How long is the earth gonna live?

Published no picture salman , civil engineer

no picture civil engineer
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As we know, we are going through an era of technological hype and scientific innovations. But as human beings, we are responsible to preserve the earth and its resources in the midst of all the activities. The number of floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities doesn't seem to be decreasing over the time. This is a resultant of human activities which are being conducted for personal benefits. Now, it is high time to think and act wisely to preserve our environment an...

Philosophy or a Key to a Better World

Published Avatar Ghita El Bouamri , Student

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Ghita El Bouamri
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Philosophy: φίλος ‎(phílos, “love”) + σοφία ‎(sophía, “wisdom”) Philosophy is so underrated, it is sad. Human culture’s core is nowadays looked down on.“What is philosophy for?” is a common question, although it’s quite easy to answer. Philosophers do the thinking that each of us ought to do by themselves. Sure, it seems like “They’ve had nothing to worry about so they tried to get busy answering those silly questions no one cares abou...

5 Things to Consider Before Falling For an Activist Girl

Published Avatar Salam Al-Nukta , Country Director

Avatar Country Director
Salam Al-Nukta
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It is hard to be an activist in a world where everybody expects a girl to be soft and cute at all times. And I can tell because I have been bullied my entire childhood and during my teenage years. I was called “bossy” most of the times, or worse, “boyish girl”. Today, as a grown up, the situation isn't much different. It wasn’t easy for me to put up with all the pressure. But I did. I knew what I had was bigger than their words and the names they were calling me. Frankl...

Stages of Pain

Published Avatar Natalie Esmail

Avatar Natalie Esmail
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When pain strikes, it climbs the body slowly. At first, you’re in shock. You can’t understand anything. Then the denial stage begins, and you can’t let go. And finally, you will feel that every inch of your body is struggling - you might even feel that you’re losing your mind. All of us face situations that we never thought would happen.But the pain of losing someone, the pain of losing your job, or losing your dream, makes you feel like you lost a part of yourself. A p...

The people who give a damn

Published no picture Maringi , Student

no picture Student
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This is my first time here. I am a youth. And I want my voice to be heard. I read about what Voices of Youth is from your website to help give me an idea about what you guys are focused on. But, on your page, I found this: ‘Did you ever ask yourself, where are all the young people who give a damn?’ My answer is no. No, I haven’t asked myself this. I live in New Zealand. I am part of the middle class of society, yet I have seen, heard, and known my fair share...

Becoming the Mandela of Today: Another Long Walk to Freedom

Published Avatar Ezinne Enyinnaya

Avatar Ezinne Enyinnaya
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"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced; live your life in such a way that when you die, the world will cry and you will rejoice’’ – Native American proverb On December 5th 2013, the day Nelson Mandela left the earth, the entire universe stood still. The tragic news was all over the web; numerous media houses, celebrities and dignitaries around the globe paid their tribute to the revolutionary South African leader. In my 23 years of living, I have never se...

Islam is not terrorism

Published Avatar Hira , Student

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There isn’t just one annoying thing that makes me go all schizoid and forget my manners. From intellectual and scientifically advanced fights on social media with people who think their IQ is higher than Einstein and Newton together to life – long waiting in lines everywhere I go. (What is it with British people? They so much adore making kilometers long lines solely in front of the vending machine). However, I’m not here to discuss the big picture of my condemned existen...

I'm One of Many...

Published no picture Olivia

no picture Olivia
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I'm one of the millions of people who were forced to flee from their homes and even their countries during to on-going conflict. As of 2015, about 25 million people and more than 17million are children have /been forced to leave their fatherland and start a whole new life in another country thus becoming REFUGEES I'm one of many, in Nigeria that were forced to flee their homes, states even due to the extremists Boko Haram. After losing family and friends we fled for our lives,...

Make Americans Racist (Again)

Published no picture Irene Ameena , High School Junior

no picture High School Junior
Irene Ameena
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Seven years old. Bubble blowing, bike riding, finger painting…..All activities my little brother should be enjoying, but instead, I was surprised to see him burst out crying, afraid that Donald Trump will take away his home and force him out of the country he was born in. “Where will Muslims go if ‘McDonald’ wins?” he asks me, and I don’t have an answer. “Is he going to make us move?” Nobody is more tired than me of hearing about the many horrendous things Donal...

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