Carnage à Paris

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The bullets that tore through their skin Shattered their ribs and punctured their lungs Stopped their hearts And stole their lives Triggered by those whose fear and pain Far exceeded that of those they struck These bullets, sometime between When they left the barrel and hit the flesh Changed their course Rather than inject that fear and pain Into the bodies they smashed Rather than paralyze, despair, and destroy They released a flood...

Why education is the solution

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Education is something that has become pragmatic in the western world. We don’t think about it, we just go to school. We know it’s a blessing because that’s what been told to us. We know that elsewhere in the world people are fighting for education because that’s what we’ve read. But to be honest, it isn’t always that evident why. That’s a real shame because education is something very powerful. Education is the reason why Europe’s ancien régime has developed t...

Free Speech and Genocide Denial

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

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Imagine the atrocities committed by the Nazi party against over six million Jews was considered merely as “casualties of war.” Imagine the haunting horrors of Auschwitz was simply folklore- passed down and only recognize by the ancestors of the survivors. Now imagine, the attempted deliberate extermination of the Jewish people as simply “massacre-” the same term coined to the disputed murders of 6 Americans prior to the start of the American revolution. How can such a vague...


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“I see humans, not humanity “ Today when I woke, I was astounded when I heard about the #ParisAttacks. I know everybody is talking about this, and giving their opinion and I don’t know how many of us will actually read this post but we can no longer stay quiet and insensible to the suffering of people in the world. Yes, I’m not talking about the #ParisAttacks only; I’m also referring to the world. Every day in the world, someone is raped, someone is kidnapped, someo...

10 things everyone should know about using the internet

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1. Respect what other people are saying on social media, even if you do not agree with them. 2. You have the right to privacy - and so do others. It is not okay to log into other people’s accounts or to use their phones or profiles without their permission. 3. Don’t spread rumors or post/share hurtful or embarrassing stories or photos.Things that may seem funny can hurt someone. 4. Think twice before you click ‘send’ - especially if you’re upset or angry. Once you...

When will this war end?

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Historians seem to be the most cruel people. They accept wars and millions of deaths as facts. I am sorry, it is kind of joke. I usually laugh at it together with my friends. I will be a bachelor of History in few months. You know… I learnt the history of crusades, the Hundred Years' War, the national liberation movement in Ukraine during existence of Cossacks, the First World War, the Second World War. I am able to talk with you about all of this as it is a story.. B...

Free Fall

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I'm in a free fall My head swinging and feet off the ground My whole body numb Can’t feel my fingers or toes because I’m falling I’m falling and I can’t stop it I’m falling and I can’t help it So afraid of not landing on my feet So scared of landing on my face Is it a laugh, is it a fad? Will I ever be the same? I’m in a free fall With cuts on my wrists and bruises on my arms A choice I made to escape from the pain Three steps forward four steps back...

MTV Splitsvilla season8- Popular Youth Reality Show

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MTV Splitsvilla is one of the popular and wonderful reality TV shows among the Indian youths. This reality show has describes the tasks that youths go through to find their true love. This show is amazingly creative and therefore you cannot miss watching it. This reality is targeting to help the youth identify their talents and exploit them. Each and every Indian living in Singapore has a reason to watch the MTV Splitsvilla season 8. You can conveniently access this show at liv...

I am stronger than depression

Published Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist

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Depression: noun (Psychology) in psychotherapy and psychiatry, a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future. Symptoms: - Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. - Loss of interest in friends, activities, and hobbies. - Feelings of tiredness. - Appetite or weight changes. - Sleep changes. - Anger or irritability. - Self-loathing. I did not need a doctor or anyone else to tell me that...

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