Forgetting "Failure"

Published Avatar Unitika Schlawenger

Avatar Unitika Schlawenger
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Who says life is easy? If life was easy, why do we come into it crying? Though crying doesn’t solve any problem it helps lighten some thoughts inside us sometimes. You might cry when you are guilty, when you have lost someone important in your life, the list goes on and on. Some people even cry out of happiness. Recently, when GCE and A level results were announced, a mixture of reactions were seen. Some cried out of shock and happiness – getting exam results they not e...

The Dominican Refugee Crisis Is Coming

Published Avatar Derwayne Wills , Social Change Provocateur

Avatar Social Change Provocateur
Derwayne Wills
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It is common knowledge that world powers are sometimes slow in responding to humanitarian crises. Lack of political will, lack of consensus at the multilateral level, or even bureaucratic red tape - these are all factors for consideration. But while we take time to consider those factors, there are still thousands of men, women, and children pouring into makeshift settlements on the Haitian border with the Dominican Republic (DR). If the Syrian conflict is any example to be used,...

Hope for orphans and vulnerable children

Published no picture Donald Momo

no picture Donald Momo
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Orphans and vulnerable children all over the world deserve more positive impact making events to help build their self esteem and equal them with the privileged children. It will also interest the society to know that we cannot have a community of positive people if we do not slim the gap in knowledge, information and education between the less privileged and the privileged children. Where this is not done, we will have a society where the privileged ones who have been equipped...

My Life As a Zombie - A Young Addicts Tale

Published no picture Leila , Student/Cook

no picture Student/Cook
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My story begins like the one of most children that end up as "damaged freight". Broken home, troubled family, financial issues and a growing self-hatred. Growing up in the Western world, you become accustomed to so many things, media pressures, laziness, family disputes and divorce, bullying and all that garbage. One in five Canadians is diagnosed with mental illness. I became one of these statistics. Negativity swarmed me as a child, like a dark cloud following me everywhere,...

Off With a Running Start

Published Avatar Noor Samee

Avatar Noor Samee
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Because I envy birds. Because I hate sitting still, but love learning and pushing my limits. Because I crave detachment, control, productivity. Because I find warmth in rain and cold. Fulfillment in loneliness. Strength in pain. Because I see nothing but earth and hear nothing but my heart’s beat and my breath’s rhythm. Because it’s for me. Just for me. Because when I run, I am invincible. Running strengthens much more than abs and quads; it supports...

Back To School

Published no picture MariaJoseCelis

no picture MariaJoseCelis
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This is the palm tree that shielded me against the sun during the last school year. Watching "Girls Rising" I realized how incredibly privileged me and the people who surround me are. As the summer ends, and we all prepare ourselves to go back to school, I notice that we take school for granted. We know we'll be attending classes, and we don't stop and realize how much of a big deal it is. How incredibly blessed we are to be able to go to a school, sit at clean desks with new books...

Youth Indifference: Who's to Blame?

Published Avatar Cathleen Lee

Avatar Cathleen Lee
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A couple days ago, on August 19th, the world celebrated World Humanitarian Day. This time, the UN made use of the media by encouraging humanitarian actors to use the hashtag #sharehumanity to share the behind-the-scene stories with the world-a worthwhile cause! When August 19th came around, however, I realized something that I found quite depressing. I made a little mistake in the beginning when I said that the “world” celebrated World Humanitarian Day; that’s terribly wr...


Published no picture Nancy Saili

no picture Nancy Saili
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Someone once said wasting food is being unfair to the poor. The food wasted in a year in one country if conserved can feed enough of the hungry people in that country. According to a blog post by Chicago Council Of Global Affairs (, one third of the world's food is wasted annually which is about 1.3 billion tons of food wasted in a year. All over the world food is wasted in homes,...

21: The Key to Opening Doors Previously Shut

Published Avatar Itumeleng Mphure , Ms

Avatar Ms
Itumeleng Mphure
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Speech made by a proud father at his daughter's 21st birthday party. "My dear daughter I am proud of you. I hand over this key to you as a symbol of the limitless doors you can open in your life. Today you are coming of age. From one adult to another I advise you to unlock all the doors which will lead your life on a good path. Unlock the door of education and grab every opportunity that comes your way. Your coming of age brings you freedom but it also comes with great resp...

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