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Pristina Koon
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The Olympics have been an internationally uniting event since the first modern Olympics in 1896. Back then, only fourteen different countries competed. This year, over 200 countries will participate in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. Every two years, athletes walk in the opening ceremony to their country’s national anthem, bearing their country’s flag. It has been said to be one of the proudest moments an athlete can have. It is such an honor to represent one’s country, bu...

The Role of Young People in Combating Human Trafficking

Published no picture Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere , Executive Director, Devatop Centre for Africa Development

no picture Executive Director, Devatop Centre for Africa Development
Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere
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For years, human trafficking has continued to thrive in shadow and in the silence of others. The future of young people have been frustrated, their dreams shattered, and potentials caged because of human trafficking. An estimated 27 million women, girls, boys, and men are currently victims of human trafficking globally. From my findings, the number of victims of human trafficking is more than the population of Ghana, Mozambique, Australia, Netherlands, North Korea or Zambia. Ea...


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After I heard about what goes on in our world, and how people get into the cruel idea of terrorism, I decided to think about it and I wrote a poem. Terror of Terrorism Memories sting a child’s eyes with tears. When he thinks of his dad who was so dear. For no fault of his, they took away his life. Leaving a shadow of grief for his children and wife. Somewhere in the world, this happens every day. Violence takes over and earns the greatest say. In the name of...

First Came the Temple, Then the City

Published Avatar Yaz Kolankaya , Student

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Yaz Kolankaya
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In my hometown we often talk about the unappreciated and underrated treasures of our country. I frequently find myself in such conversations, and the one that led me to write this post was about Göbeklitepe, a prehistoric site in Southeastern Turkey. Ever since I was a kid, I learned about the wonders of Turkey both at school and at home. I never quite got to wrap my head around their significance until we had the conversation about Göbeklitepe with my parents. We were all amazed...

Inequality in education

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The Media Is Destroying "Confidence"

Published no picture Bianca Fairchild , The Media Is Destroying "Confidence"

no picture The Media Is Destroying "Confidence"
Bianca Fairchild
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“Confidence” by definition is “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities”. With this in mind, how could the media or society in general damage someone’s confidence? That’s easy, society’s pressure on everyone to be thin, smart, and just plain flawless truly is what consumes the public’s view of themselves. The problem about the United States is that we have a certain problem with weight. I’m not judging,...


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Jay Sugheson
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People are very quick to label individuals as either good or bad. "That boy scored straight A's, hence he's a good guy" or "that boy smokes cigarettes, hence he's a bad guy" Personally, I don't accede to these labels. I don't think any person in this world is entirely good or bad. People are never black or white, we're all just shades of grey. There are no good or bad people. Just people with interests. Interests are neutral, but whether if it is a good or bad, is derived from...

Kenopsia… and the Haunted House

Published Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

Avatar Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine
Richa Gupta
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Kenopsia (n). the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet (Source: Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows) A haunted house is reminiscent of malicious ghosts, hidden shadows, and strange noises at night. It makes us think of a dark mansion surrounded by skeletal trees, ready to be inhabited by a joyful, unsuspecting family. It reminds us of lightning, howls of fear, and an attic choked with darkness. From what we’ve rea...

One afternoon in Manila, I was hanging out at a classmate's house (and by "hanging out", I mean the two of us were silently using our laptops after a tiring day out), when I decided to turn on an indie rock song on Spotify. It must have been very puzzling to my classmate, because she told me, "I didn't expect you to listen to this kind of music." I asked, "Why? Because I'm brown?" "Yeah," she replied. It was not the first time I was subjected to this kind of microaggres...

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