Seeking for a Change in Life

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This is an article written by a 22 year old woman residing in Bangalore, India. She is writing this to let the world hear her wish.Family- She was born to a good hearted couple- ambitious father and kind mother- and had a younger brother. Her parents did not receive a formal education, but chose to learn from life. Her father came to Bangalore from a remote village and started working day and night with all the energy he could gather to succeed in life (success is different for different people...

Playgrounds, Not Prisons

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Every night, while most American students are sleeping soundly or toiling away at a homework assignment, nearly ten thousand juveniles across the country have been condemned to spend their nights behind bars in adult prisons because of automatic transfer laws, laws that allow children as young as ten to be tried in court as adults. It’s time for us to reach out to the children sentenced to suffer.In most states, children as young as fourteen years old can be tried as an adult if they commit a vi...

Our Full Potentials

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(Thoughts based on the experience of a certain historical lecturer. What would become of us if we stopped fretting about fate and focused on our talents, in a bid to make Africa more better?) The few yawns and doze-offs that she receives from the big audience of three hundred irritates her. She was lecturing the Architectural History course for the fifth time now to the freshman students, and in all sessions, she noted that only a few could maintain their keen up to four hours. “Historical subj...

The Voiceless

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Growing up in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, and belonging to a well-educated family, I believe that I have led a very privileged life than most of the women of my country. However, being a woman nonetheless, much like the others, I was expected to conform to a certain set of societal norms and traditions. I felt that I was programmed to believe from a very young age that the only way to become a successful and respectable woman in our society was by becoming a doctor. Not because it i...


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The Better Life for All Foundation (BLAF), a youth-led NGO, supported the World Health Organisation (WHO) in celebrating the 2017 World Antibiotic Awareness Week #2017WAAW. The foundation, organised grassroot awareness campaign on antibiotic misuse and antibiotic resistance in secondary schools within the Ibadan, Nigeria.Massive awareness campaigns were conducted in Hillcrest High School, Bodija, and Imam Zubair Modern College, Barika, all in Ibadan, Nigeria, on the 16th of November 2017. Also,...


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You were love itself to me. The kind of love you think doesn't exist. You were my most beautiful misfortune. The kind of sin that's hard to resist. And it still haunts my soul. Of how easy I let go. And I still lose sleep. Going over all of it. Blaming myself for every bit. Trying to imagine how painful it must've been. You've lost me and I've lost everything. And the pain. It only grows. And I miss you. More than you'll ever know. I dream of your eyes. And the hate they look at me with. Baby, I...

Ignorance: Food For The Dogs

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Just to get it down in stone: I am far from going against someone for having different political views to my own. Very far. I respect that people differ and hold opposing views on a spectrum of subjects, politics included. It’s what democracy is all about, at the end of the day. There are points in time, however, when I do look upon another’s choice with sheer disappointment.This is when a person is supporting a politician that is corrupt- someone involved in dirty deals, scandals and money laun...

The following is an article I wrote August 14, 2017, as I looked over a bright sunny Boston day. Looking back, I had no idea Puerto Rico would ever be the center of a national debate. At the time I could not fathom the possibility of such a disaster as the one that has destroyed the island. Yet as recovery and relief efforts continue, it is important to remember what the island was before. However, more importantly, how the new challenges Puerto Rico faces can shape its history forever.As a chil...

Three am changes

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Everyone has different thoughts at 3 am. They range from, “Oh gosh, this assignment is due in 5 hours and I’m half way done” to somewhere around, “I don’t have a reason to sleep, to wake up, to do anything than to be here right now”. I guess my 3 am thought right now is why am I up, why am I writing, why am I thinking about everything now. Something I’m going to do is to write down my 3 am thoughts, maybe I’ll sleep after I go through this.I can’t sleep because I’m thinking at a thousand miles a...

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