Dear naturals: You have a way with words While I wrestle, kick and brawl With proses, On fours Your words flow like a block on the frictionless air track While my idea stops by sometimes, Only to sneer at me, unimpressed And scurry away at the first notice My inspirations, They slip away. I chant insistently, "Patience. Patience" I beg, Pleaded a little As if pity points could be gained from snooty Ms Inspiration...

Transformation through Collaboration

Published Avatar Ebenezar Wikina , Digital Journalist & Digital Diplomat

Avatar Digital Journalist & Digital Diplomat
Ebenezar Wikina
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About one year ago during the 25th Annual World Economic Forum on Africa Summit in Cape Town South Africa, 80 young Africans were exclusively selected to have a seat at the big table alongside Africa’s Presidents and top business leaders. During this prestigious gathering, these 80 young Africans from the Global Shapers Community came together to co-author a book which symbolizes the transformative ability that collaboration among Africans can be achieved. I wrote something about...

Empower Women With Entrepreneurship

Published Avatar Kailash Manjhi , CEO of JASSSI

Avatar CEO of JASSSI
Kailash Manjhi
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Indian women which once were considered as the epitome of tenderness, care and wisdom, are now more than just home managers. Politics, Finance, Defence, Medicine, Education, be it any field, women are nowhere lagging behind. Not just that they have succeeded in meeting the high demands of the professions but they have also proven themselves efficient enough to handle their professional and personal lives altogether. Although there is a rise in the culture of embracing entre...

You Must Do The Things You Think You Cannot Do

Published Avatar Maria Keogh , Educator

Avatar Educator
Maria Keogh
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"The secret of success is constancy of purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli It is important to know your limits, but more important to remember your potential, and inner strength. Perseverance is one of the greatest virtues. Etymologically the word virtue is derived from Latin virtutem "moral strength, high character, goodness; manliness; valor, bravery, courage. Youth is a time for exploring and developing ones skills and character, whereas in the later years one refines them. Learn...

Proposed Recognizing the Armenian Genocide Policy

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

no picture CLU Student
Gigi Manukyan
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April 24 marks the official Armenian Genocide Recognition Day. As many of you know, the genocide is still not officially recognized by Turkey nor the US. For my Public Policy Brief for class, I decided to write about the importance and consequences of this issue and wrote some policies to address the problem correctly. Statement of Issue: In 1915, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. Though reports va...

Dear Future Me

Published Avatar Wabai Yvonne Wairimu , student

Avatar student
Wabai Yvonne Wairimu
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Hi there! It's me, well you, from the past. How are you? I hope you're good. I hope your life turned out great, after all, you're the reason I stay in school and work hard everyday. How old are you now - 30, 40, 50 even? I hope you don't have kids. Really, I do, because I don't like kids; having kids is not a priority to me and I really hope you don't have any. I mean, babysitting is one thing, giving birth and raising a child - N to the O. But enough about that really, I jus...

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Published no picture Ashfah Haneef , Student

no picture Student
Ashfah Haneef
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We all like to look drop dead gorgeous. However, little do we know that most of the beauty care products we use could literally cause us to "drop dead". In short, Cosmetics Could Kill. Recently I have been researching about ingredients used in my personal care products. I was appalled by what I found out. Let me tell you why. Although cosmetics are meant to make us "prettier", the ingredients used do not seem to be so pretty. Every single personal care product, from our shamp...

Restrictive Speech and Erdogan

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

no picture CLU Student
Gigi Manukyan
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I recently came across an article about Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accusing President Obama for trying to divide Turkey by criticizing Turkey’s press freedom record. This comes after the charges of many journalists and the assassination of Armenian-Turkish journalist, Hrant Dink. “Turkey has drawn international condemnation for charging two journalists with treason for publishing footage that purportedly showed the intelligence agency shipping truckloads of weapons to opp...

Making your biggest life decisions..

Published no picture Rehma Khan , Student

no picture Student
Rehma Khan
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Since the moment we are born we are taught that we have to make important life decisions at some point in our life... For some of us it can be exciting to do so, yet for others it can be scary. Each one of us has our own perspective, our own point of view for what we want to do in our lives. What cause we want to work for.. or if we even want to work for a cause. I guess to sum it all up.. life is hard for each one of us. Life's hardest decisions come in many forms... deciding on...

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