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UNICEF is calling on you to save the planet...

Let’s prove to the world that young people are key to combating climate change.How?It’s easy - all y...

Social Ransom

Posted no picture Mihir Mandsorwale

no picture Mihir Mandsorwale
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Why do we feel like buying a new smartphone every year? A new trendy T-shirt every now and then?We know very well that any new features in these products are not going to affect us in any major way. That the phone that we already have is sufficing all our current needs. Our clothes are fairly good to last at least a year more.Yet a new smartphone, new clothes seem like a necessity.The reason is very simple.We live in a society that forces us to stay updated with the latest trends, gadgets etc. A...

Revisiting the Mahatma as an Environmentalist

Posted Avatar Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj , Student

Avatar Student
Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj
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The world is facing serious environmental issues such as Environmental pollution, pressure on natural systems, degradation and depletion of natural resources affecting the life support system (air, water, soil, and bio-diversity), unpredictable global climate change, ozone layer depletion and sea-level-rise, cities becoming polluted, health hazards etc. Mahatma Gandhi doesn’t need any introduction, he led India to Independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world....

Teaching: more than a profession

Posted Avatar Mjtorres , Student

Avatar Student
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The regular classroom set up: the teacher, the students (diversity of abilities), the classroom. Every day we have a battle in our minds: should we go on or not to? Students often think that they are only doing this because they have nothing else to do in this life. But as they age, their thinking becomes more complex, and the kids realize that Hey! The school is not a bad place after all.Most students today think that they are only judged in schools based on grades, which are the results of the...

A rehabilitation center for me

Posted Avatar Pona Bana

Avatar Pona Bana
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My name is Mary and I am 14 years old. After joining a militia in the Kasai region, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I found refuge in a center for young girls. I dream of a peaceful future because for some months now, my province has become the battlefield of conflicts between the militias and the security forces of the government.And who are the first victims? We, the children! Hurt, killed, deprived of education and healthcare, recruited in militias, we are the victims of this conflict wh...

Skin Deep

Posted no picture Preeti Shakya

no picture Preeti Shakya
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The rejection too hard to bear,You decided to scar me for life.And now, Every surgery will remind me of your corrosive name,But sadly, A lover like you will never be forgotten,But never be missed.You admired me for something so less obvious as my beauty.You loved me for all the wrong reasons.You thought you could take it all away with one splash.But I am more than what meets the eye.You thought you could ruin my worth if you disfigure me. But my beauty is skin deep.My beauty is skin deep.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Trophies?

Posted Avatar Nerissa Naidoo , Law Student

Avatar Law Student
Nerissa Naidoo
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The worst day of my life happens at least once a week. This time, it was on a Thursday, it was on a stage, and there was an audience. Our law school’s annual moot court final is the most anticipated event on the academic calendar after graduation – except there’s far fewer photos and far more tears. After a rigorous competition between final-year students throughout the year, four are selected to go at it over constitutional principles, case law and Latin on one rainy September evening. It’s a h...

If Things Didn't Go The Way They Did

Posted Avatar Abigail Hannah R. Flores , Psychology Student in the PH

Avatar Psychology Student in the PH
Abigail Hannah R. Flores
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If things didn't go the way they did, I never would have known what pain felt like. How it felt to love someone and lose them so quickly you didn't even know how to say goodbye. I would never have known I could love someone so deeply that I literally felt the pain in my chest as they walked out of my life.If things didn't go the way they did, I would never have learned a second language. I would never understand a culture that ran through my blood lines and flowed in my veins. I don't think I ev...

A reality for every dream

Posted Avatar Alexandra , student

Avatar student
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What if, the little boy, who left his home due to war and never had the opportunity to attend school, could be the next Einstein?What if, the girl who was forced to get married at 14 and left school, could become the doctor who would have found the cure for AIDS?What if, the boy who washes dishes in order to help his unemployed parents, could become the next big football player?What if, the little girl who experiences domestic violence and, due to that, has insecurities about her body, could bec...

The big crisis of 3017

Posted no picture Allison Lievano Gomez , Student / Advocate / Author

no picture Student / Advocate / Author
Allison Lievano Gomez
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Today was the day when aliens first invaded our planet. They came in big spaceships. Science fiction writers were always predicting something like this would happen. And yes, it did! They were really different and ugly. They had tiny eyes and huge mouths, but the strangest thing of all was that they um… ha…a…a.. ddd… tiny heads covered with thousands of stringy fluffy things. The moment I first saw them I was about to turn green!I followed them. They had strange artifacts that they suddenly inst...

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