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Q&A with 16-year-old filmmaker from Albania

Greis Osmani is a 16-year-old girl from Albania, and recently took part in a One Minutes Jr. workshop in her country. She created a thought-provoking video about youth culture, poverty, and how we all fit into that. We asked her a couple of questions about the video: What is your vi...

Preguntas de un Venezolano.

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La vida en un régimen dictatorial que ante el mundo se disfraza como democrático, es difícil, muy difícil no saber lo que realmente es vivir en paz, sin temores, sin miedos, sin preocuparse cada vez que tus hermanos salen de la casa, fingir que todo está bien mientras la inseguridad, la escasez y la pobreza toca tu puerta. Sin embargo debemos callar ya que la libertad de expresión solo es una palabra más sin significado en nuestras experiencias. Pero cómo tenerla si los...

Clean Water and Sanitation ( World Health Organization)

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780 million people still continue to suffer from unclean water . And more than 3.4 million people die annually from poor sanitation that cause disease. Many countries either lack the economical support to get clean water or the area is not able to hold water due to lack of rain. This causes the people of these areas to struggle. Since the late 40's clean water has been and epidemic ( Example - Geneva Convention 1949 - Article 89 - Sufficient drinking water shall be supplied to inte...

Happy 2015! Joyeuse année 2015!

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Happy 2015! The new year brings an enthusiasm for fresh start and endless possibilities, to tackle challenges. Joyeuse année 2015! Que la nouvelle année apporte un enthousiasme pour un début frais et des possibilités inépuisables et le renouvellement des défis

My Opinion on Poverty and Hunger

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Who: There are currently around 7.1 billion people in our world today. Most of these people will know the confort of a warm bed or know how good a warm meal tastes but there are some people who will not only not know these feelings but never will. Specifically I'm talking about 870 million people that livei in different countries. Some like Africa and India are very populated and their governments aren't able to provide for all of the citizens. What: Poverty and Hunger are...

My Voices of Youth Blogging Internship

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As a young person and advocate Ive always liked looking for actions to take and opportunities to share that generate a positive impact, so as soon as I read there was a blogging internship chance for UNICEF I knew I wanted to participate I already read regularly posts by the time I applied and I even had an account myself, yet I never wrote a post until I was accepted and joined this awesome generation of bloggers and to be sincere all I could think was .. What if anybody wants t...

The Irony Behind Generation 'X'

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When you hear the word GENERATION X, in TV’s and radios, it gives a different “arrive”, “power” and “style”. If you’re like 18-22 years old or in the mid-20’s, then you embody what you call GENERATION X. But I always wonder what does “X” stands for, considering youth today, if before, one great hero uttered that we are hope of the motherland…is it valid until now? As I can picture, GEN-X peoples are the ones who are always looking down not because they are...

The Value of Education

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When the topic is all about studying, most probably you will see students rolling their eyes over, if not complaining, about the hellish examination they have recently undergone. While a very few have almost painted success at the back of their minds and have viewed the great horizons that hopefully awaits them, some are still searching, not even sure about how they are faring so far. Indeed, studying has been one of the most compelling and yet most overlooked issues teenagers face...

"The woman is a reflection of her man"

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'The woman is a reflection of her man' She does not know if this was ever how she thought her life would turn out to be; She has no memory of her dreams and visions anymore; she is dull, depressed, anxious, lonely. She is numb. How did she ever fall for this monster? Her worst moment, she recalls, was when he knocked her to the ground, and kicked her hard; everywhere; her head, back, stomach. But it was not the beating or insults hurled, that made this moment particularly bad...

All they need is a SMILE. :)

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Recently I had the opportunity to join a community service project organised by the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa together with the Sri Lankan Society of University of Bristol, UK. This project was held at the SOS children's village in Piliyandala,suburb of Colombo. SOS children's villages are dedicated for children who are orphaned, abandoned or neglected by their families. Even though they don't have parents, they have the protection from the authority and most importan...

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