From a Loving Sister

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Dear brothers, This is not an order passed by any government but a humble request from your little sister. Kindly read this before you move on. I do not even know whether this would reach your hands. Being optimistic, I hope you will read this and understand our minds. Have any one told you about the day when you were born? Your parents were so happy on that day. Whatever problems they had, they tried to forget all of them for you. They brought you up in the best way poss...

Assessing global food crisis: A troubled future for fragile states

Published no picture Anant Mishra

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Introduction In the past decade, we witnessed a sudden rise in food prices, which not only stressed economists around the globe, but also left a huge question of food security. As floods hit shores of Australia and draughts leave farmers wage less in India, the prices of pulses and sugarcane rises drastically. Not long ago, BBC reported a sudden increase in the prices of staple crops, which later got confirmed to a significant increase, as the prices of corn increased by 74%, w...

Thank You

Published Avatar Andri P. , High School Student/ Member of Cyprus Children's Parliament

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You know what, it just happens. Sometimes. Sometimes you are angry. So angry that you want to scream and cry and kick and punch and cry once more. Sometimes, you just don't feel right. And at those moments, you see three people. The good, the bad and the ugly. Only, life is not a movie. Things are never so straight forward. Ever… People can’t be characterized by one word. Actions can’t be forgiven by one word. A sorry won’t help. Especially when it isn’t even a comp...

Redefining success

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I would like to use this video as a provocation and a starting point: some people were asked to rate their success on a scale of 1 to 10. However, when their loved ones were asked to do the same, their answers told a different story. What comes to your mind when you think about “success”? According to our society’s definition, success is “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame”. My thoughts go to a self-made-man, or wealthy, money and followers. If yo...

Brazilian Electoral Reform

Published no picture Alan Aguiar

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Since 2013 Brazilian people are constantly making protests against the government and the congress, mostly because they do not see any representation by the people who occupy these chairs. In 2014 and 2015, many Brazilians went to the streets demanding more transparency in politics and a new election system for the congressmen. What happens is that the Brazilian deputies are elected by a proportional system which favors the worst deputies who get no expressive votes. The people...

Discrimination Everywhere

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People are born the same everywhere, the whole world; we shall all die leaving dust. But yet we create a discrimination against color, race, caste and nationality and this is happening everywhere. Every person of this universe believes there is something better in someone than the other, but the conclusion to this point is that we are all same and equal, God loves us all equally. We all are great and beautiful inspirations to the world. Discrimination exists because we create and m...

When Scars Are Left Open

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They said I have to polish up my appearance because I’m attracting the wrong people. This comment sparked a discussion, and the participants didn’t even know they’re opening a wound that’s already healed. Their words seemed to cut and slice my life until I realized that I had to trace what it took to get me healed in the first place. I had some vivid images swimming in my mind like my brain was soaked in the ocean. The salt hit the fresh flesh wound dissected by the convers...

Lending a hand to a heart in need

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Hope For the Children Cameroon is an NGO in Cameroon advocating for children with disability and helping kids to go through primary education. Bertila is 11 old and was abandoned by her family for years because of her condition. when Paul and the Hope for the Children team identified her, they took it upon themselves to educate this girl and give a the chance to go to school. This is her first day in primary school and she is very excited. Many parents with children having disabili...

Nature: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

Published Avatar Chedi Mbaga , Student, St.Michael's College School

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Thirty-four years ago, Richard Buckminster Fuller-an American inventor and systems theorist- outlined a fascinating trend in the midst of what is largely a work of science fiction. Using “knowledge units,” as a marker for progress, Fuller built a theory for the accumulation of knowledge on the assumption that if one were to take all the information amassed and transmitted by man around the year One Common Era, the measurement’s magnitude would equal one unit of information....

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