I have some MAJOR issues

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Do you enjoy your life right now? Your warm showers... Your house... Your car... Your morning Starbucks... As the more developed and industrialized countries continue to create carbon emissions, the world experiences severe climate change which results in extreme temperatures in certain areas and rising sea levels in others. This causes some areas of the world to experience more natural disasters than ever seen before. And all of this, my friends, contributes to climate migration: the forced mig...

From the Eyes of a Refugee

Posted Avatar Juana S. , Writer, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern, Climate Advocate

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On November 11, 2013 my elder brother and I stood at the tarmac of the city’s airport under the sweltering heat of the sun with a bottle of water on one hand and a bag of used clothes on the other. Surrounded with hundreds of people dazed- with a distinct expression of helplessness and desolation on their faces, I overhear their conversations.“How many left in your family?”“How did you survive?”“Which plane are you taking? To Manila? Or Cebu?”These questions played on repeat as people talked amo...

The Pearl of the Orient Seas meets the Green City in the Sun

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UNICEF recently gave a group of young people from different parts of the world an opportunity to intern for 3 months on their Voices of Youth website which offers “inspiring, original insight and opinion from across the globe – from young people, for young people”. The Voices of Youth Blogging Internship has been the perfect platform for us to learn more about several different issues regarding the climate and the environment from all corners of the world! We have created connections as we unle...

Why All Girls Need An Education

Posted no picture 2001isha

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"I want to travel the world.""Really, so do l."The prospect of meeting new people, eating new food, and exploring brought a smile to both of our faces, but while mine looked excited hers looked hopeful tinged with sadness. An air of mystery surrounded her whole figure, but her hypnotizing eyes were hooded with mysteriousness."What do you want to be?""A doctor," she spoke in her native language."Oh cool, what grade are you in?" I said in my broken Urdu."Come down Isha," my mom's voice streamed al...

Living between time and space

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It's been exactly five months, eleven days, four hours and thirty-one minutes since I arrived to Cairo, Egypt.“First impressions are wrong. Don't ever assume” - well, that's at least what some people said to me. So, the first impression I got about Cairo was that it is the city that never sleeps. As I was riding in a mini-van to my destination, I got a night view of the city's palaces, family homes, skyscrapers and open shops. The ride itself was exciting, yet terrifying, because as a European c...


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When I was very little, there were a few things I was sure about: the sky was dark during the night, I didn't like waking up early, I loved watching cartoons, etc. I was always the kind of kid who could handle herself. I played with my dolls alone, didn't need anything from anybody. I was so sure of myself. However, the tables have turned.Growing up, around the time I reached middle school, things began to change. My certainties faded into thin air and I become more aware that there was so much...

Smokey Mountain: More Green, Less Smokey

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Decades of trash from Metro Manila makes up the mountainous pile of stinking garbage and rubbish that is Smokey Mountain. Considered to be the largest slum area in the metro, it is home to some of the poorest families in the country.Smokey Mountain and its people have been the face of extreme poverty for so many years. They scavenge through rotten and stinking piles of garbage looking for anything they can use or sell for money. They live in small shelters made of plywood pieces, iron sheets, pl...

We need Science to protect Our Planet!

Posted Avatar Fabian Schneider , Int. Coordinator at YPPO

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"Did you know that every minute an area of about 50 football fields of rainforest is destroyed?" Yes, we all know!! We all have heard this phrase many times... and still, we do not spend our lives with saving trees. It is even worse: We stopped listening to phrases like this, they have developed to annoying everyday catch phrases. Whether they are true or not, it does not matter anymore...Why is that happening? Approaching environmental issues is crucial, but emotional slogans have been overused...

Who You Are

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So maybe when you care, you feel that you care too much. And when you love, you drown them in your love. Maybe when you give, you give feelings in a way they won’t understand why you’re giving so much.Something reminds you that if you don’t make them work for what you give them that you, as a person, are somehow not worthy enough of receiving reciprocation for what you already gave. Take a step back and remind yourself of this: what you give is an indication of what you own. So if you give too m...

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