The High School break up

Published no picture Ayesha Zeb Dar , Kemcolian

no picture Kemcolian
Ayesha Zeb Dar
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Hi, This is my last letter to you. So even with all your fiery hatred against me, do go through it. My Love, all this time, I missed being with you. I missed talking to you. I missed going out with you. I missed the time spent with you even when we did nothing. I missed you. After we broke up, I missed you every single day, every single night, every moment. Yes, it was hard for me. Yes, I had to be a hard core to do it. I get that you hated me for it, but guess what? I...

The art of procrastination

Published no picture Stasbari , Law student

no picture Law student
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Procrastinating: the art of getting things done…… later. That, is my definition of procrastinating, something I have been doing long before I knew it had a specific name. I’ve been lazy my whole life and I always do things at the last moment, just when I am about to miss the deadline, and especially if it is something for myself. On the other hand if it is something for someone else it is probable that I will do it on time and even before it is required. Procrastinating...

Developing Our Notion of Development

Published Avatar Harsh Mahaseth , Student

Avatar Student
Harsh Mahaseth
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  • Age 21

Development- how would you define this term? A common misnomer regarding development is that people think of tall buildings, such as skyscrapers, and cities like London or New York. However, should this be the way that we view development? While numerous countries have already pondered over this issue in the past there are many countries that have recently started to do so. The term “developed” had brought with itself baggage as soon as it had reached the Asian soil, the Indi...

Stomach Butterflies

Published Avatar E C H O , Student/Blogger/Part time Teenager

Avatar Student/Blogger/Part time Teenager
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  • Age 17

Have you ever felt that butterfly in your stomach flutter? Now, I don't mean the beautiful ones you get when you see someone you love or the exciting ones you feel when you are living the time of your life. No. I mean the one. The one where it cringes your very soul into thinking you won't ever amount to anything. You start to believe everything every bully or mean person has said about you. Fat. Loser. Dumb. Poor. Blind. Those and all the other names you hear...

Indecipherable Mind

Published no picture Aprajitakaushik , Biomedical Sciences Graduate

no picture Biomedical Sciences Graduate
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  • Age 20

We humans have the ability to feel emotions, ranging from sadness to euphoria, and even some inexplicable feelings, which can only be felt but never explained. As much as it is important to feel everything, it is equally important to not let it affect the state of your mind. Our bodies need to be taken care of; we work out, we keep ourselves in shape, we enhance our outer beauty, but we tend to forget about our inner self; our minds. Our mind too needs enhancement. We all are i...

Shades of being a feminist

Published no picture Yeshna

no picture Yeshna
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  • Age 18

First and foremost, let me define the word feminist for the last time " A person who supports equality between the sexes." I'm just a girl who is 18 years old and loves to speak out about various issues such as environment, gender, bullying, injustice and many others challenges that our society faces as a whole. I'm a strong believer of equal rights and I've been working to really make a change and break those gender stereotypes. Maybe if you don't like the word 'feminist',I...


Published Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist

Avatar Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist
Imen Al-Nighaoui
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To support me give me back my space of freedom. Don't talk for me and let me do it myself; let me voice my own thoughts, my own visions... my own dreams. I am a girl and you can see me in the face of every girl starving everyday for education but not allowed to fulfill it. You can hear me in those little girls' voices as they cry refusing to get married at the age of nine. You can see me in the footsteps of the girls marching to cross borders and seas running away from war and...

People, Planet and Profit

Published no picture Ramatu Jaji , Master's in International Development

no picture Master's in International Development
Ramatu Jaji
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Not too long ago, I too saw businesses, especially big businesses and multinational corporations (MNCs) as a purely self-interested group with no consideration for the community in which they worked or the lives they affected, even if negatively, as they went about seeking profits. We live in a world where inequality, poverty, hunger and disease thrive. In addition and perpetuating the aforementioned ills, are problems of climate change and insecurity. For these reasons, I became d...

Zika Virus

Published Avatar Miwa Kashiwagi

Avatar Miwa Kashiwagi
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Living in a country like Brazil has its ups and downs. It’s a lovely country, the people are great, the nature is incomparable and the food is the best. On the other hand, education is expensive, economy is never stable and the streets are unsafe. We’re never fully safe, and I’m not talking only about assaults, rapes or shootings. We aren’t safe when it comes to health issues and diseases as well. One of the greatest examples of this lack of safety is the spread of a virus...

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