"Be A Voice, Not An Echo."

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The first time I heard and read about John F. Kennedy, I almost thought he was a god! I thought he was a phenomenon, a being supreme and very determined. I saw one great trait in him that made my heart tremble - his voice. He never kept QUIET. His ability to relate to the poor and rich, making them understand the purpose and rhythm of how good living should be was overwhelming. Indeed, his voice was more great and touching.

I feel the same about Martin Luther King Jr. - a man who spoke out with his heart. His words still make a difference today. Abraham Lincoln also raised the walls of sluggishness with his zeal, words and action. These men touched the lives of youth, changed politics and the way we respond to things around us. Today, their name is heard among us as men who not only made a difference but affected the lives of youth positively both through politics and education. As youth, we CAN make a difference and change the world with our "JOINED VOICES." Together, not separate, but connected as ( Young - Oriented Youths - Unanimously bounded - with influential Thoughts - embedded with a Honest mind - desiring Success ).

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