Skills for 2030

Posted December 13, 2014 Avatar Thamara Kandabada

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There was a time when I dreamed of a future where I would find myself a decent job, and I used to tell myself that education could get me there. I pushed myself to get the best out of the public education system in this country, and although I failed, I still had options. I wanted to get my qualifications right, so that I could get employed, and I’m pretty sure that most of you can relate to this same thought process - after being assured by our parents over and over again in our...


Posted December 13, 2014 no picture Thom blessing TSM

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"I will . Never give in to the stereotypes associated with young people . Promote the positive work of young people around the country, no matter what they are doing . Never judge by the appearance of a young person and remember that a young person could look different but could, at the same time, be doing something really positive to benefit other people but only if 100 people will do the same." sometimes it takes you to another level whereby you share your thoughts with deferent people with di...

Ukraine: complicated and unstable situation in the ATO area

Posted December 12, 2014 Avatar Oksana Hirchak

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Weekly news digest (December 3 – 9) The situation in the ATO area remains complicated and unstable. During December 3-7 there was a strong tendency towards the escalation of the conflict; the ATO forces were heavily shelled: December 4- 71 time, December 7 – 87 times. The DPR and LPR rebels continued to shell civilian objects. The “ceasefire” has so far resulted in the death of 93 civilians, 520,000 became IDPs. Still, 684 are held in captivity and 1600 are missing....

Do one thing!

Posted December 12, 2014 Avatar maryb

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Do one thing! I’ve been thinking about this urging affirmation for some time now, trying to figure out what I would like to urge people to do. And I reached the conclusion that I would like people to try and see things from others perspective. To begin with, this activity, of trying to walk into somebody else’s shoes is of the utmost importance. We are all humans and consequently we are defined by our interactions with others. And, unfortunately we haven’t build yet a machi...

BURNING THE BRIDGE (A Tale of Insurgents and Western Education)

Posted December 12, 2014 Avatar Maurice Eze

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Education is a thing of pride. It refines an individual's mentality and perspective and makes such to have a different orientation. It lights the pathway and gives one the ability to take rational decisions. It is observation, articulation and interpretation of things we see. Education drives the world, hence its indispensable. It bridges the gap between ignorance and cognition. It amplifies ones reasoning, invokes the passion and stirs up latent potentials in an individual...

Bangles for Basics…

Posted December 12, 2014 no picture Rafia Saleem

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“I earn more than my husband”, Naila states while a customer approaches her shop. The sentence was ordinary but her poise struck me more than anything. “He worked as a Security Guard for a local bank but later became jobless. When this happened, we had nothing to eat for days. At first I waited for a miracle; then decided to take the leap of faith,” she continues. “With a start-up loan of PKR 15,000; I set up a small grocery shop. Five years on, the shop has a steady busi...

Tuition fee in Ukraine: against and for

Posted December 11, 2014 Avatar Oksana Hirchak

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I have not written an article on the topic “Is it controversial” and I think it is time to do it. The last days discussions with another students about education in Ukraine suggest me an idea to share with you. The main issue which was considered is tuition fee for higher education. There is about 2.7 million students and more than 950 higher education institutions in Ukraine. Country’s expenditure on education is 6.2 % of GDP. It is more than in Italy, Germany, Franc...

Protecting the Environment is everyone's duty

Posted December 10, 2014 no picture Lucia Kaiyue Zhan

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Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe as well as poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers.Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence. The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for...

Earning money for the homeless, hungry, and our country

Posted December 10, 2014 no picture Eric_UNSLCD_Philadelphia_USA

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Last Thursday, me and a group of people were having a big discussion about how we can help others. We thought of sending farm animals and weather lasting seeds to some countries. We also thought of starting out with little fundraisers or events such as peer tutoring, battle of the Dj's, drama productions, movie nights, and a Race For Others In Need. The Race For Others In Need is basically a race where people run as many laps as they can for a hour an a half and is sponsored by fam...

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