Making the Nigerian Graduates Useful

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Ridwan Ajibade
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‘Good afternoon, “corpers”. How are you?’ ‘We’re fine and you?’ ‘I’m okay. Where is your PPA?’ ‘We’re serving at Igbo-odo’. ‘Are you guys in the same place as Seun?’ Seun was the only lady among us whom we were waiting for at the riverbank. ‘Yeah, how do you know her?’ I replied. ‘I do see her cross the river often. I have just finished serving also; I served in Edo state’. He said. Now, I became more interested in him. I was concerned about his appearance, ‘Really! ‘Yeah, you...

The Path to Developing Africa

Posted no picture OnoseOgbebor

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“Africa my Africa”, Africa the second largest and second most populous continent in the world. A continent that is bountifully blessed with resources, rich and diverse cultures, creative minds, as well as resilient and hardworking people. This makes it startling to note that irrespective of these great qualities, Africa is still insufficiently developed and is also one of the poorest continents in the world. Hence, there is a need for we the people of Africa to uncover ways to accelerate sustain...

The Unfortunate Reality: Orphaned Children

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Imagine a little boy. A boy with bright glowing eyes, and a warm pleasant smile. A boy with nice dark hair, and soft gentle skin.But this little boy has a dark secret. He is a boy with no home, no family, and virtually no purpose. Imagine his life. Living in an orphanage every day, eagerly waiting, but for no future. Eagerly clutching his hands and jumping up to the sight of any rare visitors.This reality is the sad truth for more than 140 million children worldwide according to UNICEF. Though t...

I'm Brown, Not a Terrorist

Posted Avatar Kookie_18 , High Schooler

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I have brown skin. My arms, my legs, my hands, my face, they're all brown. When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was to be like the other kids. White. To tell you the truth, I just wanted to be anyone but myself. I was the only brown kid in the entire grade which kind of sucked. I was laughed at for my name, my 'accent', and everything else that that made me different from the other kids. I can't say I was ecstatic to be different. My mom tells me that when I was little I got mad at her an...

Forever Love

Posted Avatar Unitika Schlawenger , International Youth Representative

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A flower,Wilted,Doesn't easily,Give up.With the prickling winds,It still tries to get up.Raises its head,To blow,The sun,One last kiss.But the pain,In its neck,Forbids.And it dies,In love,No breaking up.But in love,Forever love.


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I won't restrict this word around the circle a dictionary seated on a nightstand to offer it a sacrificial meaning. A dialy ritual of our thoughts is our cravings. A desire to be something. An achievement that would leave an imprint of a career well explored and executed. The need to step up away from our comfort zones. Cravings that would never get satiated but limited to some level of greatness. Humanity in its entirety craves to feel needed. A ceaseless relevance with an unflinching legacy.Ev...

I Am Not An Object

Posted Avatar Kookie_18 , High Schooler

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When my cousins and I decided to walk down to the market for ice cream one day, I truly thought nothing of it. I shrugged on a t-shirt and pair of shorts and skipped out the door with the thought of a nice cold treat awaiting me in the blistering Indian sun. As we walked along the sidewalk, I started to feel slightly uncomfortable.You know that feeling where you get the sense that someone is watching you? Well, that's how I felt. I turned around to find a man staring at me, eyes glued to my behi...

Shatter the World

Posted no picture Brooke , Student

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What if the greatest dragon we must slay is ourselves? What if we must hit rock bottom before we can rise? What if we can be more than we ever dare to dream or realize? Perhaps you are wondering what inspired this plethora of thoughts, and in the simplest terms- I was washing my face at the end of a productive day. Removing the mascara from my eyelashes, I stared for a moment into the mirror as the layers faded away and reflected over the greatest enemy to my success, the dragon that I had to sl...

The Climate Change Price

Posted no picture Ubwiza Chiyungi , Miss

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Ubwiza Chiyungi
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The price to pay for climate change is a debatable topic between developed and developing nations. As I who lives in Zambia, a developing nation striving to achieve and mitigate climate change effects, in spite of the very little damage that has occurred in relation to Climate Change in the country. The fact that government has a strong desire to be part of fixing the problem is a good a sign. The price to pay for Climate Change is still concerning for the country like Zambia because the fundin...

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