My unveiling

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As a teenager, I was broken, hurt, filled with guilt, clueless and craved death. I had thought about taking my life several times but couldn’t bring myself to do it for some reason. The major fear was not wanting to go to hell. I was shy, timid and my self-esteem had literally been crushed. I was made to attend a boarding school in order for me to be as far away from trouble as possible, having gone through a period of sustained emotional, sexual and physical abuse from the age o...

Humans in the Winds of Change

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This post is a collaboration between Shrouq Tarek and Enana Hermez. It’s a historical time for our region - the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Wars, revolutions, coups and an unending chaos has been sweeping the region. You’ve probably read about our countries - Egypt and Syria - in the news. In the past few years, we’ve made headlines. But have you ever thought about the humans, beyond the headlines? In this post, we’ll tell you about our personal experiences as...

Going… gone!

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This blog post is a collaboration between AnuOluwapo Adelakun and Banni Bestina Aminah Today is a fine day so I decide to go to the market to buy some vegetables. It’s a beautiful non-rainy afternoon in Palopo and the market is not so crowded so I move very swiftly. As I carry my heavy rattan shopping bag filled with vegetables, towards the sidewalk to wait for angkot to stop, I spot a young girl sitting alone on a bench. The other benches aren’t totally occupied but I...

The Journey

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The fresh touch of breeze on your face The old radio blaring at its own pace The musings of your mind left wandering The passing waves of the roadside daffodils The soar of birds with their joy so loud The sunbeams bouncing between the clouds The careless laughter & happiness in the car As if with the passing trees not marred by any scars The faint silhouette of the houses gone by The innocent glances of the animals nearby And all this scenery gone in...

United For The Sundarbans

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This blog post is a collaboration between Maria Jurado Giraldo and Sadia Akhter Aurna. Many people in Bangladesh are now planning to go and visit Sundarban which is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest on earth. There is this talk in the air that Sundarban will be no more in the near future. Why is it so? Even though I am a Bangladeshi living in the capital I have never been to the Sundarbans. I have been to Khulna; from there I could see a lit...

“There's so much that we share, that it's time we're aware, it's a small world after all.” Although parents leaving the popular Disneyland children’s ride grow annoyed as “It’s A Small World” replays in their heads, the ride, in both its visual display and the blithe tune that accompanies it, holds a tremendous level of truth. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has made headlines a countless number of times for his ignorant remarks. From his harsh criticism of Mexi...

Young people are speaking up. Are you sure to be listening?

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Following a resolution passed by UN General Assembly back in 1999, International Youth Day is annually celebrated on August 12th. The aim behind it is to shed light on youth-related issues in economic, political and legal contexts. This year’s theme focuses on ending extreme poverty and achieving sustainability by 2030, which makes it impossible for anyone writing on IYD not to mention the 21th century plight affecting millenials: unpaid internship. If one looks at the statis...

Immigrant Background

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We talk a lot about immigration these days. Here, in France, some immigrants succeeded in integrating through the years (which is the case of my family), but some still struggle with this. Some people are pro-immigration, some are not. In the first half of the twentieth century, my country was calling for immigrants to work there, due to low birth rates. France then became one of the first countries in the world to welcome immigrants [1]. Welcoming lots of migrants from Italy,...


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Look at the horizon The sky is endless It goes on and on Infinite and boundless Look at the clear blue color Slowly changing with the sun Covered with puffy clouds Such a gorgeous view What if clouds were actually spirits? As many souls believed in the past What if the sky was the realm of the Greek gods? Or the home of creatures we’ve never dreamed of Indeed there were legends About the edge of the world The edge of the sky Where eve...

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