It is not okay

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They called her pretty. Not pretty- beautiful. A true beauty. A rest for their tired eyes. A refreshment for their sore throat. They would stare at her-constantly, for a long period of time, almost hungry, craving for the food her beauty offered. To her, it was all so flattering, but after some time it became obsessive. She would feel people’s looks on her like hot, painful stamps; she would recognize the unhumanly thirst in their eyes; she would run away from the disturbing closeness of their...

A (Brief) History of Human Rights

Posted no picture Gabriel Brown

no picture Gabriel Brown
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Above is my first video (YouTube) explaining the history of human rights and its importance today. If you don't like my voice (like me!) - switch on the subtitles.Transcript: The History of Human RightsPerhaps the earliest recognizable document featuring any mention of what we have come to call human rights comes from the Persian Emprise under the rule of Cyrus the Great. After the conquest of Babylon of 539 BCE, Cyrus ordered the creation of a cylinder that would enable many Jews to return to t...

I am a misfit in this world!

Posted no picture Asif Wahab , Blogger

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Asif Wahab
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In Feb 2017, I completed my Bachelor Degree. Despite the fact that I have graduated with flying colors, I don’t have any idea of my course in life. What am I going to do from now onwards? What is my future? What should I do vis-à-vis my career? What to do about my own financial security? What steps should I take for self-sustenance etc.?There could be no two opinions on the fact that I want to take a job accordant with my educational qualifications, but those sorts of jobs require you to have...

Inhabitants of the rich world

Posted no picture Magdalena Cinkova

no picture Magdalena Cinkova
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We, inhabitants of the rich world. Who are we? Are we better than others, than people living in the rest of the world? Why are we acting like we know everything and we can do every single thing we want? This makes us disrespectful and intolerant.I have been thinking about one thing for quite a long time and I just don’t understand it. We wear clothes from China or South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka…); we eat bananas, avocados and other tropical fruit from Africa and South Ame...

Depression and life

Posted no picture Azka zulfiqar , Doctor

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Azka zulfiqar
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People tend to ask me: why are you depressed, you have such a nice life? My simple response is… I don’t know. Depression wasn’t something I could control; neither was my anxiety.Despite it being hard for me to express how I feel deep down, the people around me mean the world to me.I know that other people are struggling, just like I was. Just being there to talk makes such a huge difference. It doesn’t take much to listen to a friend when they need to get their feelings off their chest....

Figuring it out

Posted no picture Shuprova , Just want peace

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I was trying to figure out why I'm alone all the time, and l figured out that l am the kind of person who will never be able to find a way to feel good when people are around me. That is because l can't tolerate the bad emotions of other people. Maybe l am born to live all by myself. Born different from others. I don't like what other people do. I don't run for the things the other people do. I never felt proud of myself even when l knew that what l did was much good.I am just trying to figure o...

Go Slow!

Posted no picture Safa Arooj

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It’s really sad that among 7.4 billion people nobody is willing to walk at my pace.School, college and university could have been fun but comparison ruined it all. Since the early years of my education I realized that competition is the key to survival in this world. During school the use of phrases like “look at her, if she can do it in an hour, why can’t you?” or “She eats the same food as you do, so how come you’re so slow?” was pretty common and regretfully I admit that I loved...

The Double Standard

Posted no picture K. Anderson , Student

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K. Anderson
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When it comes to societal views of men and women in regards to sexual activity before marriage, the opinions are generally unbalanced or unfair. Men are viewed as socially accepted tom cats who may do whatever they please in regards to sex, while women who take part in premarital sex are regarded as loose and immoral, having clandestine encounters that should leave her riddled with shame. This viewpoint is perpetuated in films, like Mean Girls, Halloween, and What’s Your Number? Society shames...


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Cities! Those damn cities. They fill us with memories and then leave us empty. Or maybe it’s just us who let go, put on layers over layers of forgetfulness, and move on to another step in our lives. It’s been exactly 6 years since I left this city and never came back, until now. I first moved to Sfax for school and now I’ve come to visit my sister who started her career here. Moving to a new place is all about the beginning; when you start to notice the tiniest details you’re not used to...

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