Hydroponics: A New Green

Posted no picture Arjun Singh Gill , Global Citizen

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Arjun Singh Gill
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Hydroponics is an upcoming trend of agriculture, which is useful for the conservation of water, money, space, and many other resources. Hydroponics is cultivation or farming of plants placed in a liquid nutrition solution rather than soil. Hydroponics is becoming popular mainly in urban communities, and farms have recently been adopting this new technique. How do hydroponics work? There are so many different systems of hydroponics such as the wick system, the water culture system...

Why is nothing changing?

Posted no picture benuke , Student

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All I see in the media and online is people talking about how everything is bad and how the world is consistently getting worse and worse. It is not hard to see these things yourself. It is obvious that the world is negatively affected by the impacts humans have. However, for all that I see about change needing to happen, is it really happening? Is anyone actually doing anything? Greenpeace and WWF do some really great work, yet the things that I see them fixing are rather symp...

Abuse vs. the State

Posted no picture aachilli , student

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I live in the north of Italy, in Bologna. I tend to believe the best in people so naturally, when I heard that the State did nothing to protect women and kids from their abusers, I had to research this fact, because this couldn't possibly be happening. I live in movies, most of the things that I know come from movies, and I tend to watch American movies and to shows. And even though I don’t completely agree with America today I think that women and kids are much more looked aft...

Growth, Development, and Environment

Posted Avatar Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj , Student

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Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj
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In this rapidly changing world, almost all countries have confined themselves to goals of achieving higher growth and development. Growth and Development are two prime aspects which are taken into consideration in an analysis of a country’s economy. Some people might think of growth and development as identical terms but they are not. Growth is a quantitative concept and on the other hand, development is a qualitative concept. Growth can be measured by an increase in the numb...

Child Labor: A Disregard of the Rights of the Child

Posted no picture Cody Clark , Student

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Cody Clark
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We live in a society that is in love with clothes. There are thousands of stores and companies that are always coming out with new items to sell. How often do we really know where these clothes came from? How often do we look into who made the clothes we are buying? The answer is, not very often. The average person hardly ever stops to think that the shirt they are buying could have been the product of child labor. They never think that the cotton used to make their jacket wa...

The world is what you make it, so make it beautiful

Posted no picture Artjola , Student

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There are thousands of people in the world. Some of them are kind and loving some aren't. There are people who don't have the things you take for granted. People who don't have a roof over their head, or a comfortable bed and a table full of food every night. And then there are people who live in fear for their lives, with bombs going off around them.You can make a difference, even if its a small one. Share what you have with the ones who have nothing. Be a helping hand to someone who has lost e...

The Light Behind Their Eyes

Posted Avatar Hana Hallak , Student

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Hana Hallak
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These two free verses are journal entries I wrote after spending a week working with Syrian refugee children in an NGO founded school in Jordan. What love, What smiles, What joy to the least, Hearken! Can you hear the hope ring in the song their laughter sings? Lo! People of the earth whole, the very letter of their names is of diamonds and gold. _ I speak to the unity I saw in the hundred children whose names have found a home in my veins. O sweet child, I...

2030? What?!

Posted no picture Priyanka Sahoo

no picture Priyanka Sahoo
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It was a warm, sunny day. I could feel it. Though I didn't want to leave my bed... I pulled the blanket over, without opening my eyes once and rolled to his side. My eyes fluttered open searching for him, when I couldn't feel him beside me. "John?" I shoved the thick, expensive blanket aside and called out to him. Damn. It was awfully sunny. I walked over to the window and pulled the curtains closed, and cranked the AC up. "John? Are you in there?" I asked again before knocking...

Please stop the bullying

Posted no picture justanotherhumanbeing

no picture justanotherhumanbeing
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Forgive your enemies. For me, personally, hearing that phrases, evokes anger that is buried deep down. Honestly, to forgive your enemies is really hard; not just enemies, but anyone who bring misery to you. It is hard to admit it but I am one of those people you will probably makes fun of or bully because my reactions entertain you. And the best part is that I seldom get mad about it and I just laugh along. Do I laugh along because I’m not mad about it? Well, no. Some...

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