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VOY Blogging Internship - Applications Now Open!

Hi everyone! Applications for the next round of Voices of Youth blogging internships are now o...

I Am Inspired

Published no picture Rachal Chehouri

no picture Rachal Chehouri
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I don’t think I ever read a book as moving and as inspiring as I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. With every chapter a new conflict was introduced and I never expected that a girl my age would have to live through moments like she had to. Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, proved to be the key motivator in Malala’s work. At the beginning of the book, Malala explains her father’s history, particularly how he received his education and built his own school. Because of her f...

Translate This

Published no picture Isabella Cavataio , Student

no picture Student
Isabella Cavataio
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With the continual deforestation of the Chaco Forest, comes the diminishing population of the Ayoreo people. In turn, as the Ayoreo numbers decline, so does their language. This group of tribes predominantly speaks in variations of the endangered Zamucoan language. Often, when we think of deforestation, we might not realize how this loss may affect the culture and civilization of some people. The Gran Chaco region, where the Ayoreo people live, is actually recorded to be one of t...

Competition in Education

Published no picture Anne O

no picture Anne O
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Competition--it's something that we must all deal with as a part of school life. But how much competition is healthy for students? Parents like to compare their children, teachers often rank their students, and we also often think of school life as a competition. Competition can be good for students. It can motivate us to do better and try harder. Competition is proven to push us beyond our personal limits. It takes us outside of our comfort zones and can help us reach a new leve...

What Is a Life Worth?

Published Avatar alienink , Student

Avatar Student
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Today started out like every other day in medical school. I stepped out of my room earlier than usual so that I could interact with my patient before the ward round later that morning. It was a crime to be totally ignorant about your patient, you see. While on the ward round, we arrived at his bedside. A middle aged man whose body had been ravaged by disease, he was unconscious and was barely hanging on to life. The oxygen tank was not the same as a mechanical ventilator and th...

What Voices of Youth Internship Taught Me

Published Avatar Andrew VOY , Social Worker

Avatar Social Worker
Andrew VOY
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How I Got Here Back in the day, I used to be a volunteer for a NGO that supported children with cancer. Peeling potatoes, making phone calls, helping with cleaning duties and playing with the children used to be my usual day. During my very first visit to this NGO, I saw a music class happening. A girl was playing the piano so wonderfully, the melody was great. When I come to think about it, that moment was perhaps when I chose to become a volunteer - right there. I...

Why We Value the Old

Published no picture vickytoria726 , student

no picture student
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I sat cross legged as I massaged my grandmother’s sore toes. Her voice cracked with age, but sang golden tunes of wisdom and knowledge. “Don’t ever be afraid. You have access to so many things without fear,” she said. “Trust me on that one. It will save you many years of hardship.” Although her advice might sound cliché, as if it were a post on Tumblr, I listen to my grandmother because she knows best. My grandmother does not need a PhD or a diploma from Harvard to g...

I am a Christian

Published no picture vickytoria726 , student

no picture student
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I am a Christian. I love Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and Atheists. I have friends who are gay. I go to church. I read the bible every day. I go to mission trips and listen to Christian music. And, out of everything, I love Jesus. For me, Christianity is a relationship with Jesus. A personal relationship. It is talking to Him, learning about Him, and listening to Him. For me, Christianity is living like Jesus and inviting others to have a relationship with Him. That is all. The...

Curtain Call

Published Avatar Kyay Mon , Student, VOY Intern

Avatar Student, VOY Intern
Kyay Mon
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I always get nervous before going on stage in front of many people. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply receiving a certificate or giving a speech. My hands get sweaty and my heart threatens to beat out of my chest. I felt the same way writing my first post for Voices of Youth. Getting selected for the VOY blogging internship meant that my writing will be read by a worldwide audience. Am I really good enough? Would people be interested to hear what I have to say? What if nobod...

Hello, World!

Published Avatar Salam Al-Nukta , Country Director

Avatar Country Director
Salam Al-Nukta
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“Hello, world!” This is a quote from a friend I met in Lebanon during an entrepreneurial competition. I felt power when he said it. It sounded like he has the world in front of him, yet he was strong enough to stand there, face to face, and pitch his idea. To me, writing is like pitching an idea. It is as hard as facing the whole world with your idea. It is as hard as standing in front of a bunch of judges to pitch your one and only idea. It gives me the same amount of exci...

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