Change your mind, change your life

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khatab khan
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First of all, this is my first blog post and I am definitely fearful about this, but okay let's go... Our thoughts, actions and emotions mold our personalities which help create our reality. To change our life we must have to change our mind.The body follows where the mind goes.Continually find things to be grateful for in our life.We are not a victim of our past and we are not a prisoner of our present circumstances, however challenging they are.Faith is everything.Once I heard: If there are a...

The power of my pen

Posted no picture Esther Felix

no picture Esther Felix
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I want to use my hand to scribble down the painful feelings of my heart.By the power of my pen, I know I can flinch the maelstrom ensconced in the abstruse membrane of my heart.Through that, my ink showcases puissance by its stupendous play of words dissecting the travails inside.My world of freedom: my pen and paper!They refrain me not from frolicking with words but rather keep me engrossed in the business of obtaining terminologies that depict the state of my mind at the moment.Hail folks of g...


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My mother told me once that selfless love is a curse, I didn’t believe her and to her I say:SORRYI didn’t believe that love could be punishment and for myself I say:SORRYDay after another, my pillow goes wetter and wetter and wetter and wet…. rainy eyes making it wetter and wetter and wetter and wet… and to the red spots in both eyes I say:SORRY7 o’clock is always the state of loneliness and to the corner when it lays I say:SORRYLiving in a place where I gave up taking care of simple things just...

I’m a girl; therefore, I’m afraid

Posted Avatar Gabrielle Rocha Rios

Avatar Gabrielle Rocha Rios
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Every time I find myself alone at home, I always make sure—usually several times—that my front door is locked. Every time I walk alone, I always look behind my back and check my surroundings to make sure I’m not being followed. Every time I walk to my car, I hold the keys in my hand, and as soon as I’m inside, I lock the door, turn on the headlights, and start the engine.I do all of that—and many other similar behaviors—because I’m afraid; and I’m afraid because I’m female.I grew up in the most...

You were never a burden

Posted no picture KomalSamrow

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When this past October 10th rolled around, Mental Health Awareness day had my social media feeds flooding with posts, tweets, quotes. Inspirational, satirical, and everything in between. Poking fun at a society that stigmatizes it's own people improving their mental health, and moving people to stand against the status quo and eliminate those constraints. I'm not going to lie - it got repetitive. Over and over again, the same message in different words. Every repost, retweet, monotonous repetiti...

Girls can fight for their dreams through football

Posted Avatar Voices of Youth

Avatar Voices of Youth
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In Madagascar, many girls suffer from harmful violence, are out of school, marry under the age of 18 and become pregnant. We often have fewer rights, we are not being treated equally, and we are targeted by bullies and their hurtful insults.However, some of the girls here have big dreams and are on their way to reaching them it only if they just have confidence in them. So, girls need to have more education and support to make this world a better place. Young women have great abilities within th...

Not a Feminist

Posted Avatar Abeera Aijaz , Student

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Abeera Aijaz
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I'm a woman, and I'm not a feminist.It's not because I don't like or respect the idea of feminism, but because it's often misinterpreted, misunderstood and mistaken for something it is certainly not. Even though feminism is merely a peaceful cause, that begs for fairness, and equal rights for women as men. No branch of feminism is against men, or promotes misandry.It’s solely a plea to the world, it's only a try, a cry to let women get what they deserve; equality. But what goes wrong with it is...

Do not be oppressed by other’s eyes

Posted Avatar KIMJIHWAN , Korea

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Most people live with a steady awareness of others. We know the more we are bothered, the more we feel frustrated. It is very hard to ignore other people’s eyes. This is because humans are social animals. Our brain constantly tries to figure out how other people judge us. In the process of being aware of the way other people are looking at us, we are often hurt and frustrated. I want to explain this in relation to the book Restoring Pride: The Lost Virtue of Our Age written by Richard Taylor. I...

My mental health comes first

Posted no picture Artjola Sahiti

no picture Artjola Sahiti
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I had thought that the days I spent in all black shaking hands with people who were so careless while comforting me for my loss would be the worst days of my life. I was proven wrong. I have been having the worst days of my life for the past three months in a row."It’s because of your grandpa," they said. "You need to let him go, holding onto him is causing you pain."But was it really? The thought of him still being alive was less painful than the reality of him being gone.It was the beginning o...

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