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Posted no picture Isaac Omueti , Ms.

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Isaac Omueti
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Sometimes, we want to change but we don't know how, we are tired of living this life in the minority sector, but what are the steps we can take to liberate ourselves and soar like the eagles we were created to be?In this article, I’ve compiled 5 of the things we as youths must adapt if we must survive in this competitive and fast-changing world.The first thing to do is to find a mentor/role modelIf we want to do something the easiest way to avoid major setbacks is to find someone who has done it...

Getting More Girls Educated

Posted no picture Ubwiza Chiyungi , Miss

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Ubwiza Chiyungi
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Michelle Obama once said: Investing in girls’ education is the very best thing we can do, not just for our daughters and granddaughters but for their families, their communities and their countries.After so many years it is surprising to find that the need for girl to be educated has still not changed the mindset for many around various countries; where the need to educate a girl is still not considered a priority. Girls are most vulnerable to suffer more in any of society’s issues such as war,...

Toxic people

Posted no picture Maya kaddah

no picture Maya kaddah
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“People inspire you, or they drain you—pick them wisely.” – Hans F. HansenThis post is from a personal experience and the experiences of the people I know.So toxic people, who exactly are they? Talking to a toxic person would definitely bring you down no matter how happy you were that day. Their damage is a poison, and they suck the life out of the room by imposing their negativity.– They are the arrogant, the twisted, the judgmental, and the gossipers.– They could be someone who never shares yo...

Patience: good things come to those who wait

Posted Avatar Vienna , Student

Avatar Student
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Patience is a virtue. Whoever came up with that phrase probably decided to have their hair dreadlocked, and learnt the hard, well, patience way. The year 2017 for me was about conquering fear. I resolved to finally do everything I had always wanted but was too afraid to. Yes you guessed right, getting dreadlocks. With all excitement and the idea of looking like a real Rastafarian, I went to the salon. ‘Ah my afro is pretty long already, the locks will look great.’ I thought. Approximately on...

Why could you not understand?

Posted Avatar Maisaa Motahar

Avatar Maisaa Motahar
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When we were children, our families kept telling us that we are the leaders of future and we will be something big. Of course, that made us feel so interested to start school and go study. However, in Yemen, you be shocked to know that our approach to education is really bad. It makes a complicated generation.For me when I was in school, the situation was not different. I remember that I was so interested to start my first day in school and holding my father’s hand to go there, I thought that pl...

Women will rise together from the ruins of inequality

Posted no picture vrinda malik , Undergrad student

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vrinda malik
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“Education is the source of development, empowerment and growth of every human being, it is not a luxury but a necessity”Even in this era of the 21st century, there are some people telling women not to compete with men and some are advising them to stick to women-centric fields. But who are these people to tell women about their limits? When every individual has the right to decide their field or whom they want to compete with, then why do people limit women in making choices? Let freedom prevai...


Posted Avatar Jiranny Maria , Timing my quirks

Avatar Timing my quirks
Jiranny Maria
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Education teach manners before lessonswell said,youth is the futureof course it is,but what about kids?they're the root of everythingin their process of transformationthey all require educationso they can't fell in their future;manners, values, and attitudes toward lifeimplement them too.

Defining the Indefinable

Posted no picture heatherch

no picture heatherch
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You each have a different definition.You are at once the beholder and the sight.But in a blend of browns and whites and reds and blondes and greens What does beauty mean?Does beauty lie within a waist or a pretty face?Society says yes,To quick judgement on your appearance because it’s easier than looking for the beautyIn your brain, your personality, your disposition.Beauty is not limitingBeauty is not society’s opinionBeauty is not definedAnd don’t tell me that a survivor with a burn covering h...

Dream Dreams, Drum Drums

Posted no picture Steph Kayla , Student

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Steph Kayla
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i. Life emerges Amongst the cindered Silvered singes of ashes Gun shots sound But we sound louder ii. Words are the World’s strongest weapons The wings of the bird We call Change and the soul Of a titan called Hope iii. You lead in The dance of life so Place your footsteps carefully and Be mindful of the music but dear Do not forget to sing iv.Dream dreams Drum drums Your heart beats for you You should live for you as well Boom bloom be

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