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Published no picture Meli Coba , Student

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Meli Coba
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Me This is my first time writing on a blog, Im really excited and looking forward to make a lot more of them. First I want to write a little bit about me. My complete name is Melissa Coba. I am from Ecuador, and I am 17 years old, and I am in my last year of school. I consider my self easy going and honest. I am really tall for my age (at least in Ecuador), I have long brown hair and I have a white complexion. I have always liked to write stories, just small ones, but I wanted...

Sometimes Einstein Is Wrong

Published no picture Pia Fleig

no picture Pia Fleig
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It is said that people born in winter are more likely to become depressed than people born in summer. Karlie, 18 years old, is born on October 1st: technically, that is still closer to summer than to winter. So, there are seasons of happiness and hope and strength for her. But then there are also seasons where she turns awfully depressed and sad. Quite a lot, to be honest. Depression, as bad as it sounds, is something you just can’t wipe away. Your brain literally refuses you t...

In The End

Published no picture SoumyaK , Student

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In Paris, more than 120 fell to machine gun bullets and blasts Their blood colored the streets red, the same red that symbolizes fraternity on the French flag And, how did the world react? The people of Paris opened their doors and the people of the word opened their hearts We cradled our heartbreak in each other’s arms We squared our shoulders and said we are “Not Afraid” In Lebanon, at least 41 died, their limbs scattered in the aftermath of explosion He...

To Paris and Japan, To Humanity 14/11

Published Avatar Unitika Schlawenger , Making a Change.

Avatar Making a Change.
Unitika Schlawenger
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We will stand in this together, United, As always. Swaying like a well-branched feather. Throughout the bullets, Throughout this pain. The piercing screams, Remind me of my own eyes, Flooded with beams, Of dust. Sirens in the background, The air filled with commotion and noise, Me wondering if I am dead or alive, If there really is a choice. I remember many of the times, When it felt like the end, But despite the sorrow, Despite...

My exchange year/ Part 1

Published no picture Meli Coba , Student

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Meli Coba
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I want to tell you a little resume about the past year of my life. Let me tell you that it was one of the best ones. Last year I was an exchange student, in the United States, in the state of Michigan, in a small town named Standish. This story actually begins 2 years ago, when I was a sophomore. I don´t really know where did I get the idea from, but I just remember that eventually I really really wanted to study abroad. It was on of my biggest dreams by that moment. I checked...

Carnage à Paris

Published Avatar Cille , Student

Avatar Student
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The bullets that tore through their skin Shattered their ribs and punctured their lungs Stopped their hearts And stole their lives Triggered by those whose fear and pain Far exceeded that of those they struck These bullets, sometime between When they left the barrel and hit the flesh Changed their course Rather than inject that fear and pain Into the bodies they smashed Rather than paralyze, despair, and destroy They released a flood...

Why education is the solution

Published Avatar Hannah

Avatar Hannah
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Education is something that has become pragmatic in the western world. We don’t think about it, we just go to school. We know it’s a blessing because that’s what been told to us. We know that elsewhere in the world people are fighting for education because that’s what we’ve read. But to be honest, it isn’t always that evident why. That’s a real shame because education is something very powerful. Education is the reason why Europe’s ancien régime has developed t...

Free Speech and Genocide Denial

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

no picture CLU Student
Gigi Manukyan
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Imagine the atrocities committed by the Nazi party against over six million Jews was considered merely as “casualties of war.” Imagine the haunting horrors of Auschwitz was simply folklore- passed down and only recognize by the ancestors of the survivors. Now imagine, the attempted deliberate extermination of the Jewish people as simply “massacre-” the same term coined to the disputed murders of 6 Americans prior to the start of the American revolution. How can such a vague...


Published no picture Yeshna

no picture Yeshna
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“I see humans, not humanity “ Today when I woke, I was astounded when I heard about the #ParisAttacks. I know everybody is talking about this, and giving their opinion and I don’t know how many of us will actually read this post but we can no longer stay quiet and insensible to the suffering of people in the world. Yes, I’m not talking about the #ParisAttacks only; I’m also referring to the world. Every day in the world, someone is raped, someone is kidnapped, someo...

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