On Wednesday Antonina Akoth Ojala represented the Kenyan Girl Advocates in front of the First Lady of Kenya. Bringing issues of gender equality and safety to the forefront of the discussion on the Post 2015 Development agenda. Antonina outlined the challenges and The Girl Advocates’ recommendations for the government. Their voices were heard as the First Lady agreed to lobby influencers on behalf of the girls, and work to ensure their issues are included in the SDGs. Below is a c...

My Voices of Youth Blogging Internship

Published Avatar Utsah , student

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Four months ago, I saw the call of applications for the Voices of Youth Blogging Internship. I saw an opportunity to improve my blogging and digital media skills. But at the same time I was not sure if I would be able to write a good piece on any social, cultural, political or economic issues. I was hesitant to be a part of this vibrant online youth community. Thus, due to my self doubt, it took me nearly a week to submit the application I started. Before sending in my applicat...

Pearls of wisdom: An extraordinary experience

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Sullay Kalokoh, 22, from Sierra Leone, is now a fully-fledged film-maker after shooting Pearls of wisdom – Great women inspire girls with Plan International. From finding stories to filming interviews, Sullay is now a dab hand at making movies and is determined to use his skills to ensure more girls’ voices take centre stage around the world Participation is vital if young people, including girls and young women, are to develop and succeed. Yet, in Sierra Leone, people...

The Professor Who Didn’t Quit

Published Avatar David Molina Shvidchenco , Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology
David Molina Shvidchenco
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In the district of Comas - one of the many that all together make the capital of Perú, Lima - lies the school of San Benito. With almost no teachers or funds available it struggles to give year after year a good education to students. The one force, constantly struggling to not let that place die, are the professors that work there. With just 18 years old Wilson Bellota Zevallos is the only English teacher of the school. He gives lessons to every single one of those 110 studen...

Headphones Are a Girl's Best Friend

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It is excruciatingly hard to be a girl. Just typing these few simple words, I can already hear the cries of a thousand men from all across the great spider web that holds us all. “Shut up you B**ch and stop playing the victim”, they say. Some prefer more decorative curses; the B word is so basic. To these men I say, “Stick around and read on; it's going to get so much worse”. As I was saying, it is excruciatingly hard to be a girl. I won't go into every reason why that is...


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Today, Wednesday the 12th of August is the International Youth day, a day set aside by the United Nations to raise awareness about various issues surrounding youth. This year the theme is Youth Civic Engagement. This simply means raising awareness about various ways in which youths can actively participate in issues affecting their community to make it a better place for everyone. It is no longer acceptable for youths to fold their arms, sit on the sidelines and wait for those in p...

If I Were President I Would Get Everyone a Piggy Bank

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There are three pay dates on which South Africans earn their monthly salaries. Pay day is on the 15th, 25th and 30th of each month. Employed South Africans receive an sms notification from their respective banks informing them that their monthly salary has been deposited into their bank account. Those who are lucky enough to have more than one employer get money in the bank on more than one of the mentioned dates. Most public servants get their monthly earnings on the 15th, while...

We Need Breaths of Fresh Air

Published no picture Cadmus Atake-E

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Most times in life we all thread on different paths of hostilities but at the end the best man takes the glory.....we have been advocating for Eco-justice but I see Success in Sight...No matter what the best man will always take the Glory... Life is all about striving for a better tomorrow for generations to come yet we still stick glued to modern practices that threatens the future of generations to come and abandons old practices of preservation, conserving and protecting our...

Geothermal Energy Development is the way to go for Kenya

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Geothermal Energy Development is the way to go for Kenya. Based on the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century 2014 report, renewables contributed 19 percent to global energy consumption and 22 percent to electricity generation in 2012 and 2013, respectively. This energy consumption is divided as 9% coming from traditional biomass, 4.2% as heat energy (non-biomass), 3.8% hydro electricity and 2% is electricity from wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. Worldwide inve...

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