Creativity is success

Posted no picture Mahnoor._Zaidi , Student Of Grade 9

no picture Student Of Grade 9
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It's about the balmy day with scorching sun rays. I was on my way to my destination and deep in thought. I heard someone saying "science has more scope for careers than creativity". I thought that statement was true, but what if we want to be an artist or blogger? A student in a science class whose interest is to be in business might not get a strong grade, but he doesn't need to study science because it's something different from his interest. I know science is compulsory for most schools, but...

All the love

Posted Avatar Anisja Sonja G. , Observer of everyday life

Avatar Observer of everyday life
Anisja Sonja G.
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  • Age 19

Love - a magical word which can ease any pain, relieve anyone from any hardship and can unlock another one's heart. What a life we all have when we breathe thanks to the power of love, a power which we underestimate and forget about but yet, cannot move on without.When you open your eyes, and look through your window and see all the clouds moving over the sky you can feel yourself floating through the air, thinking of your heart as a feather that is bound by the strength of the universe to float...

Why Law?

Posted no picture Activist_Kamaal

no picture Activist_Kamaal
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Everyone is different from each other and, in fact, we all are created uniquely which means human beings have different behaviors, mindsets and attitudes. I was born curious and inquisitive; which led me to explore myself more deeply. As a young child, I used to ask people “Why is this not happening? Why are problems not getting better? Why are some people like that? Is it possible to make the world better?The desire of acquiring information, as well as my wish to see a better world, gave me the...

Life shouldn’t be a journey with a prescribed goal

Posted no picture Anjali Akula

no picture Anjali Akula
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Life shouldn’t be a journey. Live life like you are already at your destination.Let me tell you why this works.Human lives are generally defined by the goals that a human chooses to pursue. For example, your first major goal is high school graduation, followed by college, maybe grad school, and then a successful job and a corresponding happy life. Simple. Each step is followed by a logical next step until a certain destination.But what about after you have a successful job and a happy life, what...

Should Countries Implement K-12 Program?

Posted no picture Kate Anne Joy Mesias , Student

no picture Student
Kate Anne Joy Mesias
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Being educated is very important especially for us in the 21st Century and for the next generations. Education molds us to improve our skills, learnings, and thoughts as a human being.That is why K to 12 was implemented for several countries. Countries who are under this system are USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada India, Japan, China, Germany and the Philippines. K to 12 was founded by Ronald J. Packard last 2000 and it covers Kindergarten and 12 years basic education to provide sufficient time...


Posted no picture Sahar Samadi , Medical student and Women's rights activist

no picture Medical student and Women's rights activist
Sahar Samadi
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  • Age 20

It's not important to be a teacher, an engineer or a doctor or whatever you want.It's important to be a real person, the person who thinks everyone has equal rights. Everyone should be respected, not by their job not or by their money!!! But by their personality, and because they're humans. Because god created us equally because we will die and will go in the same place.Go outside once and look at your around and think once again why we all want badness for each other? Why we fight for meaningle...

On the path of salubrious Diwali

Posted no picture Niharika , Freelance journalist

no picture Freelance journalist
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Happy Diwali to all!! The festival of lights is one of biggest festivals of the Hindus and is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and zeal all over India. Before the arrival of Deepawali, people from all over the country get engaged in decluttering their houses and cleaning to render them perfectly neat and tidy. This practice is followed because it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of money) enters only those households which are clean and free from any form of dust. But since recent...

Youth apathy: No longer a luxury but a hindrance

Posted no picture Fatima S , Student, Activist

no picture Student, Activist
Fatima S
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Late teenage-hood is a weird time. You’re not young enough to blame your shortcomings on youthful immaturity and yet, you don’t have the excuse of being an adult to justify your actions. At best, this period is formative and revealing. At worst, its chaotic and destructive. Late teenage-hood is also the time where our childlike idealism and a much more complex image of the world begins to form. The long-held notion that the world is merely steps away from becoming a utopia is slowly but surely s...

From Primary to Postgraduate: My journey of student leadership

Posted Avatar Mohamed Okash , Advocate

Avatar Advocate
Mohamed Okash
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Have you ever been a student leader? Do you know what it takes to be a successful servant leader? Maybe, yes! Being a leader is being a selfless person who is committed to improving and transforming people's lives, and being a servant leader below the age of 18 is unique and extraordinary!I was always inspired by analysing problems in school and finding solutions in order to excel in my and my peers studies. I managed to build trust and develop an influence at every school I attended and every t...

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