The Weight of Stares

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Back in grade school, I was acquainted with two girls. Both of whom were ‘friends’ of mine in the now defunct Friendster. The first one was short, petite and slim. The other bordered obese but was relatively tall. They didn’t publicly interact with each other as far as I know, for they belonged to different sections with different circles of friends. However, there was one thing in common with them and that is their afternoon trips to the 3rd floor gymnasium bathroom. I c...

A touch of LoVe

Published no picture Nompue Karen , #Godgal

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Nompue Karen
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I witnessed at touch of love just this morning. A concerned nurse put it upon herself to provide a meal for one of the TB patients she was serving. He was filthy, dangling, lost and walking down the corridor with no purpose as if all dreams had been deemed and shuttered. You could see his energy was limited and his hope was fading. We see so many of these people who are left hopeless, who are stripped off by vile diseases like tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia etc. Zim...

Climate change manifestations taking place globally ahead of COP21 meet at Paris 2015, clearly points towards the degrees of vulnerability and it’s consequences on living species , thus making a way for complex negotiations. Tackling climate change is however not a competition. While stakes are high locally, they are quite essential at the global level. Clearly, one of the main hurdles faced by the delegations taking part in the COP21 now, is to reconcile local and global con...


Published Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui

Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui
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The human race is a complicated creature. This entity is full of mystery and I; myself is a chaotic soul. And that’s really makes me wonder about the nature of our actions and decision making. I wonder about our reality. Questions like “Are all people good by nature?” and “What makes a person a bad person?” would invade my space. At some point of my twenty-five years I started to question everything around me. I wanted to have answers to questions that are related to the...

Refugees at the Gates of the EU – the Start of a Revolution?

Published no picture laboh , psychology student, ijgd workcamp leader

no picture psychology student, ijgd workcamp leader
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More and more people are coming to Europe, searching for help and a safe place to live. The media report “floods of refugees”. European countries, first of all Germany, reintroduced border controls, Hungary closes down completely letting none of the help seekers pass the country, while the German chancellor Angela Merkel finally remembered her humanity and is now determined to help at least some of the refugees. What does this mean for us, young European citizens of the wor...

#RefugeesWelcome - A hash tag turned movement.

Published no picture Olivia.

no picture Olivia.
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The internet paused to grief 3 year old Aylan kurdi, who washed up on Turkish sand. It quickly became a wake up call. It questioned our humanity; how could we have prevented or prevent this from reoccuring. These people didn't ask for this, they are the victims and they need our help. I have read numerous articles of what these refugees undergo after they flee their country. Hundreds die at sea, only for the ones who survive to be rejected to neglected. How we respond to this, questions our hum...

Un-Employ-Able: The Lie We Are Forced To Believe.

Published no picture Fasoranti Damilola

no picture Fasoranti Damilola
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Dear Job Seeker, I know you've been bruised, battered and beaten by rejection from many organisations. I have been one of those recruiting team that denied you of the job. Sorry! There's a new lie in town that you've been forced to believe by all these rejections. They said you are Un-Employ-Able! This lie tells you how unfit and unworthy your skills are in the value-market. This lie get you ashamed of yourself and your creator. You feel useless, begging to be useful....

Our Promised Right of Education

Published no picture Aseel Fahoum

no picture Aseel Fahoum
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In my first article I'll be talking about my experience, I'll be talking about that me and other 33 thousand students in Israel are now at home since the start of the new school year 1/9/2015. Why? Well that will have to be because we have called a solidarity strike in support of the church schools. The country’s 47 Catholic schools have been on strike since the start of the school year last Tuesday to protest government budget cuts. The church schools (where both Christi...

But we are just friends !

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He would throw a can full of coke on her uniform." You know you can't be safe from getting killed by me today." she shouted her lungs out running after him with stained uniform and blood red face with anger. Just opposite to them were another bunch of guys and girls. He cracked a joke while she bashes him at his back saying ,"Oh Asfar you are so damn funny, " and laughing breathlessly while her friends having glitter fight with other set of guys.Another scenario where a shy girl su...

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