Karachi Attack Kills Over 40

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KARACHI,SINDH,Pakistan-At least 43 people were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus in the Pakistani port city of Karachi early Wednesday, police officials said. The gunmen escaped. The passengers were members of the Ismaili sect of Shiite Islam, and the bus made daily commutes from an Ismaili residential complex to other parts of Karachi. Sixteen women were among the dead, the police said. Jundullah, a Taliban splinter group, claimed responsibility for the...

The Need for Sustainable Energy

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Today, many countries use electricity to heat their homes, power vehicles, light buildings, and use electronic devices. This electricity comes from energy sources such as the burning of petroleum and other fossil fuels. Countries require a massive amount of fuel to generate enough electricity to meet demands. 82% of electricity in the USA comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of fossil fuels on the Earth. The need for these fuels has grown...

Innocence Stolen: Human Trafficking in India

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Do you have $90? If so, then you could own your own slave. In India, the average cost of a modern-day slave is $90, but in 1850, the cost was $14,000 (adjusted for inflation). Why has the price dropped such a large amount? The supply and demand of slaves is at its peak now more than any other time in history. From birth, many Indian women and children are taught that they are worthless, and are nothing more than a commodity. Less than 30% of women are literate. Most aren’t even a...

How Do We Stop the Asian Suicide Crisis?

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What is the best way to stop the suicide crisis in Asia? This is a serious global issue, but it’s not an issue people like to talk about. Every year, around 800,000 people will take their own lives. 60% of these people will be from Asia, that’s around 480,000 people. 90% percent of these people suffer from some type of mental illness, and every 40 seconds someone in the world will attempt to kill themselves. It’s been an issue in Asian countries dating all the way back to...

The Future of Youth Leadership

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The best way of gaining knowledge is the good example in front of you. Model United Nations events are becoming more popular because young people have the possibility to learn from the spring and see how higher representatives in the UN are doing real politics in diplomacy or multicultural interactions. MUN:Planet is exactly this online world where youth leadership can be developed and improved through sharing thoughts and ideas. Young people have one real power that have disting...

It's a Girl!

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With the birth of the baby girl Charlotte Elizabeth Diana the world joined Britain's Royal couple in their celebrations. It was a sweltering summer afternoon and I was the intern posted to the intensive care unit in the hospital where I currently work at. I welcomed the cold embrace of the only air conditioned ward. Lazily browsing my feed. Tweets were pouring in, themed nurseries, pink cakes, micro fashion updates. I was ordered to monitor and report on 'the old lady in bed 4A'....

Clean Water

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Hey you, yea you, sitting there on your computer or smart phone. I have a question. Did you eat or drink anything today containing water? Well, I am guessing you have. You should be very appreciative of that water because there are people all around the world that can’t get that great clean water that you had. This, to me, is a big issue that needs to be solved. So the question is what is the best way to solve the issue of getting clean water to people? Sickness According...

More than two years since the enactment of the free and fair education law by the Sindh Assembly, a first in the country, the only region from Sindh to be included in the top 50 performing districts of education is Karachi. According to the third annual district rankings report by Alif Ailaan and Sustainable Development Policy Institute, on the whole, the performance in education indicators for Sindh has remained poor, with only the megacity of Karachi being included in the top...

Youth Reporters: Message of Hope to the children of Nepal

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An incredible video made by Plan Youth Reporters in the Philippines sharing their messages of hope and solidarity for the children of Nepal. Having lived through Typhoon Haiyan, the children and youth share their words of advice and encouragement to stay strong and safe during this difficult time. Please use the comment function to share your messages of support too :) This is a Global Voice for Change blog - find more here.

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