Let’s talk about her...

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Let’s talk about her…Let’s talk about the girl who cries herself to sleep right after assuring her friends that everything will be alright…Talk about the times she’s had sleepless nights for friends who wouldn’t even blink when she’s in despair…She’s not perfect because she too has a habit of leaving people she once thought to be valuable…She has people around her who know nothing at all, not even what is displayed out in the day…She lives in the shadows of others because that’s the only place s...


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Youths are nation builders, and Africa is blessed with great population of restless youths committed to the development and transformation of their continent.In continuous support to the growth and development of African youths, the United States Department of State in partnership with USAID and IREXselected a class of 700 young Africans ( 60 young Nigerians) for the 2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. These youths will represent their countries as ambassadors all throu...

“Fake it until you make it”, says an English aphorism. That is exactly how a group of teenagers from a small Macedonian city, Veles,made it by faking news and spreading them on social media. Until the autumn of 2016, not many had heard about the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, even less about Veles. The city became infamous thanks to a dozen of teens, who used the US presidential elections to earn money by promoting fake news. The country was even dubbed to be the ‘Fake News Factory’ or ‘...

Why we should change the term 'feminism'

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Lately, the word 'feminism' has been given a bad rep.Strangely, it isn't just certain men of the world, whom reject the notion of feminism due to their conspicuous dominance over women in the past. It's the women themselves. The women whose mothers and grandmothers have fought for equality. The women who may have daughters, or sons for that matter, who are becoming more aware of the movement that has been spiralling for generations. These women do not have anything against equality, but they do...

She is strong

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Sitting by myself under the open sky, overwhelmed by the thoughts of you. You left me alone when I needed you the most. You broke my heart and what's more traumatic are your memories which keep me awake all night, making me feel worthless and unlovable. I can remember the good memories we had together... We talked for hours, laughing and crying, sharing secrets with each other. We held hands, hugged and kissed surpised each other with small things. We watched movies, cuddled under a blanket,...

Start with yourself!

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We often stress the importance of smiling at our friends or waving to a distant neighbor. We feel good when we help an older person or when we play with little children. Despite this, I no longer see us taking the time to interact with each other! Perhaps what inspired me to write this article is that we are aware of the importance of the individual to society, and that the individual cannot grow apart from his community. He needs friends and family to stand with him in pain and joy. What we do...

The 30 seconds that changed my life

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The 30 seconds that changed my life Is this some paranormal activity? Or, am I dreaming? I struggled towards the window to check if my house was rammed by a moving vehicle, or worse, a Bulldozer. But, to my dismay, I was shocked to find out what it was, when I heard my mother in the next room wail "Earthquake! Earthquake!” I could feel the rush of adrenaline in my body. The sensation of death and fear were never so real. I ran for protection in my mother’s direction, where she was holding on to...

We Won't Let You Silence Her

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You kidnapped her, you sedated her, you raped her,You murdered her But don’t worry we won’t let you silence her. What will you blame it on this time? The rape, the crime, Her clothes were too short or was she out too late? I’m sorry but wasn’t she just eight? This time though it was about religion and revenge. You blame something you don’t understand and expect us to withstand This. Sick. Pathetic. Event. You use child abuse to scare them awayThis isn’t a game where you can just foul play.You ki...


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Fashion is a part of who we are. It is a part of our personal style and of the definition of our beings. It is, I dare to say, even indispensable when describing a person, because it offers a lot of hints of how the one in front of you might be or might behave. I am not saying you can determine the entire personality of someone through fashion, but still a considerable part of it. Now, having said that, I also want to add that our way of consuming fashion and the type of fashion we consume says...

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