Drugs: you see stuff on TV or the internet about them all the time. Whether it’s a commercial for Dayquil or a show about underground drug rings, you see them often. Even on the news, they talk about it. What I’m going to be talking about is drug trafficking in the place that started it all: Asia. You may be asking yourself, “Since when has there been drug trafficking in Asia?” It began in 1st Century Turkey, where a Greek physician named Dioscoridies called the drug opiu...

France Gay Blood Donor Ban

Published no picture France Gay Blood Donor Ban, Leila Talibi

no picture France Gay Blood Donor Ban
Leila Talibi
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On April 29 the European Union Court of Justice has ruled that a lifetime ban on men who have had sex with other men from giving blood “may be justified”, depending on the situation in each individual member state of the European Union. In other words, CJEU has ruled that if national authorities establish that gay men are at high risk of acquiring diseases such as HIV, then a lifelong ban of their blood donation is justified. This all started with the AIDS epidemic in the 1...

The Jews: Target of the People

Published no picture The Jews: Target of the people, kaleb carter

no picture The Jews: Target of the people
kaleb carter
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Jewish culture stretches back for thousands of years, but did you know that far from having a rich and amazing culture they also have had prejudice and hatred against them for centuries? The word anti-Semitism sums up how ordinary people can feel towards Jewish people. For thousands of years Jewish people have been the people that nations, cultures, and countries have blamed for everything that has happened to them. I want all young people to listen up now, because this is where it...

Loss of Biodiversity

Published no picture Student, Mackenzie Cruce

no picture Student
Mackenzie Cruce
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We may not be able to tell from the comfort of our homes nor from the windows on our cars, but we are slowly losing our world's biodiversity from only doing our daily activities. Humans, since even ancient times, have been slowly harming the environment without realizing it. Every time we inhabit a new land, it is the same as an exotic species being introduced to a new region. We compete with, kill and eat, transmit diseases to, and modify the environment of native species already...

This blog post is written by Muna K C, a member of Restless Development and Plan UK’s Governance and Accountability Task Team Member. We must praise the vivid and exemplary effort in Nepal by formal and informal groups of volunteers, CSOs, and Nepali Security forces, as well as the tremendous response shown by international communities to overcome the tragedy. In particular, the spontaneous response of Nepali volunteers is incredibly positive considering the urgent need for r...

Karachi Attack Kills Over 40

Published Avatar Waseem Palijo

Avatar Waseem Palijo
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KARACHI,SINDH,Pakistan-At least 43 people were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus in the Pakistani port city of Karachi early Wednesday, police officials said. The gunmen escaped. The passengers were members of the Ismaili sect of Shiite Islam, and the bus made daily commutes from an Ismaili residential complex to other parts of Karachi. Sixteen women were among the dead, the police said. Jundullah, a Taliban splinter group, claimed responsibility for the...

The Need for Sustainable Energy

Published no picture Jack Arnold

no picture Jack Arnold
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Today, many countries use electricity to heat their homes, power vehicles, light buildings, and use electronic devices. This electricity comes from energy sources such as the burning of petroleum and other fossil fuels. Countries require a massive amount of fuel to generate enough electricity to meet demands. 82% of electricity in the USA comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of fossil fuels on the Earth. The need for these fuels has grown...

Innocence Stolen: Human Trafficking in India

Published no picture Ms., Tiffany Gay

no picture Ms.
Tiffany Gay
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Do you have $90? If so, then you could own your own slave. In India, the average cost of a modern-day slave is $90, but in 1850, the cost was $14,000 (adjusted for inflation). Why has the price dropped such a large amount? The supply and demand of slaves is at its peak now more than any other time in history. From birth, many Indian women and children are taught that they are worthless, and are nothing more than a commodity. Less than 30% of women are literate. Most aren’t even a...

How Do We Stop the Asian Suicide Crisis?

Published no picture Mr., Jack Williams

no picture Mr.
Jack Williams
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What is the best way to stop the suicide crisis in Asia? This is a serious global issue, but it’s not an issue people like to talk about. Every year, around 800,000 people will take their own lives. 60% of these people will be from Asia, that’s around 480,000 people. 90% percent of these people suffer from some type of mental illness, and every 40 seconds someone in the world will attempt to kill themselves. It’s been an issue in Asian countries dating all the way back to...

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