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We have come a long way in many aspects, technology, medicine, architecture, biodiversity etc. Something that has not changed is the lack of toleration.

This generation is "more open minded" than the ones before. That's partly true, see this generation is extremely diverse, and with that diversity many ways of thinking appear. Many times those ways of thinking clash. That leads to conflict and disagreement.

This generation has been in a way forced to grow up before time, seduced by a consumerist society that is at our reach at the youngest ages.

Drinking, drugs and sex. These three things have been sugar coated by society to seem like the best things you can do.

Seeing all of this pressure and aura that those things send, our generation has become compelled to feel like you have to "fulfill" those expectations. I'm a fourteen year old girl and I haven't been the "in crowd" or the most popular, I have always been the "nerd" and bookworm but you don't have to be in the "in crowd" to be pressured into the "expectations" of this society. The people that have surrounded me in various cultures, push to become these perfect people and have perfect lives.

So what are these perfect lives? Being "perfect" consists many things:

You have to have a perfect body. What is perfect body? A perfect body nowadays is being stick thin, having abs for boys and a big butt and chest for girls. More girls and even boys are starving themselves to become these people and these bodies that society expects them to have. When you don't have those bodies, and everyone around you is pushing themselves your self esteem falls. Then you are lured into the world of starvation and image. We are expected to have perfect skin, teeth, be tall and elegant looking, with chiseled cheek bones and bikini bridges and thigh gaps.

You have to be "fun". But for this generation being "fun" and "outgoing" is not the definition of the words. If you don't want to drink at a party or don't drink you aren't "fun". If you don't smoke or do drugs you aren't "fun". If you don't feel comfortable grinding against a guy or having a guy grope on the dance floor you aren't "fun". If at every party you go to or gathering you don't behave like a "fun" person you get cast aside. If you aren't "raving" all day and night you aren't "fun". If you're 15 and you haven't had intercourse then you're a "saint". You are a "goody goody two shoes" who defined by the "Urban Dictionary" that this generation uses as a bible is: "A person (almost always a female) who tries to be as good and "clean" as humanly possible. She is more often than not a staunch conservative and takes pride in her virginity and her practice of abstinence. She is definitely a God-fearing girl who always goes to church every Sunday, and indeed, based on the way she dresses, she looks like she's going to church every day. She cannot abide it when people cuss in front of her–the most extreme goody two shoeses faint when hearing foul language–and of course she would never consider smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or having any physical contact with a boy beyond holding hands or perhaps a kiss on the cheek. Can be nice but eventually begins to lecture you about your "sinful" lifestyle and just becomes a pest." Apart from the religion based remarks this is the type of girls that are "out". The girls that are "in" are those who always follow the ideals of a perfect girl and a "fun" one. Nudes are now expected from girls aged 12-18.

All of these things are done by teenagers. This generation is growing up before time all of these things do happen, I am not making any of these things up I promise.

Some may think that I'm blaming this generation and I'm not, I mean I'm part of it, neither am I judging, I am just telling the truth of this generation. I'm not saying everyone is like this, not everybody decides to follow the ideals of a "perfect person with the perfect life". This is not a rant either this is the truth. The truth is harsh and strong and I'm just saying things the way they are or what I have experienced and seen. Again not everyone is like this but most are and some of those who are not want to be...

The media has also helped launch these expectations. It has showed that all of these totally damaging habits are the most glamorous. That drinking "till the bottom" is fun and normal. What the media doesn't realize is how far these messages are carried out. They don't realize how young we are being affected and compelled to follow what they say is the best. They don't realize how many deaths they are responsible for by making drinking look like a "must". They don't realize how many lives are lost due to their idea of perfect.

But not everyone has that or is like that, and the "different people" are set aside. These different people who decide not to follow the perfect ideals of these society are cast away and bullied. I'm not just saying this, I have lived this in my flesh and bones, I have been cast aside for not being "perfect". It's not fun and it hurts but eventually I realized that no one us perfect and neither am I, and I learned to love myself the way I am. Not everyone one realizes this on time and many teens kill themselves due to the pressure to follow the idea of perfect established by this society. More teens are dying of starving themselves, more teens are committing suicide, more teens are dying of OD's, more teens are killed due to driving drunk, more teens are dying because of alcohol. More teens are being encouraged to fall into this "way of life". The ages are just going to keep going down until society reaches a point of no return, a point where harmful things and practices are what you are expected to do. Do we want to reach that point? Do we want to reach the point that no one has the right to be themselves? To the point where our rights are going to be followed after the standards and expectations of society?

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