Jam for Change in celebration of International Youth Day

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On August 12th Plan for Change hosted Jam for Change: an International Youth Day celebration at the Center for Social Innovation in Toronto, bringing together youths to network, celebrate achievements and raise awareness about creating social change. One of their supporters, Jeff Gunn, wrote a song which their youth networks lip sync’d to. Here is the video they created in celebration of International Youth Day – as an example of youth taking action. This is a Global Voice...

The skirt isn’t the problem YOU are

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You wake up in the morning, and stand in front of your closet. Debating whether it is safe to wear a skirt. You decide to wear it, keeping in mind to be extra careful. You go out and walk to work. On the journey you encounter several degrading comments, comments that make your skin crawl. Comments that affect your mood putting you in a state of fear. You pick up your pace, only to receive racy stares from your co-workers. You unfortunately have to leave your workplace late. You...

Sports Diplomacy and Special Olympics Games

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Living in Los Angeles has many advantages: great weather almost everyday, access to myriad cultures and languages, and the entertainment industry. For precisely these reasons, the city is always hosting an event or two. However, this summer has proven to be unforgettable for all Angelenos because of the Special Olympics. The history of the games is as amazing as one could imagine. Founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968, the Games promote the very best sides of human nature a...

Christophe Mazurier is deeply involved in helping to curb climate change. As a businessman involved in finance, it was only natural that he had a keen grasp of things happening not only in his field and his part of the world, but the entire globe. It was only a matter of time before he realized the damage that climate change was causing to the world, particularly in island nations, including the Bahamas, which he now calls home. Scientists and a large segment of the general pub...

Green Politics - What's the Big Deal?

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We all want to make change. Sometimes, we just want to solve all of the problems that exist in our world. It’s not really that feasible, if you think about it. For every cause that inspires you, there’s a price tag of time, commitment, devotion, and money that pushes along your “change train.” You need to find a focus, and I think I’ve recently found mine--clean energy and sustainability. Sometimes, I’m not sure if it makes sense, the whole “green” thing. After...

Three Days Where Depression Hit Me Hard

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Last year, I started cutting myself. It was my way of coping. I was trying to make the true pain of hating myself go away by hacking into my wrists with a pair of scissors. I was in this state of emotion where I did not care. When I told my councillor that I was cutting myself, she told me she was going to tell my mom. I was so afraid that they were going to lock me up, the worst possible scenario a 13 year old could come up with. So I stopped cutting myself, convincing my pa...

Products of Our Environment: Baltimore

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This past July, I spent time only twenty miles down the road in my hometown of Baltimore. Each year, my church sponsors a mission trip where we run a kind of summer camp for inner city kids. We are immersed in city life for a week, spending our nights on air mattresses in the rooms of an old mental hospital turned ministry: not a summer vacation. Many of the kids come from unfortunate backgrounds plagued with emotional or physical abuse, the absence of parents, and the presence of...

The Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change of 2015 (COP21) in Paris fast approaching, the French Development Agency (AFD) regularly updates on its website the number of countries and territories whose governments have announced their contributions in the fight against climate change. It is obvious that very few African countries appear in the list of countries officially committed to this struggle. Madagascar, which is among the most vulnerable count...

The Tears Of A Young Black Man

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I am a very emotional guy and over the past couple of years I have learned to never stop my emotions from showing, now this has made me a laughing stock to some people but it has also gained me a lot of respect from others. One emotion that I'm constantly drowned in is sadness. I have realized that we live in a not so favorable world where man made institutions and systems, such as capitalism and the UN, leave certain people destitute while other people's bellies swell from the abundance they ha...

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