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Anne Benz
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In September 2015 the General Assembly of the United Nations passed the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development including 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Determined, the United Nations decided to abolish poverty, end hunger, ensure equality and sustainability and reduce climate change. To reach the Sustainable Development Goals, a lot of action has to be ventured, enormous effort has to be undertaken, existing strategies and structures have to be revised and awareness needs to...


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Happiness - what is it actually? Does it even exist on this planet, where you find so many people who claim that they are happy? Since childhood we all are informed that something like perfection doesn’t exist, it’s just a race of making your own self better and that race never ends which leads to an unhappy life. The criteria of being happy changes as you observe that you have reached that level of satisfaction you wanted to achieve a few days back but that thirst of being hap...


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Bang! Bang! Bang! The noisy bangs of the bombs might have been blasted in Paris some days ago and such bangs might have been striking in the ears of the people of Syria, Beirut, Nigeria and so on. The whole world today is facing those bangs and inhumanity in one way or the other. And the recent condition of Nepal, the dreadful condition of economic blockade by India, is an inhumane Act as well. Due to lack of fuel, vehicles have stopped running and the world can imagine the con...

Not Afraid

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Avatar Andres Marquez
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“For all our differences and disagreements, we can live in a world of peace. In opposing every attempt to create a rigid uniformity, we can and must build unity on the basis of our diversity of languages, cultures and religions, and lift our voices against everything which would stand in the way of such unity.” — Pope Francis, 9/11 Memorial, New York City, September 25, 2015. It’s very easy for me, a privileged eighteen year old Cuban-American (who actually doesn’t lo...

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am an exchange student from the United States currently studying in Bilbao, Spain. I am taking a class called Global Communications in the Age of Social Media. My final assignment is to build a research project about how young people use social media and the traditional media as well as how free they feel to speak in a specific in a specific area of the world. I would like to ask a few questions about living in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea...

Get inspired by these youth innovators from Sierra Leone & Kosovo

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On the 9th and 10th of November, UNICEF together with the Government of Finland hosted a really awesome summit all about innovation for children and young people. During the summit, I was lucky to attend a session where a group of young innovators told us about their projects. So I asked them to share some of their thoughts with us on what inspires them and why innovation is important. From Sierra Leone, meet Jasonta (18), Oswald (24) and Vandy (20)…and from Kosovo, Diona (18...

Climate change steals children’s futures

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Avatar Plan International
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In December 2015, governments will meet at the UNFCCC COP21, in Paris, France, to conclude negotiations on a new international climate change agreement to significantly decrease global greenhouse gas emissions. Plan International Youth Advisory Panels in Australia, Norway, Germany and the Philippines are advocating for young people’s voices to be heard in the agreement. Here Marinel, from the Philippines, has her say… I come from a small coastal community in the Philippines,...

A New World of Leaders

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Onnolee Brown
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Hello world! This may be an unknown fact to most of you lovely humans out there but I am a strong leader. Over the past couple of years I have noticed my generation and even future generations standing up and trying to lead by a good example for their schools and communities. When my grandparents and parents were young, there wasn't really that kind of value in young teens to go around because there wasn't technology, there wasn't insane terrorism, there wasn't really bad global wa...

Where is the Humanity?

Published Avatar Onnolee Brown , Student, Future Journalist

Avatar Student, Future Journalist
Onnolee Brown
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Nothing is more disappointing than seeing our own kind, our own species kill innocent people, for yet another time. My mind is in shock, my eyes are in tears as I see the television replay the same news feed over and over explaining Friday's devastating events in Paris. But it wasn't until I found out about yesterday's events in Kenya, that I decided to finally make a post on this site. You see, I'm currently working on an essay about Humanity for my own purposes. I'm tired of seei...

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