After leaders such as Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King Jr., the perils of segregation and political injustice towards African Americans seemed to be diminishing and replaced by hope within minority hearts. However, over 50 years after the march in Selma, black Americans continue to face the struggle of institutionalized and societal racism stemmed from the roots of the country’s discriminatory past. Despite this fact, there are still many people across America who believe this lack of fa...

Save it now

Posted no picture Diana Rose , Environment

no picture Environment
Diana Rose
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Are you uncomfortable with what's going on in our world and frustrated on what the right actions to address them are? It's easy to be concerned, but being involved is a different thing. Involvement comes with the word "responsibility" and many of us can't take the associated time and effort.Today I feel that global issues are not taken seriously by people who choose to drag their life just to live and die. A kind of living where people work everyday to earn money for their family and find happin...

Young people on the move - a low hanging fruit?

Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

no picture Yasmin Youssef
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Global Forum on Migration and Development - Agadir 21-22. June 2018 - Reflections From the 21.-22. June, I have attended the GFMD thematic workshop (organised in the partnership with UNICEF) in Agadir, as one of 13 young delegates (from more than 10 countries of origin). The aim of this conference was to discuss issues that concern the migration of children and youths and to find sustainable and durable solutions to them in the context of the GCM (Global Compact on Migration). For that represen...

Be proud of who you are

Posted Avatar Richard Gonvill , Musician and Engineering Student

Avatar Musician and Engineering Student
Richard Gonvill
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This time, I want to dedicate my words to the people who can't feel free to express themselves, the people who need to hide who they are to be accepted and not be judged for what they like or how they live their lives.There are so many things I want to write about this, about how I feel when a friend, or even myself, cannot feel free to express who he or she is because of what other people will say. If only we stop judging others and ourselves, we can start living a happier life, and we could le...

The unspoken

Posted no picture Destiny Faye van Rooyen

no picture Destiny Faye van Rooyen
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One moment everything is fine, blissful, and every synonym to convey that you are happy, and the next moment- just like that- you dislike yourself, you feel isolated and sad, you feel alone in this infinitely large universe. You can be in a crowded room with people talking to you or over you and still feel so so alone… Do you know what I’m talking about? I have never experienced as many personal mental health issues in my entire 18 years of existence than I have in the past 5 months. Transitio...

The true purpose of education

Posted no picture Ishika Agrawal , Student

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Ishika Agrawal
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When we turn five years old, we begin a new path as we go to school for the first time, with the excitement of coming across new experiences and new adventures, with the support of our families and the guidance of our new teachers. In elementary school, we look forward to every new day, to every new thing we learn, to every moment that will become an unforgettable part of our memories. As we grow older though, the days start to blend together, the next day the same as the last, repetitive and in...

Every young refugee has a story worth telling

Posted no picture Matthew Tikhonovsky , Co-founder of the Walk a Campus in my Shoes poster exhibit

no picture Co-founder of the Walk a Campus in my Shoes poster exhibit
Matthew Tikhonovsky
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One of the purposes of the Refugee Youth Voices Project is to shine light on the experiences, trials, and joys of refugee youth (ages 15-24) across the world, a group that is often left voiceless and badgered by stigma, myths, and misconceptions. At the core of the student-led project that I created, is a central mission to portray refugee youth as they really are: youth who have fled unimaginable conflicts and left everything behind in their homelands, but also youth who want to spend quality t...

Mid-year thoughts

Posted Avatar Gloriana , Student

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Life speeds up. We don’t realize time has gone by until we look at the calendar and… it’s June! Half of the year is gone and we ask ourselves: Have we accomplished our goals? Have we taken advantage of our days? Are we going to achieve our 2018 objectives? Each time I look back, I realize how much I run in my daily life. Between studying, sleeping and making chores sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate the small things we encounter in our way. Suddenly I notice that I’ve stop doing tasks th...

Child labour

Posted Avatar Angeline Michelle , Its about Humanity

Avatar Its about Humanity
Angeline Michelle
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Honduras.Have you ever wondered why a 10-year-old boy is selling bread late at night when he should be in his bed sleeping so he can go to school the next day? If you haven´t done it yet, well…I have. I was leaving from visiting my family around 9:00 p.m when suddenly a kid comes after us saying "Do you want cinnamon roles? I have for sale!" I immediately turned around and was outraged by the image that was in front of me. I stood looking at it trying to process it. I told someone who was with...

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