Gender Equality. Then, Now and the Future.

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Opened eyes, closed eyes. When I open my eyes, I can see the gender equality revolution. Suddenly it is so easy for me to succeed where men were thought to be pros, actually it is far easier for me compared to the man who has the same drive as me. I am applying for an engineering job in the same organization as my classmates who more than ¾ are men and a man with the same qualification as me may be left out because they only needed 4 people and from our class 8 boys and 2 girls ap...

Why I Believe You Can Be a Human Rights Advocate

Posted December 8, 2014 Avatar Lauren Wedekind

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By age seventeen, Nam* had been forced into marrying a stranger, bearing his child, and risking her life to be a refugee on a remote island. In April 1975, the North Vietnamese Communist Party took over the Republic of South Vietnam, and violently threatened residents of Saigon, South Vietnam’s then-capital and Nam’s hometown. Like thousands of other residents, Nam’s family desperately uprooted from their relatively comfortable living situation, only to cram like sardines int...

Different Topics for Sociology Dissertation

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Writing a dissertation is tough but writing a dissertation on a topic like sociology can make things very difficult for students. Students don’t take interest in writing a dissertation on topics like sociology. Sociology is a study of human behavior, development, and organizations. It encompasses social class, religion, law, culture etc. Students can take a sigh of relief because they have easy access to multiple helping sources to complete a sociology dissertation easily. St...

Smiling faces as Ukrainian boys win OneMinutesJr award 2014

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AMSTERDAM, 30 November 2014 - The winners of the OneMinutesJr 2014 were announced by UNICEF and the One Minute Foundation during an awards ceremony in Amsterdam this weekend. Two of the three awards go to Ukraine while the third category was won by a young Syrian refugee currently living in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Yuriy (14) and Ivan (13) from Ukraine were both present at the awards in Amsterdam. They participated in a OneMinutesJr workshop for Internally Displaced...

The Eco Auger

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One and a half billion people, that's right, billion with a b, people lack access to electricity. In this day and age that seems almost impossible, I mean this is the 21st century, people without electricity sounds as preposterous as ISIS sending President Obama a gift basket and flowers on his birthday. As the WHO explains, “For those living in extreme poverty, a lack of access to energy services dramatically affects and undermines health, limits opportunities for educati...

The Most Beautiful City in Ukraine - Lviv!

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Let me introduce the city where I study - Lviv. It was founded in 1256 by the King Danylo. The name of the city was given in honour of a son of Danylo - Leo which means "lion". There are a lot of epithets towards Lviv. The name "Lion City" is the most common.. From time to time there are used such comparisons, names and phrases like "city of lions", "city of sleeping lions", "the Royal city", "pearl of the crown of Europe", "Town-Museum", "the capital of Galicia", "small Paris"...

Ukraine. What's on the local news?

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Why Indian families dont consider a girls will before marriage

Posted December 7, 2014 no picture Kunal Anil Gaikwad

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Many girls give up their careers their dreams under the pressure of marriage from family. Many parents dont look for their daughters happiness but fear from society and marry their daughters without their daughters will. Women have been given so many rights why not give them the right to choose a life partner they want? Why can't they choose a partner happily without being afraid of society, culture. Its like raising a daughter happily, loving her, but when she grows up her happine...

The boy that made a change.

Posted December 5, 2014 no picture Artemis B.

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"Once upon a time,somewhere at the Earth,there was a small village,with almost 80 people,living there.Most of them were elders,but there were many children as well.Most people were farmers; they were begining their work before the sunrise and they were returning after the sunset. But,there was something strange at the village.There was a very mysterious hole ,near the forest,which was named "The Hole".Some people were saying that someone opened it,but forgot to close it.Others,used to s...

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