Dashain – The festival of togetherness

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We Nepalese people are fond of festivals & have many of them. Among many festivals we celebrate, Dashain is the major one. There is an ancient saying about Dashain. It is celebrated for victory of god Ram over demon Ravana. Dashain is the festival of togetherness when all the family members working in the different places inside or outside the country gather together & enjoy the festival. It is the festival when we enjoy with new clothes, delicious dishes, play swings,...


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When a child is born, it is a blessing to the person and the family as well, because children are all gifts from God. Children growing in developing countries encounter a lot of difficulties on their way, especially those from humble background. And some end up not attaining their dreams. Though there are exceptions, most of these children especially in the rural areas stand a ghost of chance of even completing secondary school. We all know that without any skill one cannot obt...

Is It Fair

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Source: https://soundcloud.com/childrensradiofoundation/ra...

The Optimistic Youth Reporters are from Cosat High School in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. They asked their fellow pupils and teachers about the way classes are arranged at their school and how this affects the learning process.

Getting Hit By A Car

Posted October 8, 2014 no picture Children's Radio Foundation

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Mobility: Getting hit by a car on the way to ...

Source: https://soundcloud.com/childrensradiofoundation/tr...

Kamva thought it'd be a pretty normal day as he made his way to his Khayelitsha school one morning. Little did he know it would end with him in hospital. He reflects on his ordeal.

What I learnt this past week

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I am usually careful about what movie I should spend time seeing because I do not want to feel that I wasted my time when the movie ends. So when a friend gave me the movie, “Unconditional,” I waited a long time before I finally made the move, but it sure was no waste of time! This past week I ran into the movie on television and got the chance to really think about what message it passes across. The film is based on the true life story of Joe Bradford, who grew up in rural...

Huxley A, Brave New World

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I have never enjoyed reading much, probably because when education has a mistaken approach (as it is both in Colombia and in Chile) grades are more important than learning, and reading is everything but pedagogical or enriching. However one day it all changed when I found a webpage that shared classic books from top writers all over the world. In fact I read Animal Farm in 2 full days; Love in a Time of Cholera in 3 nights and the Metamorphosis in probably a day. I can’t ev...

Power of the People - consumerism

Posted October 7, 2014 no picture Angélique Pouponneau

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I've always believed and advocated that power lies with the people, that is the majority rather the few at the top. This is based on the rationale that it is the majority that votes to put someone in a that position and therefore can vote to take them out. The power is with the people. I wonder if the same can apply in the consumer world. The consumer world works on supply and demand. Methane is as lethal or more lethal than carbon dioxide emission. One of the greatest emitte...

Human Trafficking

Posted October 7, 2014 no picture Nyasha Piloto

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It is rather too easy, borderline human instinct to pass judgement on ''ladies of the night'' that we encounter in the streets. Back when I was still closed minded and impressionable by characters that surrounded me, I too was no exception to this. It is amazing how different dynamics of life present themselves when you sit down and listen to a person's story. Having actually visited a female sex worker in her lavish home (where her pimp put her up) we had a lengthy conversations...


Posted October 7, 2014 Avatar Grace Kiunga

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Today morning on the Classic FM radio in Kenya I couldn't help hearing a debate about women who started off with a man when both had nothing. They loved and treasured them for who they were and they shared the little they had. Ten years down the line, the man has a family with the woman and through combined effort they have amassed a lot of wealth. And then out of the blues, the man wants to marry a second wife. I couldn't control the emotions that tore inside me as I listened...

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