in my faculty about world hunger in order to inform them about the subject. Now, I have always considered hunger as an important issue (I mean who wouldn't?) But I have never realized how much there is about hunger that we don't know. In this article I want to share...

Talk About Changes

Posted Avatar nikenafifah , Student

Avatar Student
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A couple of weeks ago, I watched a movie in which there was a conversation between old men. He said, "People don't change. We just grow old and we adapt to learn how to enjoy simple pleasures in life". I get stuck on the words and wondering if it's true that we change only because we want to enjoy the little things in life. The image of how many changes have happened and how much I've changed, popped into my mind. You know that under no circumstances whatsoever is it okay to look b...

Can you hear me?

Posted Avatar Onnolee Brown , College Student

Avatar College Student
Onnolee Brown
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One voice is all that's needed to start an army of believers. Ever since I was a young kid I knew that one day, I would be a person that would stand up for what I believe in. As I just turned eighteen, I finally have the time when I can participate in peaceful protests. I see believers and activists everywhere I go, as they speak I know that in their minds the gears are turning and they just want to rage on whoever it is that is standing in the way of something good. But lately...

The “playbook” Big Oil is hiding from you

Posted no picture Roy Joseph Roberto , Youth Ambassador of Goodwill, Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program

no picture Youth Ambassador of Goodwill, Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program
Roy Joseph Roberto
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The supermajors, or the world’s biggest publicly owned oil and gas companies, have known for many decades about climate change and their role in creating it. However, they have engaged in an expensive series of campaigns to spread misinformation on the real climate situation. They have been deceiving the public about the reality of climate change by greasing the palms of academics, “think tanks”, and PR firms to manufacture false reports about the potential hazards of a chang...

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