Climate Change Reporting Tips from a Climate Tracker

Posted no picture Mohammed Qasserras

no picture Mohammed Qasserras
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Climate change has become a reality today influencing every spot of our planet. That’s why there is an urgent need for climate change media that calls for actions and tell inspiring stories that convey emotions and mobilize people to make further action. A cornerstone of climate change media is to call for action not describing events. Young people are much concerned about climate change and posses all the necessary skills and the patience to be climate change advocates, part...

Claiming My Voice

Posted no picture Vizvanche , High School Senior

no picture High School Senior
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I always found the idea of being a journalist or a lawyer completely compelling. I didn’t exactly know why that simple thought was extremely liberating in a way when, in fact, both jobs are usually desk jobs. However, as I grew up and started digging deeper into these two fields, I realized that what was fascinating about these jobs was that they gave me a voice that in a way I could write about matters that occupy me and matters that interest me. I could be a voice of justice in...

This is Not the End

Posted Avatar Harsh Mahaseth , Student

Avatar Student
Harsh Mahaseth
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Seeing is believing, but that’s just your point of view. There are several viewpoints that can be taken to one issue. Instead of seeing and believing you should see and then question. I started writing blog posts very recently. The reason for starting was due to the media and its biased stance on every issue. Something that I realized last year during the "unofficial" blockade that was going on in Nepal was that the media tried to sensationalize a few issues while not dealing w...

Climate Change and the Vanity of Mankind

Posted no picture Roy Joseph Roberto , Youth Ambassador of Goodwill, Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program

no picture Youth Ambassador of Goodwill, Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program
Roy Joseph Roberto
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Climate change and the vanity of mankind In ecological political philosophy, the term ecocentrism denotes a nature-centered system of values—as opposed to anthropocentrism, where human beings are considered as the central or most significant species in the planet. Thinking that we have a higher moral status than that of all other organisms, we tend to assess reality exclusively through our own perspective. Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, abusive human activiti...

How Can Young People Around the World Lead Sustainability?

Posted Avatar Ebenezar Wikina , Digital Journo & DigiComms Officer, Govt of Rivers State SDGs Office

Avatar Digital Journo & DigiComms Officer, Govt of Rivers State SDGs Office
Ebenezar Wikina
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As part of activities to commemorate International Youth Day 2016, Rivers State Ministry of Youth Development in collaboration with the Rivers State Sustainable Development Goals Office organized a one-day workshop on “Youth Leading Sustainability” at the Public Hearing Hall, Rivers State House of Assembly Complex on Wednesday, 10th August 2016. The workshop started at about 11:15 a.m. with the National Anthem and a welcome address by Honourable Mrs. Toru Ofili, the Special...

A Trip to Konya

Posted Avatar Enana Hermez , Writer

Avatar Writer
Enana Hermez
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Konya is a city in Turkey, where the Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi is buried. Be it a monster, or a saviour, This thing is in me. It is yearning to reach the bottom, To find a way, To the lowest of all. It may be a monster, For all the castles it will shatter, For all the rubble it will leave behind, For all it will break in me. It may be a saviour, Saving me from drowning In a whirling vortex of illusions, Illusions of a...


Posted no picture Kasturi Banerjee , blogger

no picture blogger
Kasturi Banerjee
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"She doesn't even know what she wants in her life. She is completely lost." Yes, she is lost. Not because she doesn't know what she wants in her life. She knows exactly what she wants. She just doesn't know how the world will welcome it or even welcome it at all. "I want to be a tattoo artist." "Tattoo artist? That isn't even a proper job." "I want to have another cupcake." "Don't you think you should be cutting down on food? You are gaining weight." "No,...

Inspire! With Nora Ed-Daoui – dare to dream

Posted Avatar Hannah

Avatar Hannah
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‘The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow’ – Nelson Mandela. 21-year old Nora Ed-Daoui has a pretty busy life. She studies at KULeuven, created her own company and is involved in many other projects. How does she do it? ‘I have ambition, that keeps me going.’ Let’s see what this interesting young lady has to say. Tell us a bit about yourself and the things you do. I’m Nora. I’m 21 years old and I am a communication student at KULeuven. In February I st...

Why is the « If Men Had Periods » hashtag problematic ?

Posted Avatar Vic Kino , Etudiant

Avatar Etudiant
Vic Kino
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The other day, while surfing on Twitter, that hashtag, #IfMenHadPeriods caught my attention. Once you click on the hashtag, you can see different points of views: besides the sexist and anti-feminist tweets, we can sadly notice that some people think that there are only two genders, men or women. While yes, trans men, for example can have periods too, and that doesn't make them less of being men. As well as genderfluids, agenders or any other genders, a person that has period...

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