"Be Thankful" and "Be Happy"

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It’s been a month since my last post published on VOY website and I feel so good because I finally found a time to sit and write about “The Recipe of My Happiness” in this week.

I was accepted as a child facilitator on Dreamdelion, a community empowerment in Jakarta and we are really concerned about women and children. Two days ago, I went to the Dreamdelion class to teach the children. We aren’t teaching math, science or social studies. We are teaching moral values which are implemented through creative activites. So, we decided to make “Terimakasih” our topic. “Terimakasih” means “Thanks” or “Thank You” in English. We made a handicraft and it looks like the curtain with “Terimakasih” written on the origami. The children happily made it their expression and thanks to their friends and facilitators.

This activity makes me realize the best way to feel happiness is to be thankful with everything we have right now. Many people out there are looking for what you have and they don’t know “How to get it.”

Be thankful because you have many people around to love and take care of you. Be thankful because you have many friends who always ready to support and cheer you up. Be thankful because you have safe water to drink and shower, when many people out there are trying so hard or maybe harder to get a drop of water. We have good internet network to connect, to say what we want to say and to be heard by the people from all around the world. We have a big chance to learn about many things, from the smallest thing like “One plus one is Two” to the complex thing like “How to unite many people with different cultures within the corporation.” So, what makes you worry and pursue happiness when you absolutely know you are the luckiest person in this world?

“Looking for happiness” is not our duty. But, our duty is spreading a smile and being happy. “Be Thankful” and saying “Thank You” with your best smile to every single person around you. I’m sure it’ll make you happy.

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