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Youth advocates discuss ‘youth unemployment’ as a global problem. I always wondered why people said so because unlike the developed countries in our country a job is not a compulsion for girls. But after doing a micro research about youth unemployment in my own college & society, I found that ‘unemployment’ is the major problem in my society too.

I surveyed with 50 youths in my class & street passersby in Hetauda Municipality, which is a very negligible number in relation to the population of my country 26,494,504 (Central bureau of statistics, census 2011).

I used the following two questions:

1.What is the major problem of youths in our country?

2.How do you think it can be solved?

For the first question, I had given options to choose the main one among unemployment, political instability, gender inequality, lack of education or any other. About 44% took unemployment as major problem of youths, about 28% felt gender inequality as major problem, about 22% felt political instability to be a major problem for youths. They gave the reason that due to political instability youths are treated just as political cadres & employment is provided on political basis rather than qualification basis. The remaining 6% felt lack of education as major problem for youths.

Saphal kandel, 25 years, Master’s degree commerce student said “I have applied in ‘Public Service Commission’ & many other private offices too. But every time I failed because for 1-2 posts there are thousands of applications. I want a job which suits my qualification. Now, employment has become a dream to me.”

Saphal Kandel is just a representative face; there are many qualified youths without employment in Nepal.

This survey may not exactly represent the condition of my country Nepal because it is carried out among educated youths, mostly graduates or university students in one municipality of the country.

But it somehow represents condition of unemployment in Nepal, as about 44% of educated youths feel unemployment as major youth problem in the municipality with the largest industrial estate in the country.

Finally, I realized that ‘unemployment’ is the major problem in my country & most probably in whole world.

As per the consent of myself & the surveyed youths, unemployment in world can be minimized by agricultural revolution with more youths involved in scientific & sustainable agriculture which in one way provides employment & in another feeds the increasing population of the world. We can’t choose establishment of huge industries for our jobs because they add to climate change, the biggest global problem at present. Thus, skill development training for youths for best agricultural production or other natural resources utilization in a sustainable manner can help the youths as well the world.

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