"EFA: Why Nigeria may not meet 2015 deadline" Why Nigeria, just WHY?

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Nigeria was among the countries with worst education indicators globally.

Source: http://nationalmirroronline.net/new/efa-why-nigeri...

So I saw this tweet that UN Education Report ‏@EFAReport had posted this morning and I read the article. I read it again and then paused for a moment of thought. The Nigerian students that I have come across have appeared to be rather studious. Seeing this article I now understand why.

Education is much more of a bigger picture. So after reading this I have a few questions.

1) Why is it like this?

2) What has gone wrong over the past few decades?

3) What improvements are being made?

4) What are the people’s views on education?

In the past I had seen this article by another VOY writer and I don’t think I reflected on the issues that much ( http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/posts/the-education-summit-we-need).

I know that given the opportunity, the children (especially) would enforce self-discipline in their studies when required. With such a heavily populated country, I really have to revaluate my own ideas about the education circumstances in Nigeria.

But then just changing the subject for a second….

I was watching a Nigerian TV sitcom the other day and I wanted to research about the location this was filmed in. I then found a British International School in this region of Nigeria. The school seemed adequate, it was a fee-paying school and they did not even show their fees! (To me this indicates this school must be super expensive!). I then continued to click and read on in amazement at this school. I then stumbled across the school’s principal and information about her. She finished her education in Nigeria, then studied two Montessori Diplomas and now OWNS a school that just seems a dream to even teach in!

So to me this is where I am beginning to understand the differences.

Why then is education still vastly spread around the country, and a luxury?

I am slowly gaining these answers. This is more of a frustration explosion for me right now.

I have this dream that I wanted to finish my studies, complete a post graduate course in Education and International Development (well something along those lines) and go out into the world and work in places like this to try and help mend the education picture. Unfortunately now I understand why one of my lecturers chuckled at the same comment I made. My lecturer is Ethiopian and I did a background check on her (just to see what her background in education was when I started my degree course!) and she has tried to improve education in her own country.

Oh well I can always hold onto my dreams, I’ll not be discouraged by this! I will still hold these dreams and try to make them a reality! A dream that by the time I have worked in Nigeria there will be even 1% of the young are educated, because this is where my heart and calling lives!

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