"Farming" is a Need

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Society has always played a big part in constructing someone’s perspective about something. Every single aspect of society has always given the effect from and for each other; from the small family, extended family, children, friends, neighborhood, students, teachers, executives and even professionals. Society has the biggest responsibility to create and build a culture for themselves. The term “culture” that I use describes some activities which will always be a part of a society. It will always be implemented by society itself. There are so many things that we can do in our society in order to create and build a better culture. One of them is “Farming”.

This kind of activity is always carried by “Komunitas Makassar Berkebun” on the weekend at the yard of Yayasan Kesehatan PT. Telkom Makassar, Indonesia. With the “Urban Farming Concept”, they are trying to approach and invite society to come together and plant many kinds of vegetables in the urban area. This activity began in 2011 with university and college students. Within 2 years and support from Information and Communication Technology like social media, they have successfully invited so many people into the society. It was such a nice view to see the young executives plant vegetables in the yard with children playing and laughing together. They simply forgot about their assignments and homework for a while. There was no special one on the field. Just so many people with many kinds of plants and happiness.

Most of the participants are children from the middle economic class. With this activity, the teachers hope, their students are always being grateful for everything they have had and will give more care to their environment and society. Not too different with the teachers, the young executives and professional workers are always coming to this activity in order to refresh their mind and teach the children about farming and caring about the environment. They believe farming is one of so many good things to do on the weekend and the best way to gather with society. This is true considering they always rush to work on the week days.

From the information above, I believe that “Farming” should and will be a big part of people’s lives even when they’re living in the city or urban area. Not only does it create and build a better culture in order to care about their environment, but also helps to make friendships and good relationships among people in society.

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