A book of life?

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I apologise for this kind of post as it is not very typical! I am currently surrounded by notebooks and I am currently finishing off a presentation that I have coming up. Through all of this in the back of my mind I am thinking about the next academic year. Next year will be my last year in university and I am soon to apply for postgraduate course. I feel that there are many points to take into consideration, I am not sure whether I should pick another subject that will enabl...


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All around the world, the 20th of March is being dedicated to celebrate 'Happiness' every year. The International Day of Happiness was established by the United Nations General Assembly on 28 June 2012 as a special day to observe 'Happiness' in an appropriate manner which includes but is not limited to education, public awareness-raising activities. The International Day of Happiness initiative was derived from the kingdom of Bhutan, a landlocked principality in the Himalayas...

Name: Anthea Laurence Age: 18 As a young islander you seem close to the small island developing state cause, tell us about your letter, and your role in the consultation. As an islander living in a SIDS, I stay well ahead with developments. In 2012, my English teacher came with this paper and asks us to participate in this essay competition held by The Living Rainforest in UK entitled Dear Mr UN Secretary General. I wrote my letter on Climate Change which was a major for...

Promoting Youth Employment at Graduate and Secondary Levels

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Introduction Youth unemployment is the most pressing economic and social problems in the world, confronting numerous nations and disrupting numerous lives. Shockingly, this crisis is adversely affecting young people as they are prone three times more than adults followed by 73 million youths out of work globally. The International Labour Organization has been actively addressing this issue from time to time. In a report submitted to the UN, ILO states that there are many “sca...

Edward Snowden, a hero!?

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Sitting in front of your computer, you’re sending messages to your friends on Facebook, tweeting things about your life on Twitter, and also checking emails online. Millions of people do this for hours every day, using the computer and surfing the net, especially the younger generation like us. But do you know that someone is reading all the things you write, recording all the things you say, and watching all the things you do? And that “someone”, isn’t your friend or your...

What is Global Voice for Change? Global Voice for Change is a pilot project with young people in four West African countries (Burkina Faso, Liberia, Senegal and Sierra Leone) and two European countries (Norway and Belgium). The project started in February 2014 and explores: 1. How to connect young people across countries that live in rural and urban environments. 2. The use of different forms of communications (meetings, telephone, Skype calls, email, WhatsApp and Facebook)...

Sri Lanka's Education System: The 3 Problems to Fix

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1. The Exclusivity of the State higher education system and The Tragedy of the Arts While over 250,000 students sit for the Advanced level examination every year, fewer than 16% of those who qualify get admission to State Universities. Selection of students is done on the basis of rank order based on average “Z Scores” obtained by candidates at the GCE A Level under a transparent national policy that promotes district-based representation. Only the top z score ranked students...

Striving for recognition

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By Fai, 23, Thailand, youth delegate, Team CRVS November 2014: My name is Pawana, but everyone calls me Fai. I am from Thailand, the Land of Smiles, and I live in the furthest north of the country. Simply put, I have been stateless my whole life. Back 23 years ago, my parents just were not aware of the need of registration for their children. One day when I was younger, one of our neighbours told my parents about the importance of registration. However, my parents only...

Ebola versus Education

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With schools closed in the Ebola outbreak and a lack of educational opportunities, how can we achieve our dreams? asks Plan Global Youth Advisory Panel member Kamanda from Sierra Leone. 21 October 2014: Just 12 years ago my country started revitalising its education system after the civil war had destroyed almost everything. Today, the deadly Ebola virus is destroying our education systems once again. Schools have closed down indefinitely and lessons or classes are banned. Our tutors are p...

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