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RSS Feed Now Available on Voices of Youth

Dear VOY community, We have the pleasure to announce that Voices of Youth now offers an RSS fe...

She Is The Unmentioned Contributor

Published Avatar Brighton Kaoma

Avatar Brighton Kaoma
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When you look down through the annals of time, and see the ornaments bestowed upon the man when he has played his role and greatness is conferred upon him, there is unmentioned a contributor, whose strong stance is not discouraged by obstacle, perpetual in her desire, and against all odds she wanes not-no matter how much pressing she does. The echoes in the wind proclaim that she is indeed the matriarch. To some people she is a mother, a sister, a grandmother, a friend, and to...

The Two Worlds of Bimini Leading to the Educational Wanderlust

Published no picture Andres Marquez

no picture Andres Marquez
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Growing up, I can undoubtedly say that traveling to a small, remote Bahamian island called Bimini every summer with my family fomented not only a desire to learn about the world, but also a wish to learn from it. Looking retrospectively, these visits to the island exposed me to different realities, furthering my wanderlust and interest in realm of the international as well as the humanitarian. Yet, traveling to Bimini presented me not only with an opportunity to bury my feet in...

The young people helping Ebola-affected families

Published Avatar Plan International

Avatar Plan International
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Posted by Henry Garneo, Plan youth blogger 26 January 2015: I am a member of the National Children and Youth Advisory Board of Liberia, a group sponsored by Plan Liberia and Defence for Children International-Liberia. We are providing psychosocial support to 100 Ebola-affected families in Monrovia. Psychosocial support is an approach that helps victims of Ebola to cope with stress and fosters resilience in communities and individuals affected. We offer emotional and social supp...

Youth Voices: What is the hope for us?

Published Avatar Plan International

Avatar Plan International
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Young people in West Africa speak about the impact of Ebola on their friends and their communities and the best ways to help them recover. This short film was produced by Plan's youth ambassadors in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Norway, with the help of Plan International. The young people in this video are sharing parts of blogs they have written during the Ebola outbreak about the impacts on them and the people around them.

First World Education

Published no picture Zahra Biabani

no picture Zahra Biabani
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It's the Sunday night before the end of Spring break and all over your twitter feed the tweet "can't wait to go back to prison tomorrow", or "I would rather die than go to school", or "I hate school so much", is popping up. I get it- school can be stressful, people can be bullies, and it might be a dirty place filled with germs. But every time I find myself complaining about the mysterious red stain on the lunchroom chair, or the putrid smell from the upstairs hallways, I think...

The Reunion

Published Avatar Angkush Poonye

Avatar Angkush Poonye
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To those who are truly, madly and deeply in love ! : Here I stand again in the middle of my favourite long-known land. Feeling like a sapien with an old soul; all I can see is the parched soil; all I can hear is the whistling gust of wind; all I can feel is a blend of rainbowish emotions. The wait is over: the heavy sky shall soon soothe the pain of the dry earth; the flower shall not fear to bloom again for the wind promises to be predictable; the raindrops shall merrily imbibe...

Dear World...

Published Avatar Rodrigo Bustamante

Avatar Rodrigo Bustamante
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What is one message you want to share with the world? Dear World, Never forget to be idealistic and revolutionary. Never lose sight of your dreams… Dear World, is an innovative book, in the making, which compiles short letters addressed to the world from its youth. The goal is to show that a group of “kids” can do something profound, something that will leave its mark and ultimately something that can change the world. The central question of the book i...

Name: Marius Esparon Age: 23 Occupation: Benefit Officer Explain to us what is Ile Perseverance? Ile Perseverance is a reclaimed artificial island on the north eastern coast of Mahe, less than five minutes drive from Victoria. How long have you been living there? I’ve been living there since February 2011 among the 1st batch of people to receive their House keys to stay on the island. You were the young pioneer what did you have to do? As Perseverance lack...

Words can destroy people

Published no picture binaila

no picture binaila
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A few months ago, I was diagnosed with depression. I knew I was depressed, but after I was diagnosed, I felt even more depressed. Some days I am happy and spunky, while other days, I feel like I am in a pit of despair and as if there will never be a day where I will be happy again. What triggers the bad days are what people are saying or doing. For example, one day a girl was sitting next to me in class and she said, "I don't know how people could be depressed, it's weird, like I'm...

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