Tunisian Law Bans Hijab in Schools

Published Avatar Eya Abidi

Avatar Eya Abidi
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I am a young Arab-Muslim Lady. I do believe that “There is only one God” and I completely adhere Islam. As I have the right to be an unveiled Arab-Muslim-Tunisian young lady, Tunisian girls have the right to wear the Hijab. In my third year of secondary school, I remember how my veiled friend “Takoua” was kicked aggressively inside the classroom by the schoolmaster to take off the Hijab. At that time, under Ben Ali’s regime those inhuman acts were repeated daily in my s...

Stop the Pity: Let Men Cry

Published Avatar Gerald , Mr

Avatar Mr
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On a warm afternoon on June 19, 2014 I am at a funeral of a class mate, my phone rings. It is a call from my father to inform me that my uncle passed away. I held my tears until I walked out of the funeral room. “God, I am at a funeral right now, I have cried enough. Why do I have to cry again?” Uncle Joe, I called him pa, had been sick with diabetes, high blood pressure and was paralyzed for seven years. I helped my aunt take care of him in his early stage of paralysis. We did...

Value: The Difference Between Exceptional and Mediocre

Published Avatar Ezinne Enyinnaya

Avatar Ezinne Enyinnaya
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For All: A Poem

Published Avatar Ahmed M. Badr , Executive Director at Narratio

Avatar Executive Director at Narratio
Ahmed M. Badr
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This is for the refugees that could never find the word “home” in the dictionaries of their lives. This is for the immigrant parents that are trying to preserve their cultures within their children. This is for the hopeful and the hopeless, dancing across a sea of shallow stereotypes and cultural limitations. This is for the soldiers who use their weapons as words, and speak without meaning to innocent bystanders. This is for Baba, who taught me that you should never...

Waking Up!!

Published Avatar Grace Kiunga

Avatar Grace Kiunga
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At first I didn’t know what to title this article but I ended up with no fancy words but to name it what it is. I have a problem with waking up. I don’t know if it only happens to me but waking up early is always a struggle. This means that I used to be a last minute person and day after day, I was always rushing out of the door to catch the bus or for a meeting and most times I almost got late. I read books like ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ but to no avail. I tried...

Addressing Women’s Access to Education in the Middle East

Published no picture Anant Mishra

no picture Anant Mishra
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Discussion The United Nations has recognized education as a fundamental right. Literacy, reasoning, problem solving skills, leadership assessments and arithmetic tests will help improve the efficiency of labor in the global community; and hence boosting the economy of the world nations. Nations that have invested heavily in education developments, such as Egypt, Jordan and Algeria have witnessed rapid economic developments as compared to those nations were reluctant to spend on...

Fear Not! The World Is Not Ending!

Published Avatar David Molina Shvidchenco , Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology
David Molina Shvidchenco
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Don’t call it an end. There are more words to write. I was scared at first. I thought nobody would like me, but I was even more scared of myself. There are things that I do, but this was a “don’t”. “What is it that you do now, but almost never did before?”, you’ll ask. “Express myself”, I’ll say. And I like it. It is a relief. To write what I want, and then realize that my opinion is not only important, but that there are others who think like me. I was...

Youth Must Mobilise Across Differences

Published Avatar Derwayne Wills , Social Change Provocateur

Avatar Social Change Provocateur
Derwayne Wills
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A dual edged blade guards against the involvement of youth at the high-level. On one side, there are politicians who continue to see youth as tokens in their election and re-election bids, and on the other side there are youth leaders who demand to be heard but sometimes exclude the voices of those who are not from their socioeconomic background. I have been to consultations on youth policies, and different forums where young people speak about the life they want. My concern co...

Jam for Change in celebration of International Youth Day

Published Avatar Plan International

Avatar Plan International
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On August 12th Plan for Change hosted Jam for Change: an International Youth Day celebration at the Center for Social Innovation in Toronto, bringing together youths to network, celebrate achievements and raise awareness about creating social change. One of their supporters, Jeff Gunn, wrote a song which their youth networks lip sync’d to. Here is the video they created in celebration of International Youth Day – as an example of youth taking action. This is a Global Voice...

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