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Dear world, I am a woman Beautiful and divine Born to live my life with integrity And not to be undermined. I am a soul As pure as the driven snow Filled with plethora of mixed emotions Emotions of elation and emotions of dejection Emotions of adorement and emotions of contempt Emotions of feminism and that of sexism. I am that creature of God Who is bound to stay confined in the nutshell made by this society Yes, the society which...

Self-Care is a Form of Activism

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The Before When I was young, I worked as hard as possible to reach my full potential. I didn’t waste a second on anything that felt unproductive. I wanted straight A’s, a varsity letter, and an enviable social life. I wanted to be perfect. The problem arose when I began measuring my self-worth on tangible achievements. I don’t think I could have possibly worked harder than I did, but I still never felt good enough. Despite all the things that I could do, I still blamed...

Metaphysical Matters: The Goldfinch, Death and Afterlife

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Ashfah Haneef
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So, after finally having read Donna Tartt’s award winning The Goldfinch, I am still under its spell. It is undoubtedly one of the best-or if not the best book I have read thus far. What is it about? To make a long story (and when I say long, I mean loooong-800 pages long) short, thirteen-year-old Theodore (Theo) Decker survives a terrorist bombing in an art museum in New York, which kills his mother. A confused Theo, upon the instruction of an elderly gentleman, walks out o...

Teenage Zombies

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Ashley Storer
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Most teenagers are living life as a ticking zombie. We live off approximately 5-7 hours of sleep a night and yet still have to wake up ready for what the day brings us. Honestly, I don’t know how we do it sometimes. I know myself that teenagers these days compared to “back in the old days” have many more responsibilities and pressures of doing well in school and yet still having a social life and earn money. I used to play basketball twice a week, lion dance 1 night a week,...

Dream Big

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Most people definitely have a problem with others' ambition, and even more with success. Those people always feel like to drag ambitious people down. When you're young and have ambitious dreams, especially artistic dreams, people often say to you that you'll never succeed, that you have to stop dreaming. But don't ! Prove them wrong, work hard to get where you want to go, don't listen to them and make your own way. When someone succeeds, jealousy is often what leads som...


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We all want to be remembered when we are gone. We want to live throughout history, to make our mark on the world. We want to watch time fly past and know that you have been here a thousand lifetimes. We want our love to last eternally, to bypass 'till death do us part'. We seek to defy the intricate norms of mother nature: we all come and we all must go. Some even believe in reincarnation; I live, I die, I live again. We do not want to stoop to a slow death in our octogenarian years. We want to...

Tear gas,Pepper spray, Rubber bullets and Stun grenades - The Fight For Education

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Tear gas, pepper spray, Rubber bullets and stun grenades. Tear gas, pepper spray, Rubber bullets and stun grenades. Tear gas: a gas used that causes tears To pour out of a students irritated eyes, While trying to fight a system That has feeding them with lies. Pepper spray: a spray used to spray their eyes In order to try and blur their vision, Because not only are their eyes now wide open, Their minds are openly fed up with the flaws of the syste...

The Ethics of football

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Has the importance of soccer come out of proportion? Around the globe millions of people are following soccer events like the world cup, the European championships but also smaller events like the Champions League and Laliga. Soccer is almost an exclusively spectator sport, which in simple terms means that more people watch it instead of playing it and for many fans it is more than “just a game”. This can be especially observed in the fan blocks during games. Soccer has creat...

Introduction On December 20, 2015, the United Nations outgoing Secretary General, Banki Moon during presentation of the ‘Plan of Action to prevent violent extremism’ described youth as an ‘untapped resource’ that must be empowered to make positive contributions to the development of their nations[i]. The UNSCR 2250[ii] without prejudice to national and regional variations defines youth as persons between the ages 18-29. The United Nations has called the attention of t...

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