To Each His Own

Published no picture Aya Zahran

no picture Aya Zahran
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A world where nothing is absolute, leaves so much to the brain to attain, perceive, digest, imagine, and interpret it's own truth.... Generally, our world nowadays is very much accessible and attainable to all kinds of information, it could be viewed as a huge website, a social platform that connects people together from different cultures, different worlds, with divergent point of views and thoughts to new ideas. And this utterly is a beautiful thing to benefit from, but like...

If I...

Published no picture ShapranO , Student

no picture Student
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If I had just one wish from Genie, I'd give it to the whole world. You know, sometimes I just do not understand what am I doing here. I do not understand why people are so cruel. I do not understand why people are fighting with each other. I do not understand why children are abandoned. I do not understand why animals and people are being killed. I do not understand why gays and lesbians do not have rights, why they are not considered as human beings. I do not understand why pe...

"Mothers Day"

Published no picture Rehma Khan , Student

no picture Student
Rehma Khan
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Mother's day according to "the internet" is a day of the year in which mothers are honored by their children. Now why do we have a specific day of the year for our mothers... why can't everyday be mothers day. Why can't we as kids tell our mothers everyday that everything they've done for us wasn't a waste. Did you know that the human body can only take 45 dels(unit) of pain, however at the time of birth, the woman feels around 57 dels(unit) of pain. This is why we need to love our...

Modern Africa vs. "Ancient Africa"

Published Avatar Elio Mouhanna , Student

Avatar Student
Elio Mouhanna
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One Year after another, politicians and international organizations have failed to generate most African countries into growing nations. Many researches labeled these nations as "Ancient Africa" because of not moving forward. However, economists and experts from all perspectives are approaching Africa's issues to end find solutions. Better yet, some African nations are enhancing themselves as powerful nations due to better authorities and deals with foreign financiers. For instan...

We Are Not This

Published Avatar Rodrigo Bustamante

Avatar Rodrigo Bustamante
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Human rights “are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status.” Human Rights are universal and inalienable. Human rights are equal and non-discriminatory. In simple terms… they belong to everyone regardless of who they are; no one can be deprived of them. As believers of inclusivity, equality, and justice we must stand for ALL human rights and not just the...

Fort McMurray Fire in Canada, Alberta

Published no picture Rehma Khan , Student

no picture Student
Rehma Khan
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After a huge amount of disaster after the Fort McMurray fire in Canada, Alberta, residents lost their houses and personal belongings as well as their normal routine lives. The forest fire took place on May 1, 2016 and by May 3, more than 2400 homes had been destroyed. This incident has also impacted Canada's oil sand operations. 240,000 hectares have been recorded to be burnt, meaning 590,000 acres. The Government of Alberta declared a provincial state of emergency. Evacuees who ha...

TEDxYouth In Syria

Published Avatar Salam Al-Nukta , Country Director

Avatar Country Director
Salam Al-Nukta
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Syria is home to over 4 million young people who don’t just represent its present but also act as dynamic agents for the future. Those young Syrians when asked about their passion, many challenges showed on the horizon. In a survey -conducted by TEDxYouth@Jahez organizers- which 90 young people filled in, 74 persons of which 65.9% were between the ages of 16 and 22 answered that they think they have ideas worth spreading. Obstacles faced by youth were divers, including lack o...

This World, This Place We Call Home

Published Avatar Reid T.

Avatar Reid T.
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This world, this place we call home, where we’re supposedly free to roam is a messed up place where richness and race decides your place in society. It’s a place where the brand of your clothes are what makes you friends, where, when your phone’s battery life ends you become a lesser person. It’s where society revolves around celebrities and where lasting friendship is only a distant memory. This is what we’ve come to call the norm, where we are expected to conform and re...


Published no picture Nancy Saili

no picture Nancy Saili
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It is very clear that in order to avoid the worst possible impacts of climate change and keep global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius we need to completely phase out fossil fuels. In order to get the word out and get everyone on board and up to speed a ‘break free from fossil fuels’ campaign was started to run from 4th to 15th May. Break free 2016 is a two-week global wave of action aimed at keeping coal, oil and gas in the ground by confronting polluters and demandi...

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