Still a small town at heart

Posted no picture Arghya Bhaskar , Student

no picture Student
Arghya Bhaskar
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Studying journalism was always in my mind since high school. I also fancied literature and further decided to apply in St. Joseph’s college, Bangalore which offered me English-journalism-psychology for undergrad. I sat for the entrance test and got selected for the course. Hence Bangalore is now my home for next three years. I’ve been travelling for a long time now and been to major metros of the country. I have had my experiences. I have seen the republic day parade at raj...

bona fide..

Posted Avatar Aprajitakaushik

Avatar Aprajitakaushik
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Just existing or making a difference? To yourself as well as to those around you. Life’s stages are not just limited to childhood, youth and old age; but to the little spans or incidents which end up changing our mindsets or our lives forever. Those are real stages of life. Learning at every stage is one of the quintessential ways of living. On these very stages, we meet various people, which is but natural, and beautiful, because of the human feelings it brings along. Our he...

International Day of the Girl Child

Posted Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

Avatar Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine
Richa Gupta
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India is a beautiful country. That said, there is one facet of Indian society that shackles it from social development: gender inequality. October 11 is recognized as the International Day of the Girl Child. Although it applies to girls across the global spectrum, I’d like to talk about it with respect to my own country. Even though Indian girls are brimming with energy, vitality, and potential, a portion of them never get to harness these wonderful qualities – especially t...

Girls for Freedom

Posted Avatar Unitika Schlawenger , International Youth Representative

Avatar International Youth Representative
Unitika Schlawenger
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It’s a free world man, I can say anything I can. Everyone is able to raise a voice, Us girls can do anything like your boys. I am free to acquire any knowledge. To decide, whether or not, to go to college. Slavery, is something, from the past, But I tell you now, it will never last. You can’t trap, me in your cage I can sing on any stage. Even caged birds sing, You can’t shut anyone’s throat. Our voices, our words, are our freedom. Fre...

Delicate Flowers

Posted no picture Ashleigh

no picture Ashleigh
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Being raised as a girl in today’s society is filled with so many bumps and turns, it can get annoying. Just because we were born with a certain genetic make-up automatically files us into a category that we have no control over. We’re treated like these delicate little flowers who constantly need protection and guidance. This can easily harm a child’s development when they are constantly being sheltered and not being pushed to explore their full potential. Growing up as a...

The Beginning of Something Great

Posted Avatar Banni Bestina , German Literature Student

Avatar German Literature Student
Banni Bestina
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It all started with a simple ad on Facebook a few months ago. It was a blogging internship provided by UNICEF, called Voice of Youth. As a blogger, I felt challenged. I had been blogging since I was 12 so I quickly accepted the challenge. At first, it was difficult for me since most of the posts on my personal blog had been ‘freestyle’, meaning that I post for mainly for my own excitement. But my, VOY was different. I was struggling with most of my posts because I lacked...

Do what feels right!

Posted Avatar crisantaicm , Student

Avatar Student
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To do what you feel it's right, what it's best for you without thinking what others will say becomes more and more hard, people will judge you without any hesitation, without thinking. This world will be a better place if people wouldn't be judgmental, if people just accept and love each other. Yes, it's hard to do what you feel is right, people's expectation will always be different but to do what you want to do, what you feel is right will always lead to your own path, your des...


Posted Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

Avatar Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine
Richa Gupta
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Most worries come and go quickly, and you are conscious of their entrance and exit. Your heart rate leaps, your breaths start quickening, your fingers start tapping. And then something comes along – perhaps an answer or source of comfort – and you realize that your worry had been unfounded. You’re going to be fine. Yes, others wouldn’t have reacted in the same, startled way you did… But that’s ok. But sometimes, out of the blue, a thought you hadn’t looked at for...

Female Genital Mutilation: A Violation of Human Rights

Posted no picture Lindsey Cummins , Student

no picture Student
Lindsey Cummins
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Female genital mutilation, otherwise known as FGM, “includes procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons (1).” FGM is mostly practiced in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and is part of religious practice. According to the religion, this is done to these young women to keep them clean and pure before marriage. Female genital mutilation is mostly done to young women before they are adults. There are no health benefits...

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