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Why create sorrow? Why create pain? Why let others suffer just for your own? Have the power? Help others with it. Together we can create much more better things. Create happiness, Create love, Together we can create a peaceful world.

The First Maritime Peacekeeping

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UNIFIL Maritime Task Force (MTF) is the first naval task force to take part in peacekeeping. MTF is a subsidiary mission of United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) that was established in March 1978 to promote peace and stability in the region. MTF operates with seven warships and about nine hundred personnel including crew and staff. Upon the request of the Lebanese government and the decision of United Nations Security Council under resolution 1701, MTF was established...

Why I Got Rid of My Radio

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For the entirety of my fourth grade year, I rode the bus to and from school. I grew to the point absolutely hated it. I hated those long country rides not because of the stuffy bus or the screaming kids, but because of the music. Day after day of listening to music about sex and money really bothered me. I guess the moment I couldn’t take it any longer was the day my little kindergarten-age sister asked my mother what ‘sexy’ meant. I was sick and tired, so, doing the on...

Dignity for Dalit Women

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Dignity. It is at the very center of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ingrained into its Preamble. Human rights laws operate on the basis that every human — no matter his or her race, religion, gender, political or economic standing, and sexual orientation — has a basic entitlement to be treated with dignity. Yet, even the most rudimentary forms of dignity are currently being denied to roughly 100 million Dalit women across India, nearly 2% of the entire world popul...

A Human Was Born

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It's the story of a girl who went from being of a specific gender to just a human. It's a story of how she broke social stereotypes and became her own person. If everyone understood that, if everyone, before everything else, became just a human, instead of the various social labels so easily handed over to all, the world would definitely be a better place to live in. A HUMAN WAS BORN There was a little girl who was always curious Inequality and hypocrisy made her furi...

An Awkward Post

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Talking: I’m not the confident, out-going type of person. I don’t usually walk up to strangers and introduce myself. Writing on paper and typing on keyboards is one thing, but talking to others is a completely different story - at least to me. That’s why, those who don’t know me through my writings don’t know me at all. Those who do read what I write might have a clue about me, but only if they can really read. I’m not someone special. Not at all. I’m...

What rights do children have?

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In case you didn't know, all human beings have rights. But there are also special rights for children (anyone under 18) that are all spelled out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. A few months ago, our friends at ReRights challenged their 'agents' with designing a poster about the Convention on the Rights of the Child...and they have picked a winner. The designer of the poster, Susie Williams, had this to say: “The rights of a child are extremely important and I...

When a piece of paper loved a book

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It’s so hard to describe what it’s like to love someone that is so loved by everyone else. Someone who is everyone’s best friend, whether they are lonely or doing just fine, because reading is preferable at both times. I have a lot of friends but just the writer type, because you know not everyone love to write. I don’t know why he always looked at me as a very empty piece of paper, all I know is that I wanted to be filled with words and he had enough words. But there was...

Consider this a Status Update

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Millions of hearts beat in unison, pumping the same electrifying pulse through our beings, giving us the willpower to live, to breathe, to survive. It is what makes us human, the urge to exist, to live on, it is our will. Or at least, it is for some of us. Left behind in the dust and misery, broken-hearted and dejected are the ones whose wills are broken, cast to the ground, unable to rise. It is that crippled man on the street corner begging for money whose will is broken, or...

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