Global Voice for Change Learning Video

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Plan International spoke to young people we work with in four countries to explore how they are communicating with each other and what they would like to do if they were able to connect with young people in other countries. The video above summarises what they said. Click here to learn more about the Global Voice for Change project and the Youth Steering Committee. Click here for a longer video which explains our learning in more detail.

Art is forever (?)

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Avatar Cathleen Lee
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Almost every piece of writing from Baekje or Goguryeo* isn't available to us. Why? Because they don't exist. Silla's unification of the three kingdoms surprisingly left few documents written by people other than Silla. So, wherever you go, you won't be able to find anything from Goguryeo and Baekje, except for a few statues and wall paintings. People often say that art is forever. And this is mostly true. We can easily feel the immortality of art in our everyday lives. From Del...

In The Name Of Religion

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no picture Rafia Saleem
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September 2012 - “What is this?” I exclaimed, couldn’t believing what I saw. My car was jammed in the midst of hundreds of Madrasah students. In the small city of Bahawalpur, this was a very unusual sight. There were children of all ages, carrying posters and chanting against the blasphemous video. “Baji, these children study in nearby Madrasahs. Today, they have come out to protest,” my driver informed. “But they are so many. They cannot be all from seminaries,” I do...

Real Stories of Ebola

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"Every day and night, I sit in my family's little home in Monrovia and watch people from my community cry as their family members are taken away by the National Ebola Taskforce to be cremated. They cry that they won't see their family any more, they won't even be able to talk about them at their graveside. As these dead bodies are taken away, I wonder how life will be for their family and how will their children survive as most of the victims of Ebola are usually the heads of...

Forced marriages on the rise in the time of Ebola

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Posted by Christiana, Plan youth blogger 21 November 2014: My name is Christiana. I am 17 years old. I live in a small village in the Moyamba District in southern Sierra Leone. I lost my father when I was a baby and my mother is a petty trader. I have experienced issues affecting girls’ rights to education because I was forced into marriage. I want to be a voice to tackle forced marriage in Sierra Leone and the world. I dropped out of school twice: when I was 7 years old...

We will not give up !

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Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui
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A bullet and a gun can end someone's life but death will not make us weak. I was in the hall of the Tunisian Parliament, when a security officer screamed " Stay away from the windows someone opened fire at the Bardo museum " Still, I couldn't believe that what I am hearing is true, again for a second I thought that there was a mistake and those sounds coming from the vicinity of the ancient Ottoman campus are an illusion, I tried to convince myself that what I am hearing is...

Restricted Freedom

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The first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America states the right to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. These two principles are followed strictly in America and other countries with democracy or a democratic republic as a government. Not all countries have this type of government, thus creating major conflicts, as America and other countries are ardent about defending their citizens’ rights to publish and write freely, while other countries h...

Viewing Feminism as He for She

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The belief that men and women are equal is the true definition of feminism. In our society, feminism has been defined as women believing that they are the "supreme sex". The goal behind this movement has been compromised because so many have chosen to abide by this norm. Feminism has been viewed as a women's issue and not as something that concerns both sexes. It has been degraded to the point where many feminists are ridiculed for being radical, aggressive, unattractive or ev...

The Hype over Vitamins

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More than half of American adults take a dietary supplement every day as society becomes dependent on vitamins to sustain its unhealthy lifestyle. However, numerous journals, studies, and experiments are showing that vitamins are actually detrimental to human health. As Dr. Darwin Deen, clinical professor in the department of family medicine in New York, says, “People are looking for help with what they believe is a problem but are trying to solve it the wrong way.” A healthy d...

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