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The biggest challenge impacting the youth of today's generation is the battle they fight from within themselves, this is the battle between whether to express themselves as they truly are and be the main aim for criticism or just try to blend in and be like everyone else. The most disheartening thing with this disillusionment is that by trying to be a 'society pleaser' they miss out on the true beauty of what being yourself entails. After all, we all have a quality in us that is...

From Where I Stand

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From Where I Stand By Carly Kabot In the heart of downtown Manhattan a little girl once stood, staring at the towering skyscrapers that loomed above her. From where she stood, she felt as if she was a meaningless dot in a vast and ever-changing world. Her eyes were fixated across the street, where less than a decade before the twin towers had stood, and she was suddenly struck by a sense of overwhelming fear. In her mind she could picture her father, climbing up the stairs...

'I am Able': The Commonwealth Youth Council's call for submissions

Posted no picture Jonathan Andrews , Future Trainee Solicitor and Commonwealth

no picture Future Trainee Solicitor and Commonwealth
Jonathan Andrews
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The Commonwealth Youth Council is currently working on a two-year project, ‘I am Able’, to raise awareness of the lives of young people with disabilities across Commonwealth member states. The Commonwealth believes this is an important issue, as too often the voices, desires, needs and strengths of disabled people are overlooked, and we’re committed to tackling it. We’ve already launched a Commonwealth-wide poetry competition, open to people aged 15-29, and held events ac...

On Abortion

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So I’ve been regularly answering questions on Quora, and (side note: I love that site) I believe it would be fair to say that I have already answered a diverse set of questions. However, there’s this one question that caught my eye, and it helped that I was one of the people that the person requested to answer his question: Abortion: Why has a morally/ethically objective truth been reduced to a personal preference? “Killing people is wrong, except in these circumsta...


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Broken back Eyes genuflect to the street cracks Therein lies the history of these streets Do other people walk them just like me? Do they bow their heads to superior feet? Or shiver from feeling incomplete? Maybe they too are tired of sucking in air Or trying to find someone who cares Maybe they too can't stomach the blows of dying from trying to keep up their nose And maybe, that makes me not so alone


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"Goal is your motivation...."As rightly said that appearances are often deceptive, don’t hesitate to say a “Hello” to the most strict looking person you next time come across because you never know, he may be the next Ashis Panda. A 27 year Indian Revenue Service officer by profession, sportsman by hobby, patriot by spirit, gentleman by nature and spontaneously an inspiration for many. Mr.Panda hails from Balesore district of Odisha, the place that often comes into limelight for frequent p...

My imagination of India

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"I would like to see India free and strong so that she may offer herself a willing and pure sacrifice for the betterment of the world. India’s freedom must revolutionize the world’s outlook upon peace and war. Her importance affects of mind." Mahatma Gandhi When I saw this picture of these two kids and their mother playing with some digital device, I got a smile on my face. I love to see those expressions and togetherness. With this pleasant stay I had to think about the...

Gender inequality in education

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I just realized that in 2016 I wrote many posts about women, about issues that women go through on a daily basis and in my posts I have always addressed to some boys saying that it's time to change our mentality in order to promote gender equality. I know we hate that guy who harassed us on streets or the one in the news who raped a girl or those who do honor killings and many more. It's totally fine. But today I do not want to talk about those who do not respect women, I wan...

The Beauty of Pixar

Posted Avatar Richa Gupta , Teen Poet and Blogger

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Richa Gupta
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2016 was a year of change, emotions, and growth. And whenever we’re confronted by so many variations, we seek stability, equilibrium. Something that helps us remember the beauty of life, the power of color and imagination, and the role of faith in moving forward. Or, in other words, Pixar movies. Pixar movies are powerful. Unlike the high-grossing movies with mindless shooting, empty dialogues, and gratuitous (but attractive) characters, Pixar movies attract viewers for entirel...

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