Tears of Mount Everest

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World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June all over the world. This year the theme of the day was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Handle with Care.” Thousands of programs are organized all over the world on the behalf but now it is the time to brainstorm that, are we really conscious about our environment? Unfortunately, this year Nepal was badly hit by the huge earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes so we could not to organize any programs on the day as we were bu...

Of A Familiar Struggle: The Barefoot Lawyer

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An Introduction My name is Shayna Robinson, I will be 17 years old come October 12 and I am from Singapore. I wrote 2 articles for Voices Of Youth (VOY) when I joined as a member last November/December during my year-end holidays and I was very pumped to have found out that such a website existed, whereby youths from all over the world, with different interests, strengths, cultures and backgrounds could intermingle as close as the distance of the World Wide Web would pe...

Save our Dominican Children from Statelessness!

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It’s Thursday morning. You are shaken from sleep by the frantic screams of your mother and siblings. The day you dreaded for so long has come. The day they come for you. They have come to rip you from your safe-space and transfer you to that place. They tell you they are sending you home, when the only home you know is the four walls, floor, and ceiling that you stand on - screaming as your mother reassures you that everything will be all right. None of that matters now. The Go...

If I Were President…

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It is not the earthquake that caused deaths; it is the sophisticated products made by men. The recent tremor in Nepal caused more than 8000 deaths and hundred-thousands of injuries. The houses and buildings built against the law or through forced permissions (by pocketing money) were the ones at high risk in the event of the disaster. It was from under those houses, that the crying for help was heard. It was from those houses, people were left missing forever. It was those hous...

Voices of Youth Inspire! #WED and Beyond with Gomin and Elsie

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World Environment Day has ended. However, the struggle to protect the environment against further degradation is still ongoing. Luckily, young people like Gomin Camacho, 23, and Elsie Harry, 23, from the University of Guyana (UG), have reassured us that environmental advocacy is not a one-off event, but demands dedication and a little bit of elbow grease. They call it the Guyana Environment Initiative. It started mid-April of this year. The project, which is in its pilot phase...

Rule of Law Trilogy: #1 The First Page of The Story

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After an unproductive year has passed, I finally write again for this blogging page. So happy! In this new passage, I want to tell you about something interesting that may not really popular among youth. It is about the Rule of Law. I was attending the Thailand Institute of Justice Youth Forum in Bangkok from June 3-5, 2015. The theme of this forum was “The Nexus of Rule of Law and Development Goals: A New Deal for Asia?”. I got a lot of knowledge in this forum so I decid...

Why we should rehabilitate Child Soilders

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Child soldiers are just children that unfortunately were born in a war. They don't choose to fight they are unwillingly placed into the army. I am a human being, I am capable of loving, forgiving and so is everyone else. I agree that murder is wrong but when children grow up thinking murder is right and see murder all around them, murder becomes the right thing for them. Child soldiers in Africa are forced to join the army, they are threatened and their judgement is clouded by drug...

Consumer Habits and Environment 2

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Our lives are shaped around spending more and consuming more things without thinking of the questions: Where do all of these things go after we use them? An enormous volume of waste is created within our consumer society caused by buying and spending. We consume more than anywhere else in the universe. As Betsy Taylor and Dave Tilford in “Why Consumption Matters” explains, “The United States contains 5 percent of the world’s population, but accounts for 22 percent of fossil...


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As the countries of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) have been undertaking the process of enacting social and political change, women still haven’t gained equitable human rights, which stands out as a particularly worrying obstacle in the way of the socio-political movements. Although the Arab Spring may have offered women in the MENA region more hope and greater promise, their unequal status is still a clear barrier to the full realization of their rights and the r...

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