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#2065yourfuture: Deine Idee für den Klimaschutz

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q6WLn6voE0

In December 2015, governments will meet at the UNFCCC COP21, to conclude negotiations on a new international climate change agreement, to significantly decrease global greenhouse gas emissions. This is being seen as the “last chance” to control emissions, therefore Plan Youth Advisory Panels in Australia, Norway, Germany and The Philippines are advocating for young people’s voices to be heard in the agreement.

Written by Miriam, Germany.

What is going to happen in 50 years?

What will our planet look like?

Children, especially those in developing countries, are hit hardest by climate change, but contribute the least to it. We want a climate change contract that clearly takes their situation into account. We demand a treaty that protects the future of all kids and teenagers because we are going to be the ones affected by the effects of the climate change, especially those who grow up in developing countries.

Therefore in June, 2015 our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) and Plan Action started the campaign #2065yourfuture. We collect trees drawn on post cards or posters and in November, before COP21, these trees and the demands on the climate treaty are going to be handed over to the German government.

We also started a social media project in the course of our campaign, called the “chain video”. It shows each person, catching a yarn, saying what they do to save the environment, and then pass it on. The videos are posted on Plan Action’s Instagram page or the people’s private accounts. They can also nominate friends to participate in this project and “pass on” the yarn to them. We hope to bring the topic of climate change and how we can positively influence it closer to people our age, and draw more attention to our campaign, with the “chain videos”.

We want the government to listen to us, and a climate change agreement that clarifies the principle of shared, but differentiated responsibility, and target a maximum increase of 1.5 to 2.0 degrees Celsius globally. We ask the federal government of Germany to do the following: Inter-generation fairness should be included into the new convention as guiding principle and the UNFCCC-process should enable youth engagement (for example, through inviting teenagers to be part of the German delegation). During upcoming governmental negotiations, attention should be drawn to the necessity of partner nations investment in climate change education.

ACTION: Connect your voice with young people around the world and influence our global leaders deciding the future of our climate?

#2065yourfuture is a climate change campaign developed by Plan’s Youth Advisory Panels in Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Norway and The Philippines ahead of the UNFCCC COP21 conference that will conclude negotiations on a new international climate change agreement.

#2065yourfuture - promotes the need for today's young people and leaders around the world to tackle climate change and take responsibility for the world they want to see in 50 years’ time.

Now we want to spread #2065yourfuture to the rest of the world.

Connect your voice with other young people around the world tackling the impact of climate change, we will collate and present your voices to leaders during a side event inside COP21!

1.Use #2065yourfuture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share the following material:

a) Take a photo holding a poster explaining:

- The actions you are taking to stop climate change? or

- What you want people and governments to do to stop climate change?

b) Join the Chain Video highlighting that “our planet is dangling on a string” by recording and sharing your own video. Check out https://www.facebook.com/planaction.plandeutschland for more ideas

c) Making a drawing, painting or photo of a tree as symbol of protecting the environment. (You can also using #PlanChallenge for this one)

Don’t forget to tag your friends in your posts and set them the challenge!!!!

2. Join an online discussion “Climate Change and young people’s action” with young people around the world on Monday 16th November.

3. Read and Share other Global Voice of Youth Blogs

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