Felix the silent fighter

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If you have read any of my articles, then you will probably know about a movie called "The Normal Heart". I have written about its plot, as well as how it affected me and why it changed my life. But, today, I'd like to talk about one of its main characters; Felix Turner. Felix is a journalist working at "The New York Times". Ned Weeks is a gay activist, who tries to raise awareness about the new epidemic that kills gay men, as well as to convince the government to find a tr...

Right to study: The moral struggle of a bureaucrat

Published no picture Eileithyia

no picture Eileithyia
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I want to share my very personal and subjective view on the following issue, a perspective of a public sector employee. To tell you the truth, I have recently started dealing with the thought of my inner moral struggle which I, as an administrative worker, have to face on a daily basis at the university that became my new working place last year. I am a foreigner in the country I currently live in. Fortunately for me, I have assimilated into the local structures quite easily....


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Chedi Mbaga
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Humans are creatures of habit. To support this statement, I turn to the annual fad that has become synonymous with New Year’s Day celebrations. That’s right, we are talking about New Year’s resolutions. What is a resolution? The Oxford English Dictionary would tell you that a resolution is a, “Firm decision to do or not to do something.” The more introspective person would tell you that a resolution is a commitment made for personal benefit. Thus, in making my resolut...

I Was a Mother of 55

Published Avatar Ghita El Bouamri , Student

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Ghita El Bouamri
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You can’t imagine the joy of being a mother. I too couldn’t, until 6 months ago. That was when I met my children. My 55 beautiful abandoned children. I met them two weeks before school began. Here’s our story. I was bored. It was still summer. And I have always wanted to volunteer. So I volunteered. It was a sunny but infernal day. I didn’t think I would forget anytime soon about how hot the sun was or how irritating Marrakech's traffic jams were. But I did. I for...

My Clock Is Not Ticking

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Avatar Marketer
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How do you measure success? How do you define it? Is it by the number of cars you have, your monthly earnings, the designer clothes and shoes you wear, a stellar career, the number of social media followers, your family or perhaps powerful connections? It’s up to you to determine what makes you successful because success means different things to different people, right? Wrong. Not in my society, at least. In Kenya (and probably in your part of the world too), success is dete...

Syria and the Snowman

Published Avatar Jack Liddall BI2016 , Student

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Jack Liddall BI2016
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This week, I have taken part in two very different activities. At first glance, they seemed unconnected, yet, upon closer inspection, each was as eye-opening as the other. Yesterday, I was one of the volunteers at a warehouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. We were packing a lorry full of clothes and essentials before it left to join a convoy of sixteen trucks leaving the UK bound for the refugee camps in and around Syria. I heaved sacks, passing them along the line to the next person in...


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Censorship is a very depressing issue that exists in Lebanon. Being a democratic country, I don’t see why movies, plays, and documents are either censored, or banned here. I went to the DVD shop the other day to buy an R rated (18 and above) movie. I didn’t expect any censorship or other issues to arise when I played it, since it was already rated and its viewers are adults. As I got home and placed the CD in my DVD player, I noticed that there were many scenes cut out, as I...

8 Reasons To Screw the Patriarchy

Published Avatar Anna , Swarthmore College Undergraduate

Avatar Swarthmore College Undergraduate
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1. It’s about equality As a feminist, I often receive the complaint that I am “trying to bring men down in order to raise women.” My main issue with this hackneyed portrayal of the feminist movement is that it doesn’t even make logical sense. If I want increased rights, lowering someone else’s’ rights doesn’t get me my rights. I want to be at the high level of men. I don’t want to stay at the lower one. Giving minorities equal rights with the majority does not tak...

Sharing Compassion

Published no picture Teresa Menescal

no picture Teresa Menescal
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When was the last time you helped someone out of sheer empathy or had a walk outside without checking your social media account? Indulged in a long conversation with a stranger or picked up a empty can from the floor willingly? In an era where technology is taking over most of our daily lives, we cast off to a completely distant reality. Craving eyes search for “likes”, gossip, emails, tweets and news, as real life fades out by the obfuscated screens. Packed trains, buses and e...

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