A Wake Up Call: One Typhoon Survivor's Story

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Young and inspiring! 25-year-old Joanna Sustento is a Climate and Environment Voices of Youth Blogger from the city of Tacloban, Philippines. She is a Typhoon Haiyan survivor and is trying to make sense of the tragedy after she and her eldest brother lost their whole family to the storm. Joanna sought comfort and found a tool to heal through writing. It is through her stories that she aims to empower her community and hopefully the whole world, to resist and work for a future that will no longer...

Young Soul

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You, young soulFull of dreams and hopeDon’t let anyone push you downTo where you don’t belongThe world is a rough placeWhere many people cryWhere many people sufferAnd where many people dieBut young soulDon’t you dare look awayRather stand upAnd change this worldWhere is the love?Many people askLove is inside usWe just need to let it shineIt may seem impossibleBut it’s notYou just need to loveTo change the worldLove unites usIt makes us be oneIt makes us care about the other It doesn’t makes us...

An Alternative Lifestyle

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They met through a common passion and will never be thankful enough to the mountains - the wild ones that brought their souls together. He’s a computer engineer! She, a chemistry researcher! They don’t see nature with their eyes, but with all of their hearts. They feel nature around them and go to discover it, sense it, and experience it in their own way. Hiking is their refuge: They love seeing the world from up there. They feel like the tops of mountains wear the color of their souls. They sp...

We All Bleed Red

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People cross the street, casting judgments. He’s a murderer. She’s a princess. He’s depressed. She’s a nerd. He’s a loser. She’s too thin. He’s dying. She’s destitute. In invisible bubbles, they walk past each other, forcing rankings in an imaginary hierarchy, as if they actually know the truth. Neighbors ask “How are you?” without truly listening to the answer, content with the categories they have manufactured and the division lines they have drawn in their minds.But strangers’ stories can n...

Unsolicited Tale of an Experience

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Kami blinked her eyes a thousand times as the pungent gas of the onion wafted to her, forcing tears from her eyes. She continued chopping; the rhythmic clop -clop- clop of the knife on the board synchronised with the beats of her heart. I shouldn’t have stayed so long at Shola’s. It was the promise of Shola’s stories that had first drawn her to go to her shack to buy petty goods even though there was a kiosk right next to her little flat. The day she decided to stay a while there, those stor...

Why I love failing - and how to get the most out of it

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Failing is a very valuable and beautiful experience. It is the hidden hero who makes us who we are, it is our friend. It teaches us, it makes us more powerful, it makes us braver; and if you learn to love it, it makes you unstoppable. Despite this, we are always afraid of it, we always try to avoid it or hide it away. For example in a movie, all the failures and the process is crammed into a 20 second montage; but the glory and success is overly shown. As if life was all about the punch line. Bu...

On This Mother’s Day

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Dear Mother,I know that one day is not enough to express how grateful I am to you for all your day and night efforts. If I am today able to do something or if I am recognized for being who I am, it’s all because of you. Usually I do hug you every day and say thank you but today I thought to give you a beautiful gift, a gift of my words that will stay forever as a witness to how much I owe you and how much I love you my sweetest Mama.It is so hard to put my feelings into words when I write about...

The distance between dreams and reality is ACTION

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Success comes from the little seeds we plant every day despite the challenges we face, and no idea will work unless we do the work. We have only one life and we shouldn’t waste it!! The road to success is through commitment, and commitment happens when we take a real ACTIONS.Taking massive action in our lives is the only way that we are going to achieve our goals, dreams, and desires. Wake up every day with the mantra “TAKE ACTION” and watch the results unfold in your life.Your life would be bet...

A letter about refugees

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Dear world leaders,In the English dictionary, under the word ‘refugee’, you’ll find this signification: “a refugee is a person who has escaped from his own country for political, religious, or economic reasons, or because of a war.”I’d like to focus my attention on a single word and look for its signification in the dictionary as well: “person: a human, a man, a woman or a child.”Every single of us in this life shares moments, laughs, dreams with people: it is part of our nature to be ‘social an...

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