Growth, Development, and Environment

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Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj
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In this rapidly changing world, almost all countries have confined themselves to goals of achieving higher growth and development. Growth and Development are two prime aspects which are taken into consideration in an analysis of a country’s economy. Some people might think of growth and development as identical terms but they are not. Growth is a quantitative concept and on the other hand, development is a qualitative concept. Growth can be measured by an increase in the numb...

Child Labor: A Disregard of the Rights of the Child

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Cody Clark
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We live in a society that is in love with clothes. There are thousands of stores and companies that are always coming out with new items to sell. How often do we really know where these clothes came from? How often do we look into who made the clothes we are buying? The answer is, not very often. The average person hardly ever stops to think that the shirt they are buying could have been the product of child labor. They never think that the cotton used to make their jacket wa...

The world is what you make it, so make it beautiful

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There are thousands of people in the world. Some of them are kind and loving some aren't. There are people who don't have the things you take for granted. People who don't have a roof over their head, or a comfortable bed and a table full of food every night. And then there are people who live in fear for their lives, with bombs going off around them.You can make a difference, even if its a small one. Share what you have with the ones who have nothing. Be a helping hand to someone who has lost e...

The Light Behind Their Eyes

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Hana Hallak
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These two free verses are journal entries I wrote after spending a week working with Syrian refugee children in an NGO founded school in Jordan. What love, What smiles, What joy to the least, Hearken! Can you hear the hope ring in the song their laughter sings? Lo! People of the earth whole, the very letter of their names is of diamonds and gold. _ I speak to the unity I saw in the hundred children whose names have found a home in my veins. O sweet child, I...

2030? What?!

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It was a warm, sunny day. I could feel it. Though I didn't want to leave my bed... I pulled the blanket over, without opening my eyes once and rolled to his side. My eyes fluttered open searching for him, when I couldn't feel him beside me. "John?" I shoved the thick, expensive blanket aside and called out to him. Damn. It was awfully sunny. I walked over to the window and pulled the curtains closed, and cranked the AC up. "John? Are you in there?" I asked again before knocking...

Please stop the bullying

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Forgive your enemies. For me, personally, hearing that phrases, evokes anger that is buried deep down. Honestly, to forgive your enemies is really hard; not just enemies, but anyone who bring misery to you. It is hard to admit it but I am one of those people you will probably makes fun of or bully because my reactions entertain you. And the best part is that I seldom get mad about it and I just laugh along. Do I laugh along because I’m not mad about it? Well, no. Some...


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When I ran into someone with most sparkling eyes, And this beautiful fantasy she had in her mind. Which she often covered with her pretty lies, Only she opened up to her favourite kind. Yet this particular fantasy to herself she always kept, Wherein everyone she loved were loved by everyone. The monsters residing in that land always wept, And folks there believed in karma not nun. For them humanity was the worship and unconditional love was the blessing, For...

Because you're worth it all

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Hello to all the women out there. Today let’s discuss some of the stuff that irks us so much from inside and try to figure out why it happens. Though I will not be able to cover up all the stuff regarding our feelings, I will try to cover the vital stuff which we generally face. Well let's get started. How are you feeling right now? Stressed? Irritated? Frustrated? Unfocused? Or any other feeling in this genre? Why does this happen? Let me tell you: this feel...

Dancy love threads

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It's quite strange, our desire to belong to people, to grab someone's heart and let it swim in our myocardial capacity, let both of our hearts dance to the rhythms of our combined footsteps and dancy beats, let them find their own land, and dangle their feet on the walls of a well -nourished organ. How easy is it for us to imagine any parts of our bodies joined together in the act of love, our souls floating together like a deformed DNA strand, each G dancing with a G instead of...

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