In 1988, the Supreme Court had a 5-3 vote that forever changed High School Press Associations. The iconic Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier case sparked debate on whether or not high school writers had the same first amendment rights as professional reporters. This shift in how the country interpreted the first amendment has led to an uprising of journalists and administration fighting over the right to publish controversial articles. The impact of the case has, and will continue to affect ho...

Globalization: Benefits and Problems


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* This article was published by Rocio Amado Torres on the course “Globalization” at the University of Oxford. The aim of this article is to highlight the key benefits and key problems of globalization and what governments can do about it to take advantage of the benefits while avoiding the problems that globalization has brought. To begin, it is necessary to clarify what is globalization? This term is used to refer to the global interdependence of people in the technologica...


Girls and Education is everywhere!

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Since learning Amharic (here and there) I had begun listening to Amharic music. I stumbled across this song called 'Taitu'. I listened to the song non-stop for a few days. I sort of gathered by the English subtitles about educating girls and my heart leapt for joy! My favourite topic in a song! As soon as I saw my classmate who has been teaching me Amharic I immediately got out my earphones and played her the song. She told me that the song was about allowing girls to access ed...

The Need for Easy Access to Sanitation

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Background The World Health Organization (WHO) defines sanitation as, “the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces.” However there are approximately 40% of the habitants in the world living without sanitation fecilities. Besides the example of some developed nations, sanitation is majorly lacking in developing or underdeveloped countries. Even if some sanitation awareness standards are implemented, the standards only includes pit...

He For She: The mission of my life!

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It was one of the great days of my life when I had the opportunity to volunteer during the launching ceremony of UN Women's HeForShe campaign in September last year. I was stunned to hear UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Emma Watson's speech live at the United Nations headquarter. She left us some questions to ask ourselves for standing up for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, "If not me, who? If not now, when?" These words went straight to my heart. I was man number...

Africa was the birthplace of civilization, but the continent as we know it today is in many ways a young place. Most nations only wrested freedom from their imperial powers in the past century, and many of those grew into democratic republics just within the past few decades. Economically, the region has just begun to diversify from its reliance on natural resource exports, with many countries investing in infrastructure and education and establishing robust manufacturing, service,...

Since You Are Young...

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Young age is called as the most influential age at which persons are more active, healthy and experimental. It would bestow you more opportunities of self growth and skill enhancement. Encountering the freedom of life would bring enjoyment; therefore, both choices and decisions must be taken prudently. Since the consequences of actions should not make you frustrated, your needs should be fulfilled carefully without being controlled by someone else. Since you are young, you are supp...


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Bullying is a popular problem in school as well as on social sites. I believe that it starts with the parents if we want to prevent bullying. Behind those bullies are problems, emotional ,mental ,physical and even financial problems. These bullies bully because, I think they need their parents' attention. Most victims at school are the freshmen, the nerdy folks and those quiet children. But I want to say to these victims that they don't need to be scared - talk about it to your...

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